Another Security Breach: Living Social

You know, these security breaches — where people external to a company break-in (usually virtually) and steal the company’s data — are becoming increasingly common. Living Social is the latest “victim” of a breach, compromising 50 million accounts. Fifty million!

Yet if you’re a digital company operating solely on the Internet and mobile platforms, you have only one asset you need to protect — your data. Your customer’s data is like gold. You have only one chance to protect it.

Living Social, like so many companies that have come before it, has lost another customer.

So when I went to close out my account, guess what I didn’t find anywhere in my account’s profile page? “Delete account.”

Wow. Just wow.

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Welcome to Kinky Cogitations

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But sometimes our cogitations fall outside of the mainstream. That’s what this blog is about. Musings, ramblings, thoughts and, yes, cogitations on the intersection of technology, daily life, and psychology.

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