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This file is filled with individuals' opinions and experiences with the Gateway, which sells a wide line of computers and products. The most recent experiences are at the beginning of this file.

If you have bought a computer from them and have not yet made your contribution to this list, simply fill out this review form about your experiences with this company and your review will be added to the top of this file. Thank you and good luck!

Other Experiences with Gateway Computers (Most recent first):

I make no warranties, expressed or implied, about the validity or accuracy of the above opinions or information and disclaim all liability resulting from them. Buyer Beware.

Bill R from Canfield, OH USA
Entry added: Wednesday, January 07, 2009 at 11:27:38 (EST)

Up date on my dead GT-5032. Still dead. I have been in contact with Foxconn, who supplied (notice I didn't say manufactured. That seems to be in question as I have read where it is possible FIC made it) the motherboard. They said they 'supplied' the board but don't support it. I point blank asked if they made it or not, they never answered.
I wrote to Best Buy, they had a corparate rep contact Gateway on my behalf. They told the rep 'to bad'. I wrote to Acer, they have never responded. I wrote to a Gateway VP that had some flunky call me and give me lip service but no parts. She could not answer why my 850.00 PC had a failed MB. She couldn't answer why they use the same parts in a 300.00 Emachine.
I have scoured Ebay in hopes of getting a board, but don't want to spend 300.00 and it may fail in a month. Ebay is loaded with this series PC, all sold 'as-is' because they won't boot. There is a bunch of the same C51GU01 (Gateway pn 105552) boards listed, same thing, dead. I have also seen some KTBC51G (Gateway pn 105553) boards, made by FIC, listed also, dead also. These are used in some GT series PC's too. So is it he board or something Gateway does? Is it a substandard power supply? Did FIC make all the boards?
Either way, I have a new HP and gateway will never see me again.

John from Phoenix, AZ USA
Entry added: Tuesday, January 06, 2009 at 02:40:59 (EST)

Bought Gateway Model DX4710-05 with a Q6600 and Vista 64. I set it up Christmas Day, 2008. It ran great for six days, then on New Years' Eve had its first Blue Screen. This was followed by more Blue Screens, with random error messages and at random intervals but with increasing frequency. At one point, it failed to boot during an hour of retries. Heavy disk activity seemed to make matters worse. I returned it and am contemplating what to do next regarding a system. My last system I built from scratch, it is just shy of ten years old, with an Iwill Motherboard and I am typing this message from that very system.

So I was flabbergasted by a system with today's technology failing so quickly. I'm more concerned that other users are reporting similar issues. If Gateway is pushing out lemons with full knowledge of the failure rates people are seeing, in my opinion that's a criminal act. I do know if I buy or hear of a peer or friend buying another system from Gateway, and it fails under similar circumstances, I will forward the issue to the District Attorney. I've been an IT Professional for a couple of decades, and have been asked to teach at local colleges and schools here--so I am sure my opinion is well respected. I hope Gateway is listening.

Ryan Merle from Palatine, IL USA
Entry added: Thursday, December 18, 2008 at 21:19:34 (EST)

I bought a GT5056 computer and had it 32 months (just out of warrenty) and the motherboard burned out on me. Apparenty they do not make them anymore and they are nowhere to be found. I couldn't find a replacement for that and I did not get any help from the tech department or customer service. As I read all of these I notice that people are having the same problem. I agree, why isn't someone starting a class action lawsuit...?

Ham Hands BILL from Yonkers, NY USA
Entry added: Saturday, December 06, 2008 at 13:05:46 (EST)

I ONLY LOVE Gateway computers BECAUSE IS THE ONLY WITH ONLINE LIFETIME SUPPORT!!! BUT, depends where you get it from. ALWAYS BUY THE EXTENDED WARRANTY ANYWAY because it covers parts/labor for the full term!!! THEN, THE online lifetime will stick with you!!! I ONLY TRUST GATEWAY computers!!! WHY??? MIne is almost 9 years old, still runs the internet and 99% of things AND STILL HAS LIFETIME WARRANTY for as long as I own it AND LEAVE IT WITH its original OPERATING SYSTEM. Many people out there dont know that. I WILL BUY A LAPTOP FROM HSN which offers ONLINE LIFETIME SUPPORT. NO OTHER STORE I'VE CHECKED follows this MAGIC I LOVE. SHAME ON HP, DELL, SONY, and all THE REST THAT CANT OFFER FREE ONLINE SUPPORT LIFETIME. FOR ALL I KNOW only HSN OFFERS ONLINE LIFETIME SUPPORT AS PART OF THE SALE.

Bill R from canfield, OH USA
Entry added: Monday, November 17, 2008 at 14:12:44 (EST)

GT-5032 died, no post beep, just fans and hard drive. From what I have read over the last 2 weeks, 4 out of 5 GT series PC's fail due to a faulty motherboard. The Best Buy Geek told me as much yesterday. $200+ to replace IF you can find one. There should be a class action against Gateway for as much as these cost and how many fail, this is a crime. The support is non existant, they just about tell you what you asked by changing the words around and won't specifically answer a question. This is my 4th Gateway.The Gateway of old is no more. I have a 6 yr old G400 still going strong. They USED to go out of their way to help you, now they are useless pieces of crap.

Kevin Cook from Freeman, MO USA
Entry added: Saturday, November 08, 2008 at 00:53:09 (EST)

I just happened across this sight. My brother had a bad experience with a rather expensive under powered Gateway that died about 4 years ago and was only about 3 years old. Actually just out of his extended warranty. I developed a kinda jaded opinion of Gateway. Now it looks like maybe I was a little misguided. I just inherited a Select 750 that's been upgraded to 256mb RAM and performs flawlessly (at least as close as a 750mhz Athlon will make it). I also have 2 hp pavilions and one of those crashed just out of warranty. #### happens and it looks like someone needs ot post a positive note. If all the Gateways were that bad, they wouldn't be in business. No one seems to want to tell about their good experiences. By the way, the pavilions are fantastic and the one that crashed, is now the most reliable computer I've ever used. Even so, this old Gateway is working just fine and may be the one I keep! I did contact their customer support and it was prompt even tho they knew I wasn't the original owner. ( I thought hp was the only one that did that).

Vicki from Capistrano Beach, CA USA
Entry added: Monday, October 27, 2008 at 17:05:03 (EDT)

I purchased my Gateway S7320 Laptop in Oct 2007. As it got older I noticed the fan making lots of noise as well as was running extremely hot. Since the warranty was almost up I decided I had better send it in. They (Gateway) told me they would send me a box for $35 or $50...honestly, I don't remember except it was way more than it would cost me to box and ship it myself ($14 including insurance). They received it Oct 3rd per FedEx. I called them Oct 17 to ask where my computer was. They said they were waiting on a part and to check back in a couple of days. I checked back this morning (Oct 27th) and was told the part (Thermal Pad for the CPU) was backordered until Nov 7. (Did I mention I was on hold for over 45 min just to get that information?) Are you kidding me? I have to wait over a month for a part that this huge computer corporation doesn't have in inventory SOMEWHERE across the US? This is unacceptable to say the least. Actually, since day one this computer has had several issues that I have had to deal with. Gateway's answer to every problem is to re-install Windows XP. This is annoying, not to mention time consumming and a HUGE pain in the BUTT! At one time I was a huge Gateway fan, in fact my main computer is going on 7 yrs old--back when they would give you FREE lifetime phone support. I have watched their customer support go from excellent to unbelievably horrible. I will never, ever purchase another Gateway product and would advise you all do the same.

Tim in Canada from Ottawa, Canada
Entry added: Thursday, September 25, 2008 at 10:54:30 (EDT)


I bought a Gateway desktop from them Mar 2008. In May 2008 the sound card stop working. I contact support and they told to reset it the the default factory install. So I had to spend a couple of hours moving my files so they would not be lost. The factory reset did not work. I contact Gateway support and sent the computer in for repair in June 2008. I received it back in 2 weeks, I hooked it up and the sound still did not work. I call them up and told them it still did not work and asked if they test it. They told me they do test the systems, but seeing as it still did not work I doubt it. So i sent out the very next day. After 3 weeks I called them to ask where it was they told me that they had started to work on it. They told me that they would start as soon as possible. Two weeks went by and still no computer, so I call and they told that they still had start to work on it but they put a rush on. About one week later I got the computer back, and the sound still didn't work. I call them up and reported it again, and told them that they should test the computers before they send them back. I was told to send it in again, I ship the computer back to them and after 2 weeks I called and they told me they had not received it yet. They had change repair sub contractors and my computer had gone too the old address. So they said they would track it down. I called 2 weeks later and they tell me they the parts are back ordered, I am at least happy that they are going to fix it. So 2 weeks later I receive the computer back. I take it out of the box and the first thing I noticed is the front faceplate falls off, then I noticed the service tag with the serial number is ripped off. I decide to hook it up while being on hold and the sound card now works, so I have not had my computer from June 2 to Sept 24. They have had my computer longer than I have. I talk to support and they tell me that when I shipped to them in Aug 2008 that the face cover was broken and the computer was scratched, so it is my fault. I told them that the computer was not scratch and the face plate was never broken, it must of happened on their end or during shipping. The lady at support tells me that if I want it repair they will charge me. I tell them that crazy and that I want to talk to level 2 she tells me they don't want t talk to me. She gives an address to complain and tells me to have a nice day. So I will have to write to Gateway, and tell them the whole sort story. It just so happen that I took pictures of the computer before I shipped in Aug because I had lost any confidence in their abilities and I was worried they would try to substitute a different lesser computer.


Nettie from California City, CA USA
Entry added: Monday, August 25, 2008 at 23:08:06 (EDT)

I bought a Gateway computer from Best Buy in Nov. 2007. When I got it home it was extremely hot and the DVD burner did not work. A week later, I brought it back and they exchanged it for another one. It was extremely hot. I went back and they told me that laptops run a little hot and to buy a cooling pad for it. I bought one with 2 fans. It didn't help. During this time the wi-fi card was not working good because it kept booting me from the Internet. I called Gateway with the extreme heating problem and the wi-fi card problem. I also told them that the sound card was no good. They told me, no problem, we will send you out a box. The box came and I shipped it back to them. When I got it back a week later, I assumed they had fixed the problem with the wi-fi card because I kept a steady connection with the Internet. However, the heat problem still persisted and the sound was still bad. I ignored these problems until a week after I got it back the wi-fi card went bonkers. Those 2 little computers on the task bar kept flashing between dark blue and light blue indicating you are online, you are offline. I could not get connected to the Internet any longer. I called Gateway back and explained to them what was going on. No problem, they shipped me a box and I shipped it back to them within a few days. A week after I shipped it back to them, I called to see if they had received my computer. They told me that my computer was on hold and gave me the direct number to the Repair Dept. I called them and they told me that I had water damage to the mtoherboard. I told them that water or liquids was never near my computer because it sits on it's own desk in the living room and food and water have no place anywhere in the house except the kitchen. I asked to speak with the supervisor or the manager. I was told he was the highest person in position there. He said he was the manager. They wanted $490.00 to fix my computer. They had to replace the motherboard. I told them I would not pay for something that I did not do. I told them that the repairman must have been having his lunch over my laptop and did it and I was going to have to pay for his bad eating habits. I told them to send it back to me. The rep told me that because I opened the computer up and added another gig of ram that I had voided the warranty. I told him that Best Buy opened it up and did the job, not me. I asked Best Buy before the ram was added would it void my warranty with Gateway and they assured me that it would not. Best Buy told me they were authorized to open anything they sell. The rep told me that Gateway did not honor 3rd party ram. He told me that it would be returned to me inside the box, but outside of the computer. I received it about a week and a half later. There was a substance that looked like ashes all over the keyboard and the monitor. There was also something that was a whitish color and very rough all over the monitor. Taped to the top of the monitor was 2 sticks of ram. I did not know how to put the ram back in and when I booted it up it would not boot to windows indicating a crash. I then took it to Best Buy and a member of the Geek Squad put the memory back in and it booted right to windows. Not only didn't Gateway honor 3rd party ram, they did not honor their own ram. I bought the laptop with 1 gig of ram. I added the other gig. If they had only taken 1 stick of ram out it would have booted to windows. It did not because they even took their own ram out. Best Buy told me that I should never have returned it to the manufacturer. Best Buy put a new motherboard in it and a new wi-fi card. Best Buy told me that they found no water damage to the computer at all. Gateway just would not honor their own warranty. Once Gateway saw the heat problem, they knew the motherboard was already bad because I was told by Best Buy that the fan is part of the motherboard and the wi-fi card is also welded onto the motherboard. They knew immediately when they got my laptop in the Repair Dept. that they were going to have to replace the motherboard and they did not want to honor their own warranty. I have a Gateway Model T1616 laptop. I went online and found out that they no longer make this model. Why? Because they know that it is a very bad model. If there is anyone out there with this Model I feel sorry for the anguish that you are going through and will in the future go through. I bought 2 separate laptops, both the same model, and they both were hot which tells me that the motherboards in all of this series laptops are all bad. DO NOT BUY A GATEWAY COMPUTER AND THINK THAT YOU ARE GETTING A GOOD PRODUCT BECAUSE YOU ARE IN FOR A WORLD OF PROBLEMS NOT ONLY WITH THE LAPTOP, BUT ALSO WITH GATEWAY. GATEWAY IS NOTHING MORE THAN A NIGHTMARE COMPANY. MY EMAIL IS

dfgdf from MYwRsFIhWKLb, WV USA
Entry added: Wednesday, July 23, 2008 at 07:25:02 (EDT)

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Bob Moreno from Acton, CA USA
Entry added: Thursday, July 03, 2008 at 15:25:38 (EDT)

I bought a CX200X in early 2006. By mid 2007, 3 months after my warranty ran out it stop powering on. I check both of my power adapters, AC/DC. They were both ok. Gateway wanted $250 to analyze the problem. I never had it fixed, just pulled out the drive and made it into a portable USB drive. I would like to open the thing up. I work in electronics and feel like I could at least locate the power problem, if I could only open it up without completely destroying it. I can almost get it apart except for the disply. Can anyone help me with how to take this thing apart? Thanks in advance for any help I receive.

gopharm843 from zWUyuefsqPgfBIvYb, ME USA
Entry added: Monday, May 26, 2008 at 04:43:09 (EDT)

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cserrr from NEamwCiXTyKDrXD, RI USA
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Susan Gagnon from Winslow, ME USA
Entry added: Sunday, April 13, 2008 at 09:10:06 (EDT)

I bought a new Gateway Notebook in January 07 on line directly from Gateway. I used it in my home at a desk.. it was not dragged about or misused in any way. In April or May 07 I lost power to the unit. The adapter was receiving power as the light was on, but not the computer. My battery, which never held a full 2 hours of power could not be recharged (obviously). I was told I had to pay 45.00 for a shipping box and leave my cc# on file with them in case the charges for fixing it exceeded the warranty. I was also told my hard drive would likely be wiped clean. I had a lot of documents and family photos on it and hesitated. I was trying to get someone local to retrieve those files for me and it was only after a dozen correspondences with Gateway tech that I was told I could pop the hardrive out.. they didn't need it to fix the problem. So I was without the computer for about 4-5 weeks total. It did get fixed very fast when I sent it and at no charge (other than shipping). All was well until November 07 when the hardrive went. Again.. it took several emails and calls until I was sent a new one, but I had to return the old or I would have been charged. So this time, my files and photos were lost forever. NOW April 08 and the power coil is fried AGAIN. I was told that it would be fixed "out of warranty" at the tune of 300.00+ with no guarantee it wouldn't happen again. No amount of pleading would get them to see that this is obviously a factory defect. They have lost a 10+ year customer. I just ordered a Dell Inspiron. This was my 3rd Gateway and I am in the market for two notebooks for my graduating daughters within the next few months. I even wrote the head of customer service who begged to be allowed a second chance to give "excellent" service, but offered no solution to my current problem. I also asked several times if there was such a thing as battery with an external charger that I could buy so that I would always have a fully charged battery and not have to mess with the sketchy power coil. I got no answer... not even a "no". I ended every email with the same question and even asked why they weren't bothering to answer me. No answer. I am so glad I found this forum to vent and see that I am not the only one experiencing this.

Ric Carlotta from Atlanta, GA USA
Entry added: Sunday, April 06, 2008 at 19:41:49 (EDT)

I bought a Gateway Notebook M6755 on March 21, 2008. This is my first laptop and I needed it because I am headed to Europe on business. Upon arrival on March 24, the machine worked fine. I didn't really need it for anything since I mainly use my desktop. Today, April 6, 2008, I decided to hook up my wireless mouse to it and found that the computer didn't work. I tried to power with the battery and then the powere cord. The light came onn, but nothing showed up on the screen. Then it wouldn't turn off. I called Gateway and they told me I would have to ship it to them becuase there is apparently a problem with the power switch. "This is a new computer, never used and it already needs a replacement part." I asked for a new omputer and was told that that was not going to happen. She said they would send me a box and I should have the computer back in 2 1/2 weeks. What a rip off! I just bought the thing, haven't used it, it is supposed to be newly made in February, obviously faulty, and they don't think that it is good customer service to send out a new computer. This company does not deserve to be in business. I wish I had bought a different brand. I am now waiting for the box to arrive and will be without my new "unused" laptop waiting for a part to be replaced. What kind of quality company has a policy like this? I am now concerned that I will not have my laptop in time for my trip to Europe in May. The tech service was anything but helpful. She stated that I should be happy that the support was at least coming from an American rather than someone in some foreign land. Although most of us have had negative experiences dealing with the plethora of foreign call centers, I am not sure I see any difference in this case. Bad service is bad service! No more Gateway products for me, and definitely no recommendations to others. My guess is that they will soon be out of business like the majority of the retail stores. Email me at if you have had a similar problem with one of there laptops. This might be worth pursuing some legal recourse. from Honolulu, HI USA
Entry added: Monday, March 17, 2008 at 16:54:52 (EDT)

I purchased a Gateway MX6956 computer on 11/28/2006 from Best Buy #302 Skokie,ILL. The unit worked without any problems until August 2007 when the Sprint Mobile Broadband PCMCIA card failed to power up. However, the same PCMCIA card as well as the Sprint Mobile Broadband service do work in my Toshiba notebook computer. I worked with Sprint Technical Support and Gateway Technical Support and it was determined that the computer would have to be returned to the Best Buy Store for service. I returned the computer to the store three different times for service. After each time I returned the computer it was out of service for 3-4 weeks, I was then informed that the computer was ready to be picked up and no trouble was found. However each time I returned to the store to pick up my computer I brought the Sprint PCMCIA card with me and had the personnel at Best Buy test the computer with the card, it failed each time. The card will not power up which was verified by the support staff at the Best Buy store . Each time they sent the computer out again for service after verifying that in fact there was a problem. Each time the computer was returned to me, the only service performed was that the operating system was reinstalled.

After receiving no satisfaction from Best Buy I contacted Gateway. The computer has been sent to the Gateway Service Center in LaVergne, Tn seven different times for service of the same problem, PCMCIA card slot will not power up. It is then returned to me as No Trouble Found, No Failure Claim Description Provided, even though I had spoke to Gateway Technical Support on the phone and provided a description of the problem prior to sending the computer in. It was determined by the phone support personnel through their troubleshooting procedures that the computer would have to be returned for service. The telephone support personnel had determined that the mother board would need to be replaced.

It was returned to me after the seventh time for service from Gateway and the computer continued to fail. I called Gateway and spoke to David, Employee GWNR107 and was told there was nothing else they could do to resolve the problem.They do not know what is wrong and cannot repair the computer. It was just my tough luck and I should not bother them anymore. Needless to say I was astonished at the poor quality of service provided by a representative of Gateway and asked to speak to a manager. I was then connected to Tiffany who refused to provide me with an employee ID. The conversation began very pleasantly and I was happy that I was finally going to get this problem resolved. After I had explained what had transpired, the tone of the conversation changed. I was informed that in the four months since I have been attempting to get this computer repaired that the warranty no longer covered the notebook. She told me that I did not have an extended warranty and that there was nothing Gateway was going to do, they are unable to determine what the failure is and I should just forget about the problem and not bother them anymore. End of conversation.

I believe that I have been more than patient in dealing with an arguably incompetent organization, Gateway. I now want a complete refund of the price I had paid in order that I may purchase a new computer of any other brand but Gateway. This was my first Gateway computer and most definitely will be the last. I will be able to provide documentation of the three service tickets from Best Buy and the seven different service tickets from Gateway, as well as sales receipts, upon request. I want to add that I am composing this email on my Toshiba Satellite notebook computer using the Sprint Mobile Broadband service PCMCIA card to connect to the network. The same PCMCIA card and service that will not work on the Gateway computer.

Dale Anderson from Madison, WI USA
Entry added: Thursday, March 13, 2008 at 00:59:51 (EDT)

I have started a blog about my Gateway experience the first post is below. blogspot gatewaycomputerssuck

So I buy a top of the line Gateway Laptop M-6750 computer. Intel duo core WOW. 3GB of memory. MORE WOW. 250 GB hard drive. SUPER WOW.
Fast machine, I liked it. And then.....

I purchased the laptop from Best Buy on January 24, 2008. It ran great (except I did have some problems with the 802-N wireless card) for one month. Then it died on February 24, 2008. I take it back to Best Buy and they tell me they only have a 14 day return policy (even though the warranty is for one year). They explain I have to call Gateway to have it returned.

Since February 24 is a Sunday, I had to wait until Monday to call Gateway, they don't work on weekends, probably because they need the time off so the ringing in thier ears will from all the complaints will subside. So Monday rolls around, and I call Gateway and the nice tech says to unplug the machine, take out the battery, take out the memory and put it all back in and it will work..... yeah right. Nothing, no power. So he tells me that he will ship a box to me and I can send it to them. He said the box will take 2-3 days to get to me and 2-3 days to get to Gateway, and 3-4 days to get it fixed. AND he tells me to remember to back up the hard drive, as they cannot promise to not reformat the harddrive... DUH, how can I back it up if I can't turn it on??? He says to go to Best Buy and the computer geeks can do it. So I take it to the Geeks, at the store where I bought it, and they want $100 to take out the hard drive and back it up. AND I HAD JUST BOUGHT IT FROM THEM, NOT 30 DAYS EARLIER. I am not happy, a new computer and I won't get it back for at least 10 days. OH, but it gets better...

So Gateway gets the computer on March 3, 2008 (lets keep track - 8 days now with a dead computer). I call them on March 7, ( 12 days, no computer) Ok, I lied, I called them everyday for an update, but all I was told is that it would take 3-4 days in the shop and it would be sent back. On March 7 the 4th day in the shop, I call and I am told by the customer service guy in North Dakota that the link between him and the repair place in Tennessee is down and they can not get any word on what is wrong with the computer. Of course I was a smart ass and asked him why a computer companies computer system would be down. He had no answer other than to wait until Monday, maybe the system would be back up, and besides it can take anywhere from 7-10 days in the repair joint... NOW IT IS 7-10 DAYS??? What happened to the 3-4 days?

So I patiently wait until Monday March 10, 2008 ( 15 days, no computer) and call them back. This time a nice guy says the computers are still down - oh yeah I forgot they can't work on weekends - too much stress. BUT, he promises to call on March 11 with an update. I said ok, and of course did not believe him. Now I said he was a nice guy, and the reason I said it is because he actually did call me back on March 12 (16 days, no computer), but that he had no news, but PROMISED to call back when he did get some news.... Ok, I never did hear back from him.

So March 13 rolls around (todays post)(17 days, no computer) and since I hadn't heard from the not so nice guy again, I decided to call Gateway and ask where the hell my computer is. I got some nice girl who didn't know why it was taking so long, but promised to email the repair facility and would call me back as soon as she got a response. ( hold my breath for that one) Actually I could have held my breath, she called back within an hour. She seemed really nervous, and was kind of stuttering. I soon found out why... Ah, Mr. Anderson, your computer has a bad motherboard and we are awaiting a replacement..and the replacement should be in the repair joint on March 31, 2008. MARCH 31, what the FUCK??? She can't do anything so sorry, Goodbye. By the way, March 31 will be THIRTY ONE (31) DAYS WITHOUT THE COMPUTER. Oh I forgot, probably two days to fix it and two days to ship it back, best scenario is I will get the computer back on April 4, 2008 (or 35 days without a computer.

So I stew a little bit and decide to IM tech support ( if interested the IM is at the bottom of this page) IM tech support says they can not do anything, but I should call customer service. So I call customer service. I get Tavita badge # GWen0406. I explain my problem, as I explained above. I ask her nicely if instead of waiting for the replacement part, why not just replace the whole computer? She says she does not have that authority and besides it is Gateways policy not to give out replacement computers. I explained back that if it was a few days I could see there point, but at the moment it looks like it will be close to 40 days without a computer. I also asked why a major part like a motherboard is not sitting around at a repair facility, and why don't they have new computers sitting around to cannibilize.

Break time - I gotta admit that Gateway has trained the poor schmucks in customer service pretty well, every single customer service rep has the same fucking line and I quote " I understand your frustration and I will do all I can to help resolve this situation." LYING BASTARDS.

Back to Tavita now, she can't help because she is not authorized to give me a new computer. So I ask her if I can talk to someone with more responsibility. She says it will be a few minutes and I can talk to her supervisor. I am put on hold for a few minutes and Tavita comes back and says, sorry sir, but the supervisor is VERY busy and it may take a long time for him to talk to me, do I still want to hold?? Hell YES, I don't have anything better to do. So she puts me on hold again. ( Thought the long time on hold would get me to hang up) She gets back within a minute and says the supervisor will not talk to me but has authorized me to have the super secret number to the repair facility. The supervisor I guess must be some chicken-shit scaredy pants guy, afraid to talk with a CUSTOMER with a legitimate complaint.. Anyway that is all for now. I will keep this updated after I call the super secret number at the repair facility tomorrow. I am also going to talk with Gateway headquarters tomorrow. (The following is the IM with the service tech I had earlier tonight) Notice that he CLAIMS to have elevated the complaint, but even though I ask him TWICE who and what it has been elevated to, he does not answer......

QuestorCanuck from Vancouver, Canada
Entry added: Thursday, February 14, 2008 at 16:27:41 (EST)

My only gripe with the 'corporate' Gateway is that they couldn't (or wouldn't) tell me which processors I could consider for upgrading the stock PD820. (Assuming they use the same motherboard in multiple machines, it should (presumably) have been an easy answer.) Still don't know, oh well...

The machine itself... WOW 835GM originally purchased by a friend from Future Shop, late December 2005, as a six month old floor demo. I got it about eight months later for a fraction of it's realistic value. (Hey, he set the price). It still has ALL it's original hardware plus I've added two more internal drives, two external 1394 drives (1.2TB total), added a wireless card, and another gig'o'ram. This brings me to the only piece that has no excuse to fail, the on-board video. It never once caused me grief nor did I ever find a game that I couldn't handle at high settings, so I killed it anyway and installed a Sapphire X1600Pro w/512MB and a TV tuner card. With two monitors, (one large, one small), it's now my primary home entertainment as all my music and movies are stashed on it now too. (winamp lives on the small) I'll never have to leave my couch.

If I'm expected to find fault with the machine, ok... The fans are a touch noisy for a 'Media Center' that's supposedly aimed at exactly what I'm asking it to do. (cheap, bulk, oem crap) Speaking of which, that pretty case makes it hard to upgrade the DVD drives.

Regen from Toronto, Canada
Entry added: Tuesday, February 12, 2008 at 16:20:50 (EST)

Purchased a Gateway GT5056 from Futureshop back in April 2006. Everything was great until 2 months later it started acting up. I took it in to get it looked at and was told the hard drive has died. That should have been my first clue to what kind of Dud this Gateway was. It was under warrenty still so I got it replaced and everything was fine after that.
Fastfoward to about October/November '07. While playing a game I noticed the computer would unexpectidly crash from time to time. I natrually assumed it's likely the game and the downloads crashing so I deleted the suspect custom downloads for the game and it stoped crashing. I still have no idea if that was really the issue or not, but Since late November/December when I'd go to turn on the computer (I turn it off every night)it would have power and run, fans going but no beep, no Gateway logo on the screen. The screen would go into sleep mode cause there's no signal from the computer. Ummmm ok.
I got down under and checked all the connections, power bars and everything, turn it on again, it ran. This happened over the course of say 3 days getting progressivly worse. I'd turn it on, run again, turn it off via holding the power button for 5 seconds. I'd bugger off to do something eles, come back after a few hours, try it and it comes on agian.I figured its just being difficult or something and would forget about it until I turned it off and go to turn it back on the next day. After day 3 it wouldnt come back on at all. It would have power, blue light, fan runing but again no beep, no "Gateway" logo.
I gave up and decided to have it looked at by a tech. This was during the holidays so I didnt get to do that until recently. But before that, something told me to try it again. So I tried the power button and...."beep". It came on right up to the desk top like nothing ever happened. I deleted some things I figured were the problem and checked everything to make sure...everything ran fine.
I had a fear of turning it off, afraid I wont get it back on. I should have listened to it. I turned it off that night and that was it. Now it wont even run. No power..nothing.
I took it to a tech where I bought it, and was told not only is the power supply busted but so is the damn motherboard. I did a bit of a search on Google only to find Im not the only one. The computer is only 2yrs old and from what Ive read, gateway is difficult even when the computer is on warrenty.
The tech even suggested Id be better off buying a whole new pc seeing as it would be around the same price to replace the motherboard alone.
I wont be getting another Gateway nor would I recommend it.

Jenny M from MI USA
Entry added: Saturday, February 02, 2008 at 15:03:42 (EST)

I purchased a Gateway GT 5412 Desktop with an Intel Core 2 Duo Processor from Circuit City, and a Gateway 22" Widescreen High Definition LCD Monitor on March 2, 2007.

I am vey pleased with both the computer and the monitor. The computer is very fast and quiet, and Windows Vista Home Premium is simply awesome. It runs fast and efficient. The best OS yet!!

The HD Monitor is simply stunning. The picture quality is very clear and crisp, especially when viewing dvd's, gaming, and watching online TV. It truely is a high definition experience. Also the extra USB ports on the side of the monitor make it very useful when using my digital camera or camcorder.

I did change the Intel Graphics card out to an ATI Raedon card to be able to use a DVI cable to truely utilize the HD capabilities of the Monitor (which is simply stunning).

I had to call Tech Support in regards to a keyboard and speaker issue that I was having. It was handled in a very professional and quick manner. I was sent a new keyboard and new speakers within the week. I was completely satisfied with Gateway's quick response to taking care of my problem.

I have called them from time to time for general support, or questions regarding how to use certain programs, and have been very satisfied with their knowledge and support.

The tech support in North America is terrific. That is the main reason I purchased my Gateway "TECH SUPPORT IN THE UNITED STATES"


Sincerely, Jenny M, from Michigan

Kathy from USA
Entry added: Thursday, January 31, 2008 at 18:40:29 (EST)

Bought a Gateway notebook because it had all of the MS software that I needed. One month later, the computer crashed, and needed a new hard drive. I took it in with the restore disk, and found that I didn't have any MS software included! They gave me a sticker as a certificate of authenticity for the software, but apparently the sticker is worthless, as it is not able to get me more software after their defective product caused me to lose it. The store I bought it from replaced the hard drive, but said I needed to contact Gateway for the software, because it is installed in the factory and they no longer include backup disks. After several phone calls, they agreed to send a disk for $20. When the disk arrived, it was the same exact restore disk I already had, without the MS software. After more phone calls and more waiting, and arguing with the tech guy about whether or not I actually did indeed have the software, he finally settled on, "You can buy that in a store." I continue to have trouble with the computer. The cord stopped working and had to be replaced, one of the ports stopped working, and for some reason, lines of typing sometimes get jumbled while I am still typing them. The computer is about six months old. I don't suppose I will ever purchase another Gateway. In the meantime, I'm backing up everything with an external hard drive, because I expect another crash.

Harvey Farber from Philadelphia, PA USA
Entry added: Friday, January 18, 2008 at 15:26:53 (EST)

Don't buy a Gateway if you think you made need support or service.
My computer was shipped without the progrram or system disks. I didn't realize this until I was informed by their tech department that the only way to solve my ungoing problems was to reinstall the system. At that time I was informed that I was to have reported not receiving the disks within 30 days.

I specifically told their tech that I didn't have the disks. They sent me the system disks but not the MS Works. Prior to the installation I told the tech what disks I had and asked if I needed anything else. He said "NO - you're good to go." It was much lagter that I learned that I was without the MS Works.

I now have a Gateway Notebook without the Microsoft Works, and the response from Gateway is "Too Bad." If I want to use MS, I now have to purchsase the MS program seperately. In other words- I've been screwed by Gateway.

Yagnik from London, United Kingdom
Entry added: Thursday, January 17, 2008 at 14:45:26 (EST)

I've had my Gateway G6-200 since the British New Labour government came into power - that is to say, since 3rd May 1997. And hand on heart, it is the most reliable and comfortable computer I have ever known of.

Computers are, at the end of the day, only as good as the people who use them, so I've had more than my fair share of problems with it, not least when someone spilt some beer on the set-up disks, and then crashed it the night before my school work was due in. And still, it's running beautifully today - it's never been taken in for servicing, and we've never had to update any of the hardware which means that our product has lasted us at least 11 years already. We did have difficulties at one point when we couldn't format the 5GB hard drive, and that is where I imagine most of the complaints about customer services arise. The agents were by no means unhelpful, but after a while, gave up and suggested we buy a new computer! (I laugh because my dad managed to fix it after a couple of cans of beer.)

Maybe it's just that GW2K in the UK offer a highly efficient and reliable service, but I would never hesitate to buy from them again, made-to-order as our current computer was. Back then, 5Gb was a shockingly high amount, and even the salesperson amiably joked about whether we were working for NASA. But I'm confident that the quality of their computer parts is high enough to encourage me to return to them. Next stop: Gateway notebook...

Angel Dillon from Hampton, IA USA
Entry added: Thursday, January 10, 2008 at 11:38:03 (EST)

I bought a Gateway GT5034 Media Center PC in February of 2006. Within probably 5 months we had to do a system recovery. It ran pretty well after that. Then in about September of 2007, we started having problems again. The computer would turn off unexpectedly and when you would try to restart it the process would take forever. The hard drive light would flash and fans were running, but it would take a long time for the "beep" before it booted. I called Gateway tech support and the guy had me remove and replace memory, unplug and replug, blah blah blah. He then decided that I needed a new video card(which is integrated). Well, a few days later the computer would not boot at all. So, I called back tech support and got another guy who I explained the problem to and told that a previous guy had said I needed a video card. He tells me that the previous guy didn't know what he was talking about and that it sounds like my motherboard has gone out. WHAT?!?!? This thing should run forever at the price I paid for it. Well of course my pc is not under warranty anymore. So I've been researching and looking for a replacement motherboard (which are scarce). While looking I've come across alot of negative reactions to Gateway. Apparently this motherboard problem is very common with Gateway. And especially the C51GU01, which is what my pc has in it. Now I'm not sure I'm even going to bother fixing it. I loved it while it worked, but I don't want to be replacing motherboards every year and a half.

danny farahmandian from los angeles, CA USA
Entry added: Saturday, November 17, 2007 at 22:10:13 (EST)

I purchased brand new gateway gt5628 desktop. Set up the computer and it was good for 3 days then started receiving error messages that the computer had turned off unexpectedly. I contacted online tech support. They recommended I troubleshoot with them. I did a system restore and the problem subsided for 2-3 days. I use the computer sparingly. When I returned from a short trip, I found out that the problem had returned. I contacted customer support and they told me to take it in to best buy who would be willing to fix it for me as an authorized dealer. I said that the computer is only 15 days old and I would like to just exchange it. They told me that best buys policy is only 14 days on exchanges. I took the computer to best buy and they told me that they do not service computers, they just outsource to gateway and to expect 2-4 weeks minimum turnaround. I wasted 2 hours total going to best buy for nothing. I called tech support who stated that the problem was still possibly software related. They sent me updates to bios. They said that in order to identify the problem, I would have to be able to tell them what it said on the blue screen when it crashed. I told him the blue screen is up for 1 second and that the crashes are unpredictable so it would be impossible for me to tell him that. He said that there was no other way to fix it. It crashed again and I called them and they told me to try a system restore to full factory settings-- it didnt work again. I contacted gateway and they said that i could try a system restore with the provided disk. They told me that I would be missing the preloaded drivers but they could sell me the disk for an additional fee of $20. I was flabbergasted that I was allready inconvienced so much and they would have the audacity to charge me to fix the new computer for them after best buy refused to do it. I spoke to the manager who agreed that it would be wrong to charge me but said that he couldn't send me the driver disk until it crashed again. I asked him just to authorize the disk as I was certain that after I called tech support when it crashed, I would be refused again. He promised that it would not happen and gave me a incident number which he promised would be honored if the computer crashed again after the system restore. Sure enough, the computer crashed. I called tech support and they told me they couldn't send me the disk without charging me because it was their policy. I told them that I had the promise of the manager and gave them the ticket number. She stated it wasn't policy. I had to call the manager who then sent me the CD.

I feel I was given a lemon. The csr/tech support has been unhelpful, unapologetic, and generally unfriendly. I'm still trying to fix the computer but regardless, at best, I feel I'll be getting a refurb.

I'm terribly unsatisfied and would never buy or recommend a gateway computer again.

Fred from St. Louis, MO USA
Entry added: Friday, November 02, 2007 at 22:54:37 (EDT)

I got my Gateway GT5228 a little over a year oga when Best Buy finally lemmoned out my eMachine as a warranty replacement. I have had no issues other than those introduced by teenagers to the computer and have alsways been sucessful and extracting their changes / expirements. About 2 months ago I was doing some electrical work so I turned off the computer before I started flipping breakers to find the circuit I was working on. Well, a few days after that I attempted to turn the computer on I all I got was the Gateway splash screen. Could not use F10 or any other keys to get into BIOS. Push and hold the power button 5 seconds and it dies.

Well I was busy with remodeling our house so it wasn't that impurtant. Besides, any internet business I needed to conduct I could do using my laptop form work - which I am doning now. I was sitting here last Sunday morning on a call from work and thought for grins I would hit the power button and see what happened.

Much to my surprise the system booted all the way to the desktop. I have not turned it off and haven't used the computer yet.

Is anybody aware of any patches I should acquire to eliminate the issue?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Tom M. from Crown Point, IN USA
Entry added: Wednesday, October 31, 2007 at 15:54:27 (EDT)

Bought a Gateway G6 200 Pentium Pro in December of 1996. 64 Megs of EDO ram. Still have it. It still runs and is fast enough for most computing today. Not a gamer, not lightning fast, but sufficient for most needs. Have had NO trouble with it what so ever. Don't care much for Gateway anymore. Had some problems with their Gateway Gold Premium Service. It sucked. Emailed the CEO. He sucked also. I would not buy a Gateway today. I bought one of their Selects about five years ago. It puked about 2 years ago.

stephanie from Cleveland, OH USA
Entry added: Tuesday, October 23, 2007 at 11:36:07 (EDT)

My mother bought a Gateway computer in 2000. She bought what she was told was the top of the line. She is not computer savvy. They sold her a huge monitor. Anyway the problem is that for know reason the mouse cursor stopped appearing so she could not open anything. She also had someone try and use the keyboard ctrl without success. Can anyone assists or direct to a solution to my mom's problem.
Thanks Stephanie

Entry added: Monday, October 08, 2007 at 19:51:28 (EDT)


Danny from Reno, NV USA
Entry added: Monday, September 24, 2007 at 02:48:49 (EDT)

I bought a 450SX4 notebook computer in January of 2003 (December of 2002?). The machine has been through hell - as I traveled quite a lot...
I've changed battery - died last year - and hard drive - not big enough 30GB, went to 120GB.

The machine runs well with 512MB, and the HDD upgrade was easy - though the re-installation of everything was quite trying. Only wish it would take more than 512MB of RAM. Otherwise I can't complain, and this piece of Gateway equipment is top notch.

Edward from Tucson, AZ USA
Entry added: Friday, September 07, 2007 at 17:01:30 (EDT)

In early March 2006, I purchased a Gateway GT5028 desktop computer from Compusa. About 15 months later, I began having problems with the computer freezing up after being in screen save mode for some time. One day my Gateway desktop refused to reboot. Of course the computer was now out of warranty. A local computer technican's diagnosis was a faulty motherboard. (Foxconn C51GU01) Technican contacted Gateway and was told the Foxconn C51GU01 motherboard is NOT available for sale. (I phoned Gateway and several other computer parts sources and received the same statement) Right now I'm looking at a $800 Gateway paperweight. At this time, I would advise anyone who's looking at Gateway brand for their next computer purchase, to seriously look elsewhere!

Computer Dude from Harrisonburg, VA USA
Entry added: Saturday, September 01, 2007 at 21:44:55 (EDT)

Received Gateway M520S as a gift in 2004. The worst computer I've ever had. It ran fine for a year, but after that: 1) the hard drive failed 2)wireless died 3)the battery stopped working, which if you call Gateway's 'superior' warranty service, they will no longer replace batterys that have died. This machine is still under warranty for a few months, but I am very close to donating it to a computer recycler. It has been through 3 different hard drives. I strongly advise against Gateway products, especially now that they're merging with Acer.

Betty Sciscoe from Martinsville, IN USA
Entry added: Friday, August 31, 2007 at 17:32:18 (EDT)

I bought a gateway desktop from HSN in October 17, 2003 soon after i started having problems. I talked to tech support all they wanted to do was the easy thing erase everything from hard drive all was fine so they said. This happened every time i called . Finaly they sent a tech out repaced power supply and the same things happened again they sent one out again power supply and motherboard, again the same thing . I had to erase everything 6 or 7 times. It was never a hardware proble always a software which took them off the hook.Iwouldn't start and you couldnt turn it off. IT HAD BURNING SMELLS you have a virus. IT was always related to the same thing.
It has een sent to cyber test 2 times came back working worse then when i sent it. i WAS ON THE PHON today 3 hours going around in circles. T he night before it was burning and hot to the touch and i could not turn it off i had to unplug it I called cybertest back and told them no big deal well if it had caught on fire if it had it would have BEEN A BIG BIG DEAL.i AM GOING TO SEND IT TO CYBER TEST ONE LAST TIME AND IF IT IS NOT FIXED i will call the attorney general get a lawyer and i will get the message out that a4 year old computer is worth more than a life. What greed and careless company the whole computer industry is.Alemon is a lemon and nothing can change that. But a big company lIKE GATEWAY,DELL ALL OF THEM CAN.

S.A. from Pacific Grove, CA USA
Entry added: Friday, August 24, 2007 at 21:55:19 (EDT)

After reading the negative reviews from others, I find that my two month delay in the non-shipment of a Gateway was probably for the best. I was given two notices of shipment, the latter gave me the FedEx tracking number. The FedEx statement said "package data transmitted to FedEx". Gateway had called FedEx for a shipping number after I threatened to cancel the order, but it apparently forgot? that a pickup order also has to be issued. Gateway also charged my credit card. Three days after the overnight shipping never materialized I cancelled the sale with my credit card company citing non-delivery. The email apology that I received from Gateway appears to have been written by a 5th grader and is erroneous in its statement of facts. I also checked out Gateway on Yahoo Finance. It was informative. Terrible business practices.

L.A. from Long Valley, NJ USA
Entry added: Thursday, August 23, 2007 at 20:42:26 (EDT)

I ordered two FX530's from Gateway (one for me and the other for my college-bound son) on 7/14/07. The systems seemed well equipped and reasonably priced. Not until going through the requisite steps of confirming configuration and giving credit card info was I told that the estimated arrival date of the systems was 8/27--the day of my son's departure to school. When I told the rep that six weeks was a deal-breaker he assured me that although he was required to mention the date, I could expect shipment in "2-3 weeks". This is now 8/23. In the past 5 and one-half weeks that I have waited, Gateway has made several significant configuration changes (improvements) to the 530, and yesterday dropped the online price $100. Today when I called them to see if they were going to honor the price cut, I was told that the new estimated arrival date was 9/4; not that they could guarantee it. I didn't wait to hear about the $100 or the upgrades; I canceled my order and called Dell, who've gone back to English speaking tech support (the reason why I looked at Gateway in the first place). Throughout this experience I've gotten the distinct impression that Gateway has a strategy: First, offer a good price on a competitive configuration. Second, sit on the order until component prices drop significantly (and this may take a while). Finally, get around to the build. What I ordered from Gateway two months ago was impressive/ today it's merely ordinary. By the time it finally arrived--who knows? Caveat emptor. Gateway's products look competitive. Unfortunately they're not worth the wait. And if this is how they treat their customers upfront, I hate to think what their after-sale support is like.

Mario Rodriguez from Fairfax, VA USA
Entry added: Thursday, August 02, 2007 at 11:35:41 (EDT)

I bought a Tablet Pc, pre-sales service was great; but once you buy Gateway is when your nightmare starts. I have been callin for 4 months now, and I have lived the WORST service ever. They state that they are not responsible for anything and they remit you to their vendors, even the so call "Executive Response Team" which is a bigger joke and insult to the customer. My advise: DONT BUY GATEWAY!

Doug from Milwaukee, WI USA
Entry added: Monday, July 30, 2007 at 10:13:35 (EDT)

I purchased a Gateway FX530 desktop computer direct from Gateway on April 16. It was a good feature/price value and the only machine where I could get a DirectX 10 compatible video board and a 700 watt PS at the time. The customer service rep was nice, helpful, and responsive but, they kept rescheduling delivery. After about the fourth or fifth reschedule I cancelled the order. I was very concerned that a company that couldn't assemble a computer in two months might be having more problems than was obvious. But they contacted me and promised me they would ship the computer in two weeks and reduce the price $100 if I would keep the order active. It was still a good price/feature value machine although HP was beginning to offer a strong competitor in the 8100 model, but I could not get anything else inside two weeks custom assembled with all the features I wanted so I decided to take a chance. They still missed the promise but I finally did get the computer on July 18, over three months after ordering it based on a seven day delivery. All in all it is a sweet machine. It arrived with one corner slightly scuffed but not enough that I want to suffer the pain of sending it back. And for the first week or two I struggled with the machine locking up several times a day - just could not communicate with the keyboard, mouse, or display. Finally I made a change to the sleep mode settings and it seems more stable. That problem may be in Microsoft Vista or may be a combination of Vista and Gateway's BIOS. Can't say that I'm much impressed with Vista and kind of wish I had stayed with XP in a way but that' not Gateway's fault and also partly a learning curve issue on my part. Vista would be considerably easier to use if not for all the security measures courtesy the recording industry and all the hackers and sub-human marketeers out there.

All in all the computer seems like a fine machine and the 22" display is spectacular. As yet, other than the lock ups noted above I've had no quality or performance problems. However, I have noticed in the past few weeks that Gateway is now supplying these computers to CompUSA. Turns out if I had waited a couple of months and purchased from CompUSA I could have bought the same computer with a 6600 CPU instead of 6400 and with 3GB or RAM instead of 2 for a couple of hundred dollars less. So, Gateway jerked me around while they were filling their wholesale backlog until I ended up getting an "obsolete" overpriced machine instead of the cutting edge machine I bought. My profession is Customer Relationship Management so needless to say I'll hold Gateway up as an example of what not to do. I just purchased two notebook computers for my kids for college and did not even consider Gateway after the way they treated me. Nice equipment with good value, nice customer service rep, even a decent support web site, but not a particularly customer oriented company and not the kind of company I prefer to do business with.

Sandra from Bel Air, MD USA
Entry added: Wednesday, July 25, 2007 at 09:13:05 (EDT)

I have sent my desktop computer (still under warranty) back to Gateway twice since April. The first time the hard drive crashed - for no explicable reason. They first sent me to Best Buy as they say they have a contract with Best Buy for repairs. Well, Best Buy told me that they are an authorized repair center...but I would have to pay for the work. I did not leave the computer - instead I called back Gateway - who informed me that I was misinformed by the previous rep at Gateway and that Best Buy was right. She escalated my call to the next level. The next rep I spoke with told me that they DO pay for the Best Buy repairs but that for some reason Best Buy has been confused about that. I have to laugh out loud over the confusion regarding Best Buy.

So instead of dealing with Best Buy - Gateway sends me a hard drive - which is also defective. At this point my hands are up in the air so I sent my computer to gateway for warranty repair. What a process - they send you a box that you pack the computer in. Then, because I work for a living I have to wait until a Saturday to take the box to DHL which was supposed to be open and was closed. I finally get the computer to DHL (the next week). NEXT, the computer comes back nearly two weeks later. I now have to wait until a Saturday to go FEDEX to pick up the computer. I get it home and when I finally get some time set it up. I had to call Gateway because the computer still would not boot up -and the tech support had to walk me through the setup process again. All is well - I thought until we realize the internet port is not is now dead. SO, the process starts all over again - Gateway sends the box - I send them the computer - they send it back to me nearly two weeks later - this time a cd is still in the drive (ABCM is written in black marker on the cd). PLUS....I have a continual error message that drive D is full - apparently drive D is a drive that Gateway put on the computer for recovery. Now, my USB ports don't want to function properly - they won't read any media attached ( portable storage, ipod etc). The computer is thoroughly screwed up. I have had it with Gateway. I'll never buy Gateway again. I'll be calling them today - and complaining - plus I'll be going to the courthouse this week to file a lawsuit..unless they send me a functioning computer - I am done with sending my computer back and forth.

Lastly, someone needs to teach them how to properly package a computer for shipping - both time the packaging was falling apart inside the box when I received it. I am so tired of their poor customer service.


PS... for those that assume everyone with a problem does not understand how to use a computer...shame on you. I have been using computers for over 20 years and have NEVER had these kind of problems before...I promise you - Gateway is a lousy computer company.

Dustin Sedlock from Knoxville, IA USA
Entry added: Friday, July 13, 2007 at 03:03:04 (EDT)

I currently own a Gateway Performance 1400 setup, with 1.4ghz P4 Processor, 384mb ram (*Upgraded from 128*) Windows Xp Pro Nvidia Geforce 2 MX/MX400 gfx card.

I have had this setup for 2-3 year now. I bought it from my parents friends for free. It came with Windows ME (*worst microsoft os ever*) but once i upgraded to XP pro i have had no problems with it besides the Gateway stalling on Shutdown prior to a Windows Update. I contacted Gateway during this time and they were very helpful in assisting me in installing the Update (*even though it could have been accomplished solo, if i would have thought to check*) Ever since then i have had Automatic Updates on And have not had any more problems. Very Good and Reliable System!!! B+ rating!

Gus Nelson from Manassas, VA USA
Entry added: Wednesday, July 04, 2007 at 10:12:34 (EDT)

I've recently purchased a Gateway computer a couple weeks ago from the Best Buy. (I'm 45 years old and this is my very first computer.)
I got the dual core, 2gig GM5442 with Vista and I thought I was really getting into a good thing.
Problems started when I was logging off and the icon kept spinning and announcing LOGGING OFF for about half an hour. I pushed the power button until the thing turned off. Now I have to leave it on constantly or else I'll have to unplug the pc and the monitor, push in the power buttons for one minute before I can power up again. (That method was given to me by the geek squad the first time I called.) I've called the panty waists again but somebody picked up the phone and laid it on the desk top....
Next step, find an attorney to help me with my three year extended warranty.

Ray Roberts from Oak Creek, WI USA
Entry added: Sunday, June 10, 2007 at 21:50:26 (EDT)

I had a Sony Vaio with an Intel processor, and it needed repair and I took to Geek Squad at Best Buy to have repaired. After having my computer for a month, they said that my Vaio was basically junk, and I could replace my computer with one that matched the specifications of my Vaio that I purchased two years ago. I paid for the ESP two years ago, which basically was worthless. I was allowed to replace a $2000 computer with a $400 Gateway MX-6431 AMD Turion 64.

This computer has been miserable. it runs slow. In May I needed to have the hard drive replaced. The cord has been an absolute problem too. Two cords have had to be replaced. The wireless card always cuts in and out. Customer service at Gateway is terrible also.

But I guess that is what I get for shopping at Best Buy. The Geek squad is just terrible, and they make you feel like an idiot for getting their help.

Worst computer purchase ever.

Jeff from Miami Beach, FL USA
Entry added: Monday, May 28, 2007 at 15:56:38 (EDT)

In January of 2007, I purchased a Gateway GT5228 from BestBuy. The sticker on the front of the machine clearly states "Vista capable." That is misleading. The GT5228 is an AMD64 setup with a max of 4GB RAM available to be installed. SuSE Linux x64 as well as XP Pro x64 will read all 4GB of RAM and function perfectly. Vista, however, freezes on boot (shortly after POST) when 4 GB of RAM are installed. Gateway regards this as a Microsoft issue, and naturally, Microsoft says it is a Gateway issue. Gateway tech support has told me that they do not support 64-bit applications or operating systems. If that's the case, why would they (Gateway) sell a 64-bit computer system? And if they sell a 64-bit computer, why do they not support Vista x64? I bought the machine to take advantage of all 4 GB of RAM, and Vista x64 as well as XP x64 are supposed to afford me this luxury.

XP Pro x64 and 64-bit Linux flavors do, but Vista won't. I now have 2 GB of RAM sitting on my desk gathering dust because Vista doesn't work in this "Vista capable" machine.

Seems to me like "Vista capable" simply means that Vista can be installed and run on the GT5228, but doesn't mean that the end user can take full advantage of the machine's power. Gateway has told me that the machine can be returned to BestBuy within 15 days of purchase and only if the machine is defective. Had I bought the extra RAM within the 15 days of the machine purchase, I can only imagine how my return would be rebuffed under the pretense of "it's a software issue, not a hardware issue."

This was my first Gateway purchase, as well as my last.

Richard Cranium from Reno, NV USA
Entry added: Friday, May 18, 2007 at 22:39:29 (EDT)

I've owned my system for 4 years. No problems. I'm willing to bet half the people on this page, have also posted similar complaints on the some competators page. Know what you buy before you buy it, simple equation, I know, but it actually works really really well. A lot of the stuff people complain about on this page, is clearly listed, and can be address, BEFORE buying a system. For those who refuse to believe any of this, check one thing: Whats between the keyboard, and the chair? There you go....

Jack Silver from Sebastopol, CA USA
Entry added: Tuesday, April 03, 2007 at 23:48:16 (EDT)

In December 2006 I purchased a Gateway MX3416 from Office Depot. Shortly after receiving the unit the HD crashed. The unit was sent back to Gateway for repair and returned in about two weeks. It seemed to be functioning correctly until I noticed that the HD only showed about 19 GB (should have been 60GB). It appeared that Gateway contract repair company Arima Computer Corp. only reformatted the drive but never checked it again. When I called he was told that Gateway had no prior record of the previous repair! Again I had the unit picked up for repair on March 13, 2007.

After a few weeks I called and was told that Gateway is waiting for a part. Holding times on the phone have averaged between 30 minutes and 45 minutes. One time I was on hold for more than one hour then a recording came on for him to leave a message. After finally talking with a technical person the part that is on order is a hard drive? No one could give me a date when the unit will be repaired and one supervisor offered to send the unit back unrepaired!

Next time I called in Gateway said that the HD in the unit was the wrong one and it would cost $240 to put in a new drive because the warranty was voided by the wrong drive. The only ones that have had the unit is Gateway. The only ones that could have screwed it up was Gateway but they refuse to help. The technical service is rude if they have any authority to do anything and placating if they just switch you from number to number.

I purchased about 40 laptops for non-profits and others and I'll never buy another Gateway again.

Glenn from Bonduel, WI USA
Entry added: Wednesday, February 28, 2007 at 11:21:46 (EST)

I have owned 2 gateways in the past with no problems. In November of 2006 I purchased a 420DX. From the start, nothing but issues. Called tech support, and they could not fix it after 1 month and many waisted hours on the phone. After 3 nondestructive reinstalls, still did not work. they sent me a new hard drive that was going to be preloaded with software. All I got was blue screen of death. Called support, and once again I had to explain why I am calling, "they never read their notes", and try to get someone to help. I get LADD badge #ML216. This guy was so rude and such an ass to me on the phone that I about lost it. I asked for a replacment computer, or a refund, and he would only authorize service. I was promised a box to be shipped to my house to put the computer in, and never recieved it. Now it is mid Jan. 2007, and I call again, and after many hours with tech support idiots, I get someone who will once again it send me a box. The box arrives 1 week later. I send the brand new never working computer off for service. it comes back on February 18th. All excited to give it a try, I find a rubber foot missing on the bottom of the tower. Not a have a paper weight that rocks in the wind. I fire it up, and yes, I am back to square one. I once again call tech idiot central, and get no where. I finally call customer support, and get a woman who was very nice and sympthetic to my cause. She promised we would settle my problem here and now. She transfers me to guess who, LADD Badge # ML216 ASSHOLE. He tells me to contact tech because it is a software issue. No s&%&. I have been trying to tell these jerks that they have been instlling corrupted software on these computers. They do not listen. I have a sister inlaw who live in Illinois that also has the same issues that I have. I have given up on gateway! I am going to find a scum bag attorney who has fire in his/her eyes, and I am going to put this dam company on notice that this has got to end. I feel class action suit is in order here. I know there has to be more of you out there with the same problems. Time to fight back.

Craig from Minneapolis, MN USA
Entry added: Tuesday, February 20, 2007 at 12:22:36 (EST)

See my review below. After being told 3 times (lies as far as I'm concerned since the last guy I spoke to admitted they never had the video card in stock) that the video card was being sent, it finally arrived yesterday, 2007-02-19. Removed the old card, put in the new one, and guess what? It still doesn't work. Gateway is sending a new hard drive out. Of course, they needed a credit card for some reason. Their effing machine doesn't work, but they want to be able to charge me apparently.

I have been paying interest on this charge since January. I have a paper weight. It isn't good for anything else.

William Rice from Detroit, MI USA
Entry added: Sunday, February 18, 2007 at 11:17:58 (EST)

I am a tech and recently had to purchase a computer because I did not have time to shop and assemble my own which I usually do. I purchased a Gateway and in two months the hard drive crashed. Before that I was getting constant freezes and errors which I tried in vain to trouble shoot. When the hard drive crashed I realized that was the problem but intermittent problems are hard to solve if you are limited to time. I returned the hard drive and received a replacement which I had to reinstall everything myself. I lost many important files because my backup was in need of replacement too. They took the money out of my checking account in lieu of me returning the defective hard drive. They kept my money and the returned hard drive and I have been fighting them for over four months for a return on my money or my hard drive back since it is my property even though it is of no use to me. As far as I am concerned Gateway is a scam job that uses cheap parts and their customer service just gives you the run around. One of them was even rude to me. BUYERS BEWARE. If you expect anyything other than crap and bad service don't purchase a gateway. PS. I was a tech support at my company that had an entire office and lab full of gateways and they were nothing but headaches until they switched to Dell as their supplier.

Gary Lee from Minneapolis, MN USA
Entry added: Monday, February 12, 2007 at 19:14:54 (EST)

I bought a 200 for school work. Basically, it has performed fairly well. The only complaint I have is that the headphone jacks and the input jacks are on the motherboard and the jacks are so cheap they go out quickly and you have to replace the motherboard. I am at this moment awaiting a new AC adapter to see if this will fix the problem I am having in the adapter. My warranty ran out on 01-17-07 and I could not reach anyone until the 19th so I was told that it would not be covered under warranty. But I anticipate if it is the jack some s*** is going to hit the fan. Right now the computer is sitting on the desk and I use it for everything so we shall see.

Craig from Minneapolis, MN USA
Entry added: Saturday, February 03, 2007 at 11:23:27 (EST)

Just purchased a Gateway desktop computer on line (January 8, 2007). It arrived on January 26. Set it up and nothing appears on the monitor (which works, by the way, just fine connected to a laptop and another desktop). Hours spent on line with technical support before they tell us they'll mail out a new video card. Called one week later on February 2, 2007 - the video card hasn't even been shipped yet. I'm paying interest on a 50 pound paperweight sitting around doing nothing but gathering dust. Don't know when I'll get the card from Gateway, nor even certain if that will fix whatever the problem is. I was told my warranty was running by the way, for something that doesn't work and hasn't worked from the time it arrived. I asked Gateway to overnight the card and was told it couldn't (or wouldn't?) be done. Obviously, in my opinion, Gateway cares nothing for customer relations or it would have tried to solve this problem ASAP by sending out a new video card the day support was called and by sending it out overnight. Instead, it is a run around. If the card comes next week and doesn't solve the problem, then what? Another round on the phone with support and then another 2 week delay while I wait for parts from Gateway. This is nonsense.

Tyler Guy from Winston Salem, NC USA
Entry added: Tuesday, January 30, 2007 at 15:31:30 (EST)

Gateway is a wonderful computer manufacturer! My dad got me a Gateway P5-133XL way back in November, 1995, it still runs just as good as ever today! This computer has been running almost 24/7 for 12 years, and still held up just fine.

Gateway P5-133XL
CPU: Intel Pentium 1 (133 MHz)
System Bus: 12MHz
Video Card: Matrox Graphics Millenium PCI card
Original Sound card: Ensoniq Soundscape WaveTable edition
Current Sound Card: Creative AudioPCI (ES1371)(ES1373)(WDM)
Original HDD: 1.6 GB WD Caviar
Current HDD: 40 GB WD Caviar
Original Monitor: Gateway Vivitron 1776
Current Monitor: Gateway EV700
CD Drive: Wearnes CDD620

I also have a Gateway 500SE that I got in August, 2002. Still runs fine as well! As a matter of fact, I am using it right now to type this.

Gateway 500SE
CPU Intel Pentium 4
System Bus: 400 MHz
Video Card: Intel 82845G/GL Integrated Video
Sound Card: SoundMax Integrated Digital Audio
Original HDD: WD Caviar 40 GB
Current HDD WDC160BB 160 GB
Monitor: Gateway EV700
CD Drive 1: Lite ON CD RW Burner
CD Drive 2: HP DVD Writer dvd200i

Gateway makes long lasting computers.
Davidson County Community College in Davidson County, NC uses Gateway computers for almost everything for this very reason.

Janice Erickson from Evergreen Park, IL USA
Entry added: Sunday, January 21, 2007 at 18:34:31 (EST)

I purchased a Gateway computer on the 27th of Oct ~ 2006. By Dec 1st, 2006 I had to have the hard drive and modem replaced. More problems continued ~ returned computer to Best Buy and the Geek Squad was unable to fix the problem. I was sent home with a floor model Gateway (my model no longer is being sold) and it has as many problems as the first. I can't get any satisfaction from Gateway or Best Buy regarding a refund and I'm now paying for a dead horse. Shame on Gateway and shame on Best buy! Is there any way of getting a refund? This is criminal ~ what can be done?

jeannie from Minneapolis, MN USA
Entry added: Saturday, January 20, 2007 at 11:08:36 (EST)

I bought a refurbished Gateway M520 laptop 3 yrs ago. Am probably the only computer user who turns on her high-tech tool with a low-tech miniature Phillips screwdriver. Poorly designed on/off mechanism with cheap plastic contact that broke (and power button has a chip in it) has me looking for a $79 (!) replacement piece. A repair person ordered one several weeks ago from a "reliable" Ebay source and it never came. Big and little repair companies won't take on this job and Gateway has not been any help.
Have spent countless hours searching for bezel replacement and found used ones online but they often don't give the laptop model number!
Computer industry and cell phone industry = same quality service.

Meyekle from HI USA
Entry added: Sunday, January 14, 2007 at 12:36:12 (EST)

Bought my first Gateway(GP7-500) years ago and I never had any problems--very stable machine, so I figured when it was time to upgrade I would stay was Gateway. Well, I bought a tower (510XL) around 2004 and then a laptop(M350) about a year later. I'm having strange problems with both.

When the 510XL is powered on after being off for about 3hrs or usually overnight, the system will power off within the first 5 minutes once the OS is running--it just stops. I've noticed that the peripherals, ie, external USB drive and some of the lights on the motherboard is still receiving power. At that point I have to hold the power button in for about 3-5 secs. or pull the power cord out to shut off all power to those peripherals(very weird stuff). I'll have repeat this procedure,(i.e. power up, crash, hold in button, blah,blah,blah) about 2-3 times before the system actually stays running indefinitely. I've narrowed it down, I think, to either the motherboard, power supply or processor?(pulled memory, cards, swapped out disks, etc)--if anyone has any ideas please let me know--I'm pretty frustrated about this one.

As far as the M350, it freezes every time I use it untethered from the wired network--pretty useless since that's the reason I bought it for. I have heating issues with this system as well. Oh, forgot to mention that I had to send this system back shortly after I bought it due to an issue with the LCD screen going bad.

In a nutshell, I would be very hard-pressed to stick with Gateway for my next system.


Petter Rabbit from toronto, Canada
Entry added: Sunday, January 07, 2007 at 12:06:15 (EST)

1st. finding a support # in canada was near impossible. given wrong # from gateway toll free numerous times..and when finally did receive a good was not toll free.

2nd. problems with over heating (laptop keeps shutting off), group of 20x40 pixel right in center of screen went bad. and cover cracked from opening and closing...and I baby my laptops...this is clearly poor workmanship.

3rd. had to return the 1st one because of issues. I swear stay away from gateway.....getting a good deal? spend the extra the headache.

Sheri Greenhaus from MOntvale, NJ USA
Entry added: Friday, January 05, 2007 at 08:47:17 (EST)

Bad Service

I just picked up my Gateway from Best Buy. I had previously owned Gateways that I purchased directly from them the Gateway and the service had been good.

When you purchase from a store, it is awful. I was put on hold for 20 minutes the first time ( and it is not a toll free number) then put on hold for one hour the second time. And, this is for a brand new computer.

I was told that there are two levels of service. One for those that purchase direct and one for those that purchase from the store.

I am going today to return the computer.

I would not recommned any Gateways anymore.

Laur Joost from Tallinn, Estonia, Other
Entry added: Friday, January 05, 2007 at 06:27:32 (EST)

Regarding your problem: Invalid system disk means either that 1. You forgot a floppy in the floppy drive or 2. that you need to reinstall your OS (I won't go deeper into the problem on such "quality intel").

I work in a school as a computer administrator and we have 4 Gateway G6-200 desktops and one G6-200 tower. They are reliable enough, though I can't speak for the most part of users, as they are acting linux terminals, not the "US Standard" Windows.

There is one problem though: At school it sometimes does occur that some brat thinks: "Hey, look, I'm cool!" and swithes the Power Supply from 220V to 110V. Of course, the result is blown-up or burnt-through capacitors.

Question: in the PS, between the two 200v 470uF lyte capacitors and a coil are two small caps sunk in fire foam marked VDA2 (at least that's what I COULD read from underneath the soot and grime of the burnt caps. Does anybody have the specs for these? I'd really apreciate all help.

Daniel Morris from New York, NY USA
Entry added: Thursday, January 04, 2007 at 20:05:39 (EST)

I got a secondhand Gateway E-3200 and when ever i start it it loads and then says Invalid system disk replace the disk and press any key i tried every thing to try to prevent this from happening i even see a friend who knows computers can any one help

Al D from MA USA
Entry added: Wednesday, January 03, 2007 at 17:12:41 (EST)

In Aug 2005, I purchased a Gateway notebook a 6020 GX. Within 10 days, it no longer booted up. I returned to Best Buy, where I was told that there was one left in our area and I could have that as a replacement. However, the 14 day replacement warranty would not apply to the exchange. If this didn't work either, it would have to be repaired by the factory.

Well, "luckily" it worked - but now, 16 mos. later, the motherboard is gone.

Customer Service at Gateway used to be great. Can't say that now. I was put on hold and forgotten, and then when it was learned that my serial number reflected an electronics store purchase, I was forwarded to non-toll free numbers for guidance. I was calling to find out how to PAY OUT OF POCKET for replacement parts bec the web site didn't have them listed. I mean, they can't afford a 50 cent phone call for someone willing to drop a couple of hundred bucks? That sent up a red flag.

They want nothing to do with the public and if you own Gateway stock, I suggest you divest. They won't exist by 2010, I guarantee it.

I purchased two gateway pc towers in the past which both had electronic problems. However, I continued to remain loyal to Gateway as these were fixed, free of charge, at the gateway store in my area. This was in about 1998-2002. Let's just say that with the emachine merger,things have clearly deteriorated.

Erica from MI USA
Entry added: Friday, December 29, 2006 at 21:42:42 (EST)

I purchased a Gateway notebook on November 2005. In July 2006, my notebook did not turn on, so I called Gateway and they told me to send it in because it sounded like a fan problem. So I got it back with a new fan, then in October 2006, my AC Adapter stopped working and I called for a new one and I had to buy it. When I received the AC Adapter, it did not work with my notebook. I called Gateway tech support and they said it should work because it's universal and that it could be something wrong with my notebook, so I would have to send in the notebook and the ac adapter so they could figure out what's wrong. The woman at tech support pointed out that I shouldn't have paid for the AC Adapter because my notebook is still under warranty. She told me to call the customer service number so I could get a refund. I called the customer service number and they refused to give me a refund. The woman said I would have to send back my ac adapter to customer service to get a refund, leaving me WITHOUT an ac adapter. I just sent it to customer service so I could see what was wrong with my notebook. Gateway treats customers worse if you dont but the notebook direct. It seems to me they do not want to stand by their products. After being on the phone with her for an hour(mind you it is not a toll free number), I got no where and could not get a supervisor. I called again the next day for a refund, and I still got nowhere, so I filed a complaint with the attorney general. I received my notebook back, but it did not have the ac adapter or battery with it. I called tech support and they asked me if I sent them in and I said yes. So then they told me they would send my items out. I received my items(along with a different ac adapter that worked with my notebook). I turned on my notebook. It made a funny noise, had errors and took me to a Windows 95 command screen. All of my work was gone. I called Gateway and told them what happened and asked why they wiped my computer clean for an AC ADAPTER AND BATTERY REPLACEMENT and the exec Jodi said that they needed to wipe the computer for the AC Adapter AND still I did not receive a refund for the ac adapter I was not supposed to pay for in the first place. Anyone with common sense knows that all you need to do is plug in the AC Adapter for it to work. I had to send my notebook back because it sounded like a power saw and it had the wrong software on it(it came with Windows XP). They had to replace the fan (again) and reinstall the software. They shipped it back really fast since the warranty was about to expire. I got the notebook back two days after I sent it off while before it would sit in the dock for about a week before they even took a look at it. The replacement adapter doesn't half work, the warranty is up. My screen is screwed up. I see colorful lines and did not spill anything or drop it. I just opened it and there are black, white, and colorful lines going vertically and horizontally on my computer screen. Gateway exec Jodi told the attorney general's office that I can't get a refund until I send back the ac adapter, claiming that I have two AC Adapters, but their tech support has the one I originally purchased(I should not have purchased this). I told the attorney general that Gateway has the AC Adapter in their possession. Gateway failed to tell the attorney general that they had the other ac adapter. Now they refuse to contact anyone about this. If anything comes out of this, I will write back, but for now, I Get to start my new school semester without a working notebook.(it is my only computer) And I am still waiting on a refund for the adapter and I hope I get a replacement computer(until I get the money to buy something OTHER than Gateway). I am never buying Gateway again. Their customer service is horrible and because they try to separate retail bought computers and direct, they do not stand by their products, which makes me wonder if they know they're just putting out crap computers.

E Wilson from Lithonia, GA USA
Entry added: Saturday, December 16, 2006 at 02:30:06 (EST)

We purchased a Gateway laptop in October 2004. To our disappointment this laptop hasn't performed with quality expectations for the little time we have used it. We are now receiving a blank/black screen when plugged in the wall unit. The "on" button is working abnormally as well. I had high hopes for Gateway's laptop performace, since we had a Gateway desktop that has performed decently for many years. By the way, Gateway's technical support was little help - just mail it in for service and pay $299.00. On that note, I informed I rather invest with a competitor's laptop instead.

Mike from Tempe, AZ USA
Entry added: Thursday, December 14, 2006 at 17:38:20 (EST)

VERY BAD. I have had two laptops in the past five years that have both fried. Both, right where the power outlet plugs into the laptop, it's gets SO hot that you can't even touch it and it's going to start my house on fire soon. I have called Gateway and they said it's not a battery recall and basically they told me I have to replace the pin or monthboard that would cost $350/plus tax and shipping for the pin and $650/plus tax and shipping for the motherboard. Bunch of crap since this is the EXACT same thing that happened to my last Gateway laptop. I then called today to go ahead and order a desktop. They closed out my credit card account because they said I didn't use it enough. It was used within a year and they did not notify me that it was going to be closed, they just closed it on their own. The customer service rep. told me I can just apply for another account. This is the 3rd account I would have had to apply for in the past 5 years because of them closing my accounts for no reason. Basially I'm up for a class action suit if anyone wants to get together on this. This is unacceptable and the customer support is worthless as they just blame the customer on the problems. Either way there will be a lawsuit coming from my end, either a class action lawsuit or a lawsuit when one of their laptops burns my house down because they won't take action for their problems. Oh, the pc that just fried was purchased in April of 2005. Not very old.

Ron Teagarden from USA
Entry added: Wednesday, October 25, 2006 at 16:54:11 (EDT)

I have sent he PC back 3 times for the blue screen of death. First, they blamed it on me for software that I installed. Over the course of 3 times back to the factory, they replaced the hard drive, all the RAM and now the modem. I have demanded my money back and can't even get past a low level "phone tech". Gateway is the worst company I have ever dealt with and the PC I got from them is a $1000 paperweight. I encourage everyone to stay away from Gateway products.

Steven Masters from SC USA
Entry added: Wednesday, October 25, 2006 at 15:36:50 (EDT)

I purchased a Laptop Model M 520 Oct 2004....August 2005 I had to run out of the house with it smoking, so hot to the touch, it is fried, I have repeatedly called Gateway with all the battery recalls, however they said mine was not on the recall list. Well, maybe everbody with the same problem should contact Gateway and they will find out they have a major problem. This computer should have lasted for more than 15 months at the price I purchased it for from GATEWAY. Now they want no part of it, however, it is going to be reported to the BBB for what good that will get me, probably nothing, however, maybe all should try doing this and they may see, taking care of their problems may help with their sales, instead of anyone you talk to, you will hear, don't want no GATEWAY!!!!

Melissa from Sioux City, IA USA
Entry added: Sunday, October 15, 2006 at 01:44:06 (EDT)

I am looking at all the complaints and frustrations that have been commented. I bought my first Gateway in 1998 it is still working, it's had minor issues as with any ancient computer would. The biggest issue is that computer is extremely outdated. Works great for my kids though. They can play computer games, type papers for school access the internet. The only part that was ever replaced by Gateway was the HD about a month after I purchased it. They were right on top of it and was up and going again within the week and it's still going. I have 3 other Gateways the newest bought about 7 months ago, and they are all still working beautifully. Nothing has gone wrong with them. I only buy desktops as well, and it seems most people commenting on here are with laptops. Personally I think all brands of laptops are flimsy. I have never known anyone that hasn't had problems with their laptops. I don't think it's a particular brand it's just the industry as a whole hasn't come up with a durable laptop.

Sharyn Webb from USA
Entry added: Saturday, October 07, 2006 at 12:51:27 (EDT)

You know, unlike a lot of poor souls on this forum, I actually do check out reviews of product functionality and service reputation before i purchase a computer, but i only started doing this a few years ago when i found out that toshiba doesn't respect screen warranties. anyways, i recently purchased a gateway cx200x tablet knowing full well there'd be no support from gateway and that there would be several issues to resolve, but i got it at about a third the price of a regular tablet. it happens im a techie who loves a challenge, but i would never recommend one of these "tablets"(hahaha) to someone who wanted it to work right out of the box unless they were my enemy or something. well my little brother says "don't talk about it, be about it" so if you're looking for a great company, i highly recommend Fujitsu (im on one right now). They make excellent products that are last forever, not to mention how elegant the design is. i have 2 that have both been dropped and abused regularly, they just keep going. Not only that, their native english speaking customer service goes above and beyond to help. i got one of their laptops on ebay and they still honored the warrenty that i never bothered to register. if id had more money, i would've bought a real tablet from them.

khan from toronto, Canada
Entry added: Tuesday, October 03, 2006 at 11:45:09 (EDT)

My experience with gateway M520 notebook is so annoying.I would never buy their product again.But the thing is that...I have bought this product from a third party so cant for technical support to gateway.I need a recovery CD for the gateway.if anyone knows anything about where I can get this (bootable)recovery CD with software and Application installation...PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPlllllZZZZZZZZ send me an email....i can buy it for 80-90CAN dollars...!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zalis from Lincoln, NE USA
Entry added: Saturday, September 30, 2006 at 04:37:06 (EDT)

I bought a Gateway 504 GR in March 2005, and honestly, I haven't had any major component failures, and no dealings with their customer service or tech support. The only things that have gone slightly wrong are that the CD drive doesn't recognize blank CDs (which I attribute more to the drive than the computer itself) and I've had some problems with the FireWire ports randomly connecting and disconnecting at times (fixed via a patch from Microsoft). Unfortunately, this has caused one directory on one external drive to get corrupted, and I'll have to reformat it...however, I guess compared to the other problems listed here, I've been pretty lucky. I certainly won't be going with Gateway for my next computer purchase.

Mattie from Pittsburg, CA USA
Entry added: Friday, September 29, 2006 at 15:47:12 (EDT)

I purchased a Gateway M520 laptop approximately 10 months ago(Pentium 4, 3.06GHz, 60GB HD, with 15.4" Widescreen), and have had several problems with it. The power plug was loose and after a 3 months of trying to get it to stay put, I ended up having to replace the pin (connection). The laptop overheats. I had read about the batteries overheating (and I had that problem too), but the laptop itself gets very hot -- at times too hot to sit on your lap. Finally, a month ago, I had to have the mother board replaced because it was not recognizing/recharging the battery pack. The first month was almost enjoyable; since then its been a nightmare. Not a happy camper an am looking at Toshiba Notebooks for possible purchase in early 2007.

j.b. from montreal, Canada
Entry added: Tuesday, September 19, 2006 at 01:02:19 (EDT)

I have a Gateway laptop (it's the pentium 4 2.8 Ghz) for the past two years or so. It's a heavy clunky piece, but I have myself to blame for choosing it. The biggest problem that I've encountered is that it overheats and then shuts itself off. On a hot day (30 degrees Celsius without AC - that's about 85 degrees Fahrenheit i think), it can shut itself off within an hour. It shuts off, obviously, in order to protect damage to the CPU. Other than that, an annoying design feature is that the hinges connecting the monitor to the comp itself cracked very soon. It doesn't seem to matter though. Also irritating is the fact that the power cable connect is loose... I plug it in, but the circuit isn't completed and I end up using the battery if I don't notice. I have to play with the power cable, move it up and down, until the connect somehow connects... Not sure what's up with it. Seems like gateway has big quality problems - their design is probably also behind. I think Toshiba is probably a better bet (my prev. laptop).

Entry added: Monday, September 18, 2006 at 01:27:10 (EDT)

I bought a 7320gz notebook from best buy. At first all seemed well but i soon found out my DVD burner would not burn DVD's. They sent me out a new one but sent it to the wrong address. They then agreed to send me out a new one as it was their fault. I returned the old one and they charged me for the one that they sent out. It took me two hours and three levels of management to get my money back.

I must be labeled in the tech support notes as an asshole becuase now when i call they put me on hold and read the notes. Then i get a level of tech support that only the government could rival. They give me a task like "take the computer to best buy and they can fix it for you." I told them im going to set the computer on fire and send it to them so they can fix it.

Once my computer started to freeze during boot up. I called and was told to reformat the machine???!!!!! yeah, like i dont have any important data on there. i found out that the sd card from my camera was still in the slot and interupted the boot cycle. SIMPLE but the idiots at Gateway didn't suggest that.

The Screen Hinges have CRacked and the screen flickers.

The powercable is loose and falls out all the time.

THe notebook is falling apart and it never leaves the desk!!!

*****SAVE YOURSELF!!! DONT BUY A GATEWAY!!!!!***********

Frank from USA
Entry added: Sunday, September 17, 2006 at 07:39:21 (EDT)

I have a gateway compact desktop and have had nothing but thermal event problems I sent it back to gateway who sent it back and said their was nothing wrong with it. So I brought it to the geek squad and they cleaned out dust from the fan/processor area now it works great for 1 year and condition reappered. Now my 5 year old 17 inch flat panel display is overheating. Do not buy any gateway product support just leaves you on hold for hours on end.

Augusta from Salt Lake, UT USA
Entry added: Tuesday, September 12, 2006 at 01:01:36 (EDT)

Gateway--what a wonderful company! I bought a Gateway laptop at Best Buy in August 2005. In June 2006 I noticed that the lid was cracked by the hinge and the screen was flickering.

I contacted Gateway and gave them all my information. The laptop was still under warranty. They sent the box and packing material THE NEXT DAY. I sent the computer, and received it back with repairs completed and a 90-day warranty on new parts. Shortly after that--within the parts warranty--I noticed damage on the lid again, and a flickering screen. We went through the return and repair again. The first round took 4 days from me sending it to me getting it back. The second round took slightly longer due to a holiday. The service was excellent! The repairs were made in a timely manner and without question or charge. Well done, Gateway.

Biswa Dash from Dover, DE USA
Entry added: Monday, September 11, 2006 at 13:13:20 (EDT)

Recently I bought a Tablet PC from Gateway cx200x and the experience is very alarming and frustrating. The Tablet is a just a Lemon and it heats up like mad. They have already changed the Motherboard, Hard Disk, CPU and Stylus. Next in line to be changed are motherboard (Second time), the assembly and the fan...they are not doing it free. They are doing it because I have a 4 year paid limited warranty...just imagine what life would be without this warranty. I have invested almost $3000 on this tablet and will never look at Gateway Again...another thing I have a business level support...not the standard home office kind of support

The customer service is good as they immediately ask for replacement of the parts. But then if you are interested in opening a tablet PC repairing lab at home then you can go ahead and order it from them as they would come down and keeping ripping the parts of the machine and changing itanother big problem is that not most the technicians at gateway that I came across had seen a tablet before troubleshooting on my tablet PC.

You wont be able to use it as it will be a kept there with people coming in and out of your house repairing and replacing parts...Its like buying a car and then taking the engine out. I have serious doubts on the machines....I am keeping my patience and waiting for the next part to be I am in the first year of warranty...

One good thing is that you will be able to listen to a lot of songs sung by Jennifer while you wait to reach a person who could take accountability of your problem...usual problem resolving cycle is 1 hour to 3 hours...

Just BEWARE of GATEWAY and don't just get carried away by the sales guys...

mike gevas from healdsburg, CA USA
Entry added: Wednesday, September 06, 2006 at 21:36:37 (EDT)

Never buy from gateway,
I never imagined that a company would have an outright policy of being dishonest. My experience below attempting to get a monitor repaired under warranty is nothing short of flabbergasting. The tech support people are outright liars and belligerent, they contradict themselves and say ludicrous things like there is absolutely nothing they can do to solve an obvious problem that could be solved by merely a phone call.

05/01/06 10:41AM. Purchased Gateway LCD computer monitor model number FDP-2185W, serial number MPV 6250N 13185 from Best Buy in Santa Rosa CA. for $655.99.

05/12/06 11:20AM. Purchased another Gateway LCD computer monitor model number FDP-2185W, serial number MPV 6250N 12956 from Best Buy in Santa Rosa CA. for $655.99. (Not really a part of this ordeal)

07/28/06 7:30PM. Monitor with serial number 13185 developed a vertical line through the middle of the screen.

08/01/06 10:12AM. Called Gateways tech support at 408-273-0808 about a vertical line in the monitor screen. After a few minutes of executing some trouble shooting instructions from the technician I was instructed that the monitor needed to be returned for repair or replacement. I was given two options
1. Pay a $90.00 fee and a new monitor would be shipped out quickly and I would return the defective monitor in the same box.
2. No fee and Gateway would send me and empty box with a return shipping label and a new monitor would be sent to me upon Gateways receipt of my defective one.
Opted for the no fee option, was told that I should have the replacement monitor within 2 working days of Gateways receipt of the defective one.

08/02/06 5:00PM. Found empty box from Gateway on my front porch when I got home. Box contained instructions and a FedEx shipping label to return box to Gateway.

08/03/06 10:58AM. Dropped defective monitor, off at the FedEx / Kinkos Store in Santa Rosa Ca.
- The monitors serial number was 13185,
- It was packed in the box that Gateway provided.
- It was shipped using the label provided by Gateway.
- The Tracking Number was: 858193437624

08/07/06 11:13AM Monitor was delivered by FedEx to:
Gateway Alorica CA
14430 Monte Vista Ave.
Chino, CA 91710 US
The monitor was signed for by: A.White JR............
(See attached documents)

08/09/06 5:54PM. A package addressed to:
210 Sunnyvale
Healdsburg Ca. 95448
Was picked up by FexEx at Gateways Shipping and Receiving,
Customer Service
Gateway Companies
14430 Monte Vista Ave.
Chino, CA 91710 US
The tracking number was: 738903722478

08/14/06 10:51AM. A package addressed to:
210 Sunnyvale
Healdsburg Ca. 95448
Was delivered to:
Shipping and Receiving
14430 Monte Vista Ave.
Chino, CA 91710 US
This package was signed for by A.White JR.
The tracking number was: 738903722478

08/16/06 2:59PM. Called Gateway Tech. Support to find out what the status of the monitor was. Was told that I received it on 08/14/06. Informed the tech rep that I did not receive the monitor and was told that it was delivered and that an A.White JR. Signed for it. Was told that I needed to call FedEx and file a claim.
The tech rep was Marsha, employee number 69475.

3:58PM. Called FedEx and was told that a trace would be made and I would get a call back. Spoke to Marion
4:31PM. FedEx called back (Marion) from phone #901-344-0401 and confirmed that the package had been mis-delivered and that it would be picked up delivered to the correct address. At this time both myself and FexEx was unaware that the package had been sent to the same address as the shipper.

08/21/06 1:28PM. Called FedEx to find the status of package. Was told that several attempts were made to pick package up but were un-successful. I was told that and extra effort would be made and that I would receive a phone call the next morning with the status. Both myself and the FedEx person was unaware that these attempts were being made at the original shippers location.

08/21/06 3:43PM. Due to an urgent need for the monitor, called Gateway Tech support in attempt to get one expedited. After some time with the supervisor Gateway agreed that the other monitor was lost somewhere (non of us new it was at Gateway all along). It was agreed that another monitor would be shipped out. Was instructed to call back on 08/23/06 in the AM and get a tracking number.

08/22/06 11:25AM. Received call from FexEx (Marion) and states that the package was found and it would be delivered to me in a day or two.

1:44PM. Received call from FexEx (Marion) and for the first time had revealed that the monitor was at Gateway, the shipper had used old labels, due to the error being the shippers, future dealings would need to be with Gateway, FedEx was closing out the trace.
(This was ok because Gateway was supposed to have another one coming anyway and this eliminated the possibility that FedEx would deliver the original one at the same time Gateway was shipping another.)

08/23/06 12:14PM. Called Gateway tech support (as instructed by the technician on 08/21/06) to get a tracking number for another replacement monitor. This Technician knew nothing about my call or conversation on 08/21/06. She said there were no notes or entries in my file. She started repeating to me basically the same things that were said on 08/16/06. Was told the monitor had been delivered and signed for by A.White JR. on 08/14/06.

This technician name was Robin employee #:71971

I asked to speak to her supervisor and was told that she could not do that because they were not taking calls I insisted and after a long wait, got Lee who introduced himself as a customer service specialist. This person would not listen to anything I said about the events to date, he cut me off to insist that there was nothing more Gateway was willing to do. He insisted that the package had been signed for and that was the end of it. It was a FexEx problem and that a claim needed to be made with FedEx. He insisted again that there was nothing more that Gateway would or was willing to do at that time to solve this problem. An attempt was made to point out that Gateway was FexExs customer and as such had the responsibility to solve these problems with the delivery, he insisted that I was FedExs customer and that FedEx would not deal with Gateway seeing that I was the customer. He was asked twice to confirm that there was absolutely nothing more that Gateway could do to help with this problem.

This Gateway employees name: Lee his number was: 68414

It should be noted that Lee acted unreasonably at times, and was unnecessarily belligerent and contradicted himself.

08/23/06 1:23PM Contacted FedEx explained the entire chain of events, confirmed that Gateway was FedExs customer, and was transferred to a higher level of service rep. This service rep agreed to call Gateways tech support and straighten all this out. A three way call was made between Mike Gevas, FedEx, and Gateway. During the course of a call that lasted in excess of 38minutes, the FedEx rep demonstrated that the same person signed both receipts for the packages. That the FedEx delivery address for the monitor was indeed back to the Gateway shipping and receiving. A fax was sent while we spoke to Gateway as documentation of where the package was. At length the Gateway technician and his supervisor agreed that the monitor was in Gateways possession, that it was recalled because it was the wrong size or not the right part. After the FedEx rep was off the phone the Technician and another supervisor agreed to ship a new monitor to me within three to five days.
This Gateway employees name: Max, his number was: 71801

08/29/06 2:55PM Called Gateway tech support to find out where the monitor was that was agreed would be shipped within 3 to 5 days of 08/23/06. Found that the technician knew nothing of any of it and started to tell me that the monitor had been delivered to me on 08/14/06. She said there were no notes. No record of a call with Max. She was asked to contact Max, was put on hold for awhile, she came back and stated that Max had no record of the call and no recollection of the conversation of 08/23/06 with Mr. Gevas or the FexEx rep. She stated that there was absolutely nothing more that Gateway could do and that I would have to file a claim with FexEx.
Was so stunned at this news, did not get the employee info.

08/30/06 3:00PM. Spent four hours creating this document.

Brad from Sioux City, IA USA
Entry added: Wednesday, September 06, 2006 at 11:17:30 (EDT)

I worked for Gateway many years ago... in the beginning it was a good place to work who actually cared about employess and customers. My employee # was in the 60's range (Which in Gateway terms would be an employee who had to be carbon dated to verify age)

I worked my way up from handng out parts to the manufacturing techs to testing and shipping replacement parts and on to phone tech support. This was all very gratifying and it felt good to grow with an upstart company.

Gateway moved to North Sioux City, SD and continued to grow things were fine there until they started hiring outside the compnay to get so called "professional mamagers". The customer service attitude changed. Now the montra was get them on the phone and give them something to do and get them off the phone. If they need more help they will call back.

This flew in the face of previous policy where we took each call and handled the customer's issue until we had fixed it or we were reasonably sre we had narrowed the problem down enough to send the correct replacement part.

I became a "soup" (as another member on this blog said) and was handling angry customers and corporate clients. The policy of give them something to do and get them off the phone was being strictly enforced. I refused to compromise my own integrity and name in dealing with a customer. I was terminated.

Now looking back to see how the company has "grown and evolved" it was the best day of my life. Ted Waitt has lost control of his company and it is being bled dry by power/money hungry executives who just want to build a bigger house and buy a nicer car. The sense of family and friendship has given way to the almighty dollar.

Tedd is rich beyond his wildest dreams as are all of the others who were close to him at the begining... but there is a trail of trashed lives and un-employed workers who took pride in being a part of something as great as Gateway that was born here in the midwest from a farm town in Iowa with good old fashioned work ethic...

RIP Gateway...

E. A. from USA
Entry added: Wednesday, August 30, 2006 at 09:45:54 (EDT)

Very interesting...stories...I have not had problems with my drives, but I do find tech suppoort very close if not dishonest...they give you the same generic answers and when asked to have a mnanager call, ignore you...I have had two Gateways (the first computer replaced by gateway) only to run into the same issues-freezes, shuts down with errors, wireless not working...and hours on the phone with tech support before they will bring it in to look at. They now say my 90 days is over-not really it's a few days short-and insist I have to pay another 50.00 to have it shipped to them for fixing..again 3 days ago now I asked for a manager and have yet to hear back...before my last computer was replaced they were rude and told me a manager would do nothing, so I had to write to the BBB to get any actions from them...I have the best of the 3 year warranties!

DisgustedWithDishonestGateway from USA
Entry added: Monday, August 28, 2006 at 17:58:06 (EDT)

Bought an M-285E Convertible, port rep, 19" monitor in June. System was decked out with the best possible options you could choose. Bought Business grade 4 year warranty plan. Total price $3590. 3 weeks late to deliver because of part shortages. Out of the box, system doesnt recognize the CD drive. System blue screens when you try to use burning software. Keeps giving me multiple windows errors and blue screening. And worst of all, it wont run on the port rep with the monitor. Cant control the system and the mouse jumps all over the monitor when it is docked. At least 6 calls and probably 4-5 hours on phone with techs they determined that they needed to send me some replacement parts. Keep in mind, this is supposed to be a business grade warranty and support plan, it took a week and a half for them to ship the parts. New parts didnt fix anything. Called and was transfered to a "senior technician" that handles refunds. He wants to send me a new computer to fix the other problems but states that no matter what, even the new computer will never work properly with the port rep. I tell him I dont want the machine if it wont work while docked. So he documents the system with lies that I "refused help." Now Gateway has only refunded $2800 out of my $3600 purchase price and no one anywhere will take calls. They all tell you they will look into it and they never call you back. Not sure why the hell they think I should pay them $800 in penalties for a system that NEVER WORKED OUT OF THE BOX. Tell everyone you can find. This company is DISHONEST AND DISGUSTING. And all the Gateway Techs posting here can go to hell. You would want to be treated honestly if it were you buying this crap that gateway sells.

Patrick Gearhart from USA
Entry added: Friday, August 25, 2006 at 09:59:23 (EDT)

We have 2 Gateway laptops that we use for DJ gigs. We bought a platform with 2 fans to rest them on to keep them cool.

About 3 weeks ago both crashed. We removed the batteries and plugged them in with the power cord and have not had a HEAT issue since. I mean we ran them for 29 hours and they were barely warm. Gateway needs to recall these before they catch fire or destroy more laptops.

Tom Fagan from USA
Entry added: Wednesday, August 23, 2006 at 23:41:40 (EDT)

Will never buy another Gateway!! Bought CX2618 Notepad computer in late May 2006. Computer did not recognize the DVD drive. Tech support had me make BIOS changes, and all seemed ok. Then early August, again did not recognize DVD drive. Tech support could not fix, and they sent a replacement drive, which did not work either. By this time, computer also did not recognize wireless card. 13 days ago tech support agreed to send packaging for the machine to be returned for repair (there is no lemon policy!) - four phone calls later, I am still waiting, and no-one can give me a status. I just got off a long call with a customer service supervisor whose attitude was condescending and insulting, who could not give me a status on the packaging, and who told me to continue waiting.

Eden from Grand Blanc, MI USA
Entry added: Wednesday, August 23, 2006 at 15:38:09 (EDT)

I bought a Gateway all-in-one desktop with 19" LCD wide screen in June 2004. I had experienced the monitor blank at various frequencies and it was intermittent issue in May 2005. However, I was way too busy on traveling international business and I contacted Gateway in July 2005. Gateway refused to help me to do any debug and I had talked to various tech supports and sales, none of them were willing to help me at all since I didn't buy there extended warranty. I even told sales that I am not going to buy Gateway in the future and he told me he doesn't care.

After the above hassles, we started to look at the back of the monitor (monitor base is the PC base) and we found three missing screws on both sides to support the monitor (three screws on each side, it should have six screws total and the monitor is very heavy) and three missing screw holes were unlined inside through. We started to fill the missing three screws and the blank issue went away. We were very pleased about what we had done. However, it only lasted about six month. The blank issue came back and finally the PC monitor is no longer can be powered, this PC only lasts about 18 months. I spent about four hours to open this monster and it was way complicated to unpack the whole monitor and PC base, no wonder Gateway didn't want me to send this monster back to be fixed. At the mean time, I found my PC desk veneer had been bubbled and pop up from my desk around the PC base area. I think this PC was over heated and finally all parts were failed to function. This is engineering ventilation design fraud and this all-in-one PC is a junk.

oliver from USA
Entry added: Tuesday, August 22, 2006 at 10:19:42 (EDT)

One of the things I neglected to do is look up problems and issues not with Gateway computers, but its service and strength of its company. In july, Gateway opened up a new technical service center which if my experience is any indication, there technical group is disorganized and not uniformly trained. There CEO is an interim and has stated that he does not plan to stay in the CEO position. A question to the stability of their company. This info that I only learned after the fact i.e. too late.

When I recieved my laptop, I had immediate issues. I called Gateway support and each time, the tech person could not solve it. I was told that there were going to escalate it and someone would call me back. Also each conversation started off with trying to sell me an extended warranty.

Anyway, phone calls were not returned/actions were not done and I would have to call back and go over the issue again. this was not a rare occurence. For example: I was told that they would set up onsite tech visit. First time, it was never done. Second Time, it was canceled. Third time, couldn't get a hold of someone who knew what was going on with onsite visit. Nearly 2 weeks passed, close to the deadline of when I could return the laptop. I decided to return the laptop and spoke to the returns dept. The person I spoke was actually very sympathetic and said that he would give me 100 dollars off for the problems i'm dealing with. That weekend on working on the computer, i realized there was a whole host of other problems. I decided that instead of keeping a computer that is a lemon and dealing with a frustrating process of technical support, I would return it. First person I spoke to was caustic, sarcastic and rude. When I got the person I initially spoke to, he told me that I could not return the computer because acceptance of the 100 dollars is an agreement ot keep the computer as is. Something which I was not told or would never have accepted it. He was less friendly this time.

Complaints to Gateway is not an easy process as one customer service supervisor said when i asked for a complaints department, 'look at the website'. He claimed to not know any addresses for Gateway. None of the calls seem to be recorded so individuals seem to feel that they have a license to be rude, condescending and unfriendly. Now, this is not the case with all the employees. In fact, probaly more then 50 percent have good people skills even if they lack the technical skills. To me, the rudeness of other individuals shows a big hole in the Gateway Customer Service process.

I've written the corporate office of Gateway. The lesson really is that even a company is big, research not just the computer, but its customer service. Check out there return policies. Email individuals who have had problems and see if you can objectively see if gateway reasonably tried to help or were stonewalling.

Dwight Grimm from USA
Entry added: Monday, August 21, 2006 at 20:17:05 (EDT)

have a gateway G6-450 mobo #4000432 ran this machine for years no problems. installed TV card 7130 requires 500 CPU so I installed P_III 550 that was 6 mo ago still no problems OS XP sp2.

Victor Fabian from san diego, CA USA
Entry added: Saturday, August 19, 2006 at 14:39:57 (EDT)

I bought the computer when it was just a few weeks old and was really impressed with the quality and performance of the thing. It was an 840GM. About two months after I bought it, it stopped turning on. The power switch was not responsive. I contacted gateway and they sent me a replacement power supply for free (still under warranty). I received within two days, but when I installed it, still no life. I contacted them again and two days later I received a big box to ship the computer back to them in. Two WEEKS later I got it back with a new motherboard and new DVDR drive (the drive wasnt broken when I last used it). The PC worked fine for the next couple of months, right until the week after my warranty expired. Then I started having all kinds of random problems with it. It would only start when it wanted to, it would randomly freeze, it didn't recognize my firewire devices or stop recognizing them mid-task, etc.
I contacted gateway again and they tried to sell me yet another power supply, but I remembered that I had a spare (the one they sent earlier) so I swapped them but that did nothing. Next, the tech told me to restore the system. I did a destructive restore but that solved nothing as well. Finally, I was told that the ieee1394 port was bad and I needed a new motherboard, AGAIN!!!
So now I have an expensive nice big hunk of crap that all I can use it for is to surf the net.
GATEWAY BITES. btw. I've had a sony vaio 800mhz PIII since 2000 thats never given me problems.

Jim D'Angelo from Reno,, NV USA
Entry added: Sunday, August 13, 2006 at 14:51:22 (EDT)

I bought 2 new IPODS and asked Gateway technical Support to help me install both Itunes softwares, so they wouldn't conflict. The support person said that I needed to upgrade my computer from 256k ram to 1 Gig of ram. It would cost $195.00 and they would be happy to sell it to me. Not knowing to much about the internal workings of a computer i said OK. Later that day I called the help line that came with the IPODS and the technical staff said all I need to do was set up a separate user and every thing would be fine, and it was. The additional ram came a few days later and I set it aside, thinking if it ain't broke don't fix it. 3 months later I had occasion to call Gateway and asked them with help to install the new ram. When I install the new ram in my computer, the computer didn't work. Gateway told me that I would have to call the manufacture, to get a new part under warranty. I told Gateway that I bought the chip from them, but Gateway said that I had the part more than 15 days, and the manufacture would have to guarantee the part. So I called the manufacture, and the person that helped me asked for the part number, and the model of my computer. When I told him the part number and model of my computer, he said that he would be glad to send me a new part but but It would not work, because Gateway had sent me the wrong part. I called Gateway back and told them what the manufacture told me, and Gateway told me that they were SORRY but I had the part more than 15 days and it was policy that they could do nothing. I talked to a supervisor, and got the same SORRY, and the supervisor was as far as I could take my complaint. BUT if I wanted to buy the correct part, for another $195.00 they would be happy to send me one. I am typing this Blog on a new HP computer. I WILL NEVER RECOMEND OR BUY ANTOHER GATEWAY PRODUCT.

Laurence St.Onge from Los Lunas, NC USA
Entry added: Friday, July 21, 2006 at 23:40:25 (EDT)

Telephoned Gateway on 13 July 06 to order a desktop system for my grand-daughter's birthday. Gateway's order phone was answered by a Mr. Ramon Galles who took my order and related information. Galles told me I would receive the computer 21 Jul 06 and would be emailed with order information. Did receive an email from Galles that same evening thanking me for the order.

I was on my bank's website a day or so later and noted my C/C account had been "tabbed" for the requisite amount and thought everything was in order. Yesterday, 20 July, was again online with my bank and noted the "tabbed" amount had been cleared and my C/C was back up to full limit.

Then the fun began. Tried to call Gateway and check order status. I ran into a total "zoo" of press this and press that. Finally an answering robot asks if you want to check order status. When you press the key for that option, you are disconnected.

Their website and problem solving chat services are no better. I was online and chat connected with a lady in Asia who tried to be helpful but we were also disconnected. She telephoned me and said I could reorder through her. Told her I appreciated her help but did not want to provide my C/C info a second time especially to someone in Asia. I then emailed customer service multiple times and received various "sorry about that" replies telling me my provided order number doesn't exist and I must reorder. I emailed back asking why, and why Gateway couldn't fix a simple problem? No luck. I'm back to square one and very, VERY sorry I ever telephoned Gateway in the first place.

My advice: Buy a computer ANYWHERE else but from this pool of fools! Their phone system is impossible and so is their online customer and order support. But anywhere else but not Gateway!

Joe Yau from Los Angeles, CA USA
Entry added: Wednesday, July 19, 2006 at 16:19:52 (EDT)

I cannot believe how lousy Gateway is. I bought a notebook 4 years ago from a now no longer exist Gateway store. Now the notebook is dead and I was hoping I can send it back to Gateway to get it repaired for a fee. I called Gateway today, what Gateway basically told me to throw the notebook into the trash can. They will not repair the machine whatsoever! Gateway should never have existed in the first place.

Michael Hunt from USA
Entry added: Tuesday, July 18, 2006 at 08:31:44 (EDT)

Its important to remember when reading any sort of forum on any consumers dealing with a company that most who post have in fact had problems so its a good way to vent. They are mad and its understandable.
If you went to a similar forum on Toyota or Sony instead of gateway it would be filled with the same thing you see hear in majority.
The people who have had no problems don't waste their time to post to these type of threads.
The question is what is the ratio of problems with the product to those that are happy with the product and that question cannot be answered in such forums.
Though some knowledge can be gathered here it can't be the very much of the research on rather the product is worth it or not.
I am researching on a new desk top, gateway is one I am considering but I have read similar forums on Dell and the same negative things are there as I am reading here.

Alex from Kent, WA USA
Entry added: Wednesday, July 12, 2006 at 12:01:23 (EDT)

Gateway 400SD4 overheating. I have 65 C. Temperature. One motherboart is daed. I replace another and all fans....... 65 C!!!!!!! Can't control temperature over Bios. Bad company.

L Goldberg from USA
Entry added: Wednesday, July 12, 2006 at 11:22:36 (EDT)

Gateway/emachines is horrible. They have tried to fix my PC 3 times and have not been able to do it becuase they are incompetant and do not care. Each time they fail to address the issue which is the power supply keeps cutting out. All they do is reblast it. Do not buy a gateway/emachines. They also gave me a hard time that my machine was out of warranty when they already fixed it 2x - ridiculous.

Dont Buy Gateway from USA
Entry added: Tuesday, July 11, 2006 at 16:49:50 (EDT)

I purchased a Gateway 400sd4 christmas 2003 by january the laptop wasnt charging...they fixed it they said... well until my warranty ran out...then it stoped working agian they told me to buy a new adapter for 40 bucks and guess what that didnt help..then they had me send it to them for 249 bucks and they said they fixed it but they hadnt done anything to it and when i called them they said your out of warranty so we cannot bring it back into service

Josie Walker from USA
Entry added: Tuesday, July 11, 2006 at 02:07:00 (EDT)

I bought a Gateway 4530GZ on December 21,2004 within less than two weeks later in Japan (where I was working on a sister city exchange) the CD drive that had been sounding like a truck died. I called Gateway Japan and they refused to fix it. When I contacted them initially ,I requested a brand new replacement and Gateway refused. Furthermore, The model and serial numbers were never on the bottom of the laptop so I thought that it was probably a rebuilt one that they ship to Best Buy to sell. Then they said I had no warranty but they were two warranty papers inside the box. I had to send it back to the sister cities office to get Gateway to finally fix it.That cost me over $200 in shipping and another $300 in duty and shipping to Japan from Phoenix. Before its year anniversity the CD was broken and it also wasn't booting up ,then when it did it gave strange messages. When I called Gateway the reps said maybe bad CD drive, bad hard drive, and bad motherboard. I went home for Xmas and got robbed in Philadelphia,so the computer never got to them and since it was after the 1 yr anniversity, they refused to fix it without charging me.

I had to send it to Wayne Inouye the CEO and file a complaint with the BBB and the Arizona Attorney General to get it fixed,but when it came back then it started saying it was shutting down. The battery light kept coming on and then it would then give a message that windows was shutting down because the registry wasn't updated. I was furious again because now customer service said because it was over a year they'd charge me $244 to just look at it. The only good thing was Mr Inouye was kind to install a recordable CD /DVD double layer rewrite drive but the rest of the computer was trashed. They put Windows SP2 on it but my recovery disk restores XP2 without the Service Pack,so now it is a rebooting disaster.

We don't have lemon laws for computers but after this experience America needs one. There's one in Pennsylvania for bad computers.Consumers need to unite and get a computer lemon law nationwide. Computers are a big purchas just like a car and they are worse because in less than 6 months later, your product is considered old.

My next computer is going to be a Sony.They may be expensive but living here in Japan, they have international service and maintenance on their computers.I saw many accessories in Den-Den town for Sony.You could basically upgrade them yourself as well or get it upgraded at many computer places that are authorized to fix Sonys for less than retail costs. That says a lot about commitment to service and keeping customers happy.The teachers here have them one is 5 years old and the owner never had a problem with it.The others express positive opinions about Sony,too.

Gene Briggs from wilbur by the sea, FL USA
Water Way Net, The on line Cruisers Guide to the I.C.W.
Entry added: Sunday, June 25, 2006 at 09:56:11 (EDT)

Received a Gateway Laptop as a Christmas 05 present. Is on it's way back to the factory for the 3rd time. Have received fixes 2 times. Needless to say it is either a lemon or a bad product in manufacturing.

Their is vertually no recourse with Gateway. To put it lightly I wish my Nephew had purchased this piece of crap Gateway product with a credit card, as I would have, and I would be fighting Gateway in court for a refund before I would allow the credit card company to pay them. Hint, if you're going to buy anything from this company do it with a credit card. Oh yeah, they won' let you use American Express, they stand behind their customers complaints to the end, unlike some other credit card companies.

Needless to say but I must: Anyone that buys a product from this company after checking the "complaints" available on line gets what they deserve. If it works with no problems, your lucky! If you have a problem go buy a new computer, you'll need two so you will always be sure to have at least one of them up and running at all times.

Thanks for the means of getting this complaint off of my chest.

Tom M from East Stroudsurg, PA USA
Entry added: Friday, June 23, 2006 at 15:10:29 (EDT)

For all the "gateway techs" posting here you are the biggest dumb asses in the computer industry. McDonalds is hiring so you can run your "would you like a hard drive with that?, no? Oh you have to purchase the working warranty to get it to work, DUH???) ", bs to someone else. Gateway is the worst company to deal with, period! I have a system that is 3 months old, has a 3 year warranty that covers NOTHING! It took me a full week of calls and threats to get someone on the phone to deal with me. I purchased a DX3ooX and a DX200 laptop and everything has failed on the Dx300 except for the HP lightscribe drive I had installed in it. The laptop has had 3 hard drives and crashed 5 x. I got a DX300X, totally upgraded model. Media XP,5.1 surround, 21" widescreen, 250GB hard drive, 3.0Ghz dual D pentium processor, the works. I have replaced the screen, keyboards(5x) the video card, motherboard,and processor, McAfee had a 3 yr time and got cancelled at 3 months,and the case was scratched out of the box, oh and never recieved a reciept until I bitched over and over to them. This system arrived 3 weeks late, and was packaged with the wrong accessories. But I did recieve the complimentary jar of Vasiline in the box, Thanks Gateway, it makes the dicking around a lot easier to handle next time send sand to go with it oh and a tech to punch me in the face everytime I try to power it up so it reminds me to never buy a Gateway again !!!!

Their "award winning tech support" is good if you enjoy being belittled and laughed at. I purchased this and a laptop at the same time, over $2800.00 sale to be treated like crap. It took me 6 months of overtime to pay for them in cash. I purchased these to replace an aging Acer so I would not have to worry about a pc when I took classes. I take online classes ( for computer repair and web design and am always treated like shit when I call) and have had to lose my files over and over and was told to purchase an external hard drive to protect my files. Why did I buy a new pc for?

By the way , my old Acer still works fine after 7 years! It just needed more storage and had an old pentium 2. My Gateway sits on my desk awaiting a tech to replace the motherboard and video card and processor! 7years vs 3 months. The best $2800.00 paper weights I ever bought!!!

This will be the one and only time I will buy a Gateway!!! Dell is a much better choice though not perfect either. Spread the word , NEVER GET A GATEWAY!!!!!!! The stories are true!

"Dude get a Dell" Use Gateways for target practice!!!

CHris from Brooklyn, NY USA
Entry added: Monday, June 19, 2006 at 20:20:35 (EDT)

I bought a Gateway M210 notebook computer and it broke down a few months after I bought it. The screen started flickering and it finally went out. I sent it back and they repaired it and returned it inside a week. Impressive. It has crashed several times since then, but nothing major. Then a few months ago, it started getting very hot and shutting down. Nothing I could do. The battery life dropped to barely two hours and it got too hot to actually hold it on your lap. Now the screen is flickering again. I sent an email and chatted with a tech support, and the service was laughable as the techs were obviously overseas and spoke English poorly. I'm getting rid of this thing and switching to a Mac.

Michael from Shreveport, LA USA
Entry added: Friday, June 16, 2006 at 18:09:03 (EDT)

I am A FORMER Gateway tech, from Shreveport, LA, We work for a company called US Support Company and are contracted by Gateway to do Tech Support. A little history on hiring Gateway TSE's.
I have over 20 years computer experience (all aspects)

Most of Gateway techs have little or no computer or customer service experience. Training consist of general overview of the systems, basicly beginner PC's 101 type of stuff. All of the OPerations guide and data bases with customer info are provided by Gateway to US Support CO and taught in 2 weeks of training, mainly how to use the Siebel database, All troubleshoting manuals are in this database so its find the customer information, look up thier assetts (products purchased from gateway) and use the data base to trouble shoot the Issue! They have what is called an Average Handle Time usualy 17 minutes in witch you have to diagnose and resolve all calls, usually resulting in what I call the Gateway fix all FFR! Fdisk, Format and restore and if you dont back up, lose all of your data. we are not allowed to go into more complicated TS steps because most of our techs arent knowledgeable eneough to do it any way, the few that are, myself included try our best but our calls are monitored and recorded and Handle time is watched by Team Leaders at the desk on the floor. If they see calls taking over 45 minutes its your ass. ALL calls are recorded and monitored. Anyway my position was transered to TAG in Florida so I can no longer to make way for a new account Sprint Customer service. Just ask for John Hurley, hes the floor manager for Gateway account! Its called a soup call. They tell us our job is Customer PERCEPTION, not Customer SERVICE, They say "WE RUN THE CALL, YOU CALLED US, WE DIDNT CALL YOU-SO YOU ARE AT OUR MERCY! Sound confident and the customer wont know the difference. Give the perception that we know what we are doing and we can fool you and get you off the phone. When you call the 1-800 gateway number and are told to call the toll number its all answered by the same people,. belive me I have told customers that and they called the toll number right back and I got them again! If you dont know the answer to an issue "place them on a brief hold" while you run around and find a supervisor that may know. If all else fails do an FFR! And before you get them off the phone, SELL THEM SOMETHING, anything extended waranty, memory or antivirus just sell something! We are paid $12.00 per hour when we are available to take calls and $5.15 while we are unavailable ie doing paperwork or whatever, so it pays to stay on the phone getting those calls. So what Im saying is stay away from Gateway unless you know your stuff and can repair it yourself, any tech info you get from gateway can be found on the net, (Just google it) it is what we are told many times when issues cant be resolved by standard methods. By the way soup calls are just to pacify the customer, all Team Leaders are cross trained to handle unhappy customers, and our average Gateway FCR IS ABOUT 50% fcr First Call Resolution, mine was 96%

Kris D from FL USA
Entry added: Tuesday, June 06, 2006 at 21:48:17 (EDT)

I've had Gateway computers since 1996, and I haven't had a problem with any of them. In fact, the Desktop I bought in 1996 is still working fine; a friend of mine bought it about four years ago. This month, she reformatted the hard drive and gave it to her niece while I gave her my 1999 Gateway Desktop. At this time, I have a 2003 Gateway Desktop (710) and a laptop that I purchased in 2004. Both are working great.

I have always received my computers promptly and in perfect order. You won't hear any gripes from me about Gateway!!

Rob S. from Dubuque, IA USA
Entry added: Tuesday, June 06, 2006 at 17:19:04 (EDT)

The gateway laptop I bought from my local bestbuy worked great for about 4 months until one day out of the blue 3 white spots appeared on the screen. At first I thought they were fingerprints so I tried to wipe them off with no luck. So I figured it was just the LCD going bad, not big deal I have a 1-year warranty. So I called gateway tech support and explained the problem to them and they said no problem and said they would send out a box right away so I could ship it out and get it fixed under my warranty.

So 9:30am the next day DHL dropped off the box (I thought cool this is going to be no problem, wow, was I wrong), I sent it out that same afternoon. I called tech support back about 4 days later to make sure they got it ok and they said they had and that the laptop LCD had been replaced and that it would be returned in a couple of days. So I waited another week and still no laptop. I called them back and they told me it was on hold since the 30th of May, I told them that I hade talked to someone on the 1st of June and they had told me it was being shipped back to me repaired. This guy says again that it is being held and I need to call them. I asked why I had not been contacted days before now since it had been on hold for 5 days. He had no clue. So he gave me the number and I called them, come to find out it was the cooperate office and the guy on the other end could barley speak a word of English. They informed me that the LCD screen was damaged and told me that it was done by me and that it was not covered under warranty and that I had to pay $500 to get it fixed. He said that it was pressure spots from the screen being pushed on. I told him that the spots appeared out of no where and that the laptop only sits on a desk and never gets moved so there is no way that I could have caused the damage. He again informed me that I caused the damage and that they would not fix the LCD screen unless I paid $500. I told him that it had to be a bad case that caused the damage and he said again that I had done it and they would not cover it. So I asked to talk to a manager and he told me that he was the manager. Talk about being out of options. So I got fairly upset and he hung up on me.

I will never ever buy another gateway computer and I will tell as many people as I can to also not buy one. If any company needed to be put out of business it is gateway. I have never been spoken to and out right told I was lying by a company in my life. They were rude uncaring and downright mean about the whole thing!

Lothar from USA
Entry added: Friday, May 19, 2006 at 11:48:22 (EDT)

Bought a 3 year warrenty on a laptop, cheap plastic base cracked -- just from normal use, after two years. This causes the video connector to wiggle out every few months and I have to ship it back to get it fixed, but they won't fix the base because it's "cosmetic" damage and "not a known issue".

Jared from Springville, UT USA
Entry added: Tuesday, May 16, 2006 at 17:43:57 (EDT)

Long story short, I bought a computer from Gateway a year ago. It did not work from day one. I spen well over five months talking with techs online and on the phone all of which were convinced that my problem was I virus. 6 months and $150 in virus solutions they sold me later, they decided that it was actually a mother board problem.

I sent it in on December 19th 2005 to replace the mother board. It came back in much worse physical condition, specifically the components that are the USB ports had been pryed away from the casing making it impossible to plug a USB device into them. I sent it in again in February. It returned with the same problem PLUS the fan had ben shoved against the body causing the computer to smoke and screech. I sent it in again in March. It came back again this time the fan was fixed but the USB were worse then before. One more re-send and three nasty and rude (on the part of the tech services supervisors) phone calls later I sent it in again. I just got it back and this time the USB are still bent out and now the mouse connection and keyboard connection are bent so far from where they should be that it is physically impossible to plug either in.

The supervisor that I spoke with at the Gateway Customer "Service" center said that they 1) will NEVER refund a machine 2) will ONLY send a replacement if the machine is deamed unrepairable and 3) that replacement will be a refurbished machine which is just one that someone like me gave up on anyway right?

I called the central offices in Salt Lake City where I talked to a gentleman who was nice and level headed but could offer no more help or hope that the situation would be, in any way, resolved.

Additionally, I asked him about the $150 in virus software that they had sold me claiming it would fix the computer, which it didn't, and asked him what they planned on doing since I have not been able to even use my 1 year subscription since they have had my computer that entire time. He essentially told me that I was going to have to just eat and swallow that $150.

I know that computers break. Tis the nature of the beast. I know that computers can be damaged in shipping. Tis the nature of the beast again. But the fact that my computer has been in and out of service for the same problem for the past four months or more, I am sure they send thousands of computers all over the place all the time so the "it's shipping's fault" argument does not fly with me and I told them that. I also told them that the fact that they could not repair the damage was rediculous since the assert that they can "refurbish" and then resell a computer. So why can't the repair one?

I told the guy from the central offices that if they could get me a working computer just like I paid for that would be satisfactory, if not I expected a replacement that worked and was warrantied. I also told him that regardless I doubted I would buy anything from a company that could repeatedly send back a more damaged computer and not take responsibility for the poor performance of their employees.

If it had been once or twice, they appologized, and it was resolved the issue would have been over and I would have been happy. One year of denial, avoidance, and poor customer service is an ongoing inherent problem in the system that stems from the corporate level and must be resolved.

Bill Kellum from Sugar Grove, IL USA
Sounds Good Productions
Entry added: Thursday, May 04, 2006 at 20:52:44 (EDT)

Last January 2006, I purchased a Gateway 840GM Media Center PC. My mistake!!!! Currently the system is dead, will not even power on. I replaced the power supply and still no go. I figure the motherboard must have took a dive so I tried to contact Gateway to "purchase" a replacement board. This is when things went downhill quick!

First of all...Gateway does NOT have a customer service dept. PERIOD! I have been repairing PC's for years and know my way around the block if you will, and I say for a surety that GATEWAY has no tech support either!!!

All I wanted was a motherboard. I went through sales, tech, was bounced over to emachines web site, an outsource agent called but I still do not have a replacement motherborad. They could not sell me a motherboard for a system less than 4 months old!!! Can you believe this?? I even had one of the Tech agents try to sell me an ATX board that he said would "absolutely fit". Well, I guess Gateway has not informed their tech guys that they started building their systems with BTX cases and BTX motherboards, which are NOT compatible with the ATX form factor. What a bunch of idiots!!

The board is an Intel D945GBI BTX form factor. I called Intel and they informed me that I would have to get the board from Gateway.

Anybody out there have a Gateway 840GM motherboard you would like to sell me?

I should have never stopped using a Dell.
-Bill Kellum

J. Biton from Berkeley, CA USA
Entry added: Monday, April 24, 2006 at 14:44:55 (EDT)

I have a Gateway M520 notebook that I got from my brother (it must be about 2 years old by now). It's a Pentium 4, 2.8 Mhz. I have to say, it performs well, but I have very little confidence in it. The keyboard key practically fall off. Right now, as it's getting hotter, I'm getting shut off problems - it just craps out with absolutely no warning. It's probably overheating or something. I think anyone's best bet is Toshiba. Better design..

Charles Towsley from USA
Entry added: Monday, April 24, 2006 at 11:56:37 (EDT)

This company customer service is not just a joke but non-existant. My computer didn't work correctly right out of the box. They would NOT accept a return or give a refund and I had three service calls that still couldn't fix it. Even though I insisted on a refund or new computer, they would not agree and I had to ship the unit to them for repair and when it was returned they didn't include the keyboard, power cord or software (unused) that I had sent in (at their request) of course which they deny. Almost three months later and I've lost count of how much time I've put into this. I still am out of pocket and don't have a computer that has ever worked even one day. My advice is NEVER buy a Gateway product. They just don't care. No wonder they are going broke!

Michael from USA
Entry added: Wednesday, April 19, 2006 at 17:23:35 (EDT)

For Jeff, the easiest thing to do is just to buy a PCI sound card and put it in. Having hum on the onboard sound does not mean a defective motherboard. The last two computers I built also had some hum when the onboard sound is used, and most computers do. This is because the onboard sound's chip is close to the CPU, so it picks up some interference from it, as well as from other components on the motherboard. It may not be as loud with the low wattage speakers that come with the pc, but with a powerful 5.1 system, it picks it up a lot more.

As good as onboard sound can be, a PCI sound card will make your speakers sound better. Onboard sound is ok for 2 speakers, but you really should have a PCI sound card for a 5.1 system, even if you didn't have hum on the onboard sound. For $7.49 at newegg, you can get a 5.1 PCI sound card, or a Creative SB Audigy (7.1) for $29. It takes about 5 minutes to install, and you'll fix the hum and get better sound for your speakers, a much simpler solution than sending it in to Gateway.

Before I started building computers, we purchased Gateways. The one we got in '97 had a hard drive crash after 3 years, but we replaced it and it worked fine again. The one we got in '01 I am typing on right now, and it has had no problems. My friend got one in '00 that also has had no problems. My sister's laptop we got in '02, and it too had a hard drive crash after 3 years, but Gateway send us a new one (as there was a week left on the warranty) that was twice the size of the old one. After I replaced it, it worked fine again. She is using it right now, in fact. So from my experiences, Gateway used to build quality computers, but I don't know about right now. My friend does have an e-machines that's about 5 months old. He hasn't had any problems. Gateway's CRT monitors were built well too. The monitor from the '97 computer still works well for the most part, and it is almost 9 years old. The monitor from '01 works perfectly, and both are used just about every day. They also have nice colors compared to some new CRTs I've seen in the store.

Richard from USA
Entry added: Monday, April 17, 2006 at 17:32:12 (EDT)

Well I bought a Gateway Select 650. It was fast at the begining at least. Then after about one month the mother board crashed. I called the customer service and they said they would fix it for free. They came about 5 weeks later-I was pissed. Then they show up at the door and say that its goin to cost 200 dollars. That made me even more pissed. Then after the one week the hard drive broke, and the power supply. Arrgh! I was still on the warranty. Another 500 dollars to fix that. After this I thought wtf is up with gateway. So I brought it to a local computer store. Guess what they said? They said that all that was wrong was a wire. This pissed we off even more and I would have saved like 800 dollars. Wtf?! Then 5 months later the motherboard broke again. When this happened I threw it out my window-5 stories high-and got a Ibm ThinkPad. With that I have NO problems. So my story is if you want a machine that wont break DONT'T GET A GATEWAY LATER THAN 2001. I dont know about later gateway machines.

Jeff C from USA
Entry added: Friday, April 14, 2006 at 18:27:09 (EDT)

I purchased a Gateway 835GM from Best Buy in November, 2005. The PC has onboard 7.1 sound. I used the computer with the original Gateway speakers for about 3 months. There was a low hum with the original speakers but it was not obtrusive. I hooked up a set of 5.1 speakers and found I the hum to be severe. It is clearly a line voltage hum. I used the Gateway chat tech support and the guy told me it would probably require replacement of the motherboard. I saved the chat log as I figured it may come in handy.

I returned the PC through Best Buy to a Gateway authorized service center with a good description of the problem. The computer came back about 2 1/2 weeks later. I asked the geek at Best Buy what they did to fix it. He said it looked like they had "adjusted" something. I made the kid plug the computer into their test setup and the hum was still there. I made the kid annotate on the original service request that it was not corrected. He said that they could send it out for another 2 to 3 weeks. I elected to work with Gateway directly.

Of course I received great lip service from Gateway when I called on the issue. Again I was told that it would probably require a MOBO change out and that the issue was not normal. During my conversation they kept referring to my PC as an eMachine - I told them it was not an eMachine but a Gateway full case PC. They sent me a box with packaging for a mid-tower PC (an eMachine?). I called and asked about it and was told to modify the packaging to make the pc fit. I took it to a Pak Mail to ensure there was a third party involved in packaging it. I included a copy of all former correspondence, a detailed description of the steps I took to confirm the problem and a description of all of the conversations I have had with the tech morons.

Turn around was pretty good this time, about 10 days. Unfortunately, I still have a line voltage hum from the original speakers and from my 5.1 system. I called again and asked what had been done. I was told this time that some memory was found bad and had been changed. Memory???????????????? Are you freakin' kidding me? I was put through to a Customer Relations Manager (woo hoo!) I was told that my options were to buy a separate sound card and install it to correct the issue or to once again send it in for repairs. When I asked what they were going to do to fix it his response was that he could not tell me what the factory might do. Although he was now the third technician to say that it would likely require a MOBO change out. On top of this, the case has damage, the PC was clearly dropped at some point and it was not on this end or at Pak Mail.

I don't know where this is going to go, but if I could find them, I would be sitting on their freakin door step Monday morning.

If anyone has input on how to get past these idiots, or how to get something reasonable accomplished, I am all ears. I sure wish I had read all the issues out there before I bought this POS.

David Rogers from USA
Entry added: Thursday, March 30, 2006 at 11:53:41 (EST)

I work in the SFA department of UW. 2 years ago we purchased 7 Gateway E4100s. Yesterday the final one lost its hard drive. That means all 7 machines had their hard disks fail. We've had to send in all of them for replacements, in only 2 years! All seven machines, same problem. And everytime they send a replacement drive, they send it to the wrong person so the package gets routed all over campus. I've explained the correct name and address to them everytime I call. These tech people are retarded. Just goes to show that you get what you pay for when you outsource. I will never recommend Gateway to any person or company.

Steve Jennings from USA
Entry added: Tuesday, March 28, 2006 at 22:11:05 (EST)

Purchased a 610x and within 18 months the screen began to flash on and off.

Entry added: Monday, March 27, 2006 at 14:36:51 (EST)

I ordered an E-6500D SB with a 500GB hard drive on March 12. I received it on the 21st of March. I noticed after unpacking that the OS backup CD I purchased ($100 on my invoice) wasn't present in the box. So, I called customer service. After about 2hrs on the line, and after faxing them my e-mailed invoice, they agreed to send the OS Backup disk. I don't quite understand why I should have to pay for this, but apparently I do.

On the 23rd of March, the machine would not boot when I came home from work. The machine no longer believes that there is a Hard Drive connected. Checking the BIOS confirmed that there was "No Hard Drive" present.

I initiated several online chats with them because the various technicians machines kept getting inexplicably disconnected. So, I explained the trouble to no fewer than four online techs. This started around 7:30pm Eastern, and continued until after 9:30pm Eastern. I finally abandoned online technical support because they were exceptionally unhelpful.

I was assured by the on-the-phone tech that I would have an on-site technician show up on Monday (today) to replace the drive. So, I've waited up until 1:30pm Eastern, and then decided to call them back. I spoke to someone who told me the following:

a- I should have never been told to expect someone on Monday.

b- The drive hasn't even shipped to the on-site technicians. It could, at the earliest, ship on Wednesday.

c- I shouldn't plan on anything until the on-site technician calls me for an appointment.

All I can say is that I've been able to use the machine for less than 48 hours, and I've spent multiple hours dealing with less-than helpful support techs.

At this point, I don't think I'd recommend this company.

One other thing - in all correspondence with Gateway, make double-sure you've annotated the employee badge number. At least in this matter, I've got badge numbers to back up my correspondence.

Bob, Fl from USA
Entry added: Monday, March 20, 2006 at 13:51:57 (EST)

I purchase a Gateway DeskTop In Nov 2005. And as soon As I hooked it up I found the the modem was defective. After doing several checks, I called Gateway several times and was told that nothing could be done. Finally a Tech tells me that I can return the computer at my cost and there would be a 15% restocking fee. Well I purchase a new modem on my own and have no more modem problems. Seems to me that the defective modem would have been covered by the 90 day warranty. We are talking about a modem that costs less that $20. It would have been a simple matter for Gateway to send me a replacement. The Techs and Customer Service Reps Suck and anyone who reads these reviews and still purchases a Gateway is an idiot.

Sky from St. Joseph, MI USA
Entry added: Tuesday, March 14, 2006 at 12:55:04 (EST)

I bought a notebook 9/05. It was returned for repairs (the screen was flickering) and 1 of the rubber feet fell off. They returned it with a scratched screen and a 2nd foot missing. I sent it back for a replacement and 2 feet. It was returned with a 3rd foot ripped off and the other 2 not replaced. Customer service sucks, the 'techs' can barely speak/write english. They said over and over to send the computer in and they'd replace the feet-they must have meant they'd rip off the remaining ones. I have over 30 emails from the retards that work there. I was told (after calling long distance twice) that they can not replace the feet-even if I send it in as they had said so many times. They are STUPID and the all LIE. Why did they keep promising to replace the feet if I sent it in when they never had them in the first place? Of course I was told if I had purchased it online from Gateway they could drop the feet in the mail. WHAT? They have the feet available but not if you buy thru Best Buy or another store? What a crock! THEY are the ones who ripped 2 of them off! Buy anything but a Gateway. There are several sites out there with the same complaints. Gateway SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS!

Michelle from USA
Entry added: Tuesday, March 14, 2006 at 11:03:01 (EST)

I've owned a Gateway 450X laptop for a little over 2 years, purchased for as a gift in December 2003. The person who bought the computer purchased an extended warranty. This was back when Gateway still had stores. GATEWAY NEVER ENTERED THE EXTENDED WARRANTY INTO THE SYSTEM. Forward to February 2006, computer stops working. No warning, just stops. Call Gateway. Mention extended warranty. That's when I was informed they did not have it in their system. Also, the amount they show from the purchase is $600 less than what was paid. Since the computer is "out of warranty" I'm supposed to pay $300 to ship and have them fix this computer when I have a $600 extended warranty floating around out there. After being switched from person to person and even having the one who purchased the computer call and complain, I am left with nothing but a dead computer. Screw them. I bought an Acer.

Suzie Gimmison from edwardsville, IL USA
Entry added: Monday, March 13, 2006 at 22:19:33 (EST)

CPU was making a really loud grinding noise. Called Gateway tech support. Had an insurmountable language barrier in communicating with the gal from India. She told me to ship the machine back. I got really ugly with her. I paid over $300 for an extended warranty. She then changed position and said that I had to go through all of their trouble shooting steps. Had better luck with online chat support as those folks speak English. I was required to take my machine apart and to detail the source of the noise. Was diagnosed as the power supply fan. They shipped me a new one, for me to install. Was told I have to return the old fan within 7 days. No instructions enclosed with the new part. Had to go back to tech support for instructions. Got the thing installed. But hey, need the address to ship the old part back. Prepaid mailing labels were also missing. Had to contact Gateway again for that.
This company jerks you around, making you work hard to get the warranty honored. This is my last Gatweay. I'm not impressed with a major part failure in just over a year.

Entry added: Tuesday, March 07, 2006 at 19:12:28 (EST)

What a piece of sh*t company. I recieved a broken computer from them and when I called custommer service they told me I would have to send it back and it would be 4 to 6 weeks before I could receive another one. WTF. I payed for a computer to use not to sit in one of there factories with some num nuts trying to figure out what was wrong. We I said I wanted to return the computer they told me it would be a 15% stocking fee!!!!

Patrick Bureau from Dallas, TX USA
Entry added: Monday, March 06, 2006 at 19:31:48 (EST)

Gateway M520X.. bought it on the phone got it faster, I have had a gateway in the past without problems (my mother still uses it for email and web browsing)... but this 520 is a peice of crap!

1. 2 week after using the laptop the cdrom stopped being reconnized by windows, would not spin up or anything (DOA... trust me I replaced it from a CDR unit bought on ebay for gateway and it worked just fine)

shipped it to gateway (with a 45$ cost of a box)... they shipped it back to me, I get it and the drive refuses to open, I used a pin to use the emergency ope and the drive was broken (very hard to open) I call them again, they took 3 hrs on the phone checking drivers and crap (dumbest agents I know !!!) and finaly relent I ship it back... they finally sent it back and that was fixed...

2. 3 week later, my lcd develops a line vertically in the screen I take a picture of it and EMAIL them, this was very efficient.. visual proof, shipped it back out for repair again, came back 3 weeks later... replaced the screen (or so they say).

3. now bezel for power button is crap, power button is no longer hitting switch took the bezel apart and the super glued the button back on the thin plastic that was supposed to hold it in place and fixed the problem myself...

4. now 6 weeks after warranty.. the damn thing shuts itself randomly off... I reformatted hard drive thinking I got a problem, installed WIN XP ONLY!...

and it still does it... I am going to toss it as soon as I can and get myslef another toshiba (I am using my toshiba 4600 Pro right now... best machien I know yet.. thing is a solid peice of machinery)

Insanelayne from USA
Entry added: Sunday, March 05, 2006 at 02:56:30 (EST)

I bought a Solo 4450 from Gateway May 2002. From day 1 the machine blue screened. I would call tech support and their standand question was "Did you install any new software?" My reply was standard too "what difference does that make. I bought the machine to use my way!"
After a few months I was relagated to an internet surfing devise,not a laptop computer. That was until April 2003. The blue screen of death. and it would not boot. They wanted ME to fix the machine my self. I demanded they take the POS them selfs and fix it. I had little warrany left and I wanted it right. They replaced a power switch,hard drive,motherboard and power supply. I got it back two days before the warrnaty ended. It died the day after the warranty ended. I am now being turned over to collection for not paying any more on their credit plan. I plan on fighting these cheap bastages for the sake of fighting them.
I now have a Mac mini and love it! No more Microsoft XP! No more blue screens of death and no more constant downloads of critical updates sucking up my bandwith! Good bie PC and Microsoft, the world looks better from Mac!

Mary Wallingford from USA
Entry added: Thursday, March 02, 2006 at 12:58:33 (EST)

This is a really horrible company. I purchased a FX400S in January 2006.....from the beginning the computer was locking up, going to "sleep" and not operating like I was told it would by the sales person.

Well, this is being disputed with them through American Express. They are pathetic, and cannot even keep an appointment for a phone call, or return emails. After a conference call with a sales manager, and the sales person, I was told that someone would contact me promptly on Monday. That was three days ago, and no response.

After three Gateway computers, this one is a real lemon, and so is the company.

Patricia Wheeler from berkley, MI USA
Entry added: Tuesday, February 28, 2006 at 10:34:04 (EST)

I purchased a Gateway desktop and within the first week I had to reinstall the entire hard drive. I'm a computer novice and this was an overwhelming task at the time, however having the p.c. for sometime now and having to reinstall approx. every few months I have been forced into becoming quite compentent at this.

When I purchased the p.c. the salesperson told me that any questions would be answered by the tech dept. However, when I called with questions regarding Window that by the way came installed with the purchase they told me "that I had to call Microsoft" when I called Microsoft they told me "that Gateway was responsible and they could help me for a price".

After investigation Gateway is indeed responsible as the the Microsoft program is licenced throught Gateway.

Several weeks after my purchase I recieved a call from Gateway inquiring about my satisfaction with the computer, when I stated that "I hated the computer", the person hung up on me.


Alan O' Leary from USA
Entry added: Monday, February 27, 2006 at 19:16:33 (EST)

My experience with Gateway has been well documented by other reviewers. In brief, I experienced the following:

1. Disgraceful customer service

2. Inept technology assistance. I am not an Information Technology professional, but I found myself to be more knowledgeable that most Gateway technicians.

3. Unacceptable quality control standards that continuously allow damaged parts to leave the warehouse to the hands of the customer.

4. Callous attitude toward customer concerns, and inconvenient solutions to customer problems.

I was a Gateway customer from 1998 to 2005. Until 2005, I considered myself to be a life-long customer. I have since requested that I be removed from all email, telephone, and mail lists. I am happy that I no longer hear from this company.

George Echols from Puyallup, WA USA
Entry added: Wednesday, February 22, 2006 at 20:56:24 (EST)

Bought my first Gateway Solo 2500 in 1998. I was working in Pennsylvania in 1999 when the sceen failed leaving me in the dark. Gateway overnighted me a new computer and I sent them my defective one. In 2003 I bought a reman 600 and it has been great. I have no complaint with Gateway but I understand they have had a good deal of financial problems.

Gateway Owner from OH USA
Entry added: Friday, February 17, 2006 at 21:37:05 (EST)

Bought a desktop tower in 1999 or 2000. P3 800Mhz I think. So, I've had it about 6 years. I replaced the video card when the original went out about 2 years ago. Other than that, I've added memory and a 2nd hard drive but no problems. I'd certainly consider another Gateway.

I also have a Dell Inspiron 8200 laptop (bought around 2002). It's OK, but there's something wrong with the way it gets power from the adapter: says it's only a 70 Watt connector even though it's the original 90 watt unit that came with it. Bought a new power adapter, same message, so it's internal to the computer.

Stephanie Blaker from , USA
Entry added: Wednesday, February 08, 2006 at 20:17:37 (EST)

I purchased my first Gateway computer back in 1989 when I worked at the North Sioux City, SD facility. I can tell you that the TOWER 4DX2-66 computer was the cream of the crop back them. Since then I have upgraded this same computer through local entities and have had little to no major troubles. However be warned that this company has had many financial set backs. I was laid off in 1995 and since then the facility in SD is vacant. They have employed many thousands of people and laid them all off. They are now manufacturing all parts over seas. (Cheaper Wages) I stopped purchasing from them after 1995 and recommend highly that you seek other avenues for technology. They just aren't what they use to be and I don't think they ever will be cream of the crop again. They had there claim to fame and Ted blew it. The stuff they are making now is high cost crap. If you own one good luck, customer service is slow and tech support is slower. You would think that after all the hard working locals they laid off, you would think that they would hire some new tech's. No it is slim candidates. I am not slamming them, just the facts, and this is my opinion. I am sure shared by many of those hard working employee's they put out of work over the years.

Imran from Miami, FL USA
Entry added: Wednesday, February 08, 2006 at 11:05:05 (EST)

It is very annoying to hear a noise coming out of the CPU fan. I bought Gateway 550GR about 8 months ago at first it was fine and no noise but after few months CPU fan started making noise so WHAT DO IT DO I don't have any extended waranty since it was bought from

Please help

Susanne Brook from USA
Entry added: Sunday, February 05, 2006 at 12:47:56 (EST)

Gateway has ruined my life. For almost a year, I have had endless handdrive failures, lost my work, etc. I am tired of writing and calling, so I will make this brief. They are the dumbest and rudest company I have ever dealt with. They fear nothing. They will not honor the extended 3 year warranty, in-house warranty, I paid for. I spent 300 hours on the phone with their technical support people, where one is dumber than the next. They finally sent an old man to ruin my machine by putting in a new harddrive that was smaller than mine. I no longer have a C Drive, I have an F Drive. Programs cannot be loaded to an F Drive. They called me after endless complaints and said that they would send a new tower. The tower came, probably refurbished, and it does not have a floppy drive, or the 2 CD Drives I had originally had. No one will listen to me. They said I can BUY the FLOPPY DRIVE, ETC. Can you imagine. They are crazy. They do not respond to your complaints. They do not address the issues at all. The woman who called to replace my unit can never be reached again. I AM AT MY WITTS END. I can be called at: (917)853-6554 if you have any suggestions. I am going to begin to report them to the State Attorney General's office and every place else I can think of.

GatewaySucks from Minneapolsi, MN USA
Entry added: Friday, February 03, 2006 at 15:05:45 (EST)

I bought a Gateway 400 Notebook back in 2003 and it has been a nightmare. Directly after calling then to make the order I got problems - the computer did not arrive for weeks and was put on backorder because they could not figure out how to get the wireless card built into it. Great. By this time my class which I wanted the machine for was 1/3 of the way finished (in the semester) so I called up and told them I wanted to cancel the order. The guy at the other end whined and said it wasn't their fault and ended up giving me $50 to wait.. my mistake I shoulda said No. Anyway, since then I noticed my computer makes a high pitched screeching sound when the fan activates - making it completely unusable in a classroom setting. In addition, 2 months later the machine froze and when rebooted went to a black screen and wouldn't boot. I sent the machine in, they fixed it, and shipped it back to me. Ok sure, maybe just a fluke, right? No. I went on Study Abroad to Australia for a year and during that time (last October) the machine again froze, rebooted, and went to black screen. Great, I'm in Australia. So I call up Tech and talk to them and they say send it in to be repaired. Now i'm no fool, I know that shipping it from there to the US to be repaired would be a poor use of money but I was assured by the technician that I would be refunded for the shipping costs once I got the system back. Ok, but to be sure I recalled in the morning before shipping and got a second confirmation that I would indeed be paid for the shipping. I made sure to record both of their badge numbers and names by the way. Anyway, once I got it back naturally they refused to pay the shipping costs, even after telling them the badge numbers and names. I talked to tech support, to customer service, even supervisors and all I could get the to give me was $25 in Gateway credit - compared to the $160 I spent to ship it - pittance. Anyway, it gets better. The machine died three more times in the next 1 month. Same problem, only now I was in the USA. So they'd send a box, repair it, ship it back, it'd die again in 2 days. They'd send another box, repair the same parts, send it back.. It'd die again. This happened a total of 4 times in 2 months. I saw the machine a total of maybe a week during this time and in doing to wasted the last 2 months of my warranty. Anyway once it died for the fourth time (5th send-in total for the same problem plus one memory replacement on site) the technician said they would replace the system. Ok great, my faith has been restored. Wrong. I got the machine back from service same as always - few parts replaced. Still noisy. Still short $160 on shipping. I called up furious and was told "so your machine works now?" Well, yes but I was promised a new machine and it is likely that it will die again in the next two days as always. "But the machine works now?" Yes thats not the point. "I'm sorry I cannot help you since your machine is working now." This was in direct contradiction to their policy of replacement after 4 identical failures in a 90 day period. Eventually I demanded to talk to his superior he put me on hold rudley and made me sit for 30 mins before hanging up on me. I recalled and talked to someone else and after 1.5 hours got thru to a supervisor who said they would review my problem. So the story as it is now is they have agreed to send me a new chasis for me to put my old hard drive and battery in. Far from a new system but I will live. We will see how this turns out but I would STRONGLY recommend not buying a Gateway - ever. They outright LIE to you and even with the proper names and badge numbers they will not compensate you for these lies. I am extremely displeased with their company and will NEVER purchase from them again.. I'll tell you where they can stick that $25 in store credit...

Techguy2475 from USA
Entry added: Monday, January 30, 2006 at 19:31:18 (EST)

As someone who has both been a long time customer and then briefly worked indirectly for Gateway..I can tell you this...the company bares no relation to the one in the late 90's that made great hardware with excellent support.

As documented in any many other posts, here are some common things you will see

1) You lost your driver/OS disk or maybe it went bad

Gateway support: You have to pay 330 bucks for a replacement!!!!! even though the price of the machine includes that, you already bought the license once!! They dont even allow you to download the drivers from there site in many cases, so you to pay their mob legbreaker price of 330 bucks. Also, even when the drivers are online they often wont download properly. Nice website guys. Crooks

2) A part under warranty goes bad

better hope they still make it...
Ive seen parts a year or less old they went away from because they were junk. Even if you bought the 3 year warranty they wont replace it unless you ship the whole damn machine back...and guess what, its proprietary! Cost to you: Several hundred bucks for a 20 dollar part.

3) General overall quality of hardware is on par with old Packard Bells. Gateway used to make a nice machine but due to massive cuts in workforce they dont have nearly the quality control they had in the mid to late 90's. most of their systems are absolute crap, even the high end ones.

dont believe me, just read the other entries

John Berridge from USA
Entry added: Sunday, January 29, 2006 at 00:43:25 (EST)

i to bought a gateway 550GR and didnt get a recovery cd now the damn thing quit and theres no emergency cd to get it started so as far as i'm concerned there will never be another gateway here in my house.

Claude Elkins from USA
Entry added: Friday, January 27, 2006 at 12:54:14 (EST)

I bought a Gateway m520 portable computer from gateway less than one year ago and it has had to go in for service 3 times. To me this idicates a poor quality unit. The customer support is the worse I have encountered in my entire life. They will not replace my computer unless it has to go in for service 4 times in 90 days 4TIMES???? If I had it to do over, I would never ever buy a Gateway computer. Carefully research the NET regarding Gateway and you will see a LOT of similar comments BUYER BEWARE.

Deb Hegel from USA
Entry added: Friday, January 27, 2006 at 11:54:15 (EST)

I bought a Gateway Destination XTV 36" monitor and PC from Gateway in 1999 for around $5000. I got a little over three years' use out of it before all of the video inputs cr@pped out and you could only watch TV from rabbit ears and not satellite, VCR etc.

I stupidly thought that was bad luck and replaced it with a 42" Gateway plasma and a top of the line WinXP Media Edition PC in 2003. About 14 months after that $6000+ purchase, my plasma developed a two-inch wide band of pixels that are stuck on white. I guess I should be thankful that the hunk o cr@p works at all, but I'm a tad miffed that Gateway suckered me in to buying their junk. I even recommended their garbage to a friend who purchased the Gateway 610 Media Center that went belly up on her after a year. She paid $600 to ship it back and get the defective power supply replaced but now she's having another problem with it .

It amazes me that this company is still in business.

Robert ford from Las Cruces, NY USA
Entry added: Thursday, January 26, 2006 at 10:18:59 (EST)

Hi I bought a desk top from a friend did not get restoration discs from them.I called Gateway they said sorry $299.00 for win XP and $35.00 for drivers and third disc.please if any one has the drivers and other disc and can help advise me thanks.It is a model 310s .I have got XP back in it but not drivers or what ever else it needs disc wise thanks

C.W. Gordon from Travelers Rest, SC USA
Entry added: Monday, January 23, 2006 at 08:31:07 (EST)

I was given a used Gateway 2000 / Intel 200 MMX to be used in our church. I have been trying for several weeks to find an owners manual for it to get specs on memory capabilities, cpu capabilities, etc., to see if it can be upgraded and used like a REAL machine instead of a kid's playtoy as it was purchased for.

Anyone with a manual, I'd appreciate a hint where to get me one.

Uzi Amar from Brooklyn, NY USA
Entry added: Friday, January 13, 2006 at 22:20:10 (EST)

Nov 14 2005

To: Getaway 2000

From: Uzi Amar

Ref: My Lap Top Computer

On 15th of Oct. 2004 I call Gateway to order Lop Top.. I spoke with the sales women Ms. Tami Ext. 25310 then I order the M520 XL not before I paid for upgrade the Windows XP to Pro and the DVD to WR. DVD.. Check order # 37333220.. Serial # 110 111 4943.. I was trying to Burn DVD.. I call Technical support then after few weeks I find out I received wrong DVD.. They send me another one.. but is was wrong too not fit to my Lap top.. I called again and they told me back order and I have to be passions ok.. then the send me one more wrong.. (about 5-8 (DVDs) unite they send until they find the right one) I was wetting about 8 month to have getaway to send my the right one.. I got no compensations for all the aggravations..
About 2 months my Windows Crush then I reload the operating system then I was surprised when I find out the CD I have is home addition not Pro.. What I paid for.
Immediately I called gateway to complain and to asked for fixing the problem.. they told me Sorry We Can Not Help You.. 90 Day Over you should call whiten 90 Day.. I left few times Massage to my sales women but she NEVER answers my call or return call. Mean time I working with my computer and I loading software and I will need to format my computer in order to install the Windows XP Pro. I think is not fare and not professional to do what they did to me, Im busy to call Gateway but no one helping me. They answering like computer sorry we can not help even they know Im Right.
1st when you buy and pay for something you assume you getting it. Not something eels.
2nd I have no way whatsoever to know if I received the correct CD software
a. The computer come preloaded with Windows XP pro.
b. The computer was working ok so. No reason to reinstall Windows.
c. The CD was closed and I didnt see anything say what inside Home or Pro.
d. I Gateway customer already more then 10 years and I have many Gateway computer
(the first one I Bought is 20 Mhz) and I did not had any problem with the software.
3rd I want to have this issue be fix A.S.A.P.


Dec. 20 2005

Hi there..

Unfortunately I didn't get any help so fare.. Just promise and promises.. I just called the customer service and I been told this on back order.. and no one know when is will be available for me.
So Im stock with gateway.. but if I will pay $299 thy will send me the new disc I think is not fare to do this to me. Im Gateway client and I pay in full for this computer and I never get what I pay for.. for everything I paid I have to spend tooooooo much time on the phone.

1. For the DVD take me about 8 month and hundreds of hours on the phone with Gateway Technical Support and customer service. Until I got the right one.
2. Now for the windows XP Pro. CD ..What I Paid for Im calling and spending again hours on hours just to get what I paid for..

Really is totally not far to do that to client Im not be able to use my laptop.. I aid more then $1800. but still suffering.. the only wrong I did is .. I bought Gateway laptop.

Please try to help me to have what I in title to have it more then one Years ago

Thank you.

Uzi Amar

Copy By Mail.

1. Gateway corporate office.
2. Gateway respond team

Michael from TX USA
Entry added: Thursday, January 12, 2006 at 13:19:22 (EST)

Bought my M520XL laptop in January, 2005. Has been a great machine and still works fine. The problem I have is that little plastic strip above the keyboard that has the power, volume control and internet connection buttons on it, I think its called the keyboard bezel. I could not power up because the button would not make contact with the actual power switch itself. The button is actually over the light. I use my computer in my business and I can't afford to send it back (which they wanted to send me a box to ship it in and charge me $44) and them keep it for a month. After several attempts with tech support to solve the problem, they had me checking power source, memory cards, etc., I told them that if they would send me the part I would have it installed by my computer technician. They told me that it was not a replacement part and that I would have to send it back to have the whole case replaced in which they would probably have to reformat my hard drive.
Seems like it would be much easier to send me the part and let me fix it. If anyone as a junk M520 around, I would like to buy this part or if anyone knows where I can purchase one, post a reply. I'm just not into sending it off for some little problem like that.

Jim Armstrong from craigmont, ID USA
Entry added: Saturday, December 31, 2005 at 17:31:50 (EST)

I own Prairietech Computer Services in Craigmont, Idaho a farming community that was in dire need of tech support. So I moved here from Seattle. I bought a Gateway Media Center 610x series pc for the whopping cost of 1700.00. I wanted the extended warranty but they did not sell one on this line. 22 mo later, the dvd/cdrw burned out and now a power supply that is totally proprietary, and you can not even buy the part from them....imagine a 30 dollar part..and you can not get it...send it to them and they will be glad to put it in for a 500 dollar plus shipping and handeling fee...ridiculous, I am trying to start a class action suit against them, and have reported them to the California Attorney Generals support is the worst I have ever dealt with and because they think they are a super computer god they cannot be overcome..well, believe me, I am banding people together and I am going to make their existance miserable...I pray I can get enough people together to take down this idiot company who keeps screwing their customers and then telling them to take a hike...stupid business practices...if you don't believe me ask Packard Bell or AST Computer companies, Who you ask? exactly...bad reputations, poor customer service and a horrible product put them away and I can see it happening to Gateway...the word needs to get out at how bad they are...1700 dollar computer and can't get a power supply...SAD very SAD


Eugene Esterly III from Breinigsville, PA USA
Entry added: Friday, December 30, 2005 at 18:46:12 (EST)

I bought a Gateway 550GR year at Best Buy because it seemed like a good computer. It has 512 MB ram, 128 MB ATI graphics card, DVD writer, 200 GB HDD, et al. I also bought a Best Buy extended warrenty.

The comp worked for about a year but now it is going loopy. It went down earlier this month & got repaird & went down 3 days later. It was repaired yesterday but this morning, it went down again.

My grandfather told me to call Best Buy again to have it repaired but I know that it's going to go down again.

The error is as follows:

While using the comp, it will lock up & I can't turn off the comp using the computers power button so since I have a surge protector, I have to turn off the surge protector's power button. And when I turn on the comp, you see the buttons light up & hear the fan but the power button isn't showing as being on & you can't boot into Win XP. This comp had the video card & motherboard replaced but it still goes down with the same problem.

Take it from me, stay away from Gateway. I use comp's a lot, I have an old E-Machines comp from 1999 which I am using right now to connect to the NET since my Gateway is down for the second or third time. I play my computers a lot but my E-Machines is doing well while my Gateway is going loopy too much.

Screw Gateway. If I knew last year about how much Gateway sucked, I would have went with Dell. My next comp is not going to be a Gateway, it will probably be a Dell.

I think that Gateway makes their systems to break down so that you will have to purchase parts.

I really loved my Gateway 500GR because it was a great comp because it had what I wanted since I am a gamer but now that I see what Gateway is, they are never going to get money from me again.

I know that comp's will go down & that is understandable but a comp going down 3 times in one month even with new parts added is redickuless. I mostly use my comp for playing games but I go online a lot & they can't say that it's a virus or Internet hackers because I have a virus detector & firewall running all the time on my comp.

From a Gateway user who is now mad because my Gateway 550GR comp has been repaired several times & still goes down with the same problems, so, IMO, stay far away from Gateway. It's no wonder why their losing money.

Jerry Hull from USA
Entry added: Thursday, December 29, 2005 at 14:34:31 (EST)

Here is my letter concerning BEST BUY and GATEWAY. Issue Description: On my touchpad I have a scroll pad on the right side,
> if I touch it my screen goes up and down and up and down ect. ect.
> ect......./...........??????!!
> This must have been one hell of a joke putting something like that on
> my touch pad. On all of my Compaqs I have never had such a thing that a
> user has NO CONTROL over. I just sit back and watch my screen go up and
> down and up and down While I am dragging out my old trusty Compaq so I
> can finish my E-Bay listings.
> What I want to know is there a way to unhook that damn thing or do I
> just have to keep the piece of cardboard taped over it for fear of
> setting it off again!
> Oh by the way this is the second 7330GZ I have owned in three days ,
> BEST BUY couldn't get the first one to work even after FOUR and ONE HALF
> HOURS of trying with (5) GEEKSQUIDS working on it.
> PS I really don't expect to hear from you as I had such a GREAT DAY at
> BEST BUY on CHRISTMAS EVE. and when they couldn't get laptop No. 1
> going they would not refund my purchase so I could buy another
> brand...Store Policy No cash refunds only checks issued with a 14 day
> waiting period , EVEN THOUGH THEY JUST TOOK MY 17 $100 dollar bills that
> I had handed them for the first PIECE OF JUNK . I am just glad that the
> other 2 computers that I purchased there also were COMPAQ YEAH COMPAQ
> Well my pressure is starting to get up a little so I better go. You
> all have a nice and I know that I shouldn't be laying all this on you
> because you didn't build the damn thing, we all got to work somewhere
> but your job would be a lot easier working for another company in their
> complaint department cause Gateway sucks.
> Oh by the way I don't want your cookie

Bob Mckewl from Charlotte, NC USA
Entry added: Tuesday, December 27, 2005 at 09:58:30 (EST)

Well, first I want to say that I am sure there are some good gateway tech's, but I can tell you that I have ALWAYS had bad luck with gateway. Now, before you go off the deep end accusing me of not knowing what I am doing...I have a master's in computer eng and write software for a, i know what is going on.

My first experience with gateway was ten years ago. I got a lemon of a machine that would intermittantly cut off. Now, I know that gateway is only an assembler and that they test their machines, but that didn't stop their bad engineering. In this case, after 3 months of arguing, I was finally able to convince them that putting a gold footed simm in a socket with tin pins would not work...that it would oxidize. However, this had been their design and apparently they had never thought to check that little design/[urchasing issue out (they sent out thousands this way). BTW, if you don't know, when the oxidation build up on the connection builds up enough you will start to get eletrical errors on the chip. While they agreed to replace it, they replaced it with the exact same thing. I finally threw up my hands and bought another machine. At this point I swore them off because their suport organization (not the individuals themselves) SUCKED.

Recently, my girlfriend was buying a new pc and I was lured into letting her get a gateway and a gateway monitor. Amazingly, the gateway vga port (coming straight off of intels motherboard) was not compatible with the vga port on the lcd monitor....can you say WTF?? Frankly, that kind of stuff is absolutely inexcusable. How long has vga been around (intel didn't get it wrong), what the heck is gateway selling.

I suppose I am the idiot for going back to them. Anyway, I'll stick with HP from now on.

Linda Davis from Lorman, MS USA
Entry added: Tuesday, December 20, 2005 at 10:41:04 (EST)

I purchase a DX300MC on 09/29/05 received on 10/05/05. The computer started blinking out. On 11/15/05 the computer went out. I call tech support got the runner around on what tech I should talk with. I was on the phone two hours when the tech suggest changing the surge power. I received the surge power after putting it on I smell burning fume. I received another surge power, same thing happened again smell burning fumes . The tech said I needed to send in for repair. I explain this computer in only l month old and I having these problems. I was told to send computer in for service (Dallas, TX). I was told to talk with customer service. Customer service refuse to sent new computer. I asked to speak with a supervisor they all were busy. Computer can back without surge power. Call tech support. Tech support placed order for surge power on 12/05/05. I received and put on. Today (12/19/05) the computer had spark coming from it and smell of burning fume. Tech told me today I am just one in a million with this problems.
I am very displeased with Gateway and their services.

Miguel Avellaneda from Montevideo, Other
Entry added: Monday, December 19, 2005 at 11:07:33 (EST)

Well ,I have a Gateway 400 VTX since 4/2003 now and I have not but joy with this system.The times that i need to contact customer support ,I've always a good and quick response from them,except when I have game playing questions.But,this is not a game system ,so ,I have no complains about it.I use it to design (I;m a web designer),with Adobe and Macromedia suites (both of them need a lot of resources to work) and Corel and Office and with everything it works fine.It's a great system for me ,so I'll recommend it at all times.
I anyone have questions,feel free to e-mail me...bye...Miguel

Will Halpin from USA
Entry added: Thursday, December 15, 2005 at 14:47:58 (EST)

Bought a refurbished Gateway Laptop through Tiger and with less than 50 hours operating time it died. As I had it for over 90 days both Gateway and Tiger Direct said that there is nothing they can do for me unless I want to pay their repair rates.
Item sat in the box most of the time waiting for me to enroll in an online course so although it is over 90 days old it was hardly used.
Poor quality control and then some. They are obviously re-cycling their junk computers and I got fished in. Oh ya, after purchasing it I noted that it was built in China. Had I known that upfront I would not have purchased it.

Fred from Torrance, CA USA
Entry added: Wednesday, December 14, 2005 at 04:10:18 (EST)

We've been in a market for a laptop for awhile now, we checked around for prices and their financing options, Both me and my spouse don't have a really good credit since were just starting out. We tried with Dell but nothing happened, so after this we tried Gateway and this is where the problem began. We filled out an application for their "easy pay" program and 60 seconds later we had a confirmation number, but says we need to call the bank which was HSBC, and so we did and HSBC ultimately denied us for credit, we figured we should do more research for a perfect financing deal, but a few days later we got a call from another "financing company" that Gateway has affiliation with and left a message on our machine, not one but at least about 5 messages telling us that we are approved for a Gateway PC. We were so eager to call only to find out that the "financing company"(Paradigm Financial) wanted us to divulge everything like our savings/checking account number, this was the first question, second was we needed to make a weekly payment for at least 10 weeks, so I thought this would be a good deal since we finally got approved. I asked the Sevice Rep what kind of laptop we were getting, but he told me the price was $1,899.00 so I figured it must be a loaded laptop and everytime I ask him the question, I noticed that he was avoiding that question about what was the spec of the laptop.This was staring to bug me. Finally I told him if you don't tell me what were getting then the deal is off. By the way I never gave him our Bank account . And finally he gave in and told us the spec of the laptop, in which he started taliking real fast and I told him to repeat, as soon as I heard him say "Intel Celeron" 1.2GHz CPU,, I was laughing so hard that the scmuck on the other line kept quiet for a second. I told him right there, that the specs for their $1,899.00 laptop is a piece of garbage and told em' "You think people are stupi enough to fall in a trap like that, maybe some. But this should be a warning to all!!! They sweet talk you making you think that you're gonna get a quality laptop from Gateway but in reality you're getting a junk. I will never buy any Gateway products again. I will even write their customer service and tell them How awful they treat their customers and feed them to these "Fly-by-night Financing vultures" I feel sorry for some folks getting had by these guys. Should there be a little fraud in this business practice without us knowing. We should boycott Gateway and let them "moooo" their products in some foreign soil that America does not do commerce with.They're ripping off regular Americans and they want you to know in your face.:(

David Forland from Spokane, WY USA
Entry added: Sunday, December 11, 2005 at 02:46:46 (EST)

I bought the M520 from HSN. I was very happy with the performance and quality until I noticed the hinges were cracked. I contacted support and was told this was a common problem. I was instructed to pay shipping to them and the unit would be repaired and returned within 7 days. I paid for 2day delivery which was around $30 and sent the unit back. To my surprise received a brand new M520. They swapped out my HD the day they received it and next day air delivered it back. I was impressed with their customer service.

Tom B. from Pasadena, MD USA
Entry added: Monday, December 05, 2005 at 10:03:50 (EST)

~~~ 19 Oct 2005 ~~~
Just bought a new laptop that was billed to me as "being able to play Halo over wireless"... I'm interested in anyone's experience in using laptops & wireless to play on-line games. I just bought a Gateway NX500X, it doesn't seem to handle Halo well when going wireless. I've pasted my particular rant on the subject below, just to help out all you people who will want to help me troubleshoot (I think I've already done that)... Really, just looking for some insights.

Look, it's not so hard. In my mind, I buy a laptop expecting that it can do most of the things that my desktop can do. Wirelessly. Yes, I expect some reduction in speed to maintain battery life, and I expect a redux in graphics performance to keep the price down, but this is bull.

The machine seems to work just fine, except when I want to do online games (of course). I tried playing Halo (well, duh) and after a few minutes, it drops connection during multiplayer. Does it over internet. Does it over LAN (still wireless). Works fine on wired ethernet. Does it on my network. Used someone else's network to try, same stuff happens. Friends can use their wireless on my network to play Halo, & it works just fine for them.

Seems to rule out everything outside the laptop, doesn't it? Can't "call" tech support, have to type in a stoopid chat window. Geez people - you think maybe if my computer's not working, maybe I can't get to your stinking chat window? I'd love to see trying to fix an internet connection problem through that thing.

Well, anyhoo, the wireless card seems to work OK for web surfing & other, relatively low-bandwidth stuff. Even downloads work reasonably well, just not "real-time" type of stuff. 1st guy had me reinstall a driver - no workee da. 2nd time, they had me do a "fix" of the installation... Stinkin' thing screwed up the whole OS, & I had to do a complete, ground-up reinstall of everything. (Think maybe I'm getting a bit upset by now?). They tried to convince me that it couldn't possibly be me, that it must be something outside - like my connection or my network, or whatever. What morons. Tried tech support a 3rd time - oh, you don't have enough graphics card in that model to play Halo. Hey, moron, I can play campaign mode just fine, it was sold to me under the pretense that I could, and oh, by the way, one of the options to buy with the thingis... Halo!

Oh, well, let's update your video driver, that'll be sure to fix it... *sigh* Oh, and by the way, here's the latest updates to the ethernet & wireless drivers... Install them, too.

What morons in tech support. Updated the video - Gee, lo and behold, the other drivers won't install... Why not? Oh, well, open up their info files & they're the same versions I've already got installed. You guys know there's a tool on your websight to tell you darned near everything about the machine? It would've told you some of this.... Did everything they asked me to do. Does it work? Let's see... Hmmm.... Of course not, you ninnies!

Dang, you wonder how I really feel? I just sunk $1300 on something that was billed to me as being able to do what I want, & it no workee da. Cripes, anyone here ever use gateway computers for online gaming? Did it work worth a darn? I'm trying to convince them to a) fix this darned thing, b) upgrade me (prefereably for free) to something that does work, or c) give me my money back & I'll go buy something from someone else. But for gawd's sake, quit jerking my freakin' chain & get me a system that does what I want!

~~~ update (21 Oct 2005) ~~~
Heh... Hey all, maybe got it workin'... Finally paid the nickel to call Gateway long distance & talk to some people.. Turns out they have a whole group that does nothing but troubleshoot wireless problems. Got on with a senior technician who plays Halo on occasion *w00t! Finally, someone who knows what the hell I'm talkin' about!*

Anyhoo, this is good advice for anyone doing on-line gaming, I suppose. He had me turn up the beacon interval down to 25ms form the default 100... It seems that when you get your laptop real busy (esp a *not* hi-end one), it can lose the beacon. I've not seen my data rate go down, yet & I've actually gone on-line a played Halo for about 15-20 minutes in one sitting, now... time to do some real regression testing...

~~~ update (5 Nov 2005) ~~~
Well, I finally managed to get the laptop to fail, even with the updated wireless settings. Looks to me like either it's overheating or some such, or the whole system just doesn't quite have the oomph! it neads to do this stuff well. (This was 2 weeks ago). I called Gateway & bitched (exactly 15 working days after I received it).

"Sir, you're past the 15 day return policy - we include weekends in that time"

"Did you notice that I've been on with your tech supoprt 5 times since I bought this, all with the same problem that we can't seem to get fixed?

"Yes sir, but we can't take your machine back - you'll have to talk to the sales rep that sold it to you, maybe he can do something."

I've been trying to contact him, his boss, and his bosses boss for 3 weeks - nobody will return a call, and all I ever get is voice mail.

#$*()Y%$ Gateway computers! I am hereby flaming them and advising everyone in the world to never buy one of their stinking machines!.

~~~ update (21 Nov 2005) ~~~
I'm at a loss for what to do now, since I can't seem to get through to anybody (multiple calls per day for like, 2 weeks) - to be fair, I didn't leave a message every time, but it's enough to make me wonder if they're screening the calls via caller ID or some such. I'm pretty much resigned to having a machine that doesn't do everything I want, & badmouthing them every chance I get. Other than that, I suppose I'll send it back for checkout of the wireless card (but I'll bet they don't *really* wring it out), and maybe upgrade the hard disk... That's another story in itself - no install disks, so loading a new HD will be a bitch without going back through them - ya, I know, I made the rescue disks, but I wonder if they'll work to reinstall on a different drive...

~~~ update (5 Dec 2005) ~~~
Still unable to contact anyone at Gateway who can do anything for me - sales department (to whom I keep getting referred) will not return calls and are never at their phones... What a pain. DO NOT BUY A GATEWAY!

WhiteJediGuy from USA
Entry added: Sunday, December 04, 2005 at 17:46:28 (EST)

My aunt gave me a gateway m520hx and the adapter was giving trouble. I haven't actually talked to anyone from the company. I am trying to find a site of which I can buy a new power jack but the site I found seemed expensive( If anyone know a company or store in which I can purchase one, please email me. thanks

hARVEY nELSON from Washburn, WI USA
Harv's hamshack-hack
Entry added: Thursday, December 01, 2005 at 13:14:02 (EST)

My experience has to do with both Gateway and "Tiger" Support ... in a word SUCKS! Those automated telephone machines only add to the level of frustration I experience. A good switchboard operator and a knowledgeable tech would probably have my problem solve in 30 seconds. Instead ... I get diddled. The web pages are little better.

Wayne Easton from Nr Fraserburgh, United Kingdom
Entry added: Saturday, November 26, 2005 at 11:19:24 (EST)

Well I bought my first PC(Gateway) back in March 2000 & it's still going strong,it's had it's glitches & problems, but I found the free help service I got then was second to none.
Compared to 'modern' PC's this one's old likely but you know it still works & does what I want it to do,I don't waste drive space & time with games so it suits my needs, for email,shopping & communication.
Just a pity Gateway no longer trade in the UK here.
I think you get gremlins with all computers, but with the passage of time you learn & get experience.If they did'nt go pear shaped now & then you'd learn nothing.
I find it's usually the third party hardware & software in general that causes the problems, the Gateway PC itself's pretty good.

Brian Richmond from Toronto, Canada
Entry added: Tuesday, November 22, 2005 at 22:50:40 (EST)

I went to Future Shop in Toronto, Canada. They have the Gateway CX2610, a convertible laptop tablet for sale for $1599 Canadian. It has a 1.73 GHZ Pentium M, a DVD dual layer burner, 2 X 256MB memory sticks, 80GB SATA 5400 RPM hard drive and the standard stuff. Future Shop sells it with only a one year Gateway warranty and only has a Future Shop extended warranty which costs $400 Canadian for 3 years coverage. As well, there is no extended warranty available from Gateway. I phoned Gateway in the U.S. and found out that they have no repair services in Canada and that if the laptop is repaired by anyone else, the Gateway warranty is void. I asked why Gateway doesn't have any repair available in Canada and was told that it isn't in their business model/plan to do so. I also looked into purchasing the same Gateway laptop online but they don't ship to Canada. Unfortunately for Gateway and Future Shop and me, cause I like this computer, I will be taking this Gateway CX2610 back to Future Shop, getting a refund and buying a Dell Inspiron D810 instead, which isn't a convertible laptop tablet, just because Dell has a next day onsite comprehensive, everything is covered including damage, warranty. Gateway, get your act together in Canada, I like your CX2610 but not your lack of support for Canada. BTW, my employer is a very big Dell purchaser because of Dell's warranty upport, not because Dell sells better computers than Gateway. One other thing, I noticed that some of the keyboard's keys, Pause, Ins, Backspace, have a hollow sound when pressed but the other keys don't, why?

Keith Wilmesherr from Lake St. Louis, MO USA
Entry added: Tuesday, November 22, 2005 at 21:14:50 (EST)

Not at all happy with Gateway computers.
Bought from Gateway Store because of easier service, if needed. Well it was needed in the first week back in 2003. The firewire was incorrectly installed...All seemed to be OK. Then as most know they closed all their Gateway Stores and left all hangin' with typical "no service" service.
Now fastforward to 9/2005. Computer overheats, I call service and told to send to Texas...cost $77.00. Sent back 6 weeks later and told nothing was wrong. I knew better. Two days after it's return, overheats again. Called Gateway to tell them that the problem was not resolved and was told to add external fans, which I did. Mind you I have a 3 year warranty still in effect. Well, about six weeks have gone by, I went to the computer on the morning of 11/18 and computer had shut down. It will not come back on. Called Gateway told to send back or have checked out elsewhere. I took it to Best Buy to have diagnosed.(did not trust Gateway)...cost $59.00 and was told it is basically a useless computer and should consider a new one...I think not. So, by no real choise of my own, it is now on it's way back to Texas for "service"...cost $48.00 (not double boxed this time). Another 4-6 weeks to wait and see if it comes back operational. My gut feeling is that I am going to be totally unhappy with the results. I thinking they're putting me off until my warranty runs out and I'm screwed. So I have now paid an extra $184.00 for my "Three (3) Year Warranty" with no computer and a lot of doubt.
The customer service people seem to be nice enough, but they also don't have the responsible for actual repairs.
In the future I will be looking at computer reliability and Gateway is NOT one of them.

Adam K. from USA
Entry added: Wednesday, November 16, 2005 at 02:57:20 (EST)

My Dad bought a Gateway 2000 G6-200 with a Pentium Pro 200 MHz. He cusumized it from the Gateway 2000 store. Lots of software was bought. I said I liked that we could hook up with the internet with AOL. The G6-200 works the day we got it, and still to day. It has a 12X CD ROM, and a 3.5 Floppy drive. The things Iv'e heard with the 12X CD ROM drive is that it stops working. Iv'e found that the 12X CD ROM drive is sencitive. For me it still works. I liked that Gateway had many stores back in 1996-2000. I was sad when Gateway went all to be an online store. I have had an upgrade from Windows 95 to Windows Me. The G6-200 works better with Windows Me. I like that Gateway from day one put the highest Hardware in each computer. My 256 MB RAM is enough to do everything I need. All the memory was put in with no trouble. 262144 Memory, and high quality. Same with the Video card and the Graphics card and the Fax Modem. Gateway walks you through it all on the Tech Support. I have to say Great job Gateway. Keep up the great work, I will buy from you down the road again.

Stephen J. Perisset from Lausanne, Switzerland
Entry added: Thursday, November 10, 2005 at 04:16:27 (EST)

I own two G6-300 machines I saved from trash at my office. They're now 7 years old and still work perfectly. The power supply fan has a spoiler around the CPU heatsink so that only one fan is needed for all the case, and that's rather silent.
I've never had any problem with the hardware, it is reliable and compatible: I changed the processor for a PII-350, 3x128Mo RAM from 3 different manufacturers, a Radeon 9000 graphics card, a US-Robotics WiFi PCI card, random soundcards, a DVD drive, USB2 PCI adapter, etc. No problem.
Many people on this page seem to believe that if anything goes wrong, then it's the manufacturer's fault. But with a minimum of knowledge and experience, you can make quite anything work correctly. You're not buying a toaster. If you want one, buy a Mac.

Ann R from IL USA
Entry added: Monday, November 07, 2005 at 15:08:22 (EST)

I purchased Gateway's supposably one of their top of the line computers. Within the first year the video card and cdrom had to be replaced, luckly under warranty. Then after the warranty I had to replace the video card again and the power supply all at full cost to me. Now the 19" flat panel monitor is going out, it has a hairline vertical line down the right side of the screen. I wrote Gateway like all the other times and got no help. I paid closed to $4000 for this computer, and have learned a couple of things, 1. Never spend that kind of money again on a computer, quality control is very poor now in the computer field, and 2. NEVER BUY A GATEWAY AGAIN.

Lisa Stuart from jackson, MI USA
Entry added: Saturday, November 05, 2005 at 01:30:06 (EST)

Well, my own personal Gateway hell began approx 2 wks after I bought the biggest piece of shit (next to my GMC Suburban). I have spent several hours on the phone with the GW morons and have shipped the hard drive (at their expense) back 5 times. I just received it back for the 6th time and guess what, IT STILL DOESN'T WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
After waiting for 37 minutes to speak with a supervisor, I was told that corporate is refusing to replace my hard drive. I asked to be transferred to someone in 'corporate' and they said I would have to call a separate phone number, even though corporate is located in the same building. Find that one hard to believe. So, I kindly explained my current goal in life to this asshole. I am telling everyone I come in contact with,(I'm a nurse and work at U of M hospital, so I see alot of people) about my experience with GW and advise them strongly not to ever purchase a GW anything!!! I have also taken up telling the endless number of solicitors that call our home about my experience also. I have also filed a complaint with BBB, and I am contacting an attorney to find out what my options are. If I had more disposable income, I would take a sledge hammer to the damn thing and send it back with a big FUCK YOU all over the box.

Entry added: Saturday, October 22, 2005 at 16:53:45 (EDT)

OK, so I finally have a chance to discuss the necessity of a computer with my wife and convince her that our lives (not to mention my schooling) would be greatly enhanced if we bought an updated machine. My machine at the time was a custom-built, top of the line tower pc that we'd be struggling with for about seven years. As an added side bonus, we made THAT purchase just before the Pentium processor was introduced. (Instant obsolescence ... damn!)

Anyway, for some reason (that in hindsight I wish I could change), we found ourselves in a Gateway store in Fort Wayne, Indiana talking to an asshol ... oops, I mean sale associate, about the prospect of upgrading the dinosaur in my basement office to one of GW's wonderful Performance PC options. After much discussion, we decide to place the order. The machine was a Performance 1400 that was upgraded to just about the hilt, with a P4 1.4 GHz processor, nVidia 64MB graphics card (the best unit at the time), 128MB of RAM, a "free" CD Burner upgrade, Boston Acoustics speakers (actually the nicest part of the whole damn machine), and etc. I KNOW for a fact that at least a half dozen times during my conversation with the prick with the Gateway nametag that I spoke this sentence, almost verbatim ... "I want this to be the last PC I purchase for a while. I don't want to have to upgrade this thing in six months."

Well, as luck would have it, I DIDN'T have to upgrade the computer in six months. The piece of shit needed more RAM before it left the factory! Of course, I didn't realize this until N U M E R O U S calls to tech support, none of which were under a half hour. Talk about frustrating!!! When I was just about at my wit's end, I finally found the only honest individual working for Gateway Tech Support (I'm certain he's since been fired because he doesn't fit the correct mold). He told me, "The reason your PC is crashing and has such sluggish graphics performance is because you don't have enough RAM installed. With the graphics card, and that P4 processor, that baby should be screaming through apps! But think of this ... with 128MB of RAM, it's like having a C5 Corvette with a frickin' Pinto engine. It may look good, but it won't run worth a crap!"

Of course, I responded with my "I told him I was an avid gamer" and "I don't want to upgrade this in 6 months" and "So, you're telling me this is a more than capable system for my gaming needs" speech. After he heard what the dickhea ... oops, there I go again, sales associate, said about "Yeah, this baby'll meet your needs for quite a while", the Tech Support guy responds with "Yeah, well, he shouldn't have told you that." No fucking shit, Sherlock!

I upgraded two things, however, that did greatly improve the performance and thus my satisfaction with the PC, which I still own after approximately five years. First off, I purchased Windows XP as soon as it came out ... Windows ME was such a bunch of TRASH! Then, I added RAM to the system for a total of 640MB. OK, so maybe the sluggish performance and "buggy" nature of the system wasn't entirely Gateway's fault. However, the folks at the store became quite cold toward me after the purchase (now I know what a one-night stand feels like). Tech support, for the most part, was a JOKE. And, to top it all off, I received a $25 gift certificate for referring my father to the store for an equally dissatisfying purchse ... of course I did this before all my hellish problems began. Do you think they actually honored the certificate? If you said "NO", then you'd be a winner! (Oh yeah, if you never bought a Gateway PC and got screwed like me and so many other folks on this forum did, you're an even BIGGER winner!)

Lastly, since my purchase, the Gateway store in Fort Wayne has been closed. Dang ... where will I possibly go for my next PC purchase?


Peace. Unless you currently work for the corporate shark that is Gateway ... if you do, I hope a big dog poops in your bed before you hop under the sheets tonight!

Tom O from Davis, CA USA
Entry added: Saturday, October 15, 2005 at 17:32:18 (EDT)

I will never buy a Gateway again. I purchased a laptop with an onsite warranty not relizing that Gateway does not provide onsite service for most things. My computer is no longer working and I have to pay to mail it to them. There techincal support knows as much as my shoe does about computers. They argue with you when you know more then they do and tell you that you are wrong. Whatever happened to the customer is always right. This is my last Gateway and I will be happy to see them go out of business.

Tim C. from Hamilton, OH USA
Entry added: Sunday, October 09, 2005 at 20:30:20 (EDT)

I'll say it plain and simple, never buy a Gateway PC because, you will regret it! Gateway should be put out of business.

JWilliams from USA
Gateway Sucks
Entry added: Saturday, October 01, 2005 at 14:24:00 (EDT)

There is not enough room on this page to recount my experiences with my present and former Gateway Computers. I tried to put it all down on my blog Basically, my current computer which is less than 2 years old has had a total of 5 hard drives installed in it. It has completely corrupted 4 of them and is currently working on the fifth. I've ran GWSCAN more times than I can count and every time, it's the same error "Test Completed with Read Element Error." "Too Many Errors - Contact Technical Support."

Technical Support contends that I've been unlucky with hard drives. I think it's something else, but nobody seems interested in hearing about it. Anyway, I've sent letters that have gone unanswered so I'm currently waiting for a review from the California Bureau of Electronics and Appliance Repair in response to the formal complaint I've submitted. If I'm lucky enough to receive a refund on this damn thing, I will be taking that money to Dell.

bman from Colorado Springs, CO USA
Entry added: Friday, September 30, 2005 at 02:07:41 (EDT)

Oh what a lucky boy?

I just purchased a brand spanking new m275 tablet pc. At first it was great...for about a week. Then I noticed that when you moved the system (its a tablet, you move it alot) they display would flicker. Although it never completely lost a picture it looked as if there was a loose connection between the display and the connector. Not wanting to void my warranty (hey it was only a week old) I was foolish enough to call tech support. DO NOT! I repeat DO NOT!!! Ever try such a foolish endeavor. After spending a too long in phone hell (did you know that call ain't free) I finally broke down and submitted myself to email. By the way, out of the five emails I received my initial turn around time was an hour for each reply. Each email I tried my best to explain to them that it was a hardware issue ("only when you move it" sound like a clue?) but they had all sorts of asinine suggestions ("Try safe mode, load the latest driver") yuk yuk morons, read the actual question. Finally they agree that yes, it really is a hardware issue. Wait for it, here's the kicker. The closest location for repair is in Texas (did I mention I live in Colorado?) and I would have to ship it out. Not yet kids it gets even better! I get to pay 50 bucks to ship it to them! Yep, that's right. My brand new pc that was dinked up when I got it will cost me 50 bucks to send it to them. Guess what else? Because it took me a week to find the problem, a few more days to actually get someone to agree that it was broken, and toss in the shipping time to get to me (Gateway doesn't start your warrenty when you get the equipment, they start when they ship) I have exceeded my 15 day sucker period and they won't even consider allowing me to return it without a hefty restocking fee.

Do you ever feel like fate has just cocked the fuck you gun?

shirley teeples from warren, MI USA
Entry added: Friday, September 23, 2005 at 00:21:37 (EDT)


Jack C. Rookhuyzen from La Conner, WA USA
Entry added: Monday, September 12, 2005 at 02:03:04 (EDT)

Re: New Gateway Profile 5

I have been a hardware geek since '82 and maintain my own and a number of neighborhood computers

My father-in-law was recently given a Gateway Profile 5 while attending a VA sponsered school for people with vision impairments.When I first saw the machine, I noted that I thought it was running hot. I installed temperature monitoring software and found that the processor idled at 140F. The unit ran for about 3 weeks, then started shuting down. I took the back off of the machine to keep it in operation and notified Gateway. They sent out a tech. who replaced the motherboard and processor.The computer ran one day and started shutting down again.Again the tech. came out and this time replaced the MB, and video card. Shortly after the tech.left same thing (Do you detect a pattern here?) Again MB,video card, etc. and pwr.connector card. Within a day machine overheats and shuts down. This time the keyboard operation becomes intermittant. Again call Gateway. They attempt to troubleshoot over the phone...tough to do with a keyboard that will not respond...They send us a box w/mailing label to return the computer for repair. It's back in 5 days with a note that says,"Bench Checked OK".Plug it in and it again overheats and shuts down. Gateway sends us another box and shipping label. Computer returns in 5 days with a note that says,"The Impared Vision Software is causing the machine to overheat".(I noticed there are now several more heatsinks added to the motherboard.)I plug in the computer and the keyboard dies.I replaced the keyboard and the computer has run for two months....Now it is over heating and shutting down again. I have been keeping the VA advised of this entire fiasco and they tell me they will be sending my father-in-law a new Dell,as they have changed venders.

Michael H from The Village, OK USA
Entry added: Monday, September 05, 2005 at 18:48:00 (EDT)

My wife had a gateway desktop computer when were met. It had loose connector ports and had to be resetup several times. It was a bunch of annoying little issues that really made us angry with Gateway.
We were given a Gateway Laptop last night and in the middle of e-mail it rebooted and lost the hard drive. This wouldn't have been so bad but my brother in law had just gotten it out of the shop that same day. It had been in tech support 3 times to be repaired. Each time when it was taken home the same problem happened again.
My Son had a Gateway laptop and the screen split for no apparent reason. He took it to tech support and they basically told him he had damaged it when in fact he had not.
Gateway servcie and quality sucks. I can see why their store in Oklahoma City was closed. Their comptuers are pieces of crap which make great paperweights or door stops. But as computers, they SUCK!

Don't buy a gateway. Gateway could care less about it's customers.


Frank from MA USA
Entry added: Monday, September 05, 2005 at 12:35:51 (EDT)

I have had nothing but problems with ny Gateway desktop it overheats due to a thermal event. I sent it back to Gateway who said there was nothing wrong with my computer after paying $75 to mail it to them and still have an issue. They are rude on the phone and like to tranfer people around the phone system. I will never buy another Gateway product again.

wing from USA
Entry added: Wednesday, August 31, 2005 at 14:06:04 (EDT)

Do not buy a Gateway computer. I bought the 450SX4 laptop from them and have run into horrible problems with it overheating. The worst part is how you are treated by the corporation's customer service and technical support while you are trying to get the issue addressed. I have been consistently treated in a condescending way. I have been working for months on trying to get the issue resolved. I will not buy from them again.

Michael - Continued from USA
Entry added: Wednesday, August 31, 2005 at 01:28:20 (EDT)

What did I say before, learn learn learn. The warranties can be found on the manufactures websites. You think no it is not. FTC say it is required that they make one available to you. Yet they did not say it had to be a hard copy form. Dells (copy and paste into your address bar on your browser.) // Gateways E machine (copy and paste like before) // Depends on where or from who you buy it from .... // HP -- ha funny yet good. from their website ( at the bottom of the page it says that you have to consult your Support Guide. So you have a hard copy there. It did take some time to hunt each warranty down so be patience. With the last few I have read. Crack case - I believe it should of been repaired cause it should been a known issue. A local tech might not do anything, yet the phone rep would help it be replaces. For the power adapters, they should of been replaced. The OS CDs ah, or media less (D Partition) Back it up the day you get it cause you won't ever get another copy. If you do lose them, yes be expected to shell out to buy the full; again I say Full Version. I cant say much about this for legal reasons. Write your Product code down on paper and keep that paper safe. Just in case of the event you lost your Product code, you will have it on paper. // ADP depends if your state allows it, you can get it. The LCD on a portable is the most expensive part of it. How can a computer company sell a laptop for 699.99 while the LCD cost that much. It is about massive buying. Massive buying allows companies to buy thousands of the same item for a low price. So they could be paying 200 per LCD when buying in large quanities. Laptop motherboards are more compact and cost more to make. If just one, it can be as high as 600 dollars. Yet ordered by the thousands it can cost maybe about 75 or less. Again like before supply and demand. Some companies will share the low cost of the parts with the customer, as others will make them shell out the retail price of the item.
Keep complaining and I will still add more comments, either to agree or bash.

CSears from USA
Entry added: Saturday, August 27, 2005 at 00:16:56 (EDT)

I purchased 3 Gateway M520 laptops in August 2004. One arrived with a non working battery. It is now August 2005 and I still have not received a replacement battery. Gateway advised me that the were backordered, but I would get one as soon as they came in. I ended up purchasing one (directly from Gateway, funny how that happened since they were not in stock). Within 3 months one of the machines had to have the power unit replaced, the other two will not hold a power cord and need replaced. By now all three machines have cracked cases, not just small cracks - one is being held together with duct tape - no kidding. Two of the three ac adapters are no longer working. These machines have not been abused - have not even been moved from the house for 7 months because of the condition of the cases. Repeated calls to customer service have yielded nothing. I will never purchase another Gateway product and would advise anyone to stay away from Gateway. What a disappointment.

William Tyson from Republic, MO USA
Entry added: Friday, August 26, 2005 at 09:05:15 (EDT)

I purchased a Gateway laptop Solo 1450 in Dec. 2002 from my local Gateway store. After just a few days, I was haveing problems with the system. I took the computer back to the store and they gave me another one. It had the exact same problems. They ordered one direct from Gateway in Sioux Falls, SD and had it shipped to me.

Once I received it, I noticed the battery life was between 30 minutes and 45 minutes total. I had Gateway send a total of three batteries before I could get one that would hold a charge.

Things went pretty smooth for a few months. Then, I noticed cracks forming near the hinge part on the top. These cracks were appearing just from the opening and closing of the laptop. I took the laptop back to the Gateway store and one of their people told me that such cracks posed no serious problems. Other than minor appearance flaws, the top would continue to operate just fine. Not interested in seeming to be a "nit picker" I agreed to "just let the problem go".

Fast forward to now, August of 2005. The cracks have continued to split further from normal use and now the laptop is totally unusable as a portable computer, whereby I can take it with me for business purposes. The top won't close for fear of the entire top just falling off.

I called Gateway customer service. After over three and a half hours trying to get through to Gateway Corporate Headquarters (because no one would help me at any other level), I finally got a number by accident from a Technical Support agent. I called that number, only to finde I needed to have a five digit extension number. I just guessed at some numbers for several attempts. I finally got through to a National Sales Manager. He asked me to send an e-mail with pictures of the problem. I did just that. The next day, one of the executive problem solvers called me. He told me there was nothing that could be done, other than for me to send the computer back to their repair place and a check for $400 for such repairs. If that amount would not complete the repairs, I'd have to send more money before the work could be completed and the computer shipped back to me. I was told my laptop was out of warranty and it was my problem.

I knew it was out of warranty as of August 2005. But, it wasn't out of warranty when I took it to the Gateway store to show them the cracks as they were developing.

To sum it up: In the future, in dealing with ANY computer company, one should be very aware of even the smallest problem and immediately bring it to the attention of the computer manufacturer while it's still under warranty. Then insist that they repair it at their cost immediately! If they refuse, simply ship it back to the manufacturer and demand a total refund. At that point, when they refuse to refund your money, have your attorney write them a letter.
Next, you may have to file a civil suit and make them learn the hard way. Thank you for reading my complaint against Gateway Computers.

Charlie from North Ridgeville, OH USA
Entry added: Sunday, August 14, 2005 at 22:36:35 (EDT)

There is a good reason why Gateway closed all its stores and the stock price has tanked. They used to make quality products. Now they don't and they refuse to fix the garbage they produce. However, they are all too happy to grab thousands of dollars from you and are worse than theives because you don't see it coming. I don't care if you only pay $10 for a product, you should expect the company to stand behind it. I bought a Plasma TV for $4000 and expected to get at least 10 years out of the display. Well so much for that, the power supply failed after 13 months and I can't even pay Gateway to fix it because they know the design was flawed. Its not their problem the design sucks. It's mine. I should have asked for the design schematics beforehand so I could see for myself. They're probably drawn in crayon.

This was the second problem I had with Gateway. The first time I called them was for a wireless network card for my Media Center. When I attached the antenna the guts of the connector came out...they begged for me to believe that it was out of warranty and for me to buy another card, even though it just arrived. I couldn't believe my ears.

Anyone on this site that supports Gateway must work for them...they should call Dell and see if they are hiring because Gateway won't be around much longer pulling this kind of crap on the consumer.

It wouldn't surprise me to find out that they are repacking returns and sending them out as new.

If you buy from Gateway make sure you have a jar of Vaseline handy.

Haychoo from USA
Entry added: Thursday, August 04, 2005 at 05:31:59 (EDT)

Hey Mary,

Perhaps if you wouldn't have skimped on the extra Accidental Damage Protection, you wouldn't be in this pickle. Three year warranties sound good... but if you're going to.. oh say, drop things onto your laptop, you should probably shell out the extra hundred to protect your computer from yourself.

I don't understand people that get portable computers that are made to take around with them and be thrown into the same dangers that we are and then get cheap when it comes to the extra coverage. And you said you work on laptops? Then you should be well aware of the damage that one can sustain. In a way, you have now made a victim of yourself.

Oh and having that extra coverage also would have saved you $49 on the box since those are free with the ADP warranty. Good luck with all that though, sounds like things are working out just the way you made them.

Mary from Lander, WY USA
Entry added: Tuesday, August 02, 2005 at 12:30:46 (EDT)

My experience with Gateway has been a horrible waste of time & money.

I bought a Gateway M500s Laptop a little less than 2 years ago. I also purchased the three year warranty. About six months ago, the laptop started overheating. It would get hot, beep three times and shut down. I called gateway and the tech told me it wasn't an overheating issue, it was a video card issue. I sent my laptop to Gateway to be fixed at a cost of $49.00 (even though you're under warranty, they make you pay for the packing materials and the shipping). I then looked up the problem online because I knew it was an overheating issue and not a video card issue. Sure enough, when I did a search online, I found that this particular model of laptop has overheating issues once it reaches about 1 1/2 years of age. So I called Gateway back and explained what I had found out. They assured me they would fix my laptop and get it back to me in good working condition.

I received the laptop back and worked fine for about 3 months, then the CD drive went. I called Gateway and they said it was a bad drive, they would send me a new one. I got the new drive and replaced it myself. It the process, I dropped the old drive and it nicked the LCD screen and put a blemish right in the middle of the screen. I was a little upset by this because if the laptop had been working properly to begin with, this wouldn't have happened. Luckily, I use an external monitor anyway, & I knew it was my fault for being clumsy, so I dealt with it. I called Gateway and asked how much the screen would be & they said they wouldn't sell me the screen, but that I could seen my laptop back and pay them $699.00 and they would replace the screen. I explained that I know what I'm doing and that I replace parts on laptops all day at work, I don't need to pay them to do the work, and I was told that's the only way I could get the LCD fixed, so I dropped it.

About three months after that, the overheating issue came back. It did it once and shut down, so I left it until I had time to deal with it, which was about a week. When I tried to use it again, it shut down again after 10 minutes of use and never turned back on. I called Gateway, they had me send it back, and this time the Tech says that the LCD is broken and it is not under warranty. I told him repeatedly on numerous callbacks with him that I didn't send it in to get the LCD replaced, I want the laptop problem fixed, the problem that prevents the laptop from being turned on. After One 1/2 weeks of going back and forth with this guy regarding the LCD, which is not why the laptop was sent in, he tells me the docking station is broken and that it is not under warranty. I told him again, exactly what happened and explained that the laptop had been sent in for this problem before and I want it fixed. Once again, he said he do some more checking and call me back. When he called back this time, he said the motherboard needed to be replaced and it was not under warranty. I told him that the motherboard is covered under warranty if it goes bad. He said it was broken, just like the LCD. Once again I told him I am sick of talking to him about the LCD since I do not want the LCD fixed and only want the motherboard, or what ever is causing the computer to not work, fixed. He repeatedly told me that the motherboard is not covered under warranty and that it will cost me $600 and something to get the motherboard replaced. I finally told him to quit working on my laptop and send it back as is, with no repairs done.

I'm going to get the laptop evaluated by an outside gateway source and then I'm going write Gateway's corporate office and let them know how unhappy I am with their service. I purchased a 3 year warranty that was a total waste of money, not to mention the fact that I got a lemon for a laptop!

Susan Feaman from Southern Illinois, IL USA
Entry added: Tuesday, August 02, 2005 at 06:02:01 (EDT)

The mfg date for my PC was 1/2/2004 and I lost disc 1 of the system restoration kit. I called Gateway and, can you believe this, they said they no longer had this kit and I would have to purchase another operating system! $199 Microsoft Windows XP is! I am so upset because I cannot find this disc anywhere (eBay, internet search). My PC Model is 510 XL. Can anyone help me, I'm desparate!

Michael from USA
Entry added: Tuesday, July 26, 2005 at 02:01:22 (EDT)


This does not apply to you if you know how to operate the computer and just got a stupid tech or customer service agent. I will bash them too. A lot of them can be stupid or not so friendly.


Thing is, the person you will be speaking to is a real live person that should get respect. The first moment you cock an attitude with them, is the first line of motion that shit rolls down hill for you. I dont care what it was about. Acting professional will get you places. Acting like an ass, and cursing at the reps will do nothing for you.

General info
If you request a manager, then request the managers manager or the Supervisor, or la de da la up and up. To a call center, there can be a group of managers that take calls like agents do. An agent will be on a team that has a supervisor. Yet that supervisor will never be on the phone. That person job is to see that the agent works, takes breaks and lunch on time and does a good job. If the agent gets a bad QA (Quality Assurance Score), the supervisor will talk to them. Dont expect to speak to this supervisor as they are not allowed to speak on the phone. Dont expect to speak to a QA agent either. Other management you will never speak to is, the call center supervisor, which their position monitors the amount of calls into the building, Keeping the call waiting down, and it can be a very hard task. To watching the other managers, planning their hours and so on. Below that position, is other managers, let say one for the tech side, one for sales, and one for customers service. They monitor just about the same, yet have the team supervisors to manage and to set days that they work, watch the call volume, and to ensure that they are meeting the daility quota. Then next is the agents Supervisor, which they set the agents hours. Each supervisor can have anywhere from six agents to 40 or more agents. Then you have your hard working agent, providing you with service.
Dont expect God to bless you and you speak with the call center manger / supervisor. That will never happen. The service centers, call centers, manufacturing, ect. They all will not be the same company. Just contracted by the Head Quarters of the product you bought. Over night shipping means the day they ship it, not the day you order it. It takes time to process your order, especially for a large company. You place an order on the web or over the phone. If its on the web, a team of people have to put it in to another protected database so it can get processed. Over the phone, the agents puts it right their for you. They get your CC and other info, give you the order #, the cost, tax if so, and shipping, depending on how you want it to be shipped. That order program (lets call it that) manufacturing looks at that program, if you are the 30th order on it, you will be the 30th to be worked on. Like mamma always said, first come / first served. If a part runs out by the 29th, your order will wait until more has arrived. Then your order will continue. Once your order is finished, we got Fed Ex, UPS, ect to ship from. Depending on what you order, signature might be, or might not be required. Yes it is insured. Then depending on what shipping method was paid for, it ships that way. So it could be a week or two weeks before it gets shipped over night.


(People that have knowledge of how computers, camera, ect work and have economics, and supply and demand knowledge, you do know apply.) IT IS ONLY THE IDIOTS THAT DO NOT KNOW. SO IF YOU WANT TO BE HELPFUL, EITHER LEARN, OR DONT BUY ANOTHER DAMN THING THAT REQUIRES YOU TO THINK.

J. Kidd from USA
Entry added: Saturday, July 23, 2005 at 16:42:55 (EDT)

We bought an HD 42" Plasma TV from Gateway. We have had the system for one year, and the warranty just expired. So did the color portion of the picture. It is now Black and White, which begins to degrade to no picture within 30 minutes. When we called Gateway, they said for a service charge of $400, they will send their technician out to look at the TV. So we called around to find someone that will service a Gateway Plasma TV. No one can, because Gateway will not sell them the right parts. So we called Gateway back to get their service tech out, and they are out of parts until some time in the future, so they will not send a technician. We have called back several times to check on the status of parts, and amazingly enough, no one in the service department knows when there will be parts available. One lady today told my wife that their supervisor would not take any calls to address the problem. I will never buy a Gateway product again, and would stronly recommend anyone expecting any level of service to stay away.

GatewayTech from USA
Entry added: Saturday, July 16, 2005 at 17:31:32 (EDT)

I would like to say that being a phone technician for Gateway, it has shown me a lot of what's on the inside of supporting a manufactured product.

There is one issue I have with the last review that was made about Gateway. I agree that there are overheating issues but that is pretty much with all laptops and until it is perfected.. you'll have most of the same heating issues with every laptop you get.

Now as far as fixing a computer over the phone... a little different from a car buddy. Maybe YOU couldn't walk someone through fixing anything over the phone, but you're not a tech are you? No, you're a customer... so leave those opinions to the pros.

And there should be a service center for you to bring your computer into? Try buying ANY other name brand computer and see if that luxury you speak of exists. HP, IBM, Dell... none of these other brand name manufacturers have service centers set up. No, they have you send it in just like we do. The service centers were a bad idea because too many people thought they're computers into us for the stupidest reasons. You can blame the customer for it turning into that. It wasn't making any profit.

So go buy a Dell if you want, but you're going to get the same customer service anywhere that you go. You remember that. Stop complaining and remember, just because your computer's a piece of crap doesn't mean they all are. Spend more money next time and get something better. One grand isn't going to get you much more than what you've already got.


G. Fresh from Germany
Entry added: Wednesday, July 13, 2005 at 07:02:46 (EDT)

I bought a Gateway laptop for too much money, banking on the whole "you'll be taken care of if something goes wrong" image that they're selling. I understand that this surface-mount disposable junk goes bad/was junk to begin with, but the image of the company is such that, if something breaks under warranty, that the company will take care of it. And I'm sure in some instances it works just like that, but it seems like this is more often not the case.

The 400sd4 I bought suffers from overheating because of a bad air cooling route through the heat sink/fan gizmo - sucks from the bottom instead of the back, with the fan in front. So what happens is stray hairs and dust clog the heatsink vanes INSIDE the machine (oops, did you just violate the warranty by opening the machine? beats me.) and your fan just sits there and spins while your processor melts. I figure whatever thermal transfer gunk was between the processor and heat sink had long blown away by the time my computer started locking up regularly. And I don't sit in raw sewage and run my computer - it sits on a desk. So is this a design flaw? Not if the company says it isn't.

And I don't know what I was expecting, really. Customer service? You can't fix a computer over the phone any more than you can get your car fixed over the phone. There need to be service centers where you can take your machine and get it fixed by Gateway people. You should be able to take it to a person whose job it is to fix the computer and tell him what's wrong with it. He should do whatever preliminary tests he needs to do and should, in a timely manner, decide if a part needs replacing. He should have the authority to decide that the company should pay for it unless it is OBVIOUS to all parties that customer, through neglect or malice, trashed his/her own machine. The machine should then be repaired, at whoever's expense, in a timely manner, as well. Without this kind of service, which is absolutely necessary for the dubious workings of laptops/desktops, warranties are meaningless, the very notion of customer service is meaningless. Let's face it, these things break with something like regularity. Until Gateway, Dell, etc. will step up and do this, this fraudulent image these companies are selling of taking care of the customer should be treated as just that, FRAUD. The concept of "buyer beware" is buried deep by the advertising dollars spent on this image of the happy Gateway customer. But it's just not true, and pages like this cannot possibly compete with the advertising for the attention of people looking drop a load on a new computer.

El Guapo from USA
Entry added: Saturday, July 09, 2005 at 19:32:13 (EDT)

My experience with Gateway was terrible. Far worse than any experience I've had with any company of any kind ever.

I bought a computer from them, within a few weeks the computer wasn't working right. I must have called them 50 times and spent about 10 hours on "hold," only to get evasive incompetent service.

I later found out that the problem I had was a KNOWN ISSUE with the type of computer I had purchased. Ultimately, a computer-geek friend of mine helped me install a $5 video card. After that, the problem was fixed.

It seems that Gateway would rather spend hours of its time and your time battling than simply admit it had made a mistake. What if Gateway had, from the beginning, said "Yes, we are aware this is a problem. We will Fedex you a $5 part right away. And we apologize for the inconvenience" If they had done that, I would have bought another Gateway, instead of an IBM. And I would have told people that they are a good company instead of telling everyone I know to avoid them.

I'm not surprised Gateway's business is doing so poorly. Who can treat their customers like that and stay in business?

Sara McNeely from USA
Entry added: Friday, July 08, 2005 at 12:42:17 (EDT)

My experiences with Gateway have been nothing but negative. My parents purchased a 400 VTX notebook for my graduation from college a year ago. Since that time, my notebook has spent more time in the repair shop than it has spent in a classroom. The first problem was a busted LCD screen. Had to pay $50 to have it shipped to them. The second, and continuing problem, is a heat-related problem that no one can seem to explain or fix permanently. My notebook has now been sent to the repair shop 3 times for this "heat-related problem." Again, I had to shell out $100 more to cover the shipping. My parents already paid over $1,000 for the computer and I've paid almost $200 out of pocket on repairs. I wish I would have purchased a cheaper laptop to at least save some money. I mean, I obviously did not get a higher quality for the price I paid.

Kevin Lindsey from USA
Entry added: Thursday, June 30, 2005 at 18:56:40 (EDT)

First of all, I would like to say to the "Gateway Technicians" that have made reviews on this site. You negative comments about consumers like "WHY THE H*** ARE YOU ASKING FOR SUPPORT WHEN IN FACT YOU ARE THE ONES WHO RUINED THE SYSTEM!" -- chonks -> a Gateway Tech from USA.

Personally, I am reconsidering what I am about to say because of the Gateway representatives writing reviews and berating customers. One argument from a tech is that customers are complaning about expired warranties.

However, they don't explain why some people get the run-around until those warranties expire.

Now for my review. I have seen Gateway tech support from both a home user point-of-view as well as business tech support user point-of-view.

When I was a technician for a school system we had very little trouble with gateway. We had a rash of bad hard drives with one system but they replaced each one that failed. We also had the same response with bad IBM drives.

We had bad memory, motherboards, etc. But, except in the case of the hard drives, it wasn't an epidemic or anything. And with each case we never had problems.

In my home experience I recently had a very good experience with my laptop. I read several posts reporting that gateway sent a new chasis (motherboard included) and had their customer replace everything else. Well they don't do that anymore.

My computer wouldn't even post (get to the gateway splash screen) and I had determined (with tech support and some of my own tinkering) that it was a problem with one of the memory slots. They required me to send the computer back. I even tried to get the tech to send a new motherboard and she wouldn't let me.

She told me I was going to have to pay to ship the computer back or they would send me a box with labels for $44. I thought this was ridiculous because I had spent so much on warranties (about $600) and decided to send it back myself.

Later I called back and talked to another tech. This one said that I had purchased the right warranty so that I wouldn't have to pay and they sent me a box with labels.

I sent the box on Friday and they had it back to me by Thursday of the next week (today actually). It seems to be working fine (we will see).

Overall, I have had decent experiences with Gateway. Aside from the warranty fiasco I feel that the techs were quite helpful. I guess if you spend enough money on warranties they don't give you too much hassle.

Pat Leibensperger from Emmaus, PA USA
Entry added: Thursday, June 30, 2005 at 17:15:34 (EDT)

OCTOBER 2003 - Purchased original Gateway 510XL Media Center with Plasma TV, which was supposed to be the top of the line system. Media Center NEVER WORKED. Thankfully Plasma TV is still working but doesn't get much use because of the Media Center not working. Paid in excess of $6,000. including full warranty package for 3 years. After arguing with them for 16 months, in Feb. 2005 they finally replaced system with a 7200 Media Center unit which lasted exactly 2 WEEKS.

It is now 20 months later, and they are again offering me a replacement, but not the top of the line that I originally paid for. I am guessing that the replacement unit was a refurbished unit.
I also asked them for a bunch of goodies to compensate me for almost 2 years of not being able to use system, and of course you know what their answer was.

I have filed a complaint with Atty. Gen. Office in S. Dakota, the BBB in S. Dakota, and the AARP and American Automobile Asso. (AAA) which advertises the Gateway systems to their members. AARP contact states "they have been told that Gateway replaces the systems with new ones, they do not replace with refurbished ones" and Atty. Gen. office in S. Dakota says" As far as receiving a refurbished computer -- they can do that. If you are not satisfied with the resolution of your issue, you can always take them to small claims court".

Am I wrong to expect that the computer system would work? or did I just throw away my money so Gateway would get richer. My experience with reputable companies would be that they would stand behind their product. Gateway has shown that they don't give a damn.

Yes I have plenty of documentation showing discussions with their tech people who were supposed to call me back. On April 25th, and I quote a gateway technician "that your computers operating system is damaged, that is why the media center won't work and maybe several other issues that haven't shown up yet" On May 5th a senior tech was supposed to call me . I am still waiting.

I am 73 years old, and during the past 20 months, I have had major back surgery,and buried my husband. I thought I would be able to enjoy my computer and Plasma TV, but itlooks like it will never happen. Am I being unreasonable to expect Gateway to give me what I paid for? Please, Please, don't ever buy a Gateway and tell your friends the same.

Mark from St. Pete, FL USA
Entry added: Sunday, June 26, 2005 at 23:22:09 (EDT)

Simply the worst. I see that a so-called tech wrote that "they care"? has he been sent to all the forums to tell lies? Let me tell you story.

I once owned a Compaq Presario that crashed like clock work every few months. I had to deal with their customer service and it was not good.

Now I have a Gateway and I have dealt with their customer service and it is by far the worst I have ever seen.

Don't believe me? Read these HORROR stories

My Gateway is the Media Center I paid over $3000.00 for it. My first week of owning it after waiting for all the boxes to come. Monitor first, p.c a week and a half later. The hard drive went bad. After a complete run through hell with the techs I finally got a replacement. Two weeks later!

Okay, so then my sound card went. I went through so-called tech service that any inexperienced person could do a better job. They went through all the motions until no solution could be reached.

They said they would replace it. I waited for one week. I called them and they told me that my replacement was cancelled but could not tell me why. Then they found out the service tech. ordered me a HARD DRIVE! Did I get notified about the cancellation? NO!

Then they said they would send it out and I should receive it by a certain date. A week later, did I get my sound card? NO

I called and demanded to speak with a customer service rep. The tech told me that Gateway doesn't have any. I started to get angry and still demanded to speak with one and he promptly HUNG UP on me.

Then I called back and the tech guy said he would send it in three days.

Did I get it in three days? NO!

Then I called again and finally got one three days later. I am leaving things out because it's a lot to cover.

Now my FPD1800 monitor went bad. After a week of emails I called and they said they would replace it. Then they asked for a credit card number. They said they will not bill me and it is only a precaution.

I do not own a credit card because I don't want to go into hock or pay extra for using my hard earned cash. So they are REFUSING to honor my warranty. They said they can not send it without a credit card.

I have promptly sent back all my other defective parts with in a day or so. It's more than I can say for them.

There is a lot more to all this. From the new sound card and the problems with that to the incompetence of the techs.

I have never been able to resolve an issue without a huge hassle. I actually had ONE tech guy who actually knew what he was doing.

I wouldn't buy a GATEWAY p.c for anything. It's not worth all I went through. They have cost me a lot of time and stress.

Brandt Kinzle from Glenwood, IA USA
Entry added: Sunday, June 26, 2005 at 17:52:07 (EDT)

The Gateway computer is an excellenct machine. Dr. Cyle Plumer, a close friend of mine was using his Gateway computer to back up his system files and overload the main hyper drive of the ziggeraght 2005 main system memory cache. He said that it made the job a dream come true. Thanks Gateway!

Concerned from KS USA
Entry added: Wednesday, June 22, 2005 at 15:04:14 (EDT)

I've had nothing but great experience with Gateway machines.

The point that I would like to comment on is that people who have commented on this page should go back to English 101. The grammar mistakes that I have found on this page are horrible. People use the word there instead of their. Misspellings are abundant. Even simple punctuation is missing. I think it would be safe to say that the majority of the contributors here are adults. Well, you should all be ashamed of yourselves. I know that I am not perfect, but at least I know how to write. As to the people who had good experiences with Gateway and are leaving messages on this page, we are all laughing at your inability to write a simple paragraph.

chonks -> a Gateway Tech from USA
Entry added: Wednesday, June 15, 2005 at 14:46:00 (EDT)

I work for an "outsourced" company for Gateway Tech support. I would just like to comment on some parts which I feel, as a Gateway user and as a Gateway "employee" is not so true. There may be instances that you feel gateway has never really cared for you people, but you know what, you are wrong! I am one of the tech people who often attends conference calls for Gateway and hear them work around issues customers are facing, after issues has been addressed, gateway calls the customers, that I am sure of, coz who else will know than the one who has access on its database.

Customer service sucks as you feel it..coz they only rely on whats on the database, these people are only human to err! You are asking for the status of your order and you are being informed the order is on back order, it is true, and normally, backorders come only to customers after 7-10 business days. With you people showing impatience on stuffs we cannot do, or we cant send out immediately, you gonna call us yelling, or you gonna e-mail us ON ALL UPPER CASE mail, asking for a supervisor, and wont even listen to the person explainig.

Gateway is not a perfect company, so is Dell (your all time favorite I SHOULD HAVE CHOSEN DELL-INDIA line) and so are you people! You always feel you are aggravated, you always tell our techs that I HAVE A LONG EXPERIENCE WITH COMPUTERS AND I HAVE EXPERTISE ON ALL SORTS..OR I AM A TECHNICIAN FOR GOD KNOWS HOW LONG! CRAP! if you really are a good tech with ONLY GOD KNOWS HOW LONG! THEN WHY THE HELL ARE YOU ASKING FOR SUPPORT WHEN IN FACT YOU ARE THE ONES WHO RUINED THE SYSTEM!

You gonna call or e-mail us asking why my system will not turn on, or why didn't I received my restore discs, what happens if my system goes wrong! PLEASE READ THE DAMN MANUALS FIRST! YOU are supposed to create it! You going to buy a Windows XP home OS from Gateway and format the hard drive with Win XP Pro, and then you gonna yell at us, where is my drivers disk, i have deleted the partition! go check the website dude!

Verify your warranty before contacting us, purchasing an extended warranty doenst mean its limited, it is, still. Unless you have GPA with your warranty.

Keeping a computer working for several years doesn't need to have a super techie guy to have it. Being super tech is not good always and being a computer idiot is not good too...You will find the Gateway site for tutoriall helpful..I more thing, when the tech tells you that no, we cannot sned out the part and the system needs service, do not ask for a supervisor, because we always do ask our supervisors before deciding on stuffs we feel that you might get mad. We do understand your concern, and we are responsible for conveying to you that GATEWAY REALLY CARES. you gusy hardly care for your techs, we resolved the issue, but you won't even say thank you nor rate us to let our supervisors know it. Also, do not take it against our co-workers who are not Americans. FYI, Gateway has 1 non-US site. They are good, the reason why Gateway hired them, coz if they aren't, who would have helped fixed your systems.

Also, DO NOT PURCHASE system from RETAILS PARTNERS such as Best Buy, CompUSA and the like..they change parts, Gateway is having a problem dealing with system puchased from them, purchase it directly from Gateway, Best Buy makes cutomers suffer..and don't ever purchase Best Buys extended warranty, go for Gateway direct for more accurate service.

Thank you for taking time to read this...I'de still recommend Gateway...

charles ziembo from saginaw, MI USA
Entry added: Thursday, June 09, 2005 at 18:56:30 (EDT)

I bought a new Gateway 504GR in February, 2005 and had no problems till it finally dawned on me that it wasn't me, but the space bar on my keyboard that was messed up. I changed keyboards but since the computer is still in warranty, I emailed Gateway telling them of my problem. It took two days of emails to and from Gateway to get where I am at now. Among the reasons for the emails:
1.They said I had not registered the computer and please do so.(I had registered it the night I bought it.
2.I went to the Gateway site and registered it. Got a confirmation email from them. Replied to Gateway that it's now registered. What about my keyboard?
3.Received email from Gateway. Your serial number not correct. Wanted me to contact Best Buy and verify. Replied that even tho I am old, I gave them the only Serial number embossed on the tower.
4.Gateway replied I had not yet registered. I reply, what about the confirmation email I got after registering. Told them I even went to "my support" on Gateway website and it lists me and my computer and my serial number.
5. Finally got email from Gateway saying sorry, their system hadn't been updated, and all ok. All I need do is fill in the form on the supplied link and they will order me a new keyboard. Went to the form and entered info. Also noticed it wants my credit card number in case I do not return the old keyboard. Ok, fair enough, I guess this cuts down on people wanting new peripherals for free.
6. Replied to Gateway saying I had filled in their form and asking if they will send a mailing label, etc with the new keyboard.
7. Received reply saying not sure if they even want old one back. Look in box when get new one and follow directions. ok.
So, at this point a couple of comments:
1. I am wating to see just how this all will work--especiall after seeing a couple of comments from people who said they mailed the part back and Gateway said they never got it.
2. I also have a problem with the mouse that came with the computer, but I have many spare mice, so I will avoid trying to get that replaced under warranty---not worth the effort.
3. The conclusion I have come to is that, after comparing my old keyboards and mice with the ones that came with my new Gateway, I suspect standards have been lowered considerably. I can see a large quality difference. The new Gateway keyboard appears much cheapily made.
4. As for the computer itself, I love it. Had no problems yet and I am impressed with it's reliability.

GreyGeek from Lincoln, NE USA
Entry added: Thursday, June 09, 2005 at 12:47:23 (EDT)

In March of 2005 a friend of mine purchased two Gateway computers, one a Dekstop and the other an M675 PRR laptop. He purchased the laptop so that I could use it to take a PCL programming language class and then teach him that language later on, when it is more convenient for him to learn it. (I am a professional programmer and he is a former client and friend whom I've know for almost 25 years.)

The computer was ordered with a particular type of DVD+-RW/CD+RW multi drive but was sent with another type of multi drive. That drive burns DVDs fine, but wouldn't burn CDs. After a dozen or so emails and two or three phone calls the problem was resolved by a sharp and patient guy in South Dakota called "Jessie". It was a software problem neither Nero 6.0 or its upgrade would burn a CD on that multi drive. My prefered OS is SimplyMEPIS and the K3b burner in that OS couldn't burn a CD either, responding with "error 253" half way through. It turns out that Microsoft has a cd burner function built into Windows Explorer and it is accessible by dragging and dropping files onto the CD icon, then using the right mouse popup menu to select "burn selected files to the CD". That worked, so it wasn't a drive problem.

My experience with Gateway's technical support is that the email support is lacking. I didn't find any evidence that those who responded to my emails had a command of the written English language. I didn't help matters when I lost my temper and started referring to them as idiots or illiterate. I gave up on email, which is obviously offshored to India because of the syntax used in the replies to me, and tried the online chat service.

Gateway's online support is Windows/IE-centric so I had to risk the security of the laptop by using IE to download an ActiveX componant so that I could use IE to chat! Unbelievable! The chat was not productive because like the email support it was impossible to get them to understand that the DVD device listed in the shipping records, and their database, was NOT the DVD device that was installed in the laptop. Even their own diagnotic listing, which they requested, showed that fact in plain black and white, but they never paid any attention. The chatter finaly said, "OK, call customer service."

I took her advice and called customer service, where I encountered "Jessie", a person who would LISTEN to me and in a short time resolved the problem to that of software. Any future contact with Gateway will be by voice with customer service (hopefully "Jessie"), or by registered letter. Altogether it took about a week of email exchanges plus one afternoon of online chatting and a 30 phone call to get a resolution.

The laptop? So far it works beautifully. I recommended this laptop to my friend because a relative of mine purchased an M675 fourteen months ago and his has run perfectly. In fact, comparing his operation running SimplyMEPIS and the one I am using also running the linux OS, SimplyMEPIS-3.3, it is obvious, using the lspci command, that his has a different set of bios eproms. His MEPIS runs sound perfectly, while under MEPIS the laptop I am using puts the sound out through the microphone plugin, but Linux gives me the ability to work around that. Under MEPIS his laptop will auto mount a sandisk or flashdrives or digital cameras automatically, but I had to write a smll bash script to cause the same effect on the laptop I am using. All in all though, running SimplyMEPIS-3.3 on this laptop has been a joy. I love this thing! It makes a great Linux platform!

My friend's other Gateway, a top of the line desktop, has been working great. So is the Konica color laser he purchased.

Dell Brown from USA
Entry added: Tuesday, June 07, 2005 at 09:31:25 (EDT)

Man, I thought I was the only one they treated like sh@%. I bought a notebook, the M520 in September of 2004. Just weeks after receiving the product it began to give me trouble. The LCD panel began to crack and the DVD/RW drive took a dump. To make the story short lets say, almost a year later, I'm still waiting for the drive. It still under warranty. And for the panel? I just bought a non-working eMachines notebook for the plastic chassis and installed the new LCD screen on that panel.

I will never buy a GATEWAY (I call them Hateway) again. I'm just wondering, are ever going to send my drive?

Mick from CA USA
Entry added: Sunday, June 05, 2005 at 23:21:14 (EDT)

Bought a Gateway from one of the shopping networks. It shuts off every fifteen minutes from some thermal event. Gateway gave me the runaround until the warranty expired, then suggested I pay them to fix it. Don't buy Gateway.

Erica from AZ USA
Entry added: Friday, June 03, 2005 at 23:56:03 (EDT)

Not only can they not support their product but they have terrible customer service. My Gateway is still not working and to make it worse they sent me a bill for replacement parts (all under warranty) because they said I never sent the old ones back. Good thing I had the sense to get a copy of the UPS tracking number when I dropped them off. I called them and said sure enough these tracking numbers show that you received your product back. The person on the phone said "oh ok...let me remove that from your account". He didn't even verify it. My only question they even track the equipment they receive back? Apparently not. What an incompetent business.

Denise L. Messiti from egg harbor city, NJ USA
Entry added: Wednesday, June 01, 2005 at 07:04:55 (EDT)

My experience with Gateway has been HORRIBLE. My biggest regret is not finding this site prior to my purchase. God bless em they are living the American Dream.

J. Curran from Cazenovia, NY USA
Entry added: Tuesday, May 24, 2005 at 14:56:23 (EDT)

I realize that individual experiences are sure to vary, but I feel compelled to share my own unhappy Gateway experiences.

The first Gateway my family bought was a desktop in the spring of 2002. This machine worked fine for about a year, at which point the power supply failed. After replacing this (through our Gateway service center), the machine worked for about 2 more months before the motherboard failed. Considering the cost of a new motherboard, it wasn't economical to go forward with this second repair. So our first Gateway lived for all of about 14 months. Pretty unimpressive.

We bought our second Gateway, a laptop, about 10 months after purchasing our ill-fated desktop. We had not yet had any problems with the desktop, so we thought it would be best to stay "in brand." What a mistake! As of the spring of 2005 the laptop is (at least) still alive, but it has had several major hardware problems that have caused it to be sent back and forth for Gateway factory servicing. Among the problems have been: (1) a faulty keyboard that needed replacing; (2) a bad screen that had to be replaced; (3) a twitchy powersupply that _seems_ to be finally fixed; (4) a persistent problem with crashing. This last problem has been impossible to resolve, and it does not seem to be related to any software issues (we've wiped the hard drive and reinstalled the OS to no avail, as has our local Gateway store technician). Nonetheless, Gateway refuses to treat the crashing as a hardware problem and we are left with a Gateway laptop that we are hardly able to use due to its extreme instability (it crashes every 15-25 minutes, or so).

Anyway, I am extremely sorry I ever bought a Gateway, and I will never make that mistake again! With "a friend in the business" like this, who needs enemies?

Karen Pizzi from Mesa, AZ USA
Entry added: Tuesday, May 17, 2005 at 01:54:46 (EDT)

OMG I am so glad to see it's not just my bad luck with them! First I had a defective AC adapter for my brand new laptop. It took 3 flippin weeks to get a new one. Three days later the computer wouldn't even turn on. Gateway said it was a bad mother board and sent me a replacement laptop minus all the drives. When it arrived over a week later I had to replace all the drives myself! Then it wouldn't even stay powered on, they said the bad mother board had blown the new AC Adapter so they sent me a new one again ...another flippin week later. When the new one got here it would power on but the new laptop had a defective keyboard. They ordered a new keyboard and a week plus later a technician from another company came out to install it. It worked great for the 5 minutes he tested it. After he left we soon found that if it was to be on for 15 minutes it gets so hot you can not touch it and it shuts itself off. I even tried to buy a special stand with a fan and it still overheats and shuts off. I have called in two times and have been told that the heat sync and fan assembly must be defective and each time they told me they would send yet another replacement laptop. I wait and replacement so I call in only to find out that the order was denied due to "lack of trouble shooting"...both times...and neither time they even bothered to call me and say they were not sending it to me. I have spent hours on the phone with them and have a laptop that has not worked for about 3 months now. Please anyone else having troubles with them report them to the better business bureau at . Beleive it or not they have a good rating with the bureau...wonder who the hell they paid off for that one. I have just made my second report to them now...I am asking for a refund for this piece of shit as well as the $2300 I am out for a graffics design class I could not complete with out a working laptop. I HATE GATEWAY....I sell DSL for a living and I swear I will bad mouth this company to anyone and everyone I EVER come in contact with til the day I die.

Amy parker from Cedar Falls, IA USA
Entry added: Monday, May 16, 2005 at 10:10:06 (EDT)


I would like to warn anyone who is considering buying a Gateway Computer to re-think it. I was given a Laptop from my uncle in 2004 and about 6 months later it wouldn't let me hook up to the internet. So I found my warrnety and called Techical support. We got all the information and sent it and was told 10-14 day and we should recieve it back. We sent it in January 12th,which we had to pay for. You can't take it anywhere to get fixed. And if you do then your warrnety becomes invaild and Gateway will not repair it. They received the computer January 14, 2005. Two and a half months later I was still waiting for my computer. They said they were awaiting a part. But the bad thing about Techical Support is that in those 2 1/2 months while waiting for my computer I was told by differnet techical support people that my computer was being fixed, was fixed, and oh well it will be sent out in a few says. So I would wait a few days and call and check on the status and the status would show still awaiting parts. How can 3 diffenet people tell me three differnet things. Do techinal supports computers not inter wind with all the different places that techical support is. I talked to people in Canada, Kentucky, Kansas City and Wyoming. Noboby knew anything about what the "other" reps had told me. Then I was promised a new computer for all the hassel I had had and since the it was still awaiting parts that they would compensate me for everything.

Three days later I called in to check the status of the new computer and I was then told that my computer was fixed and would be sent to me. And that I would not get a new one. When I recieved my computer back guess what. It still didn't work. I demanded a supervisor becasue I was sick and tired of dealing with stupid technical support people that don't know shit. This supervisor apolized and promise to take care of me as a customer and that I would be compensatied very well. He promised to keep me updated and would call when he knew anything. I got his 800 # and was told to leave a message on the the answering machine and that it was shared by 3-4 other supervisor and that it was checked every hour and if I needed him for anything to leave a message and he would call me back. HE PROMISED ME. Needless to say he didn't call me back. He wouldn't call me back. I got my computer back a third time and it still didn't work!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had to reformat it and lose all my information becasue I couldn't burn anything because my computer was so messed up. Fianlly I washed my hands of gateway in April. Four months after the inital send off.

Michael Love from Blaine, TN USA
Entry added: Thursday, May 12, 2005 at 01:46:12 (EDT)

Hello Everyone

I read countless comments about Gateway and really find it hard that there were so many people that have had problems with there Gateway. I am on my second and I have just purchased a Notebook 7320GZ its working like a charm and I expect to have good service out of it for years to come.
I know its probably impossible to make everyone in the world happy, but I would like to say that out of the 50 or so comments that I read that were negative, that there are thousands more that have had great service like I have with the company.
I would suggest a Gateway to anybody, and I know from experience that they stand behind there product.

Also I have noticed that when you call Gateway, you get an american tech support person in stead of talk to heavy accented Asian people like you do when you talk to Dell support.

If your like me you cant understand anything they say and they are almost incapable of understanding you. I used to be a DELL computer buyer, but I learned the hard way that Gateway was the only way to go

Thanks for reading and I hope you have just as much great service out of your Gateway as I have has these many years.

God Bless

Hubert Samm from Fennville, MI USA
Entry added: Wednesday, May 11, 2005 at 16:38:17 (EDT)

If ever a "Gateway" product comes your way... my advice is to "RUN AWAY FROM IT".... Gateway's customer service is the poorest that I've ever encountered. I work on computers as a living, and so I'm not your inexperienced person when it comes to problems. I have a Gateway DMP-X20 (Gateway's 20GB Jukebox). It was working fine, but I was upgrading to windows media player 10, so I also downloaded new drivers and firmware. All appeard to be going well, however, once I sync'd the media player library with the DMP-X20, the DMP-X20 would only come up with the message "No Music Files..."

I contacted Gateway Customer Support, and for a 24 hour period and 7 emails later, was left with a totally useless MP3 player, a TON of frustration on my part towards the TOTALLY UNQUALIFIED support personnel from Gateway. I went round and round with them about who the owner of the MP3 player was, I told them that I had received it as a gift. They said that they'd put the unit in my name. I then heard back, asking if I still wanted technical assistance.... I replied back that I did... after trading a few more worthless emails from them, I finally received one back saying that I would need to return the unit to them for further evaluation, but before I could do that, I needed to tell them who the original owner was and when it was purchased..... I had explained to them in earlier emails that my father had purchased it for me as a gift, and the he was now dead.... they just don't get it...

FINALLY in TOTAL desperation, I went out and purchased a Creative Labs ZEN XTRA 30GB unit....

Quite honestly, I will be glad when Gateway goes belly up. Companies like this don't deserve to exist. Never, never, never will Gateway ever see another red cent from me!

Eric Bermudez from Bloomfield, NJ USA
Entry added: Wednesday, May 11, 2005 at 11:23:16 (EDT)

Gateway 610 Media Center. Just one word Horrible.

Anthony from Other
Entry added: Sunday, May 08, 2005 at 09:31:01 (EDT)

I work in an outsource company as a Gateway Technical Support Agent.
During my days of work for the Gateway account, I've encountered a lot of different issues from the customers, from nice comments to vulgar display of words. I've got to say that our account here is not that strict regarding the handling of work but the policies and information fed to us buy Gateway is insufficient, there are so many numbers for transfer, unpolished shipping policies. To all the customers of Gateway, why dont you READ the WARRANTY that was given to you in the first place so that you wont blame us if we have to tell you that your problem is not our concern, TECHNICAL Support is DIFFERENT from TUTORIAL Support.
Some customers asks us very basic question on how to use their computers, well 'DUH' why dont you learn how computers works first before you buy one.
Lastly...dont blame most of the Technical guys, we also have restrictions in our scope of support.PLS...learn more about computers so that we wont laugh at you at the end of the day..

Tom King from Southgate, MI USA
Entry added: Tuesday, May 03, 2005 at 02:27:05 (EDT)

I have fresh installed XP Home 7 times,and I am trying to upgrade to SP2. So when the restore disks did not seem to work I tried a new XP Home disk,and since the bios lock is on this computer that did not work. My homebuilt is a piece of cake this off the shelf stuff is junk.

Stanley Holz from USA
Entry added: Wednesday, April 27, 2005 at 14:00:16 (EDT)

I have an almost two year old Gateway Media Center desktop which has now been at the Gateway service center since late March.

This computer worked fine when first received. After several weeks I got a spontaneous re-boot while on the Internet. An isolated glitch, I thought. After it did that a few more times, I started to get a bit concerned. Finally, within the first year, my hard drive crashed. Gateway did dispatch a tech with a new hard drive and he installed it at my home. He also re-installed the operating system, all software, did all the updates, and left me with a system in perfect working order. Until the next spontaneous re-boot, that is.

I worked with Gateway's tech support for several weeks on the re-boot problem and performed all the diagnostics I was asked to. I even replaced my surge suppressor and re-seated my memory strips and boards. It still would suffer random re-boots. On 3/21, Gateway finally admitted that the computer probably had a bad motherboard and authorized a return.

I shipped the computer out on 3/23/05 and it was received by Gateway on 3/29/05. Since then, I have followed up with numerous phone calls. At first I was told that they were still waiting for my computer. When I supplied the UPS tracking number, they finally admitted that they received it. Until 4/24, no one knew where it was, and a "lost in service" claim was filed. On 4/24, a rep I spoke with said they found the computer in the incorrect facility and it would be shipped to the correct service facility. As of 4/27, it was still not at the correct destination and still hadn't even been looked at.

At this point I asked what Gateway would do to compensate me for the month they've already wasted. They are "not authorized" to do that. I will be at least 6 weeks with no home computer because of Gateway's negligence and they won't even talk to me about offering any compensation. (All I'm talking about here is extending the warranty and/or upgrading the bad motherbaord). This would have been much easier if I had been able to have a single contact person to help with my "lost" computer. As it is, I have to start all over again each time I call to try to check on my computer.

Gateway did, in fact, lose my computer for nearly four weeks and has not even had the decency to offer an apology. The company seems disorganized and inaccessible. This has been a very frustrating experience for me, and it's not over yet since I still don't have a computer. It hasn't even been repaired yet.

Would I ever buy another Gateway product? Not after this fiasco.

BKPalmer from Chicago, IL USA
Entry added: Tuesday, April 26, 2005 at 17:06:09 (EDT)

I am a Systems Administrator with a large school district in Chacago. I have just spent three days swapping out motherboards, (and video cards, hard drives, reimaging, etc.) that were in Gateway's old AMD board PCs from about four or five years ago. It was for a lab that we're trying to keep up and running. A series of three large capacitors blow on these old cards that renders the MoBo pretty much useless when they "jiffy-pop" and start leaking.

I think the boards are the MSI boards that Gateway is suffering a lawsuit from right now. I (unfortunately) didn't catch the similarities in problems until the warranty was up on the boards. Hence all the parts swapping...

What really yanks my crank is our district bought close to 350 PCs from Gateway just shy of two years ago. We were going to a series of them to pull the video cards for use in the lab that we are "band-aiding" together (and let the newer PCs just use the integrated video.

Lo, and behold, the series of six small capacitors just behind the CPU were ALL blown on each of the 12 MoBo's we looked at!

They are all E-4100 Series 2.4 P4's 800 MHz PCs with a serial number range around 0031730000. If you have something in this range CHECK YOU CAPACITORS by the CPU to see if they are blown! I'm ready to get a lawsuit together because there is NO way I am replacing 350 motherboards!!

I had to vent but will keep you up to date on how the scammers at Gateway deal with this...

Angela Guider from Ooltewah, TN USA
Entry added: Monday, April 25, 2005 at 12:00:07 (EDT)

Where do I start? I sent my lap top in to be repaired in December 2004. It had been stepped on and the LCD screen was cracked. I first was told it would cost $300.00 I sent that in. They called me only a few days later telling me it would cost $599.00 and I had to explain to them I had already sent in half of this. So I paid the other half over the phone. This was December 18, 2004. I called week after week to get updates. February they still had the same excuse that they were "waiting on parts." Finally at the end of Feb. I called and told them if they cant get the parts then give me the cp and my money back. They were suppost to call me back to tell me something. Instead the next day I get the cp delivered to me with a note that read they "were unable to contact me for payment" to repair the cp. I called so many times and was put on hold for over an hour several times. It took them (and ALOT more phone calls) untill last week to credit back my credit card. APRIL 19th. I think its rediculous I have a lap top that cost me $1400.00 I used it for 6 months and cant get it repaired. Does anyone have a suggestion what I do with it?

Steve from USA
Entry added: Sunday, April 24, 2005 at 14:42:26 (EDT)

I purchased a laptop from Gateway a year and a half ago and it never worked well. It always crashed and it burned out 4 different hard drives which they replaced under warentee. They would replace the hard drives each time but never admit that something was wrong with the computer to make this happen! Once I sent the whole thing back; they claimed nothing was wrong with it. Now after the 5th drive went they say they will replace the computer. They put an order in to have a replacement sent to a local technician who will deliver the new machine and pick up the old one. That was 5 weeks and 14 calls to tech support and customer service ago. No one can tell me what's holding things up, if or when it will ship or really anything. When I call tech support they transfer me to "customer service". Customer service either can't answer, leaves me on hold (after 15 minutes you HAVE to hand up right?),or transfers me to sales or tech service. Icing on the cake, yesterday I got a bill from Gateway for $1076 for not returning my old machine (which they are supposed to pick up). You can see why these idiots are going down the tubes - they have no clue.

boural from Montreal, Canada
Entry added: Friday, April 22, 2005 at 23:54:45 (EDT)

My daughter received a new Gateway laptop for Christmas bought from Future Shop in Laval (Quebec). The hard drive failed in less than 2 months. It has been at Gateway for repair for more than SIX WEEKS! And she is still waiting for it!!!

Gateway first claimed that they had no hard drives to do the repair, then they that they were being transferred from another location. Can you believe that a major computer manufacturer is running out of hard drives for 6 weeks?? Are those parts walking from one location to another?

Last Friday, we were told that the hard drives were finally in and that the laptop would be repaired in a few days. Today, a week later, we are back to the same song: the hard drives just got in and the laptop will be repaired in a few days. What is going on there! Are they reading from a script or think that we are stupid?

Maybe they should install computers in their shop, or change their ERP systems: on 3 different occasions my daughter was told that they lost her laptop, to find out later from a supervisor that those answering the phone cant track product from Canada in their system -- apparently only supervisors could. If it is the case, shouldn't they inform their agents so they stop looking and acting stupids when answering our calls!

Also, a big no-no for any respectable organization: Gateway doesn't have an 1-800 number for their Canadian customers. We probably spent over $30 in long distance charges so far. Worse, when we asked for their 1-800 number, one agent gave us the phone number for Microsoft - no kidding! Another one promised to call us back but never did!! Who is training these customer-facing agents??? You never heard that they are the one creating the reputation of a company?

While trying to escalate her problem in the management chain, my daughter was told by one supervisor that he had no boss. Eureka! Now I understand.

Believe me, STAY AWAY FROM GATEWAY. I can't make a call yet on the reliability of their hardware (but since it the first computer I have to send back to repair since 1984, I have my doubts). One thing is certain: they have the worst customer service I have seen in my life and no one seems to care. I even sent an email to their PR department to complain and never received an answer.

Also, a word of caution for those in Canada purchasing a computer from Future Shop: Read the fine print carefully when a Future Shop salesperson wants to sell you an extended warranty. You may be surprised to find out that their stories change when your equipment fails and that you are on your own to deal with Gateway.

Timothy Barton from Newhall , CA USA
MicroDotCentral Your Window to the Mind
Entry added: Friday, April 22, 2005 at 23:37:52 (EDT)

My experience with gateway is a lot like the rest I now own the worlds most expencive mouse pad. First could never back system up then would not boot windows so I loaded xppro then it fried compleatly. Tech at store told me I was sold a lemon. when contacting gate way first responce was that this was a common occurance I ranted till the found a first grader somewhere to read my email and was passed to a supivisor, was told since equiment was in hands of the sale store they could do nothing for me,when I got it back dicovered powere cor into system was shorting aginst case tried to get replaced and was sent the cord that hook to wall now they wont talk to me at all. am going to do a series of editorials about this on my website

Q-Z-L from Salt Lake City, UT USA
Entry added: Friday, April 22, 2005 at 13:46:41 (EDT)

I owned two Gateway Desktop computers:

The first one I brought in 1996 (or 1997) which was a Pentium I 133M Hz with 2GB hard disk and 16MB memory. The price was between $1900 and $2000. I used it around 3 years with only one problem (the keyboard was broken in the third year).

The second one I brought in 2000 which was a Pentium III 933M Hz. I still using it now. There was only one problem which was happened in 2004(the hard disk failed).

For me, Gateway offers reliable machines, so I still plan to buy my first notebook from Gateway.

Mayra V. from NY USA
Entry added: Friday, April 22, 2005 at 02:19:46 (EDT)

In october of '99 I applied for a gateway computer through the gw website and was denied credit (insufficient credit) to buy one. Then several weeks later a rep called me and offered me one at 1495.00, it was a gateway select 400. I was young and did not know what I was getting into and now throught the years I realize I seriously overpaid for it. It came with a whopping 6.5 GB, 64mb ram and a cd rom. Even though the rep told me it would have a dvd rom at the time. Took forever for it to come. Well my wonderful computer kept crashing and freezing all the time. Even when the hd was only half full. I would scan disk, defrag, you name it to make it work correctly. After a while I figured it out, it seems that gateways apparently like to freeze up and give you the dreaded blue screen of death if thier hard drive capacity comes close to half full. So I went only to ebay and bought a generic 60GB hard drive had a friend help me via phone to install it and started instally all my applications on that drive instead (some applications though install by default on the C: drive). That solved the problem. So while I was at it I upgraded the memory to 256mb which I found on the web to be the maximum that this computer will take, and being an AMD processor helped alot. I then eventually upgraded to a dvd rom and installed an external cd-r/rw to it and have had no problems since. I remember when I first called gateway they too had said it could be a modem problem, which it wasn't and I got the whole well its something you are doing wrong for it to freeze up lecture. Finally I said screw it and did my own investigation and it led to now having a computer that is over 5 yrs old that can pretty much compete with some of the computers out there. I hope this helps someone.

Carl Stewart from Charlotte, NC USA
Entry added: Thursday, April 21, 2005 at 16:16:59 (EDT)

Untill I ran accross this site I thought my case was just one of those things that happen once in a long period of time. I ordered a digital camera from Gateway along with the accessory kit. After almost two months I got the kit and wondered why they used such a large box because there was room for a lot more stuff. After month I gave them a call to see if they were ever going to send the camera. After about an hour of waiting while they researched it a woman told me that the camera was supposed to have been shipped with the other items. I asked how that happened and she said Gateway has another company contracted to do packing and shipping for them. When the person had packed a long list of orders he still had a camera that had not been packed and they didn't know if it should have gone in one of the orders or if it was an extra so they just waited to see if a customer called to complain about not receiving a camera. That tells me not to buy anything from Gateway again. They are too unorganized.

Herodotus from VA USA
Entry added: Wednesday, April 20, 2005 at 07:29:16 (EDT)

Gateways customer service is the worst! I had a monitor stop functioning. They have a hard time honoring their warrantee. Through continual paper work screw-ups I spent over 30 hours on the phone with them and had to wait 6 weeks to get a replacement. Then to show just how incompetent they are they sent me a second monitor. I am done with this company and will never order from them again.

Donald McDonald from New Zealand
Entry added: Wednesday, April 20, 2005 at 05:52:36 (EDT)

I got a promotion to IT Manager and one of the issues inherited was a Gateway computer that had been returned for service. I was on hold for 30 minutes, persevered, and eventually ascertained that the computer had been sitting on the floor in the service area for 6 months, untouched. I never bought another Gateway.

Having said that, I took another position with the local operation of a major American coporate, and the first decision I made was to buy Dell. A lot of non-Dell equipment became free over the years, and I rounded up three Gateway Solo 2500 laptops, each with a different fault (broken screen, broken power socket, etc). I worked out how to disassemble these down to a pile of screws and components, and made one working model. My wife uses it when for email and games when she is out of town. I've had Windows98SE and Win2K on it, and the hard disk failed recently. I've just stripped the disk and memory from a dead Dell Latitude, and will put these into the Gateway and install WindowsXP, if it works.

So, if you want a computer to strip, reassemble, and make work, for the challenge of having done so, acquire a Gateway. All the others are easy in comparison.

Parker Jones from Houston, TX USA
Entry added: Tuesday, April 19, 2005 at 14:53:14 (EDT)

I am currently on my second laptop with Gateway.

The first was a SOLO 9550. It had occasional crashes, which I attributed to Windows, and driver support (particularly video driver) support was nonexistant. Neither of these surprised me-- laptop video has always fallen between the computer manufacturer and the chipset manufactuer's jurisdiction, leaving the buyer with whatever came preinstalled, regardless of how buggy it is.

What I didn't find acceptable was the battery life. Initially, it was superb-- four hours on a charge. Within 3-4 months, it was down to 2. Still usable, but 2 hours is about the minimum I need to get any serious work done away from the desk. The battery life continued to decline, and when i called Tech Support, I was told to discharge and recharge or that there was nothing they could do about it. Eventually, I purchased a secondary battery. This made it usable again, and kept me happy until about 18 months into owning the computer.

Due to a change in jobs, I started doing my work from the desk. Battery power didn't bother me, so I put it in the back of my mind. I still had a year and a half on the warranty, after all.

Toward the end of the warranty, I started having trouble with the power jack. It was becoming loose-- nothing alarming; this seemed natural that a computer would have this kind of problem after three years. I was planning on upgrading soon, so I called Tech Support to get the Solo 9550 ready to be handed down in my family. They were fantastic. They said they'd repair the computer, get it all ready to be passed on, etc. The new battery I had purchased wasn't under warranty, but if the old battery wasn't holding charge, they'd replace that too. Having to pay $50 seemed strange-- my experiences with Dell (though they were in the days of high-margins and the computer boom) was that if anything went wrong with their hardware, they went out of their way to fix it free of charge. I dismissed it as a necessary expense, and sent my computer back. The battery, on a second ticket, would be sent separately, and I'd have to return my old one when I got the new one.

I went on to purchase a new laptop from Gateway, which again has intermitten crashes and no video driver support. When I received the old one back, everything started going wrong.

First, the battery was never shipped. Once I had spent money on the next computer, Gateway forgot about me. After about three weeks, I called to find out when it would be shipped. I was put on hold "while they pull up my information" and waited for 40 minutes before getting a dial tone. I called back, got a different rep, and they told me the battery must have been cancelled on accident because the computer was being repaired for "power-related issues" and someone must have thought it was a duplicate ticket. So he re-issued the return, and said the battery would arrive in a couple of days. A couple weeks later, I called back again. Once again, I'm put on hold "while they pull up my information." This time, it's only a half hour before I get a dial tone. Call back, same thing again. Call back, demand not to be put on hold, finally get to talk to someone. They tell me the computer's battery is not under warranty (it's not-- I review the warranty at this time). Had I requested a battery when I first had trouble with it, it would have been within the 12 month warranty on batteries, but the tech support failed to mention that then.

The battery is not a terribly big issue-- a replacement costs $100, which is a reasonable price to pay to get my laptop in usable shape to be passed on. What bothers me is that information was withheld initially so I wouldn't be able to get a part replaced. Then, I was deliberately lied to in order to make the sale of the second laptop. Also, in all of this I've spent around 10 hours on the phone waiting for a rep, getting disconnected, then re-explaining my situation. Apparently, many of my calls that were dropped weren't even logged in my file at Gateway. I don't feel I can make any judgements about the overall quality of their computers-- from my small sample, it's very likely that they're on par with the rest of the industry. I can, however, say that the business practices of Gateway are not those of a company that I wish to have a relationship with.

I make this very clear to the supervisor, and explain that I'd like to return the new laptop I purchased under false pretenses both to avoid doing business with Gateway and because I didn't want these hassles again down the road. Of course, because they had delayed me for so long, I was beyond the initial return period, and could not get a refund on the new laptop. I was told very simply that Gateway would do nothing to fix the situation.

I voiced this complaint with Gateway online. They responded via email, telling me they'd call me to try to figure out how to fix everything. I replied saying I was available at any time they wished to call. They assured me I'd get a call in the next two days. I never received a call.

A couple weeks ago, the Solo 9550 quit working. Still within 90 days of sending it in for power issues, its power supply went out. I called Gateway again, because repairs have a 90 guarantee. It was explained to me that the guarantee was 90 days or the duration of your computer's warranty, whichever was shorter. So because I got it repaired so close to the end of the warranty, they didn't have to make it work, just make it work for a few weeks, but they'd gladly give me an estimate on the repair for $299 + $50 shipping and handling. So for $350 I can find out how much they'll charge me to fix something they failed to fix before, which I had already paid for even though it was still under warantee.

Needless to say, I am displeased with this company.

Jeff Suva from Ivons, UT USA

Entry added: Thursday, April 14, 2005 at 10:26:01 (EDT)

I bought a new lap top from the Country store in Utah 12/03 and have had nothing but problems ever since. I spent an extra $450 for "walk in service" since I am no computer wizz. The stores have closed and service could not possibly be any worst! Mine has been in for repairs 4 times, the first 3 times they even charged me $50 to sent it to them. Each time they "fixed it" some other problem happened as if they never tested the unit before sending it back. On the return of the 4th time, someone stole the stupid thing off my front porch. DHL just left it without a signiture while we were out. That was over a month ago and they have not resoled the problem yet. Since I have owned the computer, it has been back at Gateway for repairs a total of 4 months...yea 4 months! I am a small business owner and presumed (incorrectly) that this product would work. Do not buy a Gateway Computer under any circumstances! My $2200 investment was junk and their "customer service" could not be worst!
I could not say enough bad things about this company.

stan from Greensboro, NC USA
Entry added: Monday, April 11, 2005 at 22:39:32 (EDT)

First of all - I'd like to say that the techies commenting on this board need to back down. If the company you work for has crappy customer service, then make it better or live with it.

I spent close to $7500 on a new media computer and plasma TV from Gateway last year. The media computer video card crapped out after 12 months --- it's been two months on backorder, no one at Gateway will give me anything else, so I have a worthless computer (unless I want to void what little crappy warranty I have left and go out and buy my own and put it in).

But the fun doesn't stop there! A month after my video card went, the plasma TV went. They are "in the process" of shipping a new one to me -- it's been a month now. No one ever seems to know what's going on when I call the company. I talk to one person whose restocking sheet is two days old, I call the next day and am talking to a guy whose sheet is three weeks old.

Sometimes it takes three days for an order to pass from one department to another -- what gives? You guys are a FREAKING COMPUTER COMPANY.

To those techies who suspect I may some dumb user --- I've got a three computer wireless network running at home, I'm an administrator for client/server applications with 20 years of experience - I know what I'm talking about, thank you. And what I'm talking about is one of the most mis-managed, lousy, and generally unsympathetic companies I have ever had the grave misfortune to have had dealings with.

You can guarantee I'll go to the grave warning everyone I know about Gateway -- and laughing at them when they don't listen to me and get screwed, cause if anything goes wrong, you will get screwed.

Helcinco Cortez from USA
Entry added: Tuesday, April 05, 2005 at 22:10:47 (EDT)

First off we bought a gateway and the thing to over a month to get to us. Of course I was not told about the parts delay until I called. Then they send out Quickbooks separate. We received it 3 weeks after the order. It took me a week to call them because I just wanted to exchange it and its unopened because we had made a MISTAKE. But because it had been 30 days from purchase they wouldn't even switch out the software. I guess at GW you can't purchase software and return it a week after it is received. What a joke of a company. They would have lost a total of $100 dollars instead they've lost my business. Pure stupidity.

Hannah (fake) from USA
Entry added: Monday, April 04, 2005 at 21:37:17 (EDT)

Hi well I bought two Gateway computers from HSN both were the E series... you can not tell me these are not lemons. Both have come down with???? they over heat and shut off. I could go on and on... but I would not buy a Gateway again.

shey from NC USA
Entry added: Thursday, March 24, 2005 at 08:30:03 (EST)

I hate gateway. If I ever need to elevate my blood pressure and get so spitting mad I call them. Before you lose interest let me tell you, if you have a legitimate complaint call the federal trade commission. They are really nice, and if they have enough complaints they will press charges. OH WHAT A HAPPY DAY!!!! here is the info: or 1-877-382-4357. Pass this info around and lets see those bastards in court!

Nicholas Marott from Hilo , HI USA
Entry added: Wednesday, March 23, 2005 at 16:49:48 (EST)

I am thouroughly disgusted with Gateway. In February I bought a top of the line Media Center PC. Overall the performance has been pretty good.
However there are a whole bunch of small annoyances that I'm sure could be ironed out with tech support, but why should I have to? It's a NEW PC?
Today, the transmitter for the wireless keyboard, USB device deciced to work only intermittently.
HERE's the KICKER..I bought the unit through HSN on TV. They provide an 800 number to them which routes me to Gateway for service.
HOWEVER Gateway Tech support says they are not set up to service this unit because it has an alphanumeric serial number and that I have to call their toll number. WHAT, HSN agrees that the tech support agreement as they advertised it was to include TOLL FREE support.
Apparently Gateway feels they DO NOT have to honor even their corportate agreements. HSN suggested I can send the unit back, since I've not reached my 30 day free return date yet.

lryanjr from Riviera Beach, FL USA
Entry added: Monday, March 21, 2005 at 12:18:16 (EST)

difficulty connecting to internet

Tim J from Somewhere, MD USA
Entry added: Friday, March 18, 2005 at 19:05:35 (EST)

I purchased my Gateway M320X Plus Jan 2005. I received it promptly, and was quite satisfied with it. 3 weeks later, my combo drive stopped reading Data and Audio CD's. DVD's would still work. I called Technical support, and within 30 minutes, I had confirmation that a replacement combo drive was on order. This is where it goes down hill. I called for a status after 7 days, and was told it was on backorder, but it wouldn't be long. Over the next 5 weeks, I have had CSR's tell me that it's either on Back order, or it's in stock and awaiting processing and shipment. I can call back twice in a day and get different answers. It's been almost 6 weeks now since my drive went out. I basically have a expensive paperweight as I was not able to load all my software before it died. I have nothing against Technical support. My gripe is with the CSR's who seem to have an answer of the day. Funny thing is that they said that the computers are in demand, so drives are hard to come by. If they are still selling them, there has got to be a stash of drives that they can pull from to replace mine. It should be that simple

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