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Personal Open Directory v1.95

Ever want to provide a Web directory to your users, but don't want to just link to the wonderful Open Directory Project? Don't want to spend $200 for something which can do the same thing for free? Then POD is for you!

The Personal Open Directory calls the Open Directory Project to provide you and your users with a Web experience which looks like they've never left your site. It isn't done with homely frames or with the need to parse the huge RDFs from ODP itself, but rather grabbing the data in real-time from the ODP.

Not only can you customize its output, but if you run or have access to MaxComm and are an Amazon.com Associate, it will automatically add book links to content pages and searches conducted through POD.


  • Direct access to the Open Directory Project
  • Completely customizable output
  • Complete searching available
  • With MaxComm, provides automated links to Amazon.com bookstore
    And best of all...
  • It's free!

Download & Support

  • Compressed Archive: pod.tar.gz
    (This is actually a tar and gzip archive, but should be readable by most unzip programs.)

  • Individual Files
    If you are downloading files individually, change pod.txt to pod.cgi before starting off. (Ignore the tar file.)

  • Support Forum


Powered by POD

Sample of Sites That Use POD


  • Can you add so-and-so feature?
    Generally, no. I wrote the script to show how easy it was to adapt an existing script to perform a similar function as a demonstration project. I also wrote it to show you don't need to spend $200 to get high-quality software.

  • I'm getting a 500 Server Error!
    The most common reason for a 500 server error (assuming you haven't made any typos and changed the configuration variables properly) is that your Internet Service Provider does not have the proper perl modules installed. Double-check to ensure all perl modules POD needs are installed. I cannot help with perl module installation.

    perl Modules required:
    libwww-perl (Has the LWP and HTTP modules in it)

    Use servertest.pl to check to see if these modules are properly installed on your server.

  • Is there anyway to parse X so it doesnt show up on my page?
    Generally, the answer is no for the current release. I don't get rid of Mozilla images, links to other search engines, or anything else you see. The amount of work the script would have to do to get rid of this stuff would be too much of a performance hit for everyone else just to remove things person Z doesn't want in his version. Sorry. POD 1.8x will allow for complete customization of POD's output.

  • Can I get the script to start in a specific subdirectory?
    How about limiting it to only that directory?

    Yes, the first part is easy. Just link to the script with a URL like: http://www.yourdomain.com/cgi-bin/pod.cgi?dir=/Health/. This would start the user in the Health directory. The second question's answer is no, there is no easy or feasible way of imprisoning a user in a specific subdirectory.

  • Known Problems:
    • None.

  • Mailing list:
    Subscribe today to my announcement and support mailing list on POD. I'll let you know when POD changes via this list, or of any enhancements to the script. Or signup via the Web.

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