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This file is filled with individuals' opinions and experiences with the Gateway2000 computer mail-order company, which sells a wide line of computers and products. The most recent experiences are at the beginning of this file.

If you have bought from them and have not yet made your contribution to this list, simply fill out this form about your experiences with Gateway2000 and they will be added to the beginning of this file. Thank you and Good luck!

Other Experiences with Gateway2000 (Most recent first):

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Scott Clark from woodhull, NY USA
Date - Saturday, December 29, 2001 at 20:16:07 (EST)

Gateway solo 9100 purchased 97' wdvd first ones out $4400 asked them about trade in or up only would go $270 for trade in. Yikes

Steve from London, United Kingdom
Date - Friday, December 14, 2001 at 17:56:43 (EST)


Way, way back in 1996 I brought a Gateway2000 PC
with the following specification:

* Intel Pentium 133MHz Processor
* 2GB HD

Motherboard specification:
* BIOS: 1.00.01.CN0T
* Socket: ZIF 7
* Pins: 321
* Layout: 21x21 SPGA
* Volts: VRM
* CPUs: Pentium 75/90/100/120/133/150/166/200

I am going to upgrade the RAM to
128MB using 4 x 32MB EDO SIMMS
- Can I do that?

Also I want to upgrade the processor to a
Intel Pentium 200MHz but is that with or
without the MMX technology?
I've also heard of a Pentium 233MHz MMX
Socket 7 processor - Is there such thing?
- I thought that was a Pentium II ?
- Can I use it in my machine?

I want to upgrade my machine to the
maximum it can handle. Anyone help?

Thank you,

Corey Pottebaum from Sheldon, IA USA
Date - Sunday, December 02, 2001 at 20:08:16 (EST)

Well i have no idea what all of you are talking about. I purchased a Gateway P5-133 in December of '96. Gateway is not that bad of a company. I have only had to call tech support once and it took a matter of minutes to fix my problem. The problem wasn't caused by my Gateway system but rather a human error. My system was delivered on time, i have no complaints except the lack of RAM, but i guess 16 MB of RAM was alot back then. I guess it was my fault i should have chosen a system with more RAM.

Well i would recommend Gateway to anyone. I have no idea of the quality of Gateway computers now but if they are as good as they were in '96 then Gateway is the brand to choose!

Wade Williams from Davenport, IA USA
Date - Tuesday, October 30, 2001 at 00:41:15 (EST)

Company motto: You've got a friend in the business. Oh yeah? With friends like these... Regarding the 500S, mine was bad out of the box. Windows XP did not load correctly. Tried the product recovery CD. That seemed to work, but then the other software package that came with the computer wouldn't load correctly. Gateway wanted to walk me through all kinds of trouble shooting hoops to fix this. New out of the box??? Forget it. Gave them the option: replace or forget it. They replaced but sent the wrong computer and took too long to do it. Funny that the 1st computer made it to my hosue in 2 days, but the reorder took nearly 2 weeks. When the 2nd system finally did arrive, it turned out to be the wrong computer. On a related note, my parents had a hard drive/mother board shell out on their Gateway2000. The computer has otherwise performed well. The local Country Store was understaffed and had trouble getting parts. Everybody said it would be fixed in a couple of days, but it took a couple of weeks and then only after we repeatedly complained. A service tech finally confided that they received 15-20 broken computers a day, needed more service staff, and wanted to keep common parts on hand. All these requests were repeatedly denied. This is no way to run a business. Based on this experience, I wouldn't recommend Gateway to my dog.

Ben from USA
Date - Wednesday, October 24, 2001 at 14:42:44 (EDT)

I'm in the market for a new laptop. My gateway computer is getting old. I am thinking of purchasing from DELL. Since on paper there computer farsurpases gateways for price. Plus I love the 8100's dual CD drives. One thing I have heard nothing but bad things from dell owners. I myself a gateway owner thought to have got awesome service. My monitor broke twice, and once there was a line down the middle so i I called gateway. The sent me a new one no questions asked in less then a week. Same thing goes for two keyboards. As for the major things, the stuff inside of the computer. I have never had any problems. So I personnally love gateway, but there labtop products don't impress me as much as dells. Should I stick to gateway or try to venture into the dark world of dell........

Help Where I Can from USA
AnyKey Instructions
Date - Sunday, September 23, 2001 at 22:18:58 (EDT)

Through loads of e-mails, and several on-line chats,
I've found them to be all but worthless. I had searched
for the information about an AnyKey GATEWAY2000 keyboard
nearly all over the web, to no avail. I then tried the
GW website, searched the web some more, then back to the
GW site. Finally after a week, and several e-mails, a GW
representative replied to my e-mail with the answer:
"We do not supply support to second-hand GW equipment users."
Oh wow! Way to go GATEWAY! I'll be sure to buy your stuff
in the future. NOT!!!
At any rate, I went back to the web and searched some more.
VIOLA! Lucky me, somehow I lucked onto a personal site. I
then decided to add a small slice of my webspace to help

There you will also find a ZIP file with the ANYKEY utility.


Joe from Glendale, CA USA
Date - Friday, September 21, 2001 at 14:38:17 (EDT)

Gateway is crap!!!

I bought a Gateway computer in Oct of 2000. Its been less then a year and my computer has been down for nearly two months.

First problem it kept crashing I called thier customer service and then had me print out bucket loads of manuals on how to fix it. Finally after working threw those manuels to no avail they told me to reformat the hard drive. I went a head and formatted and then could not get windows to down load again. Well after speaking to at least 20 customer service techs I got this one telling me its my modem????? I said what the hell are you talking about? She insisted its the modem. She told me she would mail one out right away and send a tech to install it. Well hell I though if I get a tech out here maybe they can figure out what was really the problem. Any how I wait a week and no modem....I call them the new customer service rep says yes it was ordered give it a few more days. So I wait a week and no modem. I call again. The new rep says the guy last week ordered it. I said it was ordered two weeks ago! He said no it was done a week ago. I was pissed!

Finally the modem came...and a tech came the next day. The Tech was here in my house for 4 hours trying to install it. He got it in but the system would not go! Surprise! I was right! Damn those people!

Anyways it was back to the phones. I called them another 20 times. The techs trying to get me to reformat again. I formatted that drive like 5 times. I did everything I was getting so pissed!

Finally they told me to take it back to the store there is something else wrong with it. I was happy! Good let someone else fix it. YAHOOOOOOO!

Boy was I wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When I got there two different customers in line warned me about the service there. Two of them! I was like damn I will just keep my fingers crossed. I filled out the paperwork and left it ....they told me they would call me.

Well one week passed I though no call ....I will just call in and check whats up. Oh they said it needed a new hard drive give it about a week. Okay I waited a week no call. I live close by so I dropped by...My major mistake at this time was to ask them to add on more RAM and a DVD to the system since it was in the shop. Any ways I waited another week I gave them a call they said it will be another week. So I wait...then another week .....I keep calling...they said don't call us we will call you. I am getting pissed.

Finally I call they say it will be ready the next evening. I go there and they say its not ready!!!!!!!! I go off on them....the manager comes in. He said it was my fault for ordering more parts. He said they are backed up in orders that June and July are always busy. I said this is September! I don't care about your lack of workers that ain't my problem! I said next time you take a order for a DVD and RAM tell them it will take a month for you to install!

RIght now I am still waiting for my computer. I am going to make damn sure everyone I know never buys from these people.

My receipt from Gateway says dropped off 8/13 well its 9/21 and I am still waiting!!!

Tony D from CA USA
Date - Friday, August 24, 2001 at 03:00:11 (EDT)

I got my "Gateway To Hell" over a year ago.
At the time it was state of the art system a K7 600 select.
I was told by a good friend at the time of sale that Gateway was the way to go for someone that knew hardly anything about computers, such as, they had great service, garranty,only the best componets yada yada yada..
So I go in to the Gateway Store and start looking around just playing really..A salesman walks up, I tell him "I would like to buy a computer" his first question is " what are you going to do with it?" I look him stright in the eye and say " I dont want to be limited to anything I can do" we walk up to the front of the store and he shows me 600 Athlon at the time that was the best they had, I told about what I wanted the Gee forse 32mg Vidio card and the Modem I wanted the sound card..the big monitor..we get to the end and he prints up a price list..$2400 and change..
I think ok...It's what I want and i desirve it..I'l just charge it here in the store..I gave the guy a downpayment and set up the rest thru there finace company @ 28% interest.Telling myself I'll just pay it off quick so they dont soke me on the interest..Two weeks later UPS shows up leave all theses cool looking boxs at my door I open them all up and set them up "right out of the box" I start having problems.. Windows wont load right..I spend hours on the phone trying to get help..Reformatting..Installing and uninstalling..and about six months into it I start upgrading..I get a burner...A DVD player.. and again more and more problems. Little things but just the same not what I'm paying Twenty Four Hundred bucks for..
Finaly one night while on the phone with tech support I'm F disking my computer for the 5th time a message comes up saying like " bad sectors" I tell the tech..he seems real excited and tells me I'm going to get a new computer..I told the guy I was going to name our next child after him if what he was saying was the truth..
They did in fact send I new CPU out but it was configured like the system when I first got it no upgrades..
changing the componets was no big deal...but when they did'nt work is when I lost my cool..I dont know how but I got some guy on the phone that claims he was the kinda guy that whears the "White Lab coat" while he works on computers..He sets me up to have some tech come out and change..(no cost to me) all the internal componets..Mother board...Hard drive sound card..DVD..Burner.. all new and was sending it all month later it showed up..not one but three of everthing..the tech called and asked if he could come buy to "get my system going for me" I told come on over and give it a try..he was here for over four hours swapping componets..trying all types of componets with one another..Finnally getting the right ones with a system that since then the thing has been ok..It still can handle just about anything out there as far as games are conserned I work on it with no hang ups..
seems to be working fine..But for all the hassale I went thu..not at all worth it..
From now on I'm going to get my Computers at the Computer shows they cost less then half and the customer is just that..SERVICES..

Robert from USA
Date - Tuesday, August 21, 2001 at 02:10:35 (EDT)

I've owned my Gateway computer less than 30 days when I had problems with the computer not detecting the keyboard on startup. I spoke with techs who could not fix it and was told to take it to a Gateway store. The gateway store called and said the inside USB port on the back of the computer was damaged. They said it was NOT covered by warranty and will cost over $600 to fix. They said it required replacing the entire motherboard and power supply.I am extremely mad that I paid $1600 for a new computer that breaks less than 30 days later and they wont replace the part for free. Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated

Ed from USA
Date - Wednesday, August 01, 2001 at 01:44:41 (EDT)

Here goes, stay away from Gateway, far away. My experience with Gateway began with a problem and it never got better. Two and half years ago, while stationed in South Korea, I bought a G6-333 through the Gateway overseas phone rder service. I spoke with the rep. in detial, got the computer ordered and paid for it. The rep. told me to wait 4wks and I'd have my new Gateway desktop. 5 wks later, no computer, so I call Gateway. A rep. tells me my order was never placed and the rep. I originally spoke with was no longer there. The new rep. promised rush shipping and I'd have it in 2 weeks (I should have said no thanks, but I said okay -- big mistake). 3 weeks later I get the computer. The A drive didnt work. So, I call and got another one shipped. 3 A drives later, I finally just bought a generic one, and I've had no problems since. A year ago, I tried for weeks to upgrade the RAM. Wow, what a hassle. My Gateway rejected everything I bought. Finally I found a website that sells the exact BIOS-related RAM for Gateways (it cost twice as much as a normal RAM upgrade). Then the crappy Gateway modem broke. I bought a different one and the Gateway gave me all kinds of problems using the new modem. Six months ago the 17" Gateway 700 monitor went bad and I had to replace. I owned a Quantex computer with a MAG monitor and sold it to a friend six years ago, and the monitor still works! Now, as I look to upgrade the motherboard I am learning that I should just get a new computer. I would never buy another Gateway computer. In addition to the problems I've had, they are way overpriced. Thanks for letting me get it off my chest, Ed.

Doug Srock from PA USA
Date - Tuesday, July 24, 2001 at 00:37:10 (EDT)

Gateway Computers should be shut down for fraud.

I purchased one of their garbage Pentium systems roughly 18 months ago. When it arrived, the power supply was so noisy my neighbors could hear it. Gateway hassled me about the replacement until I put the phone up next to the computer.

The next item to die was the CD ROM. They replaced that with a used half broken piece of junk.

Then my EV 700 Monitor started to die.

I contacted the Attorney General of Pennsylvania and South Dakota, the FTC(who by the way sued Gateway back in 1996).
No one in any of those agencies did anything!
Gateway did offer to buy my machine back to "shut me up".

About two months ago, Gateway sent out a Free Magazine Subscription. I tore it up, sent it back and attached an obscene letter.
About 2 weeks later, a yougster named Alicia Vermeigh
called me and told me she was with Gateway Executive response person. For two months now I have tried to work with her. Two additional monitors, because the first one died. The second one causes VXD errors.
A second garbage Winmodem that disconnects often.

Today, I got hit with a Virus. I called Gateway to ask a question about Regedit. Technician DAVE 0328740 first refused to help me because Gateway "don't fix viruses".
Then after I insisted, he put me on hold and came back
and told me to reformat my hard drive. I told him to reformat his brain and hung up.

Conclusion. Gateway sucks! The states know it, the feds know it and if I can help it, a lot of consumers are going to know it.

Just say NO to Gateway!

JE Elliott from Forest, IN USA
Date - Monday, July 09, 2001 at 20:14:20 (EDT)

I ordered a 1150 Notebook on July 3, 2001, from Kenton, and was told the notebook would be delivered on July 10 2001. I visited their website on July 5 to check the status, and it told me the delivery date of July 12. I then chatted with a customer service specialist named Pat, which reassured me that the notebook would be here on July 10. Now It is July 9, and I have just found out that this notebook is made in Taiwan, and is still being manufactured. When I found this out, I called to try to get a refund, and cancell the order, they flatout refused and said I would have to wait until it was delivered, refuse it, then wait for them to call me in order to get it credited. All while I have my own customers waiting.....Now this is a classy company!

Mark Supple from Green Bay, WI USA
Date - Tuesday, June 05, 2001 at 19:57:31 (EDT)

Hello everyone!

I bought my Gateway G6-300 from Gateway back in 98. Iíve read and heard a lot of horror stories about Gateway, and can sympathize with those of you who have purchased a Gateway Pc. Not going into too much detail, Iíve had to replace my DVD player, sound card, modem, and three 17Ē monitors. Not to mention the last monitor that I received was refurbished. Out of the box my pc was initially configured wrong, the wires that interconnected the video, modem, and CD-ROM were configured incorrectly. The main issue, as if the above is not enough, is Gateways poor customer service. Every service call that Iíve made has been at least 30-60 minutes waiting, and thatís just to get through to tech services, and not including cutoffs. Numerous times I have received the automated message; ďAll customer service representatives are busy, please try calling at a later timeĒ, and then get disconnected. (Itís ironic that the phone rang only twice when calling the sales representative.) Enduring all this, I vowed never to buy another Pc from Gateway again.

I heard Gateway had good service when they first started as a small company. It was word of mouth, not advertising that led me to buy a Pc from Gateway. (When Gateway first started out, they didnít use T.V. for advertising.) Now that Gateway has grown bigger theyíve lost sight of customer service and thatís a shame. Even with commercial advertisements on T.V now, Gateways rapidly failing in the market area. When is Gateway going to learn that itís good customer service, not flashy jingles, or commercials that keep customers coming back.

One last warning to all those who are thinking of buying a Pc from Gateway; Gateway will not support you if you so much as replace a spring on your Pc that isnít bought from Gateway.

-Mark Supple

Ray from Elmira , NY USA
Date - Thursday, May 31, 2001 at 22:18:11 (EDT)

I bought a Gateway Oct of 99'. A GP-550. I have to say that I have not had any problems except for a bad cd-rom that was shipped to me over night for free. The customer support has been avg. but still lack alot of skills necessary to assist people. However, my gateway is still in use today and I have had no related gateway problems. Since my purchase I have recommended 3 other purchasers Gateway and they all have become satified users.

For the price you pay and the computer you get from Gateway, it the way to go...

R. Goldberg from Columbia, ME USA
Date - Wednesday, May 23, 2001 at 13:26:53 (EDT)

I purchased my Gateway G6-200 back in December 1996 when the G6-200 processor was the latest and greatest cutting edge processor. My decision was based on months of research and shopping around the mail order market. My excitement about having a fast, powerful computer (at that time) was soon dashed by cronic problems with the hardware and support from Gateway.

First, the machine was spec'd out with, among other peripherals, an internal tape back up drive. The computer arrived without the drive, and when I called to inquire about why it was not installed, I spent over an hour being transferred to one sales associate after another who could not help me in any way. Finally, after demanding to speak with someone as high up on the supervisory chain as I would be allowed to talk with, I received some action -- the drive was shipped out and an on-site technician came to my house to install the drive (I had purchased the extended warranty -- thank goodness!).

No sooner did I get through this first snafu, than the 17" monitor started to flash and made an electrical snapping sound; at first the problem was periodic and then so frequently that I could not view the screen. I made numerous calls to tech support to solve the problem. They had me reload the graphics card drives and reconfigure a litany of other items. One tech even suggested that the problem was due to the fact that I had the system delivered with Windows 95 instead of the standard Windows NT, and that there was not too much they could do.

One again I worked my way up to the upper echelon of management and demanded that something be done. It was determined that it was probably the monitor. They then shipped me a new monitor and I had to pack up the defective one. No sooner did I receive the new one and, viola! The problem reoccured. I eventually found out that the 9-pin monitor plug in the back of the computer was defective -- discovered by a friend who is far more computer savvy than the techs I spoke with -- and should probably be training the Gateway techs about troubleshooting computer problems.

This was not the end of my problems. The modem went bad during this time (many calls to figure out why I could not connect with my ISP), and then I found out the hard drive was shipped out with some defective sectors. All of these problems took hours to diagnose on the telephone. The upshot of my purchase is that almost half of the computer components needed to be replaced within the first 6 months of ownership.

But the crown-jewel of my problems with this computer and the Gateway company was with the power supply. From the outset, when I depressed the front panel on-off power button, it would not always work. I would have to gingerly depress the button, try and wiggle it, and hope that the computer would turn on. Sometimes I would have to unplug the computer for five minutes and then after plugging it back in, the computer would power up. What a royal pain in the ___ !

I clocked a dozen or more calls over a period of a 3 years to try and get this problem resolved. Not one tech would suggest that the power supply was defective. They had me fiddle with software settings, re-seat the plugs and even suggested the culprit was once again that bad ol' Windows 95! Admittedly, the problem was intermittent and after being so fed up with my continuous calls to tech support, I just gave up and lived with the problem.

During the last months of the computer warranty, the problem once again became excessive and I was back on the phone with Gateway. As fate would have it, literally the day after my warranty ran out, the power supply died!! I called up tech support and I was told that they could not help me because the computer was out of warranty, and suggested that I take the computer into the new Gateway Country store that opened in my area, which I did.

The power supply problem could not have happened at a worse time, in the midst of some important work I needed to deliver. Time was of the essence. I was told that it would take at least two weeks for the part to be delivered to the store and then installed at a cost of $150.00. I was willing to pay for the part to be shipped overnight to expedite the repair process. They agreed to do this and I left the store with my fingers crossed.

Two days later I received a telephone message that stated the power supply was not immediately available and it would be delayed at least two weeks before they could ship the part! Needless to say, I was infuriated!!! I went to the store, picked up the CPU and found a small, local Mom and Pop computer repair store who replaced the power supply that same day (on a Saturday afternoon!)! The store owner also informed me that Gateway had installed a power supply where the fan was mounted such that it exhausted into the tower case and not externally through the vent holes on the back of the case!! None-the-less, having a power supply vent into the case instead of outside the case is poor design to say the least!

One loses confidence in a company that becomes so big that they cannot support even a modicum of quality control necessary to maintain the reputation as a quality mail order computer company. My next computer will not be a Gateway, for sure!

scott a wimmer from baton rouge, LA USA
Date - Saturday, May 19, 2001 at 00:43:20 (EDT)

Gateway is the worst company in the world. I am stuck with a lemon that has been nothing but trouble for the past two years; new video card, three new hard drives, countless hours on the telephone, and three visits to the Gateway store. And today, four technicians who ran me around in the same circles, and a "customer service" woman who hung up on me (no, i did not raise my voice or swear at her). yeah, that's the way to keep a customer!

instead of buying a gateway, please consider a calculator, a pad of paper, and some pencils. you will get far more work done.

Jane Burren from USA
Date - Wednesday, April 04, 2001 at 20:35:29 (EDT)

I have been trying unsuccessfully to get my Gateway Solo
5150 notebook computer fixed since August of last year.

So far I have had *4* replacement chassis, the first of
which worked for three months, and the other three of
which were DOA.

I am a freelance writer, and rely on my computer for my
living. I need to be mobile since my parents who live
2 hours drive away were both diagnosed with cancer last
year. My Mum died in November, and my Dad's just facing
up to another lot of major surgery.

I am seeking others in Australia with Gateway nightmare
stories, because I would like to get some sort of revenge
like an expose on "A Current Affair", but the researchers
there need at least a dozen complaints to make a story.

If you're in Australia and you've had as many problems as
I have and you're interested in getting Gateway some
bad publicity, please contact me, or "A Current Affair"
directly at Channel 9 in Melbourne.

Barb from USA
Date - Monday, March 26, 2001 at 13:47:14 (EST)

I purchased (mistake) a gateway back in Feb. of 98. Since that time, we have gone through 3 monitors, two keyboards, two mouse drivers, and the mouses, and since 1999, I am unable to run any microsoft office products, I get an invalid dll link. I have purchased office upgrades, reinstalled uninstalled and all else you can think of. Microsoft says not their problem, Gateway says not their problem. They want me to reformat. I have put it off because i don't want to destroy what is left of the poor system. Any advice?

Jack Frost from Gansevoort, NY USA
Clan BioScythe
Date - Saturday, March 17, 2001 at 15:21:32 (EST)

I have worked with several Gateway 2000 machines (I'm a tech worker at NYLPI) and I have to say that other than the Barbie computer brand, this has to be the worst company that deals in computer systems. Their tech support reminds me of one of those hampster wheels, and if you have an older machine, has dis-owned you. When I lost a driver to their impossible-to-find sound card (built into the motherboard) I searched for seven hours with no results. It's hard to resist the urge to scream/vomit/cry when I hear the name "Gateway".
Of course, if you've had great experiences with them, that's wonderful. I hope you don't run into what I did.

Mike Radke from East Lansing , MI USA
Date - Saturday, February 17, 2001 at 11:33:42 (EST)

My Experience with gateway... HORRIBLE! I bought a solo 2500 three years ago with money I recived from graduation. I should mention now that I am a college student, and I use my computer daily for school related work. In the first year I realized they didn't send me the Windows disk, their answer, "Too Bad." They certainly were not eager to retain a customer. One year ago, My battery lock boke, as well as a random line appearing accross the screen, and oddly enough my computer started to randomly make a grinding noise, also it would randomly shut itself down. since then it has been in for service twice, the hard drive has been replaced three times, the chassis twice and the screen has been replaced twice. Gateway claims this shows how dedicated they are believe it only shows what poor guessers they are. Now they are trying to blame it on me. They have no idea what the phrase "Customer Service" means. I have been treated rudely and jerked around. I would reccomend that if you are going to buy a computer it be anything but a gateway.

Ram Priya Das from Santa Cruz , CA USA
Date - Monday, February 12, 2001 at 18:49:47 (EST)

I bought a refurbished Gateways Solo 2000 in 1996 and it has been fine UNTIL I dropped the A drive and the battery stopped holding a charge. I called Gateways for help only to find out that since my laptop was more than 2 years old ther e were NO PARTS AVAILABLE. PERIOD. Golly, Jeeze, it that how the New World Odor, er, Order works??? I mean, wow, I can still get parts for a 53 Chevy truck but I am screwwed royal by Gateways...who could only say to me.." maybe you would like to purchase a new Gateways?" HELP!!!!!

Can anyone recommend or referme to someplace I can purchase a battery and A drive for a Gateways Solo 2000???

Please email me asap! Thanks kindly,


Nina L. Small from USA
Date - Friday, February 09, 2001 at 19:09:56 (EST)

I bought my first Gateway computer in April 2000. Someone broke in my apt. and stole my computer, printer, but they left the mouse and all the Windows 98 software. It was a 433c and I paid 1600 for it (actually I'm still paying for it). It sucks really bad to have to pay for a computer I don't have because I knew nothing about renter's assurance...I just assumed Gateway would provide me with another computer! hahaha! I was thinking about buying another one, and it really pisses me off that Gateway is selling newer, faster computers that are much better than the one I had. Not to mention the fact that they cost less! I can't decide if I should buy another computer or not...I really, really, loved my Gateway but these people at the country store have not been willing to work with me. I can't get any kind of teacher discount, student discount, not even a repeat buyer discount. I didn't really have too many problems with the 433c...sometimes it froze, but I really really wish I had my old computer!

Steve from AZ USA
Date - Friday, February 09, 2001 at 00:03:47 (EST)

I bought my 1st gateway back in 1998, great machine and great service, the rep who i ordered from even called after UPS dropped it off to see if everything was ok. So when Gateway called me a few weeks ago saying its been 2 years and they would give me some cash for my old system i jumped at the chance. I sell computers for a living and i knew i was getting a good deal and i was getting what i wanted. Anyway, i ordered the system, and they end up delivering it to my old address. I havent lived there for 8 months and they have my new info, after all the called ME sent the bills and their stupid magazine to the right address so why send the computer to that address? Anyway someone signed my name and it took a week of phone tag and different stories to finnally have a new system shipped out. I could deal with that. No big deal mistakes can happen. Anyway the system shows up on the new date as promised and i go to hook it up and opppps well there isnt a game port. Ok so i didnt read the fine print and the sales rep wasnt the greatest in the world. Ok no big deal i cant play most of my games (the reason i got it) but ill just order a new card. I call order the upgraded one and ask to have it overnighted to me. Well a week later, no sound card, so i call and guess what? THey have no record of the order ever being placed. Now that i cant live with. So i ask for a supervisor. I Tell her the story and she says dont give up on us yet. She was going to give me to someone to order it from and thats it. Well after getting several different people all saying they couldnt help me and they would have to transfer my call, i ask for a supervisor again. I tell this guy what is going on, im not happy and if i hadnt already sold the upgrades for my old system i would of been shipping my new one back. Anyway i ask for overnight air on it, he says no problem but it wont be shipped till the next dayand i wont get it till next monday. What a joke. I pay the money for a cool game machine and i cant even use it for what i want it for. Anyway STAY AWAY FROM GATEWAY!!! 2 years ago id say they were great but not now, go to sams club!!! hehehe we got better deals anyway!!!

Aaron from USA
Date - Thursday, January 25, 2001 at 19:08:47 (EST)

I bought a Gateway about 2 1/2 years ago and it been good up till now.. My joystick "jumps" around intermitily in game controlers.. I bought a Sound Blaster Live and it still does the same thing running though the new card.. My question is how can I disable the intergrated sound card???Gateway said its out of warranty and they do not stock motherboards and any "county stores" so it would take @ 2 weeks at my expense.. After spending 3000+ for something that is worth 500 I though I would get better service.. Needless to say I will not give Gateway another dollar and that includes service... Thanks in advance for any help.

G6-450 128 Ram Inter. SB128 Win 98

steve studzinski from USA
Date - Thursday, January 04, 2001 at 16:42:34 (EST)

The 2 reasons I bought a gateway:
1) Customer Service was the "line"
2) Ability to trade in and up in 2 yrs.

Very poor service when I did have a problem. Ended up having friends help me. Easier to buy someone lunch than to get through the gateway phone lines. The finance dept screwed up the billing and I spent countless hrs trying to get it fixed.

For 2 yrs now my computer has served me well.

After 2 yrs the "bluebook" value of my $3000.00 computer to trade up is $300.00.

I overpaid big time, but I will never bother with gateway again. BIG MISTAKE. Didn't have to wait on the phone line for a sales rep today to find out my "bluebook" value

rs from MD USA
Date - Friday, December 22, 2000 at 00:23:33 (EST)

Gateway will not work on or sell parts or peripherals to the
owner of a 2nd hand Gateway computer. I dropped my computer off at Gateway to be worked on and when they entered the serial # in the computer to make up a work order they found out that I was not the original owner. At that point they called me up and told me to please come and get my computer out of their store as soon as possible. They treated me like the skunk at the garden party. I can only surmise that Gateway computers have NO RESIDUAL VALUE. Other than to sell it back to them. Laptops are very proprietary machines and you often can only find parts from the original manufacturer
.Since you cant get them from Gateway you will find yourself
screwed.They claim to be the 'people place', its a lie. They wouldnt even talk to me to explain why they wouldnt work on the machine,they Hung Up On Me when I asked.I will never buy
a Gateway computer! It has been nothing but trouble since I bought it.

MG from Buffalo, NY USA
Date - Wednesday, December 20, 2000 at 09:54:10 (EST)


Gateway has been stonewalling me for almost two weeks on this issue number (#114720800). Their solution to date has involved making increasingly complex excuses why their "escalation" team hasn't bothered to call me back. I am a business customer and I am wondering why there are not yet any class-action suits filed against Gateway.

If anyone out there is having similiar problems its time we did something about it.

Larry from ND USA
Date - Tuesday, December 19, 2000 at 19:54:14 (EST)

My second computer was a Gateway. I had the unit for quite some time and was fairly happy UNTIL I wanted to upgrade it with more memory. I bought the memory and opened the case only to find that the little clips that hold the memory in place were broken AND many were missing. I phoned Gateway to see what could be done. "Sorry! Unit is out of Warranty.(period)" AND by only 1.5 months I may add. I pleaded and begged saying how could I have known I was sold a defective motherboard unless I opened the case up within the warranty period? No luck. Sucker!

I will NEVER, EVER, buy another Gateway or even own one unless it would be given to me. Their support stinks! In Dakota we don't do businesslike that -- I am embarrassed and ashamed!

Buyer beware!

John Clarke from USA
Date - Thursday, November 30, 2000 at 00:02:51 (EST)

Thank-you Mike Sherman!!

I've had two Gateways and have been pleased with their quality. But the last was bought for my engineering student daughter on the YourWare plan. Like Mike, I've discovered, much to my dismay, what a worthless gimmick the YourWare program has been. The reality of it was nothing like it was advertised and promoted.

I wonder why there isn't a class action suit against Gateway?

Mike Sherman from Boca Raton, FL USA
Date - Monday, November 27, 2000 at 11:46:12 (EST)

Yourware is a fraud. I thought it would be a great way to keep upgrading my system while continuing to pay a bill every month, just like a car. The salesman couldn't assure me enough how great this was, and how low my payments would be on a 4 year program. Now, 2 years later, maybe I should have looked closer and asked more questions. Can't get a "trade-in" unless the old computer is paid off. The salesman did everything he could to make the payments attractive and get me into the trade-in program, which now doesn't work. Could have just bought the d--- thing upfront and could sell it for more than they're offering on the trade-in, after I pay off the rest of what's owed on a 4 year plan with interest. And there's no reference to this aspect of the Yourware plan in any of the billing, invoice or provided documentation. I wonder how many other people have been sucked into this situation, now that a little over two years have gone by since the implimentation of Yourware?

David Willhoft from New York, NY USA
Date - Monday, November 20, 2000 at 23:29:32 (EST)

Hopefully it is not too late.

Two years ago I bought a G6-350. It began giving me troubles about a week after I had it. For the last two years I have done everything possible in a desperate attempt to just make the damn thing run like a normal machine. It hasn't worked. It's a lemon. The whole stupid company is a lemon.

If you are reading this you are likely baffled by the unstoppable error messages and homicidal after talking to countless "support" people at Gateway. Their computer's stink. Don't buy one. If you bought into that "trade it in towards a new one in two years" racket, don't fall for it. Buy a Dell or an HP. You'll be much better off.

Oh yeah, and stay away from their stock also.

dusty from Tulsa, OK USA
Date - Tuesday, November 14, 2000 at 14:43:57 (EST)

Don't waste your money on their internet service..

The only way to get anywhere with Gateway is do one of two things:

1. Threaten to call the Attorney General's office for the state of South Dakota, as well as the BBB.

2. When you call Tech Support, hit the option for "business" use, rather than home use. They are MUCH more helpful and friendly when they think you're a business.

Just my 2Ę .... I've fought with 'em forever, and sorta finally one. As a matter of fact I'm making out the check for the LAST payment on my system as we speak. BTW, one source of their financing is MBNA, and we're paying 26.9% APR...>OUCH!!!!!

Philip Murphy from Dublin, Ireland
Date - Tuesday, November 07, 2000 at 07:30:23 (EST)

I have been very impressed with Gateway. I have bought several Gateway computers over the years. I initially chose Gateway because the hospital in which I worked had a corporate contract. I felt that if it was good enough for my hospital IT manager it should be good enough for my more modest requirements. Also they had a major plant in the country so I thought they were contactable. I have purchased 5 machines over the last 6 years for home use and research projects use:
1. A Boston Acoustics power lead broke and they replaced this very promptly and at no charge also covering shipping factory to home.
2. Recently a laptop power-up switch stopped working after 2 years and again they replaced the entire chassis with factory to office shipping all covered even though this machine had been outside its warranty.
I would encourage anyone to deal with Gateway, certainly in Ireland at least.

Jim Daggett from Moncton, Canada
Date - Wednesday, October 25, 2000 at 13:52:58 (EDT)

I purchased my Gateway p5_75 in August of 1995. There were a few original problems with small things, that Gateway took care of immediately with no extra cost.

They were alway courteous and understanding whenever I talked to them on the phone.

Today my 75 pentium is upgraded to a 200 mxpro and so are my hard drives and cd rom. It still perks soundly and at year end I am considering a new purchase. Probably from Gateway 2000 a great company.

I did have one problem however when i contacted tech support on the internet link. The rep was unhelpfull and actually quite rude. I told him this and phoned for tech support who promptly rectifed my problem.

You can't condem a whole company for one rotten apple.

David Anderson from Chattanooga, VT USA
Date - Thursday, October 12, 2000 at 08:51:26 (EDT)

I have had the most humiliating and maddening time with Gateway. In the past year the hard drive has died TWICE and both times it took forever to get it back from the local Gateway Country store. One wait was a month, the next wait was seven weeks. The entire episode has left me MAD. It's so humiliating to be treated in such a manner by a major corporation who either doesn't care how their local country store treats their customers or is simply ignorant to the fact that customers are treated much like their mascot... cattle. I have sworn to educate the buying public on my treatment by this company and I want to thank you for allowing my opinion to be shared.

Frances Dando from USA
Date - Monday, October 09, 2000 at 21:24:07 (EDT)

Wanting to know where do I go to fine the Companys that give you a complete computer setup, if yu buy there series for 2yrs. Can you tell me where I can find these companys? Thank you Frances Dando

Thoreau from USA
Date - Monday, October 09, 2000 at 13:44:31 (EDT)

Gateway has customer service in the negative. I was working on one of myclients sites, and their Gateway server went down due to a bad RAID controller. Because of this the client had no access to any shipping, accounting, or inventory information. It was down for one month while I f*cked with their tech monkeys. The nearly went out of business because of it. Finally, I got a controller on my own, and set the POS up as a print server. I then bought a Compaq RAID array to serve the client. Gatewaste had promised to send the controller, after I convinced the monkey reading cue-cards that it was actually fried. They never did. Not to mention 3 out of 4 of their desktop gateway clients had bad monitors.

I cannot and will not recommend Gateway to anyone for any reason. For servers, go with IBM or Compaq. For clients, go with Dell. Those company's actually support you. That's my take, and I hope they burn.

B. Lynskey from Danville, VA USA
Date - Sunday, October 08, 2000 at 07:09:49 (EDT)

I have a computer thats 6 months old as of now,I bought a Gateway because of the name.This is my 2nd computer tower,they are so messed up its unreal.I also paid them $241. for lifetime tech. support,,thats was money thrown away,,I needed help the other day,,and I had to take it to town to get it fixed,,reason was,,they wanted me to shell out more money.My experience with this co. was a horrible one,,I cand actually say ,,I hate that co. Gateway,,.I surely wish I had of bought a homemade one now.
Its always hanging up in the shut down mode and running in safe mode,,its a terrible mess,,PLEASE dont buy a Gateway,,you will be sorry if you do,they dont stand behind their products,,This is a WARNING,,dont buy a gateway,,I sure wish I never had!

John C. Harvey from Katy, TX USA
Date - Monday, September 25, 2000 at 16:14:05 (EDT)

I haven't had any experiences with GATEWAY; and after reading their CUSATOMER REVIEWS; I don't think I will. From what I have gathered from these comments and reviews is that GATEWAY is not much better than junk!
Apparently, GATEWAY CUSTOMER SERVICE is like a used car dealer-promise everything-get the money-disappear.
Same rule applies to the SALES division.
GATEWAY may well be highly advertised on every billboard that you see on the highway - but; I think I'm going to keep MY money and RUN before I consider GATEWAY as my Computer Source.

Think about it, GATEWAY. Word of Mouth Advertising was fast in the past - NOW you have to deal with the internet that is WORLDWIDE!

Sorry; But your reviews are highly lacking in Customer Service and Sales Representation. I won't be a Customer now or in the Future for any and all GATEWAY products and I will be passing this personal opinion on to others as well.

James from USA
Date - Monday, September 25, 2000 at 11:32:49 (EDT)

I think Gateways are good computers, they hold up well. I had a previous gateway for 5 years, I just bought a new Gateway 800-select recently. Although, I have noticed a slight degradation in their service. I am having some interesting experiances, concerning the hardware they gave me. When I was buying the computer I asked the Salesman if I would be able to upgrade my computer in the future, he assured me I would, he said that I had the latest technology. I asked if I was getting SDRAM or PC-100MHz / PC-133Mhz RAM, he told me I was getting the latest RAM too. I trusted him, that was a mistake. I got a 30GB Hard Drive (which turns out being only 27GB in reality due to Hard Drive manufactures deceitful nature), which is what I wanted, but what I didn't see on the paper for it (because of small print - my eyes are not what they used to be) was that it was an ATA-66pin connector. Big mistake, I only noticed it after about 30-days. No one makes ATA-66 Hard Drives anymore, and if they do they are usually < 15GB. Leaving me to buy only from gateway in the future (should I choose to upgrade). Also, I did not get the latest RAM, I got regular old SDRAM that was not PC-133MHz (the latest technology) like he told me. I didn't notice many things because they were in such fine print and I have trouble reading small text. One thing I am grateful to Gateway for is the YourWare program. Although, I am not sure I am going to be tricked into buying a computer that I can't upgrade again. I am a gamer/developer, so I need a high-end machine. I did not get that with Gateway, after I specifically asked for it. Also, it taught me to read the small print on the invoice (That is if I can find a magnifying glass). Hopefully I will get better service in two years when I am able to trade my computer in for the Your Ware program.

scott dean from Basking Ridge, NJ USA
Date - Thursday, April 20, 2000 at 17:43:52 (EDT)

I lke them and hope to get another.

Robert Minneman from Colorado Springs, CO USA
Date - Wednesday, April 19, 2000 at 17:44:58 (EDT)

My G6200 is STILL going strong! I have upgraded the RAM, HD, the video card and the sound card and it's still cranking!

I love this computer.

It boots just as fast as my Celeron 500!

What could be better?

Carol Megrail from USA
Date - Friday, April 14, 2000 at 22:38:47 (EDT)

I have had nothing but good experiences with Gateway. Novice that I was, when I bought from them 3 years ago they were more than helpful as I tried new things, crashed, tried other things, crashed, etc., etc. Their instructions were not only patient, but right on target -- the hardware and basic system software, never a problem. And -- a bonus -- as I get ready to purchase an upgrade from them, I feel confident I can handle just about any typical "correction" I need to as I switch over, due to their reliability.

Jon from Albuquerque, NM USA
Date - Tuesday, April 04, 2000 at 08:48:14 (EDT)

First I'd like to start by saying most of the people who have problems with their systems that constantly complain about them have their expectations too high. Windows-based systems are not very reliable. Another thing, If you read your Gateway Warranty "GATEWAY DOES NOT PROVIDE ONSITE SERVCE FOR TROUBLESHOOTING."
Second, many Gateway sales reps will say that onsite will come to fix any problems you have with your system, but that's just something they say to sell systems. Another thing, computers are not perfect, and if you expect them to be then your expectations are too high. You could have a Gateway that you have nothing but problems with, and then get a Dell, and still have thes problems. This would usually indicate that YOU, the user is the problem, not the computer.
Also, in my experience with computers...installing Norton Sytemworks will cause problems with your system.

Diane from Seminole, TX USA
Date - Thursday, March 30, 2000 at 02:58:30 (EST)

Just think, I recommended that my sister purchase a Gateway 2000 G6 300. The warranty was a waste of money and she cannot ever get them to help with technical problems. I can build them, but long distance diagnosis of someone else's mistakes is tough. What a piece of junk. I think I will have to drive the 400 miles to her house and convert her Gateway to a computer with a motherboard that works and a BIOS that functions!!! I had a list of components, but now that we are having difficulties, we find that several items don't match up with the list!!

Kevin Nelson from Owensboro, KY USA
Date - Tuesday, March 21, 2000 at 20:45:33 (EST)

Well let me see I purchased a Gateway 1996 Christmas Special for about 2200, which I
financed through MBNA. The system was supposed to be delieverd to me in about two weeks,
this did not happen it was back ordered for about a month then when I got the computer
it was not what I had ordered. I had specifically told the sales rep that I wanted a motherboad
without intergrated sound or video, but the system I got had intergrated video that did not work.
So this system went back to gateway and a month later I got the computer I was supposed to get orginally.
This was the first of many woes I had with gateway, a specific problem that kept coming up was that when
I would reformat the computer the modem would become totally useless. This happened several times until the point
the techs told me that they would not send me another modem. Then came the time when my motherboard started to fail
to reconize my hard drives, or my cd-roms I worked with so may techs until I finally got tired of it and just turned it
off for about 3 months. Evenutally I got where I needed it for school work so I had to go back to tech support and try
to get someone to help me again, fortuanely this time I found someone who could and did authorize a replacement unit. That
was the 2nd time I had to get a replacement unit from them for hardware that was less than adequate. This 3rd machine is with
me today only because I can not get gateway to replace it for another unit despite continuing motherboard and modem problems.
My advice to anyone who is looking to buy a new system, unless you are willing to spend a large amount of time on the phone,
and want to learn most all there is to know about computers don't buy a gateway.

Terri Miller from Eagan, USA
Date - Wednesday, January 19, 2000 at 01:39:55 (EST)

I ordered an Essential 500 computer from Gateway. I received a lesser value computer that was supposed to be shipped to someone else that lived in Mississippi. I spent many hours on hold on the telephone trying to get this corrected and it is still not corrected. Because I chose to finance my computer system through Gateway's financining, they have received the money for the system that I originally ordered (the Essential 500), but I have since returned the whole system and my account has not been credited. I called the Customer Service Line numerous times, only to be told that they couldn't help me, and that they didn't know who could.
Numerous times I thought I was being transferred to someone who could help, only to be told again that they too, would not be able to help me. Each time I called the situation seemed to worsen. I shipped the whole system back via UPS on Dec 10, 1999 and according to the UPS records, it was received by Gateway on Dec 13, 1999. It is now Jan 18, 2000 and my account has still not been credited. I did speak with the person that I originally ordered the system from and she thought that the billing department had cleared up the problem, but I still have seen no credit on my account. I would never buy a Gateway computer, or any other computer over the phone or the Internet again.

Karen Goll from USA
Date - Monday, January 17, 2000 at 20:15:30 (EST)

In the Spring of 1998 I became bought a Gateway GP6 350. I bought the Gold premium service plan aswell. We already had a gateway in our home and that definately helped perswade me to buy another.
Now a year and a half later, 24 calls to the Gateway tech support line for help, a faxed in help request that was no help at all, a New CD ROM (that wasn't required), I am being asked to haul my (never been right since day one) computer to the local Gateway Country Store for service.
Where is my on sight service? Why have I had to tolerate a
half usable computer? The Tech support people are very
nice and helpful but how long should I have to wait to be back in business.......and I need business. This computer was bought to support my home office.

lynn from millington, TN USA
Date - Saturday, January 15, 2000 at 19:46:33 (EST)

I currently found a web site that offered to finance gateway computers for any one with bad credit, bankruptcy, no credit and so on. So being a recent college graduate with no credit history at all and armed with the 800 number that was going to help me change all that, I proceeded to call. But instead of getting what they were advertising to offer all i got was "well we can do nothing for you us back when you esablish some credit" That is a call they will be waiting a long long time on. When I have establish credit then I wont need them or thier computer. No doubt the customer service leaves EVERYTHING to be desired.

This from Dublin, Ireland
Date - Wednesday, December 29, 1999 at 08:55:18 (EST)

I think the products are very good.
i was working for Gateway in tech. Support. and thats crap.

Bill eicher from PA USA
Date - Sunday, December 26, 1999 at 09:44:43 (EST)

Need some help guys. Kids machine is a Gateway2000
4dx-33v, How do you disable com2? Looked over the mb and
didn't see a jumper for this. I don't have the paperwork
on it .


Nick from Emmetsburg, IA USA
Don't have one that is relative!
Date - Friday, December 10, 1999 at 20:57:54 (EST)

I bought a P5-133 almost 4 years ago, and I can say that it's an incredible machine. After 2 processor upgrades, 1 new motherboard, 5 gig more harddrive, a Zip Drive and a new modem; I have been able to upgrade over 4 years so that my computer keeps all my friends green with envy and I still save thousands on buying a new computer each time I want something better. The incredible durability and customer support was great. I got help when I wanted it back when I was just a beginner at this computer stuff. Now that I've traded away my P5-133 for a Performance 500, I am a computer pro and even looking into an advanced career in computing and science. Gateway is an incredible corporation to do business with and it just gets easier as technology gets better.

john petrila from tampa, FL USA
Date - Tuesday, November 23, 1999 at 07:06:10 (EST)

I will never buy another Gateway. I recently had to reformat my computer,under their Tech Support direction. After reformatting, I began encountering KERNEL 32 errors, something I'd never seen before. After 2 weeks of frustrating dealings with Tech Support, I again reformatted,
again under their direction. I immediately began getting the
same error message. It has made the computer completely
unreliable because you never know when the error will
appear, directing you to shut down the program. Gateway has said it's not their problem, that it must be in another company's software. All this despite the fact I bought a 3 year warranty when I bought the computer. My advice: Go
elsewhere when you buy. Do not buy Gateway unless you
believe you will never have a problem with your computer.

jim herbowy from ALAPHARETTA, GA USA
Date - Sunday, November 21, 1999 at 22:24:41 (EST)

I'm interested in purchasing a Gateway,do you think I should?

MCCAC from Mt. Clemens, MI USA
Date - Wednesday, November 17, 1999 at 12:11:13 (EST)

I just spent 90 minutes of company time trying to explain to a Gateway Tech that I had paid for the "Gateway Gold Onsite" warranty. He wants me to get out a screwdriver and "follow his instructions". I already had two technicians look the system over, but basically... the only option given to us was, "You have to get out a screwdriver." We're a business, and can't crawl around with a screwdriver, particularly when we paid for the additional warranty coverage????? They totally suck, and their customer service is worse than any I have ever seen. Very argumentative personnel.

Margaret J. Ross from Payson, AZ USA
Date - Wednesday, November 10, 1999 at 12:32:06 (EST)

We are neophyte computer users...and took over our son's old Gateway to get started. (He bought a new Gateway.) We had a problem and a question. We were told by Gateway that because we were not the original purchaser, it would not help us. What lousy PR!!!!! I am sure glad that GM, Ford, and Chrysler don't act this way! Luther in Gateway's Tech Support should be fired as he just lost a sale for Gateway.

sandi from USA
Date - Monday, October 04, 1999 at 07:34:22 (EDT)

DAY 21 of my system being down

...but gateway "understands" my frustration, they just can't do anything about it? i thought they were in the business of supplying customers with computer systems...apparently not in my case.

gateway has gone downhill in a landslide in the last 2 years.

i bought my system in june 1996. put in a 2nd motherboard and hard drive and also got two new towers before the system was finally working correctly - 50 days later! but, once it was working i was satisfied.

now - 2 years system locked up - never to be heard from again and it needs a new motherboard. but gateway doesn't have them in i'm on a waiting list. i'm starting week 4 without my computer!!!!

THINK ABOUT IT - could/would you be without your computer for 3 weeks or more? would their "understanding your frustration" make it all ok?

Tracy Collins from Ridgway, PA USA
Date - Friday, September 24, 1999 at 14:16:32 (EDT)

I bought a Gateway computer in November 1997. The day we received it the hard drive was not working which we figured fine it just got magnetized so we called Gateway and they sent us a new hard drive right away. I don't know exact time frame but it was all within one year that we had problems and here is a list of them. We went through 4 hard drives, 3 Cdroms, a problem with the modem, sent to computer in to be serviced received it back still not working fought for another computer which they sent us and within 2 months the power supply had gone out on the new one. I called and fought with them and did receive my money back as a full refund. Don't get me wrong their tech. support people (most, anyways) were nice and excellent help. Think about it folks you call Gateway for tech. support and you actually have a long waiting period usually now if they were good computers you shouldn't need to wait that long. I have gotten a Compaq almost a year ago and (knock on wood) have had NO problems whatsoever. I would not even take a Gateway computer now if it was given to me free of charge.

Sean from USA
Date - Wednesday, September 22, 1999 at 16:48:42 (EDT)

Hardware is acceptable, the Tech reps patient and fairly knowledgable and pricing is good but please DO NOT USE GATEWAY.NET ISP services. By far the worst I have ever experienced. AOL, Mindspring, Prodigy & AT&T are all better.

All Personal Computers from Hesoeria, CA USA
Date - Saturday, September 18, 1999 at 18:53:23 (EDT)

AnyKey, Maxi Switch Pro-II, Gateway's macro-programmable keyboard, i.e. "AnyKey" (Model #2189014-00-211), was originally manufactured by, MAXI SWITCH, Inc. (contrary to Gateway's FCC ID: #HWYKEY1).

Maxi Switch, Inc. is now a defunct firm located in Tucson, AZ.

Maxi Switch, Inc., transferred all keyboard operations to LITE-ON (also a keyboard mfgr.) in California.

Lite-On states, "All we have left of the Maxi Switch, Inc. company is a few old keyboards in a dusty box in the back of our warehouse. We have no documents or drivers for anyown to obatin!".

Gateway's AnyKey 124-key macro-programmable keyboard (Maxi Switch), requires the special "AnyKey" program to run properly on P-Cs, i.e. C:\Anykey.
These once downloadable AnyKey driver program files from Gateway, are no longer available or for that matter, from any other manufacturer!

Thank you Gateway!

Comments? Please direct them to:

P Wright from Dallas, TX USA
Date - Sunday, August 22, 1999 at 01:43:23 (EDT)

Move over you recent computer buyers ( meaning 1996 or later ) I bought my P4D66 in November 1994 and have loved it. I considered Dell, Zeos, Compaq, and IBM and am overjoyed that I bought from Gateway. I have upgraded this thing till I'm blue in the face and its still ticking. Not a single original hardware component has failed yet. I did call technical support once for a Y2K issue and was immediately given a solution. I admit that my original sales rep seemed inexperienced and jerky but I new what I wanted and talked right around him till I got it. I'll be buying another soon. Its been five years, I hope their quality has not changed.

Stephany Leon from Remerschen, USA
Date - Friday, August 20, 1999 at 12:29:44 (EDT)


Anthony Staines from Dublin, Ireland
Date - Tuesday, July 27, 1999 at 12:35:44 (EDT)

I've bought and used Gateway stuff for five years. They
had a very bad patch about 18 months ago (this is the Irish
end of the business - I know nothing of the US end). However
they lost several managers, and customer support has improved
out of all recognition. I find their machines reliable, well
built (always), and well priced. They are seldom the fastest
machines on PC magazine tests, but they are well balanced,
and they persist in working.
I'm just about to buy four new Gateways for work, and my next
home machine will be a Gateway too. 'Nuff said.

fran from VA USA
Date - Friday, July 02, 1999 at 12:35:14 (EDT)

I have had a terrible experience with the Gateway system.
The bill was not what I was quoted it was $300 more. I have tried unsuccessfully to get help. I stayed on the phone with Gateway phone reps. for four hours only to get a bill and find out nothing had been changed. Go to your nearest computer store to buy your computer. You can not get any help from gateway

David from USA
Date - Tuesday, May 11, 1999 at 13:43:52 (EDT)

I have a G6-400XL and it is my first machine. It is very fast and the technical support is superb. i recommend a Gateway to anyone. The speakers supplied are also excellent, they deliver a high quality output and a crystal clear sound.
My second computer is a Gateway Celeron 333. It too is excellent like the G6-400XL.
Gateway make the finest computers in the world!

Deborah Hooper from Fostoria, OH USA
n.e.t. assist
Date - Tuesday, May 11, 1999 at 11:34:46 (EDT)

I have been computing since the Commodore 64 days, and my first Windows machine was a used PS2. I then purchased a Compaq from a Chain Appliance Store, not a smart move. I have learned over the years that you have to do your research and not buy into all the Hype like I did with the Compaq, now was is a Tech support nightmare. When I wanted to get a new computer Mid 1998, I checked the ratings at all the top sites, like ZDnet, Cnet, PC Worlds Top 400, etc.. Then I went to the top 3 ranked computer sites, Micron, Dell and Gateway. All of which sell online with fiancing. All offer basically the same systems with minor differences. The only thing I couldn't get that I wanted was a specific graphics card. I don't remember all the details right now, but Micron or Dell offered the Flex modem my ISP used, but not the software I wanted or made it mandatory to get software that you didn't want. Gateway had the software I wanted, but not the Flex modem. I choose Gateway. My G6-300 is my second love. I have had some problems, but not with the computer, but with the software and or drivers. I would have more than likely had this same problem with what ever computer I purchased as software and drivers are not fully tested and de-bugged, but rushed to the public. Why else all the updated drivers and new versions of software?

All the top ranked Computer companies buy and install for you quality computer parts, they don't manufacture the computer parts, they just assemble it and sell it under their name. So, basically, the name of the game is Tech Support, who offers the best? Well, after my Tech Support fiasco with Compaq, that was a major concern. Gateway's Tech Support is ranked the highest, and the majority of Gateway customers will purchase another Gateway. I have had no problems with Gateway's Tech Support. I am fairly computer literate, so when I have a problem that I can't track down and fix, it is a doosey and I have to call Tech Support. They have always been fast, relaible, and for the price as reasonable as it comes. So, if you have a problem with your Gateway, remember, they purchased the best products available and assembled them into a computer, if they are faulty, blame the parts manufacturer, if you do something stupid that causes your system to crash or become unstable, don't blame the Assembler.

As for shipping dates, I ordered my computer over the phone after configuring the entire thing online, and got the same computer for less than quoted with a couple of extras thrown in. It shipped and arrived 3 days early. I have never been to one of the country stores, and wouldn't deal with someone who is just a salesman in the first place. My opinion, is that you have to learn all that you can about your computer before you can blame the Company. Next time, do your homework, or take a class on computer literacy, you know, just the basics. Oh, yes, read the manuals, that's what they are there for.

I will purchase another Gateway in the future unless there is a drastic change in the company between now and then.

One question and a cheap shot, does your VCR still blink 12:00, and if so, what makes you think you can operate a computer of any kind?

Thank You
Deb Hooper

Stephen D. Butler from Los Angeles, CA USA
Date - Monday, March 22, 1999 at 12:29:17 (EST)

First... I got the usual delays in getting my G6-350, but once i got it if worked fine... until. I bought the computer from the Gateway Country Store in Monrovia, California. The salesmen are cordial, but uninformed about their product. The computer is now five months old, and it will not "boot" properly. After turn on an error notifies me "Missing-unable to load, press any key to continue" when I press a key the computer shuts off. Sometimes it will start in the "Safe" mode, but when this happens you have limited access to programs and applications. I took the computer to a Gateway Technical Center at a "Country" store last week and they said they fixed the problem, but three days after being "fixed" it is doing it again. I am becoming very frustrated. Since the machine is only 6 months old, if they don't fix it this time I'm going to demand a new one. I would be interested in hearing from prople with similar Gateway problems.


Michelle from St. Louis, MO USA
Date - Friday, March 05, 1999 at 14:29:58 (EST)

My fiance and I ordered our first Gateway computer on 2-28-99 at a Gateway Country store in our area. We were PROMISED that our computer would be delivered on that Thursday 3-4-99. They carefully took down our order and double checked everything with us. The sales rep. double checked that we would be home on Thursday to sign for the computer. Since we both had to work that evening, I stayed home during the day and then had our parents come stay at the house when I left for work. At 8pm we gave up hope on our computer showing up and called the store to find out if it had been shipped. They had no idea what the hold up was and told US to call THEM back the next day. Unsatisfied with this statement I called corporate customer service. The rep there told me that there was nothing he could do and he did not even know when our computer would be assembled, let alone shipped to us. Further consultation with the rep revealed that they didn't even have the AMD processor we ordered in stock. They had just begun offering the processor and they hadn't even finished testing it for use on their systems yet. Consequently they have no idea when our system will be shipped. After many calls and complaints I have finally gotten a $100 refund from the store for their false guarantee of delivery. I am still upset at how they handled the situation and may never order from them again.

One word of advice.......don't believe any ship dates they tell you.......corporate office will stress that ship dates are estimates only and that they can take as long as they please to build your computer once they have your money in hand.

K from USA
Date - Wednesday, March 03, 1999 at 16:11:29 (EST)

As far as I'm concerned, Gate Way sucks, and your all a bunch of Fucken Assholes...

Kevin Reese from Medford, OK USA
Date - Friday, February 26, 1999 at 16:11:42 (EST)

I bought my first one (P6-66) in '94 and have good luck with it. The times I've contacted Tech Support, they may not have been the fastest, but we eventually got the *minor* problem solved. I just bought a Pentium III 450 from them. That tells you I'm convinced of their product. I feel confident that the components they install for my computer will work well together and that they are using the top-of-the-line materials. I can't afford to waste time trying to *fix* my computer.

Haydn.Scott from York, United Kingdom
Date - Friday, February 26, 1999 at 12:58:20 (EST)

Took two months of day by day contact to get technical support to acknowledge there was a problem and take computer back for service. Computer returned with processor laying loose in bottom of tower case and cooling fin bent out of true 1cm. Floppies could not be inserted in drive a and they had to send me a new drive. Collection promised on Tuesday - didn't show ; promised on Thursday - you guessed it. Promised on following Monday but came on Friday. No confidence

Shawn Loughary from Rushville, IL USA
Date - Friday, February 05, 1999 at 20:31:34 (EST)

I ordered a laptop on 1-28-99 and received on 2-4-99. I immediately tried the DVD drive only to find it will not play US made discs. Contacted Gateway and they didn't have me try anything, just gave me an Event #. I thought this was weird so I called customer service the next day only to find out this was a problem they knew about and were currently working on. What nerve! Charge me an extra $150 for a drive they knew wouldn't work when they sold it! They offered to try to replace the DVD controller card which they stated may or may not fix the problem. They would only ship UPS ground (which will take 4-7 days) as they said the laptop itself was functional and it wasn't a priority. Great customer service. Word of warning. Stay away from gateway!!!

Andrea Weintraub from PA USA
Date - Sunday, January 24, 1999 at 16:30:53 (EST)

Since this is our 4th computer, but first Gateway, I feel empowered to report...There is no better tech support staff any where!

Robert Minneman from Colorado Springs, CO USA

Date - Friday, December 04, 1998 at 19:47:24 (EST)

I found this list accidentally, but I read some of the entries out of curiosity. Being a Technical Support Engineer and past IS Manager myself, I was interested in the kinds of problems experienced by the "general" end user.

I too purchased a G6-200 about 2 years ago, all I have to say is that, despite the fact that Gateway's sales department could use any IQ points we could spare, the machine itself (when I got the right one) was absolutely beautiful, and has worked great!

I've only had two issues:

1. The fuse on my sub-woofer blew and the manual that came with it didn't clearly identify what I needed so that I had to call support and ask (no biggie).

2. When reinstalling Windows 95 on the system the second IDE port was disabled and the support tech didn't know the cause of the problem or how to fix it (this is a known problem with Win95 and Intel motherboards with dual IDE controllers, I just wanted the updated Win95 driver to enable it, but the support person was clueless, again no biggie, once I got on the internet and hit the Intel site).

I can say with utter honesty, most the problems that you people have experienced are your own damn fault. Jesus Marimba, what a bunch of whiners. First off, you just can't haphazardly install software and just "EXPECT" that it will work perfectly! Christ all-mighty, you stupid schmucks! Don't you realize that when multiple peices of software overwrite each others files, this can problems?

Remember this:

No matter how good the software programmers are, they'll NEVER be able to write software that can read your mind or think for you.

For those of you complaining about putting Windows 95 on older machines and then having the system break or GPF more, did you think to upgrade the RAM, HD, or CPU? Did you happen to think about maybe this PC you have wasn't designed to run under Windows 95 in its current state?

As far as I'm concerned, I'll continue to buy Gateway 2000, and I'll continue to get the 3 year warranty (I don't like having parts die in an unreplaceable period). Gateway computers are great, they ain't perfect, but they are damn good. The only company who might have better computers for the price is Dell, but Dell at the time of my last purchase didn't finance you.

Gateway's sales people and support people could stand a bit more training and "empowerment" to do their jobs, BUT, considering the fact that they have had to put up with the abuse and stupidity I've seen on this page, it's no wonder that turn over in the computer support industry is so high.

Consider yourselves lucky you're not required to get a "computer license" to own and operate a computer. You probably use your computers like you drive your cars:

Brains turned off, tunnel vision, and pissed that everyone else on YOUR road drives so badly.

ptui on you, ptui, puti!!!

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