More Government Cameras Are Not the Answer

I find it a little odd that the answer to the question of how to prevent future bombers like the Boston Marathon bombers is more government intrusion into our lives.

These are one-off events that, frankly, cannot be stopped. I know law enforcement and government officials believe otherwise, but they are delusional.

So because the government was able to piece together images of the bombers taken from private security cameras, I now hear a rallying cry from local governments throughout the country saying, “See? We need more security cameras throughout the city (town, suburb).”

Ummm, no, we don’t. That’s a very Orwellian response to this situation.

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The Sad State of Web Design Today

My monitor — like yours — is capable of displaying over 16 million colors (I bet you didn’t even know there were 16 million colors!).

So why is it that when I visit website after website, day after day, I see variations on a single design theme for websites — white.

White on white. White on slightly less white. White with a pretty blue bar at the top. White with no borders. White with borders so faint, you could only see them if you were told they were there.

Some brilliant designer is sitting back in his Aeron right now thinking, “Ahh, my next design, yes, I’m going to do white. But the background is going to be an off color of white — like glacier white — and it’s going to be absolutely striking.”

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Another Security Breach: Living Social

You know, these security breaches — where people external to a company break-in (usually virtually) and steal the company’s data — are becoming increasingly common. Living Social is the latest “victim” of a breach, compromising 50 million accounts. Fifty million!

Yet if you’re a digital company operating solely on the Internet and mobile platforms, you have only one asset you need to protect — your data. Your customer’s data is like gold. You have only one chance to protect it.

Living Social, like so many companies that have come before it, has lost another customer.

So when I went to close out my account, guess what I didn’t find anywhere in my account’s profile page? “Delete account.”

Wow. Just wow.

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Welcome to Kinky Cogitations

We all cogitate. We all need to cogitate.

But sometimes our cogitations fall outside of the mainstream. That’s what this blog is about. Musings, ramblings, thoughts and, yes, cogitations on the intersection of technology, daily life, and psychology.

I won’t blog often here, but when I need to write about something unrelated to my usual work — online behavior, mental health advocacy, etc. — you’ll find me putting it here.