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Lifehack: Easy Chair Mat Fix for Desk Chair on Carpet

Lifehack: Easy Chair Mat Fix for Desk Chair on Carpet

I’ve bought my share of those crappy chair mats they sell in Office Depot. They never really work well, and they are a bear to move around. I thought there had to be something better that wouldn’t deform under the weight of the chair when you put the chair mat on carpet.

I had some leftover old Pergo engineered wood flooring I wasn’t using from an old home improvement project. I snapped together 4 pieces, to create the perfect chair mat:

IMG_5083 IMG_5084

Best part about it is that it took 2 minutes to snap together the flooring. If I ever have to move it, it’ll take a minute to break down.

(I understand I’m not the first person to think of this, but it felt good to solve this problem with materials I had lying around. If you don’t have some spare wood flooring lying around, this might make less sense…)


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  1. Do you think this will work for someone that has a degenerative neurovestibular disorder with intermittent diplopia. I basically move around like I’ve had a 3 martini lunch. Somebody please help me. I keep falling and hitting my head, arm shoulder…you name it I’m bruised up. I just want to sit. I had new carpet installed and now I afraid the chairs are secretly ripping up the padding under the carpet when I move-HELP.

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