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This file is filled with individuals' opinions and experiences with Dell, which sells a wide line of computers and products. The most recent experiences are at the beginning of this file.

If you have bought a computer from them and have not yet made your contribution to this list, simply fill out this review form about your experiences with this company and your review will be added to the top of this file. Thank you and good luck!

Other Experiences with Dell (Most recent first):

I make no warranties, expressed or implied, about the validity or accuracy of the above opinions or information and disclaim all liability resulting from them. Buyer Beware.

Kendra Loesche from St. Louis, MO USA
Entry added: Sunday, December 28, 2008 at 00:59:29 (EST)

I'm in the process of buying my 3rd Dell, and I've had nothing but great experiences with the other two! I'm looking forward to the new computer, it's a great system. I agree with one poster, some of you all need to actually learn about computers-there's one thing about them, they are full of parts-that break! The fun is trying to track down what part.

I will admit Dell's customer service is sometimes lacking, but that just makes me smile more when I realize that I'm smarter then them!

Dude, I'm getting a Dell!

h austrian from oxford, CT USA
Entry added: Tuesday, December 16, 2008 at 22:01:57 (EST)

in 2005 my husband ordered the wrong computer, and we called and they took it back. They didn't give me a full credit, which I did not realize at the time because they kept sending me statements with a zero balance.
Well interest was accruing on what they failed to credit and they sent me to collections for almost 3000k for a computer I returned.
Have gotten nowhere with their customer support and customer service, and even supplied my file showing I had sent dell letters that they didn't properly credit me. I want to know if anyone has the legal department's address. Thanks.

Jason Ponders from chatsworth, GA USA
Entry added: Wednesday, December 10, 2008 at 18:14:54 (EST)

Dell sucks. The computer is unreliable, online tech support virtually non-existent.

GVCNoiBzMpfzYYKvu from pNjEdCgpGNMugg, MT USA
Entry added: Monday, December 08, 2008 at 11:00:50 (EST)

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Aurora from Nevis, MN USA
Entry added: Thursday, October 16, 2008 at 16:44:27 (EDT)

I DO NOT reccomend Dell under any circumstances.
We have purchased 4 systems from them, various replacement parts, & etc. Each time we place an order with them, we have requested USP shipping. They ALWAYS ship it DHL, which DOES NOT service the area in which we live/work. This last order has been especially frustrating because I requested 2nd day UPS and they shipped guessed it! 2nd day DHL. Which means DHL dumped it off at Post Office 180 miles away and THAT means it will take the Post Office around 5 days to get it to us. When we requested it 2nd day in order to have a replacement laptop screen for a trade show.
In attempting to work this through with customer service, I have been hung up on multiple times and basically told that 'there's nothing we can to'. I have been unable to get a hold of ANYONE stateside. The Indean customer support won't give me any contact numbers for Customer Svc stateside, anything.
Talk about dissapointing. I WORK in customer service. You don't DO that. Needless to say, they've lost my business and earned my emnity.

Danny from anderson, SC USA
Entry added: Thursday, October 16, 2008 at 11:04:40 (EDT)

I do not own a Dell computer never have and never will, however they say I did and reported it as an unpaid debt now I have to go through the steps to dispute it on my credit report. Didn't even know this until I went to buy a car.
Has this happened to anyone else?
Any advice?

katie from Bay Shore, NY USA
Entry added: Thursday, October 09, 2008 at 12:50:15 (EDT)

Nothing but problems with Dell. Disc drives stops working every 3 months...constantly with support now systems keeps locking up. Have had it with computer 1 year old and stinks. I am buying a hp computer and throwing the dell out. Never will buy another Dell.

john doe from saskatoon, N/A Canada
Entry added: Tuesday, September 16, 2008 at 02:24:24 (EDT)

As far as I am concerned they are crooks. \i was behind on a payment one of thier laptops and without notice they put the payment through my bank accout twice...and as I use that specific bank account for paying bills..they short changed me on a couple of bills..and \I was charged with servie fees for that..they did tbis I promtly stopped thier preautorized debt from coming out of my they think they can just put payments tbhrough ..without informing first. The computer is junk by the way...I now own a acer whick treats me very good...I also like HP..but the dell as far as Im quite low in standards. I don t use mine very often...

Andrew Cichon from Brownsville, TX USA
Entry added: Friday, September 12, 2008 at 09:44:17 (EDT)

My new M65 has a keyboard problem. During typing the cursor will actually jump forward or backward or just delete stuff that I was typing. I never had this problem on my M60 over 3 years.

Enrico from Bridgewater, NJ USA
Entry added: Sunday, August 31, 2008 at 20:00:17 (EDT)

Dell Sucks! They are get-by computers and are just throw-aways. I am a computer expert and can fix any computer. I highly recommend Acer or Hewlett Packard's.

Acer has great laptops and their desktops are great too I have had an Acer Desktop computer with windows 98 working on it since 1999 and in 2006 i upgraded the memory (wasn't even low) nd put Windows XP on it and the computer still works to this day.

Another thing, I can fix any computer and I only charge $20 for a diagnostic and you just have to pay shipping to me and back to you. I accept Payment via PayPal. If interested at all in getting your computer checked or fixed and for a price list on computer repairs send me an email at

Alex from WoLGpJSMtVJl, NM USA
Entry added: Monday, June 30, 2008 at 11:53:37 (EDT)

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James from Horn Lake, USA
Entry added: Saturday, June 28, 2008 at 16:08:28 (EDT)

The most horrible pc I have ever owned. This is a definate lemon model and they won't even attempt to fix it. I have had so many phone, chat, email contacts TOO Dell that I cannot even count them.

I got a XPS 210 almost a year ago. They sent out a tech once who did not even fix the problem. He changed a fan on the hard drive. The display driver and graphics card are faulty, that is what is making the unit overheat. ATI x1300 graphics card. Vista 32. NOT Compatable.
Constant display hangs, windows crashes, auto restarts. It happens every few minutes whithout fail. The sytem sits in the corner, useless. The won't even respond anymore. I am a walking talking advertisement to NOT buy a Dell. If someone is breathing, they will hear my story.

Kimsland from USA
Entry added: Monday, June 16, 2008 at 10:08:38 (EDT)

I can't believe you people

Stop posting this ignorant sh#t

I would absolutely hate trying to diagnose a fault over the phone to you guys.

Here's some pointers:

-Get to know YOUR computer hardware and software
-To confirm Hardware fault, software must first be eliminated
-Yes open the damn case. Do you guys ever open the bonnet of your car?
-Yes hardware fails ON ALL COMPUTERS
-Read the manual, it's free to download, but YOU have to read it.
-Ask on free tech forums; not a sales company, handling hardware !
As for all the delays. That's Dell waiting for you to do the above !

There's a whole lot more I could say, but it'll be generally useless to idiots like you guys. It was funny to read your idiocy at least.

Next time you have a fault or BSOD or anything, before calling them try diagnosing it, with the millions of support tools out there.
Once you find the fault (ie HardDrive - How basic!) Then call them up and state what you have done, and what the fault is.

Turn around time: 15mins on phone; and onsite tech dispatched next working day (depending on service agreement)
And most importantly: You learnt something.
Lol "Vista is slow" (why didn't they tell you?). You bought it, didn't you?

Any other techs out there, want to help me point the finger at the dumb customer?

Randy from Los angeles, CA USA
Entry added: Wednesday, May 28, 2008 at 17:35:57 (EDT)

Horrible experience with Dell's warranty services. But I sued them in a class action. (I am an attorney.)

Anyone interested in pursuing a class action against Dell, please contact me. Particularly interested in consumers living in Arizona, California, Washington State, Illinois, New Jersey, Pennsylvannia, Missouri, Massachusettes, Michigan, and Ohio.


Bill from Oswego, IL USA
Entry added: Monday, May 05, 2008 at 18:52:14 (EDT)

I bought my wife and daughters a Dell Dimension 4800. It's been the worst computer experience I've ever had. I've replaced just about every component on the damn thing. Video card, wireless adapter, hard drive and the USB ports have been flaking out over the last year. I ditched the printer because of their retarded, captive audience, cartridge hostage program. Sometimes, Corporate America just gets too greedy for their own good. I knew better than to get involved with Dell's "service" after this thing went out of warranty. I figure it's just a computer and if I can't fix it, it can't be fixed. Spending hold time on a phone call to a continent which is causing the Himalya's to rise while it plow's into Asia, even as I follow their directions to reboot and press f8, is not the sort of satisfaction I'm seeking and would only cause steam to issue from my higher orifice's. I'd like to throw the whole thing right out the window, while it's closed so I get the nice shattered glass sound effect, and then make Michael Dell come in here in his bare feet and clean up the mess and fix my window. The girls have moved on to an I-Mac, leaving me to inherit this pile of crap. So far I'm being much better served by my 9 year old Micron and a 14 year old No Name PC. Good night!

CBrantley from Marietta, GA USA
Entry added: Monday, April 28, 2008 at 21:42:08 (EDT)

I bought a supposedly brand new XPS M140 laptop in February 2006 with some upgrades. Less than 8 months after having the laptop, it started freaking out. I contacted Dell and after receiving a rep that I could barely understand, I got no where. He tried to blame the issue on software, never took me through the diagnostics, and when I tried to give him the list of the errors from the Blue Screen of Death lol, he put me on hold and when he came back, told me he didn't know what was wrong and why it was doing it. Again, with no help from him or a diagnostic ran on the laptop, he told me to go into safe mode and then gather what I wanted from the system, burn it to a cd/dvd or on a external hard drive and to restore the system to what it was from the box. It felt more like an escape plan than technical support.

I couldn't afford to extend the warranty in February 2007, so when the laptop freaked out after it ended, of course I was upset. Most of the same error screens and problems. This technical guy spoke clear English and took me through the steps of diagnosing the laptop and it came out that it was hard drive failure and he suggested I buy a new one to replace it. I went through a battle it seemed trying to get through to them that it wasn't fair that the laptop that I spent about $1300 on wasn't working as it should have the whole time and that I didn't get any help from the 1st technical support rep. I wanted Dell to help me replace the hard drive. I was sent an email reply basically saying that I am screwed without the warranty and technical support is not a guarantee (so too bad someone they hired screwed up! I can't depend on them to be right or to right a wrong) and that the Indian guy (no offense) reported that it was a software issue so they couldn't help me anyways.

This was infuriating and as a college student, inconvenient and expensive. I replaced the hard drive and had to reinstall the operating system of course. So there goes my programs that I paid for as an upgrade and they installed. I called asking for copies (don't remember ever receiving disks and didn't know I needed one) of the programs that they can verify that I paid for. I got the runaround (transferred 3 or 4 times and somehow disconnected after holding and arguing for over an hour) and was told to repay for them at a higher price of $119!

I called again (MANY little calls because I can't pay the 40 bucks to have them talk longer) about the SERIOUS overheating of the system--even with it being on a desk or elevated. When I called, this time the rep sounded like they cared, but told me to pay $30 to have them ask me questions to diagnose the problem! So I have a 2 year old laptop that would burn your hand after only internet surfing, a new hard drive, and plenty hardware issues all for the low price of $1300. I will never buy a Dell again. A friend of mine wants to buy her 3 children Dell laptops and wants me to help her pick them out...can you guess the odds of me suggesting a Dell? I would be the worst friend ever to do that to her and her wallet.

Rita Walker from Overland Park, KS USA
Entry added: Tuesday, April 15, 2008 at 16:10:58 (EDT)

Once again, I just got off the phone with Dell TCS in India. They once again said they would send for the computer to fix it. This is now the fouth time. I have had this issue with this NEW computer since i got it on the 14th. Please is there some number, email somthing I can call in the US. I need some help this is costing me lots of money. The Dell people don't understand. however, Dell CS was willing to give me the fax number for the legal department.

My Story

I received my Inspiron 1720 on March 14th 2008 at 2pm cst. At 4pm cst I was on the phone to Dell technical support.

The Problem:
Without warning, my computer shuts down and all data is lost.

Dell technical Support resolutions:
Almost every day From 14th until today I have call Dell technical support. As a result, I have uninstalled the OS three times, remove any and all MS updates, run the machine with and without internet. Also I have changed the power setting, run system hardware checks 4 times and allow each one of the technicians to connect and try their hand at fixing the problem. To know resolution.

Dell promises:
A Dell manger and/or technician has, promised to (4 times) send a box by DHL in order to bring the computer back to the “depot” , (3) replace the computer, (5) times have a Sr Technician or Exec Management call me. None of these promises happen. In desperation, I offered pay the shipping cost just to get my computer fixed.

My request:
1) I would like at this point for Dell to replace this computer.
2) As a IT PM consultant, this is really impacting my job. So my request is that this matter be resulted within the next 5days.
3) I would appreciate a call from Dell with a resolution proposal that they would honor.
4) Last but not least, Dell to ensure that it makes good on any and every promises it makes.

I have been a customer of Dell since 96. I based by patronage on the knowledge that , I am only one customer, but I have always trusted Dell to treat me as if I were their only customer. This is why I have recommend Dell products to my customers and have only purchased Dell products for organizations I have managed. However, this situation has left me questioning my decisions.

P.S In writing this email, my computer has shut down four times.

Thomas Hajzus from McMurray , PA USA
Entry added: Saturday, March 22, 2008 at 22:39:09 (EDT)

First of all I wan to say i'm not emplyed, a relative or even really care about Dell. I can say however that my experience, my son's experinece, and my daughters experience all Dell Computer holders has been wonderful. If I had a complaint, and I am not the slightest bit prejudice i would like more Americans to speak to when you do have to call in for any information. The Indians are too difficult to understand.

Entry added: Saturday, March 08, 2008 at 13:48:42 (EST)


Jason from Garden Grove, CA USA
Entry added: Friday, March 07, 2008 at 20:03:53 (EST)

I bought a Dell XPS M140 laptop two years ago. After 10 months of using it just died - no power whatsoever. I called Dell Tech Support and my computer was fixed - they said the pc board was a failure and had to be replaced. I was not happy because XPS was supposed to be Dell's high-end computer and trouble-free... anyway, at least Dell had it fixed under warranty.

Now, about 10 months later after it was fixed - the same problem recently occurred. Dell Tech Support said it's no longer under warranty so they don't want to fix it. And the warranty on the board that they replaced was only good for 90 days after the fix.

To me, this Dell XPS M140 was DEFECTIVE the day that I bought it. Or at least the PC Board was DEFECTIVE. Or simply a bad design with flaws. The same problem happened twice - and Dell can only fix it once.

I just can't believed that Dell's reputation is only good for 90 days. Not just a Dell but a Dell XPS.

Chis from Boston, MA USA
Entry added: Tuesday, February 12, 2008 at 12:54:47 (EST)


Dell product quality is miserable
Dell service is nonexistent after your purchase
Dell does not honor warranty's
Dell has lying and rude staff members
Dell pricing is misleading

Will from USA
Entry added: Friday, February 08, 2008 at 23:59:08 (EST)

Dell sold me a 1600 dollar lemon

Geez, does it get much worse than spending a ton of money on a machine, and then trying to communicate with customer care?

I bought a Dell Dimension 9150 for my wife just short of 2 years ago. Top of the line with Dual core processor and many upgrades. After 18 months came the blue screen of death. Re-booting... troubleshooting...nope it stopped working It was out of warranty, so I took it to the Geek squad via best buy. After testing all the hardware and the XP operating system, doing a dump of the hard drive: The diagnosis: a bad mother board. Yikes. Mega bucks for the part and to install. I decided to request that DELL give some type of compensation or authorize a repair on their dime since the machine is such poor quality. The offer back: 150 dollar credit toward another machine. This was after multiple e-mails back and forth. Not only doesn't Dell stand behind the products they sell, but what a hassle to try to find anyone in the company who cares!
So....tell me, would you want to get 150 dollars towards the next nightmare. I stare in the corner at the black and grey box which will probably cost even more to throw out at some hazardous waste depot. If you are planning on buying a computer, run as far away from Dell as possible! I suggest they change the company name from DELL to SMELL. Bad that is!

lil0tik from Saint Paul, MN USA
Entry added: Thursday, January 31, 2008 at 14:18:46 (EST)

Where to begin..?

I received an Inspirion 1501 as a gift for Christmas. I produce electronic music and any system's sound card is a pretty big part of my computing experience. Now, I wasn't expecting much from the 1501's onboard sound, but I didn't expect that the computer was built with a terrible design flaw - the sound card is positioned right underneath the wifi card, with NO shielding in-between. The result: the sound on the computer is so distorted when the wifi card is on that it becomes unlistenable. I approached Dell Hardware Support with the problem, and ended up returning it to them for a warranty replacement of the motherboard. The process went smoothly at first, and the tech was helpful and efficient in solving my problem(!), but a few days later, I was informed that DHL had shipped it to the wrong address.

I eventually - and thankfully - got the computer back safe and intact, but the motherboard replacement did nothing whatsoever. The sound still crackles, pops, and distorts terribly. Furthermore, after a week of use (my FIRST week of use, a month-and-a-half after receiving the machine) the hard drive started making knocking noises so loud i could hear them in the next room. After a restart, it stopped diong it, but that was last night & I am now just waiting for the hard drive to fail.

It seems like a solid, minimalist machine - just my style - and I want to like it SO badly... Yet, I am afraid it's just going to end up being a useless and expensive nightmare.

Maggie from NY, NY USA
Entry added: Tuesday, January 29, 2008 at 19:38:54 (EST)

The Inspiron 530S came rather quickly but did not work properly from Day One. The blue screen of death was frequent. I dealt with Dell tech support in Bangalore and Manila and while all the tech agts were very polite, I was rapidly realizing that the set was a lemon and nothing would correct its problems.
Dell sent a tech out who, also very pleasant, could do nothing but swap the hard drive.
The computer was a couple of weeks old and Dell sent a refurbished drive as a replacement.
After the tech left, the set crashed again.
I called Dell and they said they would send a new computer to me. I asked if it would be refurbished like the replacement hard drive and yes, the tech said, it could be a refurbished set.
So let me get this straight, I just purchased a new computer and you will replace it with a refurbished one????????
I opted to return the unit and it was picked up today.
Now I am reading, all over the web, horror stories of Dell not properly refunding credit card purchases.
I am formally disputing the charges with my credit card in the a.m.
Am also contacting my attorney general who, it seems, rather recently filed suit against Dell for fraud and deceptive business practices.
If you are in NY, contact Attorney General Cuomo.
If you are in other states, contact your respective attorney general's office.

Al Powers from RI USA
Entry added: Friday, January 25, 2008 at 07:45:10 (EST)

Dell Dim 4700 with Philips DVD+CD 8631 unit that does work and doesn't open or close correctly. Spent 3.5 hours on the phone with Indian techs. Time spent trouble shooting the unit, doing some test twice and the unit failed ever test....... the last thing they want me to try is copy off all my data and then re-install XP operating system...... discussed my negitive concerns with doing all that with the lead senior tech......the drive failed every test....... but he told me 'in not so may word' do it their way or go away............ Funny 1.5 months left on my warranty.... This 4700is my forth dell unit, and I am extremely upset with the handling of my situation. I'm going to let that fact be know to 'some one' at dell and then take my future business elsewhere.

Student from San Jose, CA USA
Entry added: Thursday, January 17, 2008 at 09:14:53 (EST)

Dell is the worst company to every buy a computer from. I purchased an Inspiron 6000 in 2005 before heading off to my freshman year of college. Almost immediately I began having problems with the system. The original computer had a faulty motherboard. So the in home tech came and fixed it. Then over the next year I had to send it in for various problems. Finally during my junior year abroad (currently), the computer began over heating drastically, the keyboard was falling apart and various other issues. When I went home in December for winter holiday I sent in the computer and explained the situation, that I would be leaving to go back to Europe on the 4th of January and I absolutely needed the computer back. They said sure, no problem so I sent it in.

I called on the 1st because I still had no word since the 26th when I got a recording saying they had JUST received it. The man on the phone said that it was fixed but wasn't sure when it would be shipped and I should call back in the morning. So on the 2nd I called back and spent 4 hours on the phone with various people (mainly India) who told me so many different stories: (1) the computer wasn't fixed, they were waiting for a part (2) I never sent the computer in (3) The computer was shipped (4) I would get the computer on the 4th, by noon.

So the 4th rolled around and nothing. At this point I'm livid because I'm leaving on the 5th and I have no computer meaning no method of communication for when I'm in Europe and no way to do my school work. I called them again at which point they hung up on me, and/or transferred me to different people who had no idea what was going on. Again I was told numerous different stories (1) I had to pay for the part [I have 4-years complete accidental insurance, meaning I don't have to pay for anything] (2) the computer was shipped and they gave me a tracking number, the tracking number was from the previous year (3) DHL lost the computer and it was there fault (4) The computer had not been fixed and they were still waiting for a part...

Finally we had to get a lawyer involved and currently the story is that DHL has lost the computer (which is code for, we lost it but will not take responsibility for it) and they are sending me a replacement. Honestly I'd rather have the value of the computer and go to a more reliable, better company who doesn't have these kinds of problems. When spending time on the phone with DHL they said that this is rather a common occurace with DELL so tell me... Why do people continue to buy these computers? They are crap... Just my opinion.

Hopefully this "replacement" computer is better than the computer I had. If it isn't, there are going to be serious reprecussions with the company because they treat their customers like crap.

Jane A. Sirkoch from Renfrew, PA USA
Entry added: Thursday, January 10, 2008 at 15:17:17 (EST)

I have a "preferred" account with Dell. I purchased a new battery from them and charged it on my Dell card. The bill came due and I paid the entire balance the day it was due, leaving a zero balance. Two days later, they charged me $9.95 for a convenience fee. I just received my bill from them with a $9.95 balance due. They told me I was charged this fee because I paid my card on the day it was due, rather than 3 days before the due date. What!!!!!!!!!?????? I spoke to customer service in India where they credited my account for the $9.95. I also told them to cancel my card, which they did. I will NEVER purchase a Dell computer again. I will select another brand or use an Abicus before I will EVER buy a Dell again. I hope the $9.95 fee was worth them loosing my business.

Jane A. Sirkoch

Shelly G. from Chandler, AZ USA
Entry added: Wednesday, January 09, 2008 at 00:29:46 (EST)

Does anyone know of a local atty who has handled these cases against Dell. It's a violation of the magmuson-moss warrenty act that protects consumers from companies that do not honor their warrenties by not fixing or replacing defective equipment after a reasonable amount of attemts to do so. Also, if there isn't a seperate price for the item on the sales receipt it is a part of the whole package.

Don’t invest in a Dell

I bought a very expensive lap top from Dell (gotta have one, right?) I spent $1600 for a system with all the bells and whistles -duel processors, blue tooth, upgraded wireless card, lojac, sophisticated media package, DVD burner, exterior dvd controls, Windows Vista and a printer/scanner/photo maker/copier.

They were so proud to offer 30 day unlimited software support. So I utilized that probably 10 phone calls. One in particular was because I couldn't get the bottom line of a border to print. I'm not kidding, the phone call for this one issue took over an hour, the low level tech support/moron had to consult with a medium level support moron and they came up with this "That is not something that word can do!" ARE YOU FN KIDDING ME???????? So I continued to try to trouble shoot this myself, and discovered that you have to put the setting of the border to be 3 cm from the text as opposed to 3 cm from the edge of the paper. DUH!!!! I'm a nail tech for crying out loud! , and I figured it out. It's not even listed as a issue in the online manual / help. And yes, they had access to my computer to try to figure that out. Dear God, what if you have a real issue...

So I did end up with a more difficult issure. My wireless card discontinued working about May (2 mos after I got the computer) To date I have spent 8 hours over the course of 7 phone calls "trouble shooting: ie: being trained by support staff to do their job" I have been shuffled from software tech support to hardware tech support and even had one of their cronies come out to replace the wireless and the thing still doesn't work!!! Their next line of defense is to re-install windows, but it will "erase all my files". OK, let's do that?!?!?!?!? WTF??? So now for them to continue trouble shooting and the trouble shooting just goes on and on and on and a bad nightmare. You would think they would take the computer in, back up all my files and reinstall the fn thing themselves? Nope, this is a trouble shooting game. I have to get an external hard drive or 4 mg flash drive to back up my own files so they can play around more on my computer.

To add insult to injury, my made of cheap ass plastic printer/scanner/picture maker, copier has been replaced twice, the color cartridge won't go in, and now it can't communicate with the computer at all even for black and white printing which is the only available print color I have access to. Luckily two seperate "tech/moron tech supports verified that I do indeed have the correct print cartridge. "Because of all your trouble we are going to send you a new printer that is upgraded!" YAHOO, it arrives. It's the same printer, only REFURBISHED (that's what the fine print warrenty states. If we sent you new crap that doesn't work, we will replace it with used crap, that doesn't work either. The new one still doesn't work, in fact it's the one that quit responding wtih the computer, or is it the computer? Who knows? The printer support people are different than the software support people. So I have to call them. AGAIN!!!!

So since I used the support line so often during that first 30 days, I thought it best that I purchase 3 more incidents for $120. Good job, they don't even know what the hell they are talking about. Remember, I just got this computer in March.

I receive "how are we doing?" emails. "You are doing shitty", I reply. A high level tech support person sent me an e-mail "taking ownership of this issue and will see it to it's conclusion. When is a good time to call you to trouble shoot some more becuase you surely don't have anything else to do." I wrote back that I have been more than patient in being trained to fix my own computer and that I wanted them to take it and fix it and return it.." She wrote back, "that is a hardware issue, I must have misunderstood. Here is the number for the hardware department." ARRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!

Finally as of last week, my computer has started running slower than the first computer I ever had. What happened to that " you really should get a duel processor, it will make your computer lightening fast!" Not anymore, the entire computer is falling apart!

In conclusion, I have a printer that won't print, an upgraded wirelss card that doesn't work, a slow computer which adds up to muy frustration. Off to Data Doctors I will go.

If I knew where the Dell offices were I would march in with my sub-standard piece of crap computer and printer and throw it threw the window like the old lady in the old discount tire commercials. However this is the next best thing. Spread the word if you will. If you have a Dell and you like it, good for you. Otherwise, I'm sure this is not an isolated story! Pass it along if you like, I'm going to try to post this everywhere I can. I'm so angry!!!

Oh, and all the tech support is outsourced to "stupid land anywhere but america" "hey, we only make 10 cents an hour, we HAVE to keep you on the phone for hours so we can feed our families!"

Whatever, DELL SUCKS!!!!

Suvigya Prakash from New Delhi, ND India
Entry added: Friday, January 04, 2008 at 13:38:32 (EST)


I ordered a new inspiron 1530 a couple of days back for INR 73000 approx. I sent them the payment through bank draft. All this time i was continuously checking the courier delivery status. I contacted Dell executive about the payment/DD receiving and confirmation of the order. She told me they have not received the demand draft. When i told her that the same has been delivered 24 hours ago at Dell she asked me for 1 hour time to confirm after which i was not contacted the whole day. In the evening i got a mail from the same executive stating that the draft was accepted by her team manager on her behalf and is now missing. I replied to them thats it's not my fault if draft is missing and asked them to quickly finish their search so that the order can be confirmed and i can recieve the system on time. After about one hour i recieved a mail from the team manager stating that he can't help on this situation, they are searching the draft and will call me in two hours. I waited, i am waiting while writing this post but no call or mail is recieved uptill now.

While i was reading this blog i found out that the names of the representative as quoted here in another post is just the same.

God knows what is coming up next. Will keep everyone posted.



Sandy Peterson from Buena Park, CA USA
Entry added: Wednesday, January 02, 2008 at 20:33:44 (EST)

Okay. Where do I start? I purchased my Dell 6 months ago. Right before Christmas, I went to use my computer and the monitor was black and there was no noise coming from the tower (the power light was flashing amber as well). I called tech support in India; spoke to this idiot for 1 hour. I was at the end of my rope and asked her to call me back in the morning. Well, they didn't call back as promised, so we called them. They had my husband take the cover off the tower and remove some things, plug them back in, power on, power off (this took about 1 hr 20 min). So now, after 1 hr the night before and then another 1hr 20 min, they determined it was a bad mother board and power supply. They were going to ship the PARTS to me. On the Wednesday after Christmas, I received a call from a tech they dispatched that they had the PART, not PARTS. They only shipped the mother board. I called Dell and spent another hour on the phone, getting transferred from placed to place and never getting a straight answer as to why they didn't ship the power supply (which got replaced today). The so-called "Senior Techs" in India are nothing more than help-desk idiots reading instructions from a sheet of paper. They don't know there ass from a hole in the ground.

To make matters worse, I had purchased a new Dell for my grandkids for Christmas. After this experience, I called customer service and told them to pick the dam thing up. And when they asked me why, I totally went off and told them I should not be the one disassembling my tower and trouble-shooting it when I have in-home service. I further went on telling them I was sick and tired of talking to a bunch of morons in India.

Dell truly sucks.

N Malathi from Anantapur, India
Entry added: Thursday, December 27, 2007 at 06:29:39 (EST)

I had such an experience with dell that now I want an Injunction in court restraining DELL from doing business in India

I sent my cheque on 3 dec(all dates 2007). they received it on 5th but goofed as 7th (Ramya R extn8937 beware of this one) The order was for Dell Inspiron 1420 at 43k rupees They placed the order on 7th dec and i happened to notice price drop by 2k in base price

Asked them for refund.. they cunningly mislead me on a possible refund and got the cheque cleared 11 dec She redirected me to deal with it myself with customer care.. taken me 3 days to fully comprehend their fraud

I promptly cancelled my order escalating on her and asked for full refund Ashish Kumar sales manager agreed to refund and put the ball in John L customer care specialist court This fellow demanded 15 working days time to do this When I wanted to know why so long? afterall they build and ship the product out of factory in 1 day - lightening speed - he threatened me that if I want it then this is how long it takes

I allowed him 10 days and to my shock got a call from Neha dell reg. basic installation on 24 dec 2007 I realised they never updated dell's system of cancellation and are illegally using my money for their business enhancement - blatant fraud

I escalated again to Daljit S and marked a CC to a media channel
This fellow said the usual sorry - never made his jr. say that - these guys seem organised in their fraud.. he kept me waiting for the refund and went into no response mode

Now I want to tame the tiger by its neck mailing everyone possible
Do not deal with Dell . Hell has outsourced its work to dell



Do it If you Know It from San Jose, CA USA
Entry added: Wednesday, December 26, 2007 at 06:31:09 (EST)

Well.. People here are some questions that you need to ask yourself before you buy any PC.

1. What kind of computer you want?
2. What does the computer that you are about to order have?
3. What is the warranty?
4. [**Important**] What does that warranty mean..?
5. Am I good or at least aware of the stuff that my computer have..?
6. What do you know about OS?[U needn't be a geek 4 this]
7. What softwares do you want?[Cuz PC providers install heck of trials]

As a common man I did my job as Record Maintenance Executive in my office and the only PC that I know was an IBM with some Linux based software. When I planned to buy a new one for myself I prepared to deal with any kind of shi*t pertaining to it. I didn't go to any training or any thing I just started playing around with an old tower [It doesn't mean that everyone should do it and depends on the resources and your interest again]. Along working carefully with my DELL DIMENSION 8400 I aslo worked with another local assembled PC. And finally I made myself that the PC Tower is not a MODEM and modem is something inside the computer or given by comcast or roadrunner. During the course of usage I got to know these basics like a system needs following components to run : A processor, A RAM, A Hard Drive and a Motherboard and power for all of these.

Now I got an XPS 410 and that did give me some troubles but that werent that much painful. I knew that I'm going to speak to chinese or Indian or Filippino reps. And for the very reason that our Big Guns outsourced their business to them to save good amount of dollars, I never created any complex situations.

And as a fact If I wouldn't have been that conscious or self interested I would also have felt like I'm cheated or I got a LEMON or something. The bottom line is DELL sells stuff. And the calls that Dell get from is 5% off the customers that it has sold to. So.. again its up to you whether to be in 5% or 95%..

Andrew Werdean from Chandler, AZ USA
Entry added: Thursday, December 20, 2007 at 13:43:04 (EST)

DELL From Hell!!!! 12/20/07

I bought a Dell Computer on November 2nd 2007. I have been on the phone with Dell 21 times for over 13 hours, have had a service tech at my home twice for more than 7 hours, 3 shipments of parts, and one replacement computer and I still do not have a working computer. My computer(s) have never had an operating bluetooth keybord and mouse from the day I made purchase. I have communicated my concerns with the "resolutions dept" and the they simply want to waste more time on the phone trying to "fix" the problem, this after more that 4 differant Dell techs say it can't be fixed, it needs to be replaced. I have no choice now but to go to the leagle dept and sue Dells Ass!!

Here is the Address for some of you that will need it if you buy a DELL computer (it will save you hours of time)

Dell Inc.
Leagle Dept.
Customer Resolution Center
1 Dell Way
Roundrork TX 78682

Good Luck!!!

Tina Pellerito from St.Louis, MO USA
Entry added: Friday, December 14, 2007 at 21:03:13 (EST)

Hello, I have a dell Inspron 531S and I payed good money for my computer. I have had it Since July o7. i was so Proud of my New Dell.
But the thing always rang SLOW and I could never figure out why. But I heard that Windows Vista computers are slow.If I would of known that I wouldn't have bought it. So anyway, It is now Dec.14,2007 and about a week ago I couldn't even get on my Computer i was fureous. I called Dell and told them that I couldn't even get on my computer, could you please send someone to my house to take a look at it because i am on warrinty til 2010. She said I will but first you will have to Open up your tower so we can trouble shoot it. I said,Mam I got know anything about computers. She said sorry but that is the only way I will be able to send a Technion out to your house. Then I got real mad, and said if you don't send a tach. out here I am going to put my Dell back in the boxes and ship it back to you... she said sorry you can't do that we will not accept it back.(Buy this time I was fumming, So I had to go into my tower and unscrew it go inside of it didn't know what the hell I was looking at...She had me unplug some wires (I hope they were the right ones) and then she came to the cunclusion that it was the Motom... (How she came up with that I'll never know) Then I had to Wait 5 Days for a tech. to come out to my house. And you know what the kicker is I'm still having trouble with it.I could call them and tell them, but they'll just send me somewhere in china for them people to talk to me and Hell I can't even understand them..(So why bother) So Yea I am Lokking to trade this computer in for a different one Because this one isnt working right. And I'm telling you Dell is not what it is craked up to be. I Will NEVER BUY ANOTHER DELL WINDOWS VISTA....................

Dr K Rameash from Gangtok, India
Entry added: Saturday, December 01, 2007 at 02:57:10 (EST)

DELL India throws bull**** on customers

I have ordered Dell Inspiron 1520 Notebook on 6.11.2007 and paid Rs. 42,650 through credit card on the same day. I was informed that the notebook will be delivered before 27.11.2007

I used to check the order status online. But the order status has not been updated since 8.11.2007. I enquired the concerened Sales Account Manager via email regarding my order status on 9th, 11th and 19th of this month. She has not responded to mail. I had called her over telephone four times. She has not given proper answer. Then, I have sent an email to DELL Sales Manager and he has also not responded.

On 26.11.07, I called the Customer care and enquired about my order. They informed that due to some money transaction problem the invoice is not ready and they are not sure about the delivery date.

I have sent a Fax to Mr. Ashish Kumar, DHS Sales Manager, Dell India regarding the issue. I think he had thrown my fax in the dust bin. I tried by email, phone and FAX. Nobody cared. After getting money from customer, they are thinking he is rubbish. Really I feel frustrated; My experience with DELL India is very much frustrating. I am regretting for my order with DELL.

J Renai from Princeton, NJ USA
Entry added: Wednesday, November 28, 2007 at 09:29:52 (EST)

I bought one of the top of the line the Dell Dimension 9100 last year. It was the first computer I bought from Dell and also the worst experience I had. I had in my past 20 years purchased multiple computers from Compaq, HP, Gateway, etc. but I never experienced such a large number of compoenents failure during this short period of time. The fan, the DVD RW, the CD-ROM, the faults with the motherboard, the power supply, and the dual processors sometimes freeze everything for a minute or two, and you can go on and on. I have spent the extra money to buy components such as external DVD/CD as a remedy but now I am looking to buy another computer from other vendors. I will recommend everyone I know to not buy Dell because they don't make quality computers these days.

Tim H from CA USA
Entry added: Tuesday, November 27, 2007 at 13:15:40 (EST)

DELL SUCKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Purchased a Dell 2400 in LATE 2002 for my wife, only had one problem and tech support was great and the computer works great for her.

I purchased a Dell 8400 in 2006 what a piece of junk! Never worked correctly. First the dual tuner card never worked. Then the fan crapped out. Then two power supplies! Then the motherboard!.

Not one person in tech support can speak english!!!

After spending countless hours on the phone and making payments with a Dell account for a over priced pile of junk, I told them where to stick it until they either sent the parts or a service tech to fix the junk 8400.

Dell didn't do anything but report a 30 day late pay on my credit report!

I have so much good credit it dosen't matter, but you screw me, I'm going to screw you! You will never get another penny out of me!

Dell is outsourcing all there manufacturing and tech support to other countries. I hope you go bankrupt, you greeding non-American Bums!

If your thinking about buying Dell's over priced crap, you had better read the reviews on the internet. Wish I had taking the time to do so.

Doesn't Matter from Doesn't matter, MO USA
Entry added: Friday, October 19, 2007 at 16:18:07 (EDT)

A few things that I found to make your Dell experience go better.

1)Order in plenty of time! Don't wait until the day before and expect the order cause you won't get it

2)Have a dedicated rep! It's best if when you call into sales and you get a rep that is states bound work with them from that point on!Get their direct information and if you have problems give them a call! They sold it to you so they better know what's going on!

3)Which I suggest this best practice before purchasing anything! Know exactly what you want. Do your research before buying!
Know the geek squad terminology! If you already know it good! Just make sure with Dell you review the order with your rep before letting them place the order. Review your order as soon as it's placed to reduce the chances of your order showing up wrong. Now I know it is the reps responsibility to be precise and correct so don't get me wrong. I am just saying cover your bases.

4)Next time you have a tech support issue. I found it alot easier to go directly to my rep and ask for their help first 9 out of ten times if you have a dedicated rep they will help you with the situation.

5)Last but not least; You know I am a consumer and can totally relate to all the bad remarks that are being posted but, Dell is not the only disappointment in the consumer market. Even the companies you completely have trusted for years are in the news recalling products that were produced in China that are threating the lives of children to product misrepresentation. So point is we as consumers know in the world we live in we must be extra careful period. I have had the same bad experience with hp and their techsupport being outsourced. So Dell isn't the only PC company practicing outsourcing HP is too!

Phillip Seager from Lovelock, NV USA
Entry added: Saturday, October 06, 2007 at 13:31:05 (EDT)

I work for a school district in Nevada and have a home business as well. For the last 6 years the district has purchased over 300 Dell desktops, monitors and laptops. During this period of time, we have had only 2 computers with any problems from the start. We run our machines 24/7 5 days a week with very few problems. We have had a motherboard failure with only 8 and response from Tech support has always been quick, friendly and reliable.

In my home business, I own 4 desktops and 3 printers and they ALL work wonderfully well. Absolutely NO PROBLEMS and they run 24/7.

My only "bad" experience with Dell has been with their Financial Services messing up my business account; other than that the overall experience with Dell has been wonderful!!!

Peter Saueracker from Pasadena, CA USA
Entry added: Tuesday, August 28, 2007 at 11:55:41 (EDT)

I bought a DELL Inspiron 1501 laptop. It had problems the day I got it in the mail. I spent hours and hours on the tech line with DELL trying to fix all them all. In the end, there was a fatal timing error in the main processor, although there were other problems that DELL said were not caused by this. Finally, DELL gave up and sent a replacement.
The second 1501 also had problems. I wasted as much as 5 hours a week on the phone with DELL. After 2 weeks, I sent the second one back and washed my hands of DELL.
I quickly bought a new computer(from another manufacturer)with far more capabilities and never had another problem again. The new one has a pleasure to use.
DELL's poor technical support (unable to fix problems) and unprofessional attitude came as quite a surprise to me. I expected a good experience with DELL and was sorely disappointed.
I would never recommend a DELL product to anyone. Although I was profoundly dissatisfied with the technical problems the Inspirons suffered right from the get go, the bad attitude displayed by DELL was unprofessional and inexcusable. When you buy a computer, you are buying more than the hardware. You are also buying the support and professionalism. DELL's marks on all three rate a failing grade.

John Harvey from Nottingham, United Kingdom
Entry added: Friday, July 27, 2007 at 07:18:47 (EDT)

Well, seems like I've been quite lucky really!!!

Dell Financial Services.., hmmm.., what a bunch of AR******S!!!

I unlike virtually everyone else hasn't bought a Dell product and for one good reason - Dell Financial Services.

Deciding to take advantage of the free finance available I decided to purchase a Dell laptop. After an online application a phone call resulted and the forms were sent through for me to fax back.., "great" I thought. I was at work the following week and am generally very busy, so thought I will deal with this soon as I can, but definitely the following weekend. This was obviously not quick enough for the foreign call centre who then proceeded to call me at home on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, called my workplace on Wednesday and me at work on Thursday to remind me of this. By Thursday, I'd had enough and promptly told them to stick their finance and their laptop where the sun doesn't shine.

Thank god I'm lazy.., bullet dodged!

Unlucky the rest of you, but some advice for you guys in the UK:

Should you have any problems with delivered computers consult Trading Standards, Consumer Advice @ Consumer Direct and the Sale of Goods Act 1979. Keep all correspondence and packaging for your computer and do not open anything you don't have to to check that the main system works. Also act quickly, send correspondence by recorded delivery to the registered head office of companies particularly in the case of returns. You do have good protection and rights, do not try and fix anything yourself and do not ACCEPT faulty goods, you have the right to reject them for a full refund, picked up at the cost of the Seller.

I have had experiences before regarding computers and have played the game above. It may take time and effort, but in the end they can't dodge the law.

Best of luck to you all and sorry about the essay, but hope it's useful.


Tjomsland from Encinitas, CA USA
Entry added: Sunday, July 22, 2007 at 16:10:16 (EDT)

My entire company runs on Dells and has for years. Not one has ever had any kind of problem. That is approximately 25 at this time. Plus I own a new, within the last 9 months, laptop for my personal use and I am typing this experience on my Dell Dimension 4400, 5 year old, desktop. No problems, what can I say?

Never Again Dell from Royal Palm Beach, FL USA
Entry added: Friday, July 13, 2007 at 12:10:36 (EDT)




Grizz from Lindenhurst, NY USA
Entry added: Friday, July 06, 2007 at 14:35:36 (EDT)


Trying to get Parts/Service/Rebates OR a LIVE person that speaks ENGLISH or that YOU can understand WITHOUT being hung up on or being transferred out of existence is next to IMPOSSIBLE with this company.

And GOD FORBID that you are a day late making a payment and have the misfortune of getting involved with DELL Financial Services.. they WILL call you 15 times a day..never leave a message..put you on hold hell and then hang up on you.

They are VERY rude,agressive,dont give a damn about their customers, dont listen and ONLY know how to ask what bank do you use and what's your checking account number so that I can do YOU a favor.. and you can pay me now !!

Several times I've really wished that I could put my fist through the phone,grab 'Habeeb' by the throat and beat the bejesus out of him..yes MY experiences with DELL were a total NIGHTMARE !!

So take it from someone thats been there and already done that and do yourself a VERY BIG FAVOR.. DON'T BUY A DELL !!

patrick gilbert from twin falls, ID USA
Entry added: Monday, June 04, 2007 at 18:16:59 (EDT)

4 years ago i purchased a insiron 1150 for $1100.00
after paiing on my account every month for 3 years
my new bill is $2900.00
now i am having this 1-800-443-1638 number calling me up to 15 times a day.
the warrantee that i had with it was for in home repair.
i tried to use it after the motherboard failed.
they told me to send it in and i would get it back in 3 months.
if you have to get a dell dont finance it and just pass on all of the extras.
dell was at one time a good company but now they outsource all of there finance and colection centers.

Andy from San Diego, CA USA
Entry added: Sunday, June 03, 2007 at 16:54:53 (EDT)

I spent $400 fixing my $850 XPS M140. I told them I have problems with my battery- how its not charging, my dvd rom-it stopped burning, and my LCD. It hasnt been a year yet, but the system wont work properly. They are cool with it, telling me they'll send me another one. I thought it came with my 1 year warranty, but NO, I was charged for all of them. They send me refurbished ones. They charge everything. Even a bootable CD because Fn + F11 stopped working. Dell products are crap. They wont last. It's unreliable. If you dont believe me, use it for more than a year.

Shantrice Turner from Troy, AL USA
Entry added: Wednesday, May 23, 2007 at 12:23:43 (EDT)

I use Dell computers almost everywhere I go at school, my sister's, and at my friends house. Eventhough I haven't already had an account with them I would like to apply now because to make it easier for me I need a computer at my own house.

Steve D from Platteville, WI USA
Entry added: Monday, May 07, 2007 at 09:45:07 (EDT)

We purhcased about 20 Dell 1700, 3000 and 3100 printers a couple of years ago when they first came out and offered great pricing. In the end it seems that we got what we paid for.
A few 3100 printers needed maintenance before the warranty period expired, but mMost of the printers lasted until shortly after their warranty expired. Then they started having frequent paper jams, dropping off the network and needed to be restarted or just not printing anything for no apparante reason until they were powered off/on. Most of the 1700 printers have given fair performance and reliability, but 3000 and 3100 printers are EXTREMELY below average.

Unlike the many HP printers we have, we are unable to purchase maintenance kits for the Dell printers. IF there is a way to get them we haven't found it. We have similar HP printers that are two or three years older than the Dells and still working fine. The Dell printers need to be replaced as soon as we start our next fiscal year.
We have had good luck with Dell desktops and laptops, but have decided to stay far away from their printers.

John from Neveda, CT USA
Entry added: Monday, March 19, 2007 at 01:57:52 (EDT)

An Open Letter to DELL
March 15th, 2007
We, 17 Chinese consumers across China who have been infringed by DELL¡¯s ¡°Processor Swap¡± conduct, have united and organized a class action against DELL. On March 15th, the World Consumer Rights Day, we publicize the following open letter to DELL:

From the legal standing point, it is a breach of contract rather than so called work mistake when the notebook computers provided by DELL have different processors from that stipulated in the advertisement and purchase orders, and there is no evidence showing DELL¡¯s breach of contract is a result of work mistake.

Although DELL has not clearly indicated the virtualization technology of computer with T2300 processor in its advertisement, it does not equal to this computer does not have virtualization technology; it does not equal to the consumers do not need virtualization technology; and it does not equal to DELL has the right to use a computer without virtualization technology to substitute for computer with virtualization technology. It is obvious that DELL has breached the contract by arbitrarily changing the processors in the computers customized by consumers. And according to the verification of INTEL, there is a prices difference of USD 32 between T2300 processor and T2300E processor on the INTEL price list. DELL has hitherto not revealed on court the actual purchase prices of these two above-mentioned processors, which is not only an evasion of price difference, but also the deprivation of consumers¡¯ rights to learn the truth. Therefore, DELL has the motive and economic purpose of intentionally defrauding the Chinese consumers.

No matter the court has ruled the case as breach of contract or business fraud, DELL shall make refund to the returned notebook computers in a reasonable, effective and fast manner, as well as undertake corresponding legal responsibilities.

As for our consumers, we request DELL to present an objective, justified and sincere reply, and a reasonable and legitimate solution to this case.

The requests are:
1. Dell to publicize an official apology on the mainstream Chinese media to all the consumers with DELL ¡°Processor Swap¡± notebook computers;
2. DELL to proactively contact consumers with DELL ¡°Processor Swap¡± notebook computers and retrieve the concerned computers, make full refund and undertake all related expenses;
3. DELL to compensate consumers for all costs and losses occurred in the process of maintaining legal rights.
The Chinese consumers need respect but not deception or fraud!

If DELL adheres stubbornly to errors, we will not only continue our legal actions, but also disclose DELL¡¯s despicable demeanor to the international societies. And the Chinese consumers will send a letter of protest to the President and CEO of DELL during his visit to China!

DELL is going farther and father away from the Chinese consumers.

All members of class action against DELL for its ¡°Processor Swap¡± conduct

This open letter is carbon copied to Dell (China) Co., Ltd. and its PR company.

Dan Benbow from San Francisco, CA USA
Entry added: Wednesday, March 07, 2007 at 23:18:30 (EST)

DELL sucks so bad it's hard to put it all into words. I've been without a computer for over two weeks because my computer won't boot, and all they tell me after I wait a half-hour on hold is that I should wipe everything off and re-install the original programs. No one there will get a manager when you ask for one, and they REFUSE to send anyone out, though the reps on the phone are incompetent. I really, really wish there were a class action lawsuit with momentum. They have given me the worst customer service I've ever had in my life.

Chris C. from Pikeville, KY USA
Entry added: Wednesday, March 07, 2007 at 09:29:24 (EST)

I have the same problem that alot of people have in that Dell Finacial keeps calling me before 9AM, what gets me is the fact that I have never bought nor will i ever by from these people. They keep calling look for someone with my name but a different middle name I have told them repeatedly that the person that they are looking for does not now nor have they ever lived here but they just keep calling well they called again this morning and after the person said who they were I let them have it I told them the same thing I had before and that if they called back I was calling my lawyer and I hung up on them, I then called the number back and told them the same thing and the person said that I wouldn't be called again and when I tried to make sure that he took me off of their call list he hung up on me. I agree with most of the rest of you Dell has gone downhill in a dragster lately. I was lucky enough to find a compaq and have to know how to work on it myself.... It was the same 1-800-443-1638 number that I've noticed that everyone is getting calls from maybe my next post will be that I've had to sue Dell and I'll be telling you all how much money I'll get but judging from the rebate problems I doubt that I ever see a dime of that money

Thanks for letting me vent

Paul Grinstead from Madison, WI USA
Entry added: Monday, February 26, 2007 at 14:54:28 (EST)

I've had it with Dell. In August of 2005, I bought a computer with a $100 rebate. I sent the rebate in (exactly as they directed) shortly thereafter, but the rebate check never arrived. I contacted Dell, was told to send the forms again, which I again did exactly as directed. I still didn't get the rebate. I contacted Dell again and they told me to submit the forms electronically that time. Of course, same result as before. Since then, I have contacted Dell 20+ times trying to sort this matter out. I have used email, online forms, phonecalls to various numbers, even Dell's online blog. Mostly they just ignore me, but I did have two different people tell me on the phone that my rebate would arrive in 30 days. Of course, it never arrived. I've given Dell every opportunity to make good on this situation. I've begun contacting my state Attorney General, the Better Business Bureau, consumer protection organizations, and local politicians. Whether or not I ever get the money, I'm never buying from Dell again.

Wesley C from Essex, United Kingdom
Entry added: Thursday, January 25, 2007 at 18:04:11 (EST)

Hello people.

I have spent over £3000 on a new Dell XPS700 with all the trimmings and feel like a stupid hobbit. The first computer came out the box and i thought OMG it is awsome. Once setup the first thing my lovly XPS700 did was blue screen. immmm i thought that should not happen, i better phone the help line....

bring bring bring... (20mins later) Sir its something that you have installed... (but i have only just got it and turned it on)

NO SIR ITS A SOFTWARE ERROR.. UNINSTALL THE SOFT WARE THAT YOU HAVE INSTALLED... immm but you have installed the software.. 50 mins later they understood that I have only just received the XPS700 and turned it on.

Now im stupid when it comes to the inside's of computers, as if i wasn't i would of brought the bits and built it myself at a third of the cost (right?) Right.

Now dell tech support are on the phone getting me to take out hard drives, Graffic Cards, Sound Cards, installing drivers, Windows..... at my cost.. After 6 hours of talking and pluging things in that I have no idea what they do, they deside to send me another XPS700... hehe great!

Immmmm no not so great, 3 weeks later and another day off work I unbox... same fault.... this goes on....4 weeks later XPS700 No3 arrives.... same fault...... XPS700 No4 arrives same fault out the box. By now i am very pissed off and want my money back as this is a joke what is the problem?

I asked a friend from Central Computers UK to have a look at it for me as I work for his Dad, The first thing that he said to me Laughing was "Why The F*"k" have you got XP Home Edition installed in this machine???? It does not work with Duel Cards, Duel Processors and all the other C""P that you have in here.

I presented this to Dell Customer services who where shocked... Yeah Right, and i was put throught to technial support. They confurmed this error and the website changed the next day.. But i still had broken computers and a direct debit coming out of my account!

After another long talk with dell the promiced to get me another computer set out, "Better than what I had ordered" and with Media Centre Installed and VISTA FREE WHEN IT COMES OUT!

Great I thought! Thank you Dell... i am on a winner!


My new XPS710 arrives... immm lets have a look! I opened the box and the first thing I see is.. XP HOME EDITION sticker on the top? so I then open the side to see what goodies dell have given me... WoooW None they have left out my nice 8800 Cards and replaced them with One 7950GX2.... and istead of my nice 500x2 hard drives i have one 160g one!

Thanks Dell!

On the phone again to dell and there answer is take the old ones to peaces and built the computer that "Dell was meant to Build".

As for my Media Center/Vista upgrade FREE OF CHARGE.. They want £45.00 postage for it, even though it was there mistake.

As of now, I am using my old PC to wright this message as the other one Blue Screen's after about 10mins of being on, I have been playing now for 6 months and still no working PC for my money but they have collected the others!

I have spent over £60 in phone calls to dell, countless hours on email, and days off work so they can collect there broken computers.

There adverts SAY BUILT FOR YOU!

They must really hate me

If anyone reading this works for DELL, please Kill Your Self you evil scum of the earth..

Will O from Castro Valley, CA USA
Entry added: Wednesday, January 24, 2007 at 23:02:46 (EST)

I used to love Dell. My last two laptops BOTH required replacement hard drives just after the warranty expired. Pretty lame!

Customer service is absolutely appallingly bad.

It'll be a long time before I buy a Dell again. They have fallen fast and hard.

Michael Echols from Fort Washington, MD USA
Entry added: Monday, January 22, 2007 at 13:34:21 (EST)

Dell used to be the number 1 computer compay to me. Now that they have changed their products development and manufacturing, they may be the worst. I bought a printer and had to do three seperate returns for them to get me the product that I was paying for. Dell does not seem to care what their clients think about them and is doing whatever they can to cut costs. The India based customer service is terrible. Don't buy Dell - they are not really American after all!

Pam Denverson from Hartford, CT USA
Entry added: Wednesday, January 17, 2007 at 12:47:09 (EST)

Dell sucks. I had two Dell desktops, and they both flaked out. I spent over 500 dollars at best buy trying to fix one and it crashed again three days later only to never turn on again. After that one I got my hands ona new one and it claims not to have a sound card when in fact it does. Then the thing crashed and I lost 10GB's of hard work that was supposed to be published.

I am definitly not working with Dell ever again.Not when I have important work and have to worry about losing it any second.

Portia53 from Lancaster, PA USA
Entry added: Wednesday, January 10, 2007 at 18:25:18 (EST)

I have bought two DELL Laptops - an Inspiron 8200 (five years ago) and an Inspiron 1705 (6 months ago. I loved my last one and love this one. Yes, they have accents on the other end of the phone - but hey so do members of my family - get over it; that's the new world economy. DELL support isn't the only company contracting out support services. My set up issues and minor issues that occurred with loading software and adding hardware were solved quickly and efficiently. I like DELL>

Unsatisfied Dell Customer from USA
Entry added: Thursday, January 04, 2007 at 23:34:16 (EST)

I bought a Dell Inspiron 1000. It was supposed to be a 599.00 deal and I paid cash. However, 1000.00 later I received my Dell.

I've had this computer for 3 years and in that 3 years I've had a new hard drive (twice), a new motherboard, a new disc drive, a new power source, and it's broken again.

It takes me ages to get to speak to someone who can understand my problem and the last guy asked me to go 'buy some tools and take my computer apart'. I'm not sure why I spent the extra 300.00 on a warrany when I can't get someone to speak enough English to just send it in for repair.

I'm soon to trash this one and get a new Toshiba.

This one sucks!

dan jones from layton, UT USA
Entry added: Monday, January 01, 2007 at 09:06:51 (EST)

I am in the middle east and I bought a dell laptop on line with my account and the web site said NO INTEREST for 1 year. When the laptop showed up I could not find the NO INTEREST deal anywhere. When I contacted Dell, they said it applied to another model. I know damn good and well what I ordered and what applied. They are scamming people with offers and then backing out.
Has anyone else had this happen ?? I think a class action is in order.

Cindy from Grandview, IA USA
Entry added: Friday, December 29, 2006 at 11:45:11 (EST)

In my experience with DELL, they are a big joke. The technicians can't/won't help you fix a problem. My computer has been down for over 3 months and still they claim my warranty can't cover it. I'd like to know how a major company like DELL can afford to screw over its customers so easily and not blink an eye. They like to blame the problem on "environmental issues." I mean what in my environment can ruin a computer...I'm still alive right? SO IF ANYONE READS THIS...WITH ANY COMMON SENSE...LISTEN TO MY WARNING DON'T BUY DELL. SOONER OR LATER THEY WILL SCREW YOU TOO.

Zack from Gainesville, FL USA
Entry added: Wednesday, December 27, 2006 at 21:56:34 (EST)

Hey, Zack again. I posted here a while back; you can see that post if you scroll down for a bit. Anyhow, my Inspiron 700m is still going strong after a year of moderate use -- including being lugged around from class to class for a couple semesters. Nary a problem with it. The Dimension is working fine as well, although it hasn't seen much use lately.

I do have to say though, after doing a little shopping around for HDTVs, Dell doesn't seem to be the way to go. Panasonic has better looking plasmas for cheaper. But Dell was never who I went to for TVs anyway.

I said it in my last post and I'll say it again: if you have a laptop, expect your hard drive to fail, and quickly. Since the HD for this sucker is about a year old now (it is slightly younger than the laptop itself; see my other post), I'm getting in the habit of backing up its files pretty regularly. Eventually, the drive will fail, and I'll be ready to pop in a new one and restore my backed-up files. If you have a laptop you'd be wise to follow similar precautions. They have equipment these days that makes backing up your files as simple as literally pushing a button.

Paige from Birmingham, AL USA
Entry added: Monday, December 11, 2006 at 12:39:01 (EST)

Dell has to have the worst customer servce that I've ever encountered! Someone stole my credit card and purchased 5 computers from Dell for $750 some odd dollars. I tried to call Dell and report fraud charges but they kept transfering me to someone else who could help. I spent four hours on the phone trying to get someone to help me with this situation! Turns out the charges were never droped - so the theives ended up with their computers and I ended up trying to get my money back for five weeks. Dell is the worst when it comes to helping people against the identity theift. I would recomend that everyone take their business elsewhere! They dont even have a land line for the FRAUD DEPARTMENT! You have to go through e-mail - and it took about 27 emails from me to even get their attiton!!!


fuck you dell!

rachel terry from kernersville, NC USA
Entry added: Sunday, December 03, 2006 at 11:10:43 (EST)

Dell used to be an ideal company. I have been a Dell consumer for 10 years and have personally witnesses the internal sores that will adventually come to light and expose the nature of their own demise. Their quality and customers service has over the years been spiraling down and out of control. I advise all consumers to avoid dell and their continual plumit into the abiss. 10000 worth of dell products in my home that wouldn't buy crack on the streets! Complete disappointment and shame on you DELL for selling crap.

Eric from Bolton, CT USA
Entry added: Wednesday, November 29, 2006 at 00:18:16 (EST)

I have been using Dell laptop and desktop computers for over 8 years at work and 6 years at home. I'm currently typing this post on a 3 year old 5160 that I just renewed warranty on for another 3 years. I'm not so crazy about this model and would probably go for a system in their business line next time such as the Latitude 620 since it seems that the business systems are just more robust.

I would be lying if I were to say I never had a problem with my Dell systems, I certainly have. In fact here is a list of issues I have had on this very laptop:

1. I have had the disk drive replaced after the first year.
2. The motherboard was replaced at about year 2
3. The power adapter was replaced after about 2 years and I'm ready to replace it again.
4. The CD drive spontaneously ejects now, a nuisance but not a critical problem.
5. The sound cuts in and out now sometimes.

For many of the problems above that I called Dell support on, I had to speak with someone with a bad English accent too. But you know this is becoming more prevalent with my co-workers, where I buy my gas and when I meet clients for work. We will continue to interface with more people from other countries weather you like it or not, this is the reality of the world we live in today so start getting used to it and be a bit more patient. Someday you may be trying to speak Chinese with an angry customer, trying to support a family and make your quota to keep your job.

It is fair to say that the technical skills of those first line customer support folks is sub-par, but realize that they take thousands of calls an hour like yours and in most cases, the bonehead novice consumer just forgot to plug in the monitor or thought the CD player was a cup holder. If you patiently walk through the process, you will eventually reach someone that can effectively deal with your issue. It does require patience and there is room for improvement but this situation is the same most customer service centers that I have ever called. Dell is in the middle of the road I would say, not stellar but certainly not horrible.

With the last issue I had, I never talked to a person; I dealt with the tech support person only through a chat session. Although it took a bit longer than I would have liked for a conclusion to resolve the issue, I did save the frustration and time on the phone.

I do know people that work for Dell and have talked to them about the issues I have seen. They point out the overwhelming number of computers that they ship every day and just how few complaints there really are in comparison. It isn’t all that bad considering their volume. I'm not discounting the issues everyone on this forum has expressed, but I'm trying to put them into perspective.

Dell is solid company with strong values, consistent leadership and admirable success record, they will surely be around for many years to come. You get exactly what you pay for with them. Through all the problems I have had, they dealt with me in an adequate manor considering what I initially paid. The key thing I like about Dell is that I really did get what I paid for in the end. If I don't pay for the super service plan, well I can’t expect it. If I want the dirt bottom cheapest computer they have, well I can't expect much performance or reliability.

There is merit to all the issues that are posted here, don’t get me wrong these are all serious issues that effected you. But I would challenge you to look not at your issue by itself but how is the company addressing the systemic problem. If this company really didn't care, would they be interested in fixing anything? From what I read in the paper recently, they are investing millions to improve customer experience, this has to improve the situation. Meanwhile I see that Dells main competition is downsizing, outsourcing, cutting costs and is dealing with ethically questionable boardroom scandals. Just pointing out the facts here, but tell me; which of the companies would you want to place your money on?

And one more thing: I do own computers other than Dell’s. I periodically build “generic” computers that I pieced together from various sources. Let me tell you that it is a real pain to support a computer when you can’t call just one company to resolve, they are always blaming another component manufacturer. It may have taken some to resolve my Dell issues but this problem pales in comparison when you have to determine what vendor is causing your problem, figure out how to deal with their shoddy tech support if they happened to be in business still when you call them. Dell may have a few warts, but they are really not as bad as most alternatives…

Dennis from FL USA
Entry added: Sunday, November 19, 2006 at 18:27:52 (EST)

I recently purchased a Dell Dimension E510 and a 924 all-in-one printer. I have had no problems with the system as such (I purchased it on 7/30/06).

However, my printer displayed a "low ink" warning so I clicked on the link to order another cartridge from the Dell website. When it came to the part for "form of payment" I chose my Dell Preferred card. I got my ink cartridge alright and another desktop system and printer that I did not order!!

They did agree to refund every penny but the aggravation was just very disappointing. At first they tried to say that it was my fault. Finally, I talked to someone who agreed to send a shipping tag and I took it personally to a UPS shipping dock to get it out of my apartment.

Instead of risking another ink cartridge nightmare again, I decided to buy a generic refill kit and reuse the old cartridges. Now the printer says that it is an unsupported cartridge. The people at Dell are not sympathetic with my fear of ordering another ink cartridge from them. It is too late to return my printer. I guess I will just go out and buy one that will let me use generic and refilled cartridges.

They have been otherwise relatively helpful with solving my other problems with favorable results. I used to be a Gateway customer and maybe I should have stayed with them. The jury is still out so far.

I do agree that the tech support is time consuming and frustrating. I would like to speak to an American to solve the problems with my American made machine. I think everyone is outsourcing their tech support now though.

I don't think I will ever buy another Dell product!

Scooter Tag from NE USA
Entry added: Friday, November 10, 2006 at 02:35:13 (EST)

I bought a Dimention 8100 from HELL and I got a real good screwing for it. First the brand new $2200.00 computer shows up I hooked everything up as directed and the monitor shows a plug and play error. To make a long story short Dell screws me around with one lie after another for a month and that when I tell them to send me a new computer or take this piece of shit back and I wont pay them a dime. Needless to say they had all the parts to build me a new computer ( these were all the parts that were back ordered to repaire the piece of shit they sent me) and then they shipped me the computer. Here is were it gets good I spent a lot of money to buy a computer that would not be outdated the next day and it was. My 1.3G computer turned into a 2.4G the very next day after I recieved my replacment not to mention the replacment was missing some of the hardware I specified. Anyhow my new dell made it one year before my monitor craped out HELL replaced it with a less expencive refurbished monitor and then 6 months later it happened again and they went even cheeper this time. There award winning service sucks ass, because all of there tech support and customer service comes from Asia, Africa or somewere else overseas and unfortunatly the language barriers are real and make frustration even worse. I truelly fell sorry for the individuals that had to take my call. The morel of this story is that DELL(HELL) will screw you if given the chance and they dont care as long as they get your money.

Dan M from Harrisburg, PA USA
Entry added: Friday, November 03, 2006 at 12:33:12 (EST)

I have used Dell computers where I work and have had a good experience with them. However, all that changed when I bought a Dell desktop approx. 2 1/2 years ago. The model I bought (standard as advertised) had 128Megs of RAM with a 2.2Ghz processor. To my disappointment, I found that my 10 year old 433MHZ computer ran just as fast as the new Dell for start up and in many applications.

Contacting Dell they informed me that I shouldn't expect the computer to run any faster with only 128Megs of RAM. That is not how they advertised it. So I bought & added more RAM to correct the problem. Blowing off a lot of the junk that Dell adds also help to improve the speed.

Within the first week or so, I tried to use my CD drive but found that it was running too fast and was making noise. Because of my previous computer experience I submised that it was a defective drive. My first three calls to Dell tech support resulted in them directing me to make changes to the computers, audio setup files. I too was confounded with trying to speak with tech support personnel who's accents made them less than understandable most of the time. This seemed to temporarily fix the problem but it quickly returned. I finally convinced them that the CD drive needed replaced. They sent me a new (or reconditioned) drive to install. I did so and that problem went away.

Six months ago (warranty had expired) I started having trouble with the E172FPt 17" monitor going into what appeared to be "sleep mode." But moving the mouse did not turn it back on. I had to turn off the monitor and then turn it back on again to regain a screen image. Sometime I could go for a few days or even a week before the problem would occur again but it soon became more frequent. Within this past week, I started hearing an arcing noise coming from the monitor followed shortly by the monitor shutting down. Now it will not stay on.

I am attempting to repair the monitor myself since Dell will not acknowledge this obvious design defect. I am pessimistic about success since I doubt that I will be able to get repair parts from Dell.

After reviewing the similar experiences of others and adding my own experience with a Dell to the list, it is clear to see that customers and quality are not Job 1 at Dell. My next computer most assuredly will not be a Dell and in the interest of "truth in advertising" would recommend that Dell change their previous advertising slogan to "Dude....your getting screwed!"

John S from USA
Entry added: Thursday, November 02, 2006 at 05:31:53 (EST)

Just buy a Dell, or have one that is sluggish? Get rid of all the crap software pre-loaded on your Dell in one simple step. This program is free and written buy a guy that was brave enough to step to the plate to remove all the CRAP that has constipated your Dell Machine! (you cant hold it in forever):

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C. Cooper from Indian Head, MD USA
Entry added: Thursday, October 26, 2006 at 09:48:36 (EDT)

I ordered software from Dell in July 06, to this day I have never received this software, they are telling me that it was downloaded to my computer. They did not have the correct email address, so How can they email something to me. I have requested a refund since August, to this day October 26, 06 I still have not received this item or a refund. No one speaks clear english their easy way out is Ms. Cooper I don't understand you, or the phone has been disconnected. Or they will tell you. you need to contact Dell customer care, Dell Customer Care will say you need to speak to Dell Financial.


a consumer of dell from dfgsdfgsd, CA Other
Entry added: Wednesday, October 18, 2006 at 20:52:44 (EDT)


0830 A.M. 25th September 2006, the first court trial of DELL Inspiron 640m laptop computer ¡°CPU Substitution¡± case officially commenced in Xiamen Huli District People¡¯s Court. DELL, the international supplier of personal computer, was summoned to the court by Chinese consumers all over the country in a class action against its conduct of unwarily substitution of advertised Intel T2300 CPU with Intel T2300E CPU, which has less function and at least $32 cheaper than the Intel T2300 CPU, and then savagely & groundlessly refusing the legitimate claims from the Chinese consumers.

Not until several days before the court trial, DELL has finally submitted its evidence as many as nearly 2000 pages in A4 Size paper, however, under the logical rebuttal of the Plaintiff¡¯s lawyer, DELL¡¯s evidence turned out to be pale and powerless. During the morning session, the Defendant¡¯s lawyers have tried to prove T2300 stands for both T2300 CPU and T2300E CPU, so that it was not incorrect for DELL to advertise T2300E CPU as Intel T2300 CPU. This paralogism has been challenged by the Plaintiff: ¡°If what you just said was tenable, shall we conclude that BORA 1.8 stands for both BORA 1.8 and BORA 1.8T?¡± For the two important facts investigated by the court: 1. Whether DELL has confirmed as Intel T2300 CPU in the order forms, but actually delivered computers equipped with Intel T2300E CPU to the Chinese consumers? 2. Whether the only difference is that the Intel T2300E CPU does not have Intel Virtualization Technology, while the Intel T2300 CPU does have Intel Virtualization Technology?, the Defendant¡¯s lawyers had to admit that those were verified. As for the evidence showing that there was a price difference of $32 between Intel T2300 CPU and Intel T2300E CPU, which was notarized by the notary office of Jiangsu Province and submitted by the Plaintiff at court, the Defendant¡¯s lawyers, argued without preparation that on the bulk purchase order of DELL, the price difference was not $32, however, on the excuse of business confidentiality, they refused to reveal the actual price difference of those two CPUs purchased by DELL. According to the common knowledge that bulk purchase price can only be lower than the public quotation, so that it is not difficult to deduce the price difference between Intel T2300 CPU and Intel T2300E CPU on DELL¡¯s bulk purchase order is at least $32. The Defendant¡¯s lawyers said, it was not necessary for DELL to defraud Chinese consumers on the price difference of $32. This statement was obviously ¡°the more what one tries to hide, the more it exposed¡±, because DELL, the renowned low-price killer, has not long ago tried to provide only three-month warranty on the computers so as to cut the cost. Can DELL resist the temptation of a profit as high as $32 on a single CPU? DELL has prudently notarized SONY¡¯s similar problem and submitted to the court as one of the principal evidences, the reason was: ¡°SONY¡¯s ¡°CPU Gate¡± problem was much serious than DELL¡¯s, and SONY¡¯s response to the problem was more savage! SONY¡¯s problem was bigger than DELL, and should compensate the Chinese consumer first!¡± Maybe in DELL¡¯s mind, compare to SONY¡¯s uncivilized attitude, full refunds for returned T2300E-based systems¡± was ¡°mercy¡± enough to Chinese consumers. As an international company, DELL¡¯s conduct was absurd, according to the Plaintiff¡¯s lawyer, SONY¡¯s solution to its own problem has nothing to do with DELL, moreover, when the supplier has breached the contract and defrauded the consumer, it is up to the judicial authority of the People¡¯s Republic of China, but not the supplier itself to decide the legal liabilities and solutions, or there would not be necessity for the Plaintiff to challenge the Defendant at court. DELL¡¯s ¡°The pot calls the kettle black¡± behavior was contemptible! In addition, the assertion by Ms. Debby Thorn, the Product Marketing Senior Consultant for Inspiron Product Marketing for Dell Inc., ¡°As VT was used almost exclusively in corporate or enterprise settings, almost no Inspiron customers would desire it, and the overwhelming majority of Inspiron customers would not even know what VT was.¡± has demonstrated discrimination and underestimation toward Chinese consumers. So the Plaintiff refuted: ¡°On what basis has DELL ascertained that Chinese consumers do not desire Intel VT technology? On what basis has DELL the right to judge whether Chinese consumers used the Intel VT technology or not? And how dare DELL violate ¡°Contract Law of the People's Republic of China¡±, ¡°Law of the People's Republic of China on Product Quality¡±, ¡°Law of the People's Republic of China on the Protection of Consumers' Rights and Interests¡± and unwarily substitute the CPU after confirmation of order forms???!!!¡±

It was dramatic that as soon as the afternoon session began, the Defendant¡¯s lawyers overturned in haste the ground on which they have tried very hard to stand during the morning session. They alleged that since beginning of June 2006, DELL has been selling Inspiron 640m laptop computers equipped with Intel T2300E CPU, and due to work fault, the information on its official website and advertisements was not updated in a timely manner, so there was no intention of defrauding. On hearing this statement, a laughter broken out in the solemn court. While inhibiting the smile, the Defendant¡¯s lawyer said, ¡°The Defendant¡¯s statement just proved that DELL did have the intention of defrauding, according to the provisions of ¡°Implementation Method in Fujian Province for ¡®Law of the People's Republic of China on the Protection of Consumers' Rights and Interests¡¯¡± Article 58, Clause 1 Item 11 (A business operator that practices one of the following frauds in providing a commodity or a service must, at the request of the consumer, increase the compensation for losses incurred by such consumer. The amount of the increase in compensation shall be the price of the commodity purchased or the fee for the service received by the consumer: (XI) providing a commodity or a service in a way of false advertisements, instructions, standards, samples and/or presentations), so that DELL¡¯s conduct was completely satisfactory to the conditions of the above-mentioned fraud.¡± As further pointed out by the Plaintiff, since beginning of June 2006, DELL has been selling Inspiron 640m laptop computers equipped with Intel T2300E CPU on the name of Intel T2300 CPU, and the first Chinese consumer filed his complaint before the date of 20th June 2006, and it was common knowledge that to add an ¡°E¡± to the website takes less than two minutes, however, DELL has not updated the website with Intel T2300E CPU until end of June 2006, and it was unclear how many Inspiron 640m laptop computers equipped with Intel T2300E CPU were sold to the Chinese consumers on the name of Intel T2300 CPU during this period. This fact has demonstrated that DELL not only had the intention of defrauding, but also had the conduct of continuing malicious defrauding on Chinese consumers. The Defendant¡¯s lawyers had nothing to say in reply.

The Chinese consumers¡¯ consciousness of maintaining rights have been significantly improved, and the legal system of the People¡¯s Republic of China is being consummated. It is certain that the judicial authority of the People¡¯s Republic of China will make a fair decision on this case, maintain the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese consumers, impose justice on the business fraud, and punish one as a warning to a hundred!

Lisa F. from USA
Entry added: Monday, October 16, 2006 at 11:09:01 (EDT)

I must be hallucinating!!!!!!!!!1

Six months ago I bought a Dimension E310 with a 17" flat panel monitor. The monitor just blew out. Diagnosing the problem only took about FIVE HOURS of chatting with THREE DIFFERENT PEOPLE!!!

They promised a new monitor, as I am still under warrantee.


I have spent at least TEN HOURS chatting online or over the phone.
I have three monitors, bill included, piled up.
No one calls back, no one speaks English.

Anyone want to buy a monitor????????????

Mark from Ireland
Entry added: Sunday, October 15, 2006 at 10:54:39 (EDT)

I just thought I would post this up because...well it hopefully will provide some warning to anyone even thinking about buying from Dell.And I am in the humour for a bit of a rant and you will all understand why after this post.

I decide to buy a laptop for my girlfriend.(A decision you think not to be mental health threatening)I look around a few stores as I have no experience with building laptops and frankly I don't want to either.I am a desktop building person but my girlfriend unfortunately isn't interested in a Desktop.

I find nothing I consider a decent machine around any of the stores.
(Atleast not for a decent price) So I decided I will have a look online at the Dell laptops, thinking they might have some good deals going.

And hey what do you know they did.(Watch from here on is where I meet my demise)So I see a Inspiron 1300 that has an upgrade offer on the Ram and the HD.(From 256mb to 512mb for the ram and from 40gb to 60gb for the HD)a 1.7ghz single core processor, 128mb integrated video card
And free shipping also, this couldn't be going better as far as I was concerned.
Made the order and sat patiently waiting for delivery...

So 4 days later this thing arrives on my door step signed for it and then happily turned to my girlfriend and said here enjoy.Yeah I can't blame her for not getting any enjoyment out of it.She had sat troubleshooting on a PC help board with a few people I know and myself for a whole week about jumping and skipping sound before I finally lost my temper and rang Hell...I mean DELL!!! and asked for it to be taken in for repair.

They eventually after some ammount of persuasion agreed to take it back for repair.One week later I get the machine back.I opened the box and looked at the information slip that came with it.It read "Problem: HDD Issue" "Method of repair:OS re-install".Now where in the sentence "The Soundcard is faulty and the sound skips and jumps" did I say I'm having trouble with the hard drive?

To make things worse I opened up the lid of the Laptop and the whole screen was covered in sticky smudges and finger prints.I turned it on and checked the sound through dxdiag from the run option and surprise surprise the sound still skipped.

Now I was really annoyed and rang Dell in a terrible temper, when I got through the first thing I said was I am ringing to demand a refund for a faulty laptop.After explaning to the agent the problem (Which believe me wasn't easy they never have anyone who speaks English on their English speaking call centres) he said he would have to put me on hold.

And hey what do you know..he put me through to a manager that begged me to take a new model with all these amazing specs.I finally said ok I will take it.I was offered the Inspiron 6400 with a dual core processor running at 2ghz a non integrated Video card(ATI 128mb) 512mb Ram an 80gb HD and a DVD burner.

I was given a reference number for the replacement machine but no order number to check the status online.This bothered me and whenever I rang with the reference number and was put through to four or more people I was just told that when the order is shipped I will get all this information....Now what good is that to me?

So I eventually was told the order was dispatched and I could check my order status.And what do you know?It is dispatched.And estimated delivery of wednesday 16th of August.It was the 14th when I found this out so I thought good it should be here in 2 days.I checked the status that morning and guess what it said?....DELIVERED!!!!
Unless they some how magically posted the Laptop through the letterbox it wasn't delivered..So I rang up to find out what was going on with this.

I was put straight through to post delivery.They said the package may have been delivered to the wrong address but most likely it was just an error and it was uploaded too early and the package is still on it's way but they will investigate it with the delivery company to make sure.And I would be informed in a couple of hours.So I asked just before I hung up the phone(And it was a very good thing I did) can I hear the address this is being delivered to?

......It was the wrong address!!!I had clearly stated in all my previous phone calls the right address.I am blue in the face giving all my details on the phone and in e-mails.So now I was thinking great someone else has taken the laptop and I am going to have to wait ages for Dell to track it down.

So I left it with them to sort the problem out I was too tired to keep chasing after them for now.So randomly later that day I got a knock on the door and the laptop was finally delivered from an apologetic delivery guy.

I ran upstairs to give the laptop an in depth check to make sure all was well.
....The specs were completely different to the ones I was promised!!
It had a 1.6ghz dual core processor(Not a 2ghz)
It had a 224mb INTEGRATED video card(Not an ATI seperate 128mb)
A CD RW and DVD Rom drive(Not a burner)
and they installed all the rubbish that I specifically told them not to.

So after another phone call I was then waiting for the proper machine to be delivered...yet again and I got to keep that one until the new one was delivered.
Oh and Dell thought they were rebels because they agreed to my demands of a free carry case for my troubles

God what an experience.

Julie from Calgary, Canada
Entry added: Friday, October 13, 2006 at 20:04:28 (EDT)

Somewhere in these letters is an entry from a Dell employee, complaining about customers who order cheap computers then expect them to function like the more expensive ones. The writer seemed as rude and arrogant as most of the Dell people I have spoken with to date. I have a Dimension 3000 and I do not have any unrealistic expectations of its capabilities. I'd just be happy if it worked as it is supposed to! When I received it in January of 2005, there was no sound. A Dell tech told me that my speakers were not working so I purchased a new set of speakers. Unfortunately, that didn't solve the problem. I made numerous calls to Dell - which they're now saying they have no record of except for my recent calls - and each time I was given a different "diagnosis", including a possible problem with Microsoft. Only when my warranty expired was I told that I needed a new systems board.

I am now reading letters from others whose experiences sound all too similar to mine: the long waiting times on the telephone, only to reach someone who either doesn't know anything about computers, who can't speak English, or both; holding on the line for long periods, only to be disconnected; waiting for return phone calls that never arrive... the list is long. My computer is also noisy - the fan seems to run a lot and it produces an irritating vibrating sound. I would expect a quieter computer, even from a "cheap" one, but they didn't have to go to the extreme and send me a computer with no sound at all. Of course, Dell is not prepared to do anything about it. As one tech told me, Dell would not send me a defective computer. Get a grip! Their policy seems to be that they make no mistakes and the customer is always wrong. Their work ethic, in my view, leaves a lot to be desired. Buyer, beware.

betty white from lake placid, NY USA
Entry added: Thursday, September 28, 2006 at 12:17:19 (EDT)

DO NOT BUY A DELL. I ordered one for my 70 yr. old mother - she hardly used it but it died after 3 months. Call Dell and see what you get - they all speak with Indian accents that are very hard to understand, and they will give you the runaround BIG TIME!!!!!! We have a 1 year warranty and they will not honor it - but they won't say that they just put you off by telling you that support will call you and someone will come fix it, but they won't tell you when. I repeat DO NOT BUY A DELL. They may have been great in the beginning but now they have sold out and their products are defective - I have an HP Pavillion - so far so great!!! Buy from a place like COSTCO or SAMS cub - where you can talk to a real person that you can understand!!! I hope this helps someone because its too late for us!

marian pontz from USA
Entry added: Tuesday, September 19, 2006 at 15:03:23 (EDT)

September 19 2006
My husband bought me a Dell laptop with a guaranteed $150.00 rebate. When the computer arrived there was no rebate form. I had to have them fax me one. I received an email saying they received all info and in 6-8 weeks my money would arrive. After 8 weeks my account on- line disappeared. I called four times each time having to re-tell my story. When I asked for a mangaer, of course, none were available. They lied and said they had called. I e-mailed all to no avail. I was forceful, complete with all numbers but each time all I got was a run around. Casually my husband asked if I wanted him to talk to the clerk. Without using vulgarity but with force I didn't know possible, he got a manager on the phone and a $150.00 credit to his charge card. For 3 months they ignored me, the female, and in 2 minutes the man got the problem resolved. I am grateful for the resolution; but I wonder how many females or people of color do not get resolution? I truly wonder if Dell is just inept, ignorant of customer service, or truly sexist in its customer service operations?

Adam from Miami, FL USA
Entry added: Tuesday, September 19, 2006 at 02:05:24 (EDT)

I purchased an Inspiron over two months ago. The computer arrived non-functioning and I contacted Dell Chat and Dell Representatives several times for their assistance.

Their replaced certain hardwares and sent two techs to repair the computer. Both techs could not fix the computer and now Dell refuses to do anything to remedy the situation. They have also disabled my ability to receive technical assistance online - which service comes with the purchase of the computer.

In the above situation I have worked with Dennis Brabandt at Dell Legal at 512-728-3537 and Daniel Mullen, senior technician at Dell, at 800-624-9896 x. 726-24-82.

I am exhausted of dealing with them. Any advice appreciated!


Marvin Harris from Bay City, TX USA
Entry added: Monday, September 18, 2006 at 14:37:51 (EDT)

Failure to provide In home service to fix my computer. I have a bought and paid for service contract for In home repair. I have had a computer down for over a month and no will repair It right or replace the computer. I have ask for a replacement from Kevin Rollins CEO, and Michael Dell Chairman, so far I have had no results getting them to honor their service contract. I had them replace the hard drive and It crashed after the serviceman left. He told me to send them the old hard drive back. I am not sending anything back with all my personal Information on the old drive. I have Informed the credit or lease department I am not sending the payment until something Is done, they told me I had to keep up the payment that they had nothing to do with sevice. They will not even return a phone call. All I can say Is don't buy a Dell Unless you want a whole lot of lies and trouble.

David Sargent from USA
Entry added: Saturday, September 16, 2006 at 08:30:37 (EDT)

Four bad experiences. The first was trying to redeem my $100.00 rebate when I purchased my new dell computer. The second was trying to understand the tech service reps who don't speak english.The third
is dealing with Dell Finalncial service ( don't ever use this plan you will go thru hell). The fourth is the Dell 940a printer I bought when I finally received my $100. rebate credit. IT IS JUNK !

Former Dell Employee from Edmonton, N/A Canada
Entry added: Thursday, September 14, 2006 at 19:48:31 (EDT)

I live here in the city of Edmonton, Alberta and I am a former employee of Dell Call Center for government and large businesses for the U.S. Here's my experience with Dell : Dell tries hard to kiss the customer's ass after they opened their pockets and gave dell their money for pc equipment that is faulty right out of the gate. Their Optiplex systems are complete trash. Wonder why so many Optiplex GX260/70/80 system's crashed or have had their motherboards replaced ? That is because Dell knowningly put faulty motherboards in them to reduce their costs. I was told not to tell customer's this. I've replaced hundreds of motherboard on these systems with either onsite tech or parts only. Dell puts in parts that are at low cost too them.. especially the power supplys, I wouldn't count on their power supply to last longer than 2 years. Also they are very chincy when it comes to tech support over the phone.. you have to follow a dozen troubleshooting steps over the phone with a tech before they send out a tech or the part that needs to be replaced, meaning spending hours on the phone with a tech that may or may not know what he/she is doing. Alot of people working the phones at this call center don't have technical background but they have customer experience skill's which is why dell hires them. They are following a script and troubleshooting trees. I believe dell has a call center in Edmonton because it's cheaper to have one here than in the U.S. also people here don't sound like the same techs over in India (no offense but I used to get this alot from customers). The Dell Dimensions are crap, the Optiplex line is pure crap, and so are their laptops. Customer's have to spend hours on the phone waiting to get a tech because they are always getting passed around from one dept. to the next, one tech to the next, and sometimes told to follow ridiculous troubleshooting steps. I don't recommend dell to any person or company. Maybe you'll have better luck with Gateway. By the way.. the recent battery recall.. dell doesn't want anyone to know.. but the amount of dell laptops (or notebooks as they like to call it that) is in the millions.

Kay Gregory from Poteau, OK USA
Entry added: Monday, September 11, 2006 at 21:21:15 (EDT)

My 4500 DIM Dell crash and I lost every thig on it .all my system devices,all gone.I have been trying since may to get a resource Cd,and some of the prinstalled programs to put back on my PC.Mine was made May 8,2002.All i want is Backup,Dell-INstalled Programs,Tool Systems SoftwareResource disk and what ever Dell disk ,my PC is suppose to have to be like it was before the crash.I even sent them money to cover the shipping so ,its September now.All my OS Disk,all of them were lost during a move,Dell sounded nice after 5/6 hours of waiting 12 different times ,so many hours on the phone for disk tath they said were free to get to me.I am disabled and they wore me down..I can type on it,E-mail,see things,but no programs,no sound.Well it is doing some things ,which I MESSED WITH TO GET a picture,go on line,if any one out there might have those disk ,I send you some money for them ,do not have a lot ,my disabiblity check.It was shipped 8-6-2002.I can never buy a new ,I am Poor and stuck eith with this Dell from Hello.Sorry so many of us got suckered into this mistake .It is thier ads we fall for them I did. Well if any one can or want to get rid of those disk write me back.Good Luck Fellow partners in an costly mess. Kay

Tony from United Kingdom
Entry added: Monday, September 11, 2006 at 12:34:41 (EDT)

OK, so it's my mistake. It's a free world (largely). No one forced me to buy from Dell. I know what they're like (bad experience 2-3 years ago). But I was tempted by cheap, cheap, cheap.

And wow, did I get what I paid for.

The PC arrived, DoA.

Lucky me, I get to hang on hold for the India call centre for a few hours.

To be fair, they arrange (eventually) for collection, repair, and return.

2 weeks later, the PC is SNAFU again. Similar problem. So much for "repair" then.

This time, after a little persuasion (and a lot more holding on the line to India), they agree to replace the machine rather than attempt another repair.

Seems like a "result" for me.

Except, they'll only replace 100% like-for-like. And they're out of stock of the exact components in my machine. And they don't know when (if) they'll get new stock in. So they can't tell me when (if) it'll ever get replaced.

So, they tried to make me (an unhappy customer) a good offer. And then totally stuffed me by failing to deliver on it.

Will I get tempted again? LOL.

yang zheng from Jiangsu China , USA

Entry added: Friday, September 08, 2006 at 07:35:30 (EDT)

Dell to stand trial on 25th September in China

Written by: yang zheng Daniel Yeh
Tel: +86-13959291636

Xiamen's Huli District People's Court has confirmed by Notice of Court Session that the class action by 19 Chinese consumers against Dell (China) Co., Ltd. will be transfer from a summary procedure to an ordinary procedure, and the first court session will be held on 25th September 2006. According to the ¡§Civil Procedure Law of the People's Republic of China¡¨, a lawsuit of ordinary procedure should be concluded in six months starting from the date the case was placed on file.

This class action lawsuit against Dell (China) Co., Ltd. was received by Xiamen's Huli District People's Court on 8th August 2006.

This latest news was released by Mr. Guo Zhongfang, the lawyer for 19 Chinese consumers who have filed a class action against Dell (China) Co., Ltd.

These consumers say that Dell has not provided them with acceptable products as stipulated in the confirmed order forms. They ask Dell to refund twice the value of the goods as compensation and pay all the legal costs for the court proceedings.

Xiamen's Huli District People's Court has originally requested both Plaintiff and Defendant to submit their proofs by 18 August 2006. The Plaintiff have submitted sufficient proof on, while Dell (China) Co., Ltd. has failed to meet the date and applied for an extension. As approved by Xiamen's Huli District People's Court, the cut off date of proofs will be extended to be 20 days after both Plaintiff and Defendant have received the Notice of Court Session. However, till now Dell (China) Co., Ltd. has not yet submitted any proof to the court.

The problem was first identified on 26th June 2006 by a consumer who bought a Dell Inspiron 640m laptop online. When the consumer tried to upgrade the EMS memory within the computer, he found that the laptop was fixed with a T2300E CPU, not the T2300 CPU Dell marked on the order form.

The CPU Intel T2300E is US$32 cheaper than T2300, and it cannot support Intel virtualization technology.

At first, Dell downplayed the significance of this problem, saying there is no difference for consumers using CPU T2300 or T2300E, and they will not reimburse consumers for the incorrect configuration.

As the situation deteriorates due to fast circulation of news on China Internet, more and more Chinese Dell consumers have become aware of this ¡§CPU Gate¡¨ scandal and filed complaints to Dell (China) Co., Ltd. asking for refund of twice the value of the goods as compensation. On 10 August 2006 Dell has finally publicized a statement on its Direct2Dell, Dell¡¦s weblog:
Ć We have acknowledged the issue, and we have corrected the error in all materials.
Ć We have directly apologized to Dell China customers who were affected, and also informed them of the difference between the two processors.
Ć For customers who were not satisfied with these actions, we offered full refunds for returned T2300E-based systems.

What Dell (China) Co., Ltd. has not mentioned in its statement is that its substation of CPU T2300 by T2300E without prior notice to and agreement with the consumers is in violation of ¡§Contract Law of the People¡¦s Republic of China¡¨ and ¡§Law of the PRC on the Protection of the Rights and Interests of Consumers¡¨.

The late apology and the insignificant full refunds for returned T2300E-based systems are apparently not satisfactory to Chinese consumers who have much aware of their own legal rights than ever.

As the first court session date is drawing near, people across the country and all over the world are fixating on the progress of this phenomenal class action lawsuit against Dell in China.

elaine Mcmillen from potts camp, MS USA
Entry added: Friday, September 01, 2006 at 14:08:55 (EDT)

I use them alot and want to purchase one to do some work at home. I can only purchase if you fiance.

John Harrington from USA
Entry added: Thursday, August 31, 2006 at 15:34:54 (EDT)

I have owned Dell for over 10 years and their customer service was outstanding up to about 2 years ago. The Technicians still do a nice job of answering your low level questions and helping you through minor issues, but if you have anything significant and need parts or a replacement system, they are not empowered to help and put you through a series of transfers to wear you down. You spend a great deal of time on hold either waiting for a tech or waiting for the tech to get a supervisor who may or may not actually answer else. (I was actually put on hold for 3 hours waiting for a supervisor.)

Although Dell's products have a high reliability rating, when they do break, you have almost no chance of having the issue resolved. I sent Dell a message when I ordered my new Sony Vaio, but until the majority of people decide to do this, Dell sees no return on investment in improving their service.

shishir s. ambekar from ratnagiri, MA India
Entry added: Saturday, August 26, 2006 at 11:06:01 (EDT)

kwnowing computer litaracy

Another Sucker from AZ USA
Entry added: Wednesday, August 16, 2006 at 12:02:00 (EDT)

...At least I went into this thing with my eyes open.

I've ordered a cheap, crapola Dell for the purpose of getting a handle on the type of trash which I will be dealing with on a daily basis as proprietor of my own small computer servicing business. My target market: The poor, hapless, elderly -- hey! that's Dell's target market, too! One exception: I'm interested in relieving the suffering associated with systems congested with horrendous bloat; and figure that Dell is representative of this ilk.

Bought it for it's forensic value -- not as a system for everyday use. I'll stick with my handmade dual-boot tower for those purposes.

DON'T BUY A PACKAGED SYSTEM FROM ANY OF THE MAJOR PLAYERS (DELL, COMPAQ/HP, EMACHINES, ETC.) IF YOU WANT A SYSTEM WHICH IS WORTH MUCH OF ANYTHING FROM THE GET-GO. These companies are simply there to service Intel, Microsoft, and Norton et. al. with a mass-market for their respective products. They're no more about the customer than the major "wire houses" are about the individual investor.

Learn what you can, and feed yourself if you ever want true freedom and prosperity ;o)

There's a lesson in here for those with eyes to see...

Donnie from Canada
Entry added: Monday, August 14, 2006 at 11:01:15 (EDT)

This is also my last Dell(Inspiron 5100 laptop) as I spent an hour with India( who I couldn't understand dialect...) then 3 hours for 4 nights with (USA) who then discovered I was in Canada...all because I cannot download servicepack 2!!! Now I can't seem to find the right number to ask politely for Dell to just mail me a disk to download it. There is no service with Dell...thats why the online sales and reasonably cheap! You get what you paid for. I learn fast. No more Dell online.

Jack from USA
Entry added: Sunday, August 13, 2006 at 13:06:39 (EDT)


Those who said, they had no trouble with it, CAN YOU PLEASE LEND ME SOME OF YOUR LUCK, 'COZ MY AIN'T WORKING.


Lind Bergeron from Kpt., TN USA
Entry added: Friday, August 11, 2006 at 23:27:20 (EDT)

My experience with Dell has been an all around good one and my purchase was in early 2002 when XP had just come out and Dell still offered free phone tech support for life. Wow those foreign people were very helpful with any questions I had. They seemed to know any answers to any questions because they had been supplied with the tools they needed by Dell to assist all models and were more than eager to help with any problem that they were allowed to help with! I purchased a 4400 desktop and it is still going strong. I expected a quality pc and that is what I got. When I decided to get a printer they kindly assisted me with that and gave free shipping and cables. I got it from Dell but it is Epson and after 4 years it is still like new. At the time I got this pc much was included with purchase and I did my research before buying and as I didn't really know much. The sales person was helpful in putting my pc together for my needs. I didn't know then that I was gonna fall in love with a special game that was gonna require a better graphics card. So I started asking Dell tech about what I would need. They assisted me in the install and I had never been inside a tower before. Much of the answers are in the manuel that comes with your system. Anyway it has been all good for me and my daughter has a 4500 that is only slightly newer than mine. She has had good performance and tech dealings also. Bottom line is we trust Dell! Their prices are up now and the add-ons cost but so does quality and remember that the pc owners don't always know how to keep a machine running well and safely so it is not alway's the seller who is at fault! But as my sister has been a victom of a recent new Gateway I must add that they may sound like more bang for the buck but beware as the reviews on them show that they must use cheap components and I can vouch for that and though fast and american their tech people don't seem to know what they are talking about. See the Gateway reviews on this site and there are too many to deny that what I say is so. I hope that this article has been helpful. I believe in Dell!

George from USA
Entry added: Monday, August 07, 2006 at 12:44:07 (EDT)

I ordered a Dell laptop online over a month ago. The order was cancelled for unknown reasons and so I replaced the order over the phone. That order was then cancelled a week later, again for unknown reasons. In the meantime, I have been sent through more automated phone services and transferred to more customer representatives than I thought possible. I was also disconnected four times when being transferred to a supervisor. Needless to say I am done with Dell. I will be buying the computer form a Circuit City or Best Buy where there are actual humans to contact.

Jake from USA
Entry added: Monday, August 07, 2006 at 05:26:08 (EDT)

What a bunch of whiners here. My Dell is great and the customer service is awesome - recommend online chat or email, but I also had great service post-sale with two tech support calls (needed to understand features - not any fault of dell).

Please take into account, for every complaint here there are millions of satisfied customers.

Brandi from Las Vegas, NV USA
Entry added: Saturday, August 05, 2006 at 16:42:26 (EDT)

My experience with Dell has been nothing but horrible. I wish that I has stuck with an HP or had bought a gateway like I had planned to do at first.
It sucks because you can not use your lab top on your lab, because of where the fan is it over heats. The power cord after you use it for a while has to be in a certain way or it doesn't work. The battery also stops holding a charge (which is just something that comes with use) but it is still extremely frustrating.
When you call because you need assistance you are put on hold for incredible huge amounts of time, and you need to allow yourself atleast an hour or two just for the phone call. Every customer service person I have every talked to from the company can barely speak english, and are incredibly hard to understand. Not to mention that everyone of them is extremely rude and doesn't give a damn about helping you out. Dell has no concept of what good customer service really is.
I am also very upset by their finacial services lately. I have had my lab top for almost two years. And some how despite the fact that I have it set up on automatic bill pay for the same day every month for over a year and a half, and I pay 30 dollars over my minumum amount do I have only paid off around 200 dollars of the cost of the lab top.
I don't know about anyone else but I was always taught that by paying on time, and by paying more than was due you would be able to pay of f the balance quicker. Well, this is not the case with dell, and when I contacted them to find out why, and what could be done about it. I was basically told that I needed to pay even more than that a month if I wanted to pay it off, because they weren't willing to consider lowering my interest rate or anything else.


Philbert from USA
Entry added: Saturday, August 05, 2006 at 02:51:09 (EDT)

Not that long ago, I got a Dell laptop. One would expect such a computer to be usable on one's lap. After a few months of use, I discovered my computer making a horrible grind-y noise. I determined the fan was somehow damaged. I set it aside and figured it was still under warranty. It wasn't. After determining that it would have been prohibitvley expensive just to send it to them and have them replace the fan, I decided I'd do it myself. I opened it up and had a look at the fan. As far as I could tell, it looked fine to me. So I closed it up, and, just for the heck of it, started it up. It worked fine. Turns out you can't actually set the laptop on any uneven surface, or the thin plastic on the bottom gets pushed into the fan.

Later on, the same laptop started having trouble with the power cord. It would only work if I arranged it just perfectly. "I'll just borrow one from a friend's laptop. Wouldn't fit. Get this: their laptop was a Dell laptop as well. So much for consistency.

Bubba from USA
Entry added: Tuesday, July 25, 2006 at 10:36:45 (EDT)

What a bunch of losers you people are. Good lord, get a life will you. I love the ones where the writer says that they are IT professionals, ya right. You cant even get a computer to work. As to the ones that are bitching about the intrest rate of your loan, pay your bills on time and you will get a good credit rating, then you will get the 9% rate from dell.

Michael from USA
Entry added: Monday, July 24, 2006 at 14:55:37 (EDT)

I ordered two laptops from Dell while a sale was going on. The website gave me a price of $1411 + tax for each in the configuration requested. I called the Dell sales office and asked if they could beat the price. I was given a price per unit of $1270 for the exact same configuration. The machines arrived with a lesser hard drive, shorter warranty and missing software. I called Dell and was first told I would have to pay for shipping as this was my fault. After hours on the phone I finally reached someone who agreed to have the machines picked up, though I was told it would take at least 30 days for my credit card to be credited. I was also told to reorder the machines. Well, the sale is now over, and each unit is over $1600. I feel like I was screwed without a kiss!

Undisclosed from USA
Entry added: Friday, July 21, 2006 at 17:18:17 (EDT)

if you get a call from 1-800-443-1638, by whatever means necessary, do not answer!

Lillian martini from new york, NY USA
Entry added: Friday, July 21, 2006 at 13:02:39 (EDT)

I cannott tell you how aggravated I am with this piece of garbage company they call Dell.I purchased an inspiron 6000 about a year ago.The servive tech has been in my house so many times to fix it that we are on a first name basis It has needed two new motherboards,2 new batteries, a cd dvd rom drive it overheats and the plug was replaced several times for getting loose.My husband insisted on getting a dell because They are #1 in customer service. WHATTTTTTTTTT!!!!!! First of all I really am not predjudice but when you want me to do trouble shooting over the phone with people I can barely understand that is my first frustration and they get annoyed at you for asking them to repeat what they said < I have probanly spoken to 15 different dell employees over thwe last two weeks. When the computer broke again this time \the tech basically rebuilt it in my kitchen After about 2 hours work we turned it on and nothing!!!
The tech called his reps at dell and stated he felt it needed a new lcd screen. The girl on the line By the name of Sonia asked him to troubleshoot. Troubleshoot What you moron the computer doesnt go on!!
She then asked him to take the computer apart again. This was the moment I lost it I asked her to get me a superviser she started with her protocol bull---- I screamed give me a superviser NOW I dont want to talk to you any more. After this went on for a few minutes she finally got him on the phone Summitt was his name I explained that Dell would not be wasting any more of my time today and all I would accept was a new comp. After lokking up the records he agreed about 7 days a refurbished one would be there. Refurbished I bought a new comp if I wanted a refurb I would keep the 6000 that WAS new but now had been refurbished in my home. I took that offer hoping maybe this was just a lemon. My thought was I would remove the hard drive from the old and switch it with the new after after about a week the new refurbished one came OH JOY!!! The only problem was was that it was a totally different model SUPPPOSEDLY a better one great but now how am I suppossed to transfer my info. Call dell. Wait on line again talking to different departments then I am told someone from the escalation office will call me in 24 to 48 hrs.............

Never got a call, waited one more day called again got the same run around and apology for noone callin was assurred by Vincent that this time they would call and not only that that he would call me on that friday to MAKE SURE that they called.
48 hrs later no call Friday, NO call I cant believe this. I wait till mon and call again same run around same apology same story now mind you every person I spoke to asked my phone and email but I havent gotten either yet . The last person I spoke to actually did put it in I get the call from the big wig. I explain my situation, and am told in that condescending way that dell does not do that Fine I said I will get someone who does and dell can pay for it . In the middle of all of this these son of a bitches have the nerve to be breathing down my back to send back the inspiron.I have to tell you and the world and please I really mean this I HAVE NEVER HAD SUCH HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE IN MY LIFE i have been on dozens of websites with hundreds , thousands of people who are sick and tired of dells horrible horrible treatment of their customers.WE live and die for this country every day and that is why we have choices. I beg you to make the choice not to buy a dell. I know all computers have problems and I know that not all customer service is great but if my problem is not handled in the right manner ( which it looks like it wont be. I will make it one of my lifes ambitions to go to every consumer website I can find with this horror story. PLease dont believe the hype Dell is NOT better because its Dell .THey are
Horrible. And I hope one of their executives reads this or Michael Dell who is probably sailing on one of his yachts that I helped pay for listens to this YOUR COMPANY AND YOU ARE A DISGRACE TO AMERICAN CONSUMERISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thomas yessen from bellmore ny, NY USA
Entry added: Thursday, July 20, 2006 at 21:49:58 (EDT)

I was very disappointed when my hard drive failed after one year. I was even more disappointed at the so called in house service warranty purchased from Dell. After three long calls to dell service,[one call of waiting over 45mi.on hold was cut off.]after 1hour of on and hold diag. Dell said my hard drive was bad and I would have to change it my self and reprogram the system also. SO MUCH for in house service from DELL. I was told to rent a computer to download the programs I needed [mine would not reach the internet.] After more calls to dell service, getting noware I had a fellow worker, who has good knowlege of computers finally figured out how to down load the program I needed. My computer was out of service for almost a month ! I dont call this in home service! I have a bad taste in mouth from Dell! DELL NOTEBOOK INSPIRON 600M One year old.

Zhiwei Wu from N/A Other
Entry added: Wednesday, July 19, 2006 at 05:04:13 (EDT)

I had a really bad experiences with dell laptop 600m, after i bought it, it made me very angry, the probelms are: 1 can't use the install disk and the norton anti-virous disk, 2 can't use the sound control on the keyboard, 3 always crash when i use it, 4 the system is not stable, 5 right now it's really difficult to turn on the laptop, the start must have some problem.all of these made me crazy, what the hell to buy dell, the rubbish

Anonymous from Quezon City, N/A Other
Entry added: Monday, July 17, 2006 at 17:07:38 (EDT)




Efini aka Adam from London , United Kingdom
Entry added: Thursday, July 13, 2006 at 09:29:21 (EDT)

Hello everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your all NOT probably gonna like this but hey life’s a bitch ......

My experience with Dell :- I feel for all u guys who are getting shafted where the sun doesnt shine, u gotta look at it in perspective Dell are a multi billion £ organisation >>>> use the system now I will tell you the secret of getting a M1710 laptop £2300 system for £1337 not inc VAT

1st I called Dell and ordered my beautiful sexy M1710 MAXED OUT inc backcover etc .... and also a 924 printer,scanner,copier..NOTE>>> Never accept first offer or EVER BUY ONLINE >>> ALWAYS BARTER THEY WANT YOUR MONEY and the sales gimps want their bonus.... So I managed to get the rep after going to her "manager" ye right lol .... down to £1900 >> SPEC > 2.16 dual 2048MB MEM 100GB 7,200RPM,Bluetooth, Wireless, 512MB 7900 Graphics, XP Pro, Backcover, Printer 924, 1 years warranty MAXED OUT M1710 u get the idea I can email u the product list with codes to prove.....THE GAME BEGINS.....

On the Dell site it clearly says 5-7 days delivery from order this is where they shoot themselves in the foot.. My delivery date was some 14 days I think on the phone straight away to customer services complaining against there advertised delivery time making some excuse like I needed it in that time for a presentation or something and now I’m f*%>" so how are you going to compensate me?>> £40 cheque in the post for late delivery >>>> Now not all of you know this but the screen on the new Dell M1710 leaks light in the bottom left and right corners 1st point of complaint but not the main one >> Listen carefully now ..

NOTE > Sales and technical never talk and Sales people are NOOBS they dont know F*&% ALL. The scam starts you need to tell them you have a problem with the screen it leaks alot of light so they will send a techi to replace screen or fix, make sure your not at home and someone else is to let them in and change the screen. When u get home it will be the same so get straight onto Dell complaining its worse> well what happened to me was he replaced it but as a result when it goes onto stand by the screen went completely white and when u close it the screen stayed on :-S lol so they collected it to get sent for repair straight onto technical complaining so good will gesture was a £80 camera sold on ebay for £60 so sofar £100 to me I got fed up and asked for a complete replacement system which they did...Now this is what u do to get them to send u a nice a cheap system I called them for a laugh just to see what price they’d give me… lol the money shot lol call sales go through ie M1710 spec MAX IT OUT they give you a price then say no too expensive ie they quoted me (3rd system 2nd quote) around £1900 I said no too expensive then they ask (Indian) how much are you looking to spend? I say £1500 they say no cant do that ... So say ok well never mind goodbye..

They log your call and ofcorse the sales rep remembers you because your a potential buyer and bonus for her ...She cold called me a week later saying she can offer me this system for that price so ofcorse I wanted to send my replacement system for the original order back so this is how I did it you have to have a 30" dell monitor say you have a 30" dell monitor that goes to a resolution of 2460x1600 call Technical and tell them you were told when speaking to a sales rep that they said " The M1710 will be compatible with the 30" screen at a resolution of 2460x1600. Now this system will only go to the resolution of 1280x800 COMPLAIN > they log down your complaint and add that you were sold a system badly informed and that makes you eligible for a complete refund remember Sales and technical never talk and Sales people are NOOBS. So i got a complete refund well £190 because I went for the old scheme buy now pay in 2007 which is discontinued now so I got my money back the new order was placed on 12-07-06 and delivery is estimated 31-07-06 so here we go again lol more complaints and goodwill coming my way lmfao..

£2300 system for £1337.87 Exc. VAT MAXED OUT M1710 with printer Remember > camera on ebay £60 and £40 delivery good will gesture + more to come hahahahahhahaha

Take note > and not taken 4 a ride REMEMBER they want your money and they want bonus lol

Bye for now email me and I can send u proof of everything hahahah

To be continued……………..

Daniel Yeh from Xiamen, PRC, Other
Entry added: Monday, July 10, 2006 at 19:27:55 (EDT)

Business Fraud by Dell

This is a disclosure of business fraud by Dell (China) Co., Ltd., as well as the nonfeasance of Dell International.

My name is Ye Sunwei (English name: Daniel Yeh), As a Chinese Dell user, my feeling toward Dell (China) Co., Ltd. has deteriorated to extreme disappointment and frustration.

Here is my unpleasant experience with Dell:

On June 22nd, 2006, I have placed an online order for a DELL Inspiron 640m laptop computer. The order (Online reference Number:16135399; Quotation Number: CNIS6053266; Order Number: 2709688£© was confirmed by a sales representative of Dell (China) Co., Ltd. and I have remitted on the same day the full amount CNY6,998.94 into Dell (China) Co., Ltd.¡¯ bank account with China Construction Bank. The logistical company has delivered the DELL Inspiron 640m laptop computer to my house at 18:30pm June 29, 2006 local time.

To my astonishment, the CPU of this DELL Inspiron 640m laptop computer (as confirmed to be an Intel® Core™ processor Duo T2300 on both online order and faxed order copy) has been replaced by an Intel® Core™ processor Duo T2300E without any prior notification.

As you know, the difference between Intel® Core™ processor Duo T2300 and Intel® Core™ processor Duo T2300E is not only US$32.00, but also the Intel Virtualization Technology (Intel VT).

By searching the internet, I have found out that I am not the only one suffered, the business fraud committed by Dell (China) Co., Ltd. has victimized hundreds of DELL Inspiron 640m laptop computer users across the People¡¯s Republic of China.

The business fraud of Dell (China) Co., Ltd. has violated not only the integrity principles and the service commitments, but also the ¡°Contract Law of the People¡¯s Republic of China¡± and ¡°Law of the PRC on the Protection of the Rights and Interests of Consumers¡±.

According to the relevant laws and regulations of the People¡¯s Republic of China, I am entitled to a compensation of 200% purchase amount, which is CNY13,997.88. A letter of claim has been faxed to Dell (China) Co., Ltd. asking for such compensation. However, Dell (China) Co., Ltd. has arbitrarily refused to remedy my claim, so that I have to turn to Dell headquarters in the United States for a fair solution.

On June 30th, 2006, I filed a complaint to Dell headquarters in the United States, and the Dell Online Support replied that they have redirected my e-mail to their China Division for settlement of this issue.

Only until 10:20am of July 5th, 2006, Ms. Pan from Customer Care of Dell China Division (Tel: +86-592-8186917)called me and offered a solution for this business fraud -- I returning the Dell Inspiron 640m laptop computer to Dell (Chinia) Co., Ltd. and getting full refund.

This solution is absolutely unacceptable to me for the following reasons:
1. This is a business fraud which has violated the "Contract Law of the People's Republic of China" and "Law of the PRC on the Protection of the Rights and Interests of Consumers". Returning the goods and refund is not a legitimate and fair solution for the issue.

2. According to the relevant laws and regulations, I am entitled to a claim of 200% compensation. There is only either of two options acceptable to me: a) Refund CNY13,997.88 to me and I will return this Dell Inspiron 640m laptop computer to Dell (China) Co., Ltd.; b) Refund CNY6998.94 to me, I will keep this Dell Inspiron 640m laptop computer, Dell (China) Co., Ltd. will continue providing guarantee and aftersales service as per the sales terms.

3. Please note that 200% compensation is a mild punishment for this kind of business fraud according to Chinese laws and regulations as I have not asked for any mental compensation which may amount to hundreds of thousands CNY, let alone the compensation in the United States for such a case which may cause millions of US dollars. There is a good example: Mcdonalds has paid US$1,850,000 to an old woman who has been scalded by a cup of coffee in the Mcdonalds chain store.

Ms. Pan then explained to me that a she is not authorized to grant me such compensation, and she will report it to her manager and call me back later. Till now, I have not received any further phone call from Dell (China) Co., Ltd.

At present, all the Dell Inspiron 640m laptop computer users in the People¡¯s Republic of China are ready to file joint lawsuit against Dell (China) Co., Ltd. in different cities.

It is sensible that Dell is implementing double standards world wide.

My personnel view on this business fraud is that, if Dell fails to resolve this issue honestly and fairly, it may incur a Dell boycott across the People¡¯s Republic of China, and then drop out of China market due to disrepute and lack of credibility.

Kristie P from Orlando, FL USA
Entry added: Saturday, July 08, 2006 at 00:13:22 (EDT)

I purchased my Gateway Desktop computer on 4/15/2006.On 6/9/2006 I changed the time on my computer and it crashed. I tried to reboot it but it would not boot. I did a destructive reformat with the disc provided with the system and in doing that I lost all of my drivers. I also noticed that the time was off by 7 hours even though it was set for the correct time zone. I called tech support and spoke with a nice lady and she helped me run some test and decided that I needed to send my computer in for repair. 7 days later, thanks to the wrong zip code being used, received a box and a shipping label to send the computer back. I sent it back on and 10 days later I received it back. To my surprise nothing had been done to it. The time was still wrong and there was still no Internet connection or sound. I called Gateway customer support again and spoke with another gentleman, I didn't catch his name but his number was 70502. He gave me multiple test to do and decided that it had not been fixed and asked me to send it in again. He also asked me to place an X on the cmos battery with a sharpie. I did that and I waited for the box to arrive and sent it in again!

Now today 7/7 I get my computer back and took the computer out of the box and the first thing I noticed was there was a dent on the case. There was also something loose inside of the case. I took the case off and found a piece inside. I also noticed that the fan on the back panel was gone. I also saw that the cmos battery has the letter X I placed on it when I sent it in for repair indicating that again it was not repaired.

I called customer service again today and spoke with Ray. We ran a couple of test and decided that the repairs had not been done again. He then transferred me to a Supervisor by the name of Brian. I was on hold for over 30 minutes. Brian was not able to offer me any resolution other than sending the computer back for a 3rd time for repair. I wanted to know if he would speak to a supervisor in the warehouse to make sure it would be fixed. He indicated that he could not do that. He also stated that he could not offer me any guarantee that it would be fixed.

So needless to say I am pissed and found another website that gives an address for consumer affairs in SD. I am going to write them and see what can be done.

Melody from Tampa, FL USA
Entry added: Thursday, June 29, 2006 at 19:40:01 (EDT)

Dell Customer service is awful. I work for a small business and they have financial difficulty, so we were making just minimum payments on the loan. Somehow the loan was turned into collections department, they started calling every day. A guy with a heavy Indian accent is so nasty, unbelievable! He calls you stupid even though you are just the middle man and cannot do anything about the loan. So unprofessional, it's terrible.
I also own a Dell computer at home and will never buy one from them again. Extremely slow and breaks down all the time. It sucks.

Kathy Daugherty from Pittsburgh, PA USA
Entry added: Thursday, June 29, 2006 at 16:58:03 (EDT)

We purchased two Dell Inspiron 6000 laptops since March 2006. Mine has an Intel Pro Wireless 2200. It worked fine for two months then crashed with no internet connectivity. I tried every method known to fix this to no avail. I have contacted tech support by phone and email about a dozen times. They are terrible and keep asking me to perform tasks that I have already tried. They do not return promised phone calls and basically, they want you to fix the computer yourself. At his point, with our warranty, we are considering filing suit under the US Lemon Law.

Tom Hilgeman from Evansville, IN USA
Entry added: Wednesday, June 28, 2006 at 15:23:01 (EDT)

Free financing?? Don't bet on it. You have to qualify, but they will not say what it takes to qualify.
I have excellent credit and expected no problems. when my second months statement arrived with 20% interest I was shocked.
There smokescreen policies have soured my enthusiasm and I will encourage everyone to shop around for there next computer.

Wayne Wilson from pearland, TX USA
Entry added: Sunday, June 25, 2006 at 16:19:42 (EDT)

In December 2003, I bought the absolute top-of-the-line Dell laptop, the Inspiron 5150. The machine worked well for the first 6 months, but then began to experience frequent "blue screen of death" shutdowns. I sent it in. They said nothing was wrong. Then, the machine began to have problems recognizing the power supply, and eventually stopped recharging the battery. Dell offered to fix the problem by replacing the motherboard for $600. After much investigation, it turns out it is a design flaw with the Dell motherboard and the online forums are filled with Dell customers having teh exact same problem. My neighbor just replaced his 5150 motherboard for the same reason. Dell has been very unresponsive. This is a serious design failure, not a normal wear and tear issue.

Result: I will NEVER buy another Dell.
My new motto: Hell before Dell.

Cheryl from hollywood, FL USA
Entry added: Sunday, June 25, 2006 at 08:51:26 (EDT)

Approx. 5 months ago I bought my first "Dell" laptop. I have owned probably 10 laptops in the past. This was my first Dell and believe me, it will be my last. Warranty is short lived (3 months) - what's that tell you. Nothing works smoothly; mousepad will not even stay at chosen settings. My employer has a Dell laptop and says his does the same thing. You'd think that would be a simple thing to accomplish. I've had to run a full recovery about 4 times now. Yep, this will be my last Dell. In hindsight from my other purchases I've had, once I sell this one, I'll buy myself another Compaq or Toshiba.

John L from USA
Entry added: Saturday, June 24, 2006 at 16:50:12 (EDT)

I purchased an Inspiron 2650 in '03. It was a good machine for about 8 months and then everything slowly started to die. All the proprietary software slowed it to a crawl, and then crashed windows. Since it didn't come with a "rescue" disk or a windows OS disk I had to go get a new one (110$). A few months later the power cord stopped working and as it turns out the 3 year warranty I purchased ran out after a year (I don't know why and never got a straight answer). 150$ later I got a new power supply and every few months after that I had to throw another $50+ at it to keep it going (CPU fan here (95$), new case panel there (55$). Finally at the 3 year mark it died for good. I opened it up and found that the poorly designed (or designed to fail) power port on the motherboard had fried itself. I called Dell to find out how much a replacement would be, 900$ to ship it to them and have them do it, 500-600$ to have them ship me the part and I could install it myself. Then I pointed out that it looked like it was supposed to self destruct and asked if there have been any other complaints. I was told they didn’t have that information but that he would drop the price to 300$. They were going to drop the price in half because I caught them screwing me over. My 1700$ laptop ended up costing me closer to 2500$ and only lasted 3 years. I have never had a major problem with any of Dell's desktops but their laptops are crap.

Zack Fowler from Gainesville, FL USA
Entry added: Wednesday, June 14, 2006 at 11:21:09 (EDT)

I happened upon this site while looking for information about my aging Dell Dimension 4500s. I've been a Dell user for quite a while now so I thought I'd drop a few lines.

It seems that most of the people here have an axe to grind with Dell, having had such frustrating experiences that they looked for review sites on which that they could bash Dell. That's fine, and it's a shame they had a hard time with Dell. But I think one user put it pretty well when he said that Dell is a great company for people who know their way around computers.

I've had my Dimension 4500s for four years now and have never had a problem with it. Not once. Never even had to replace a single part, although I'm replacing parts now in an effort to upgrade it to reasonable standards.

I also got an Inspiron 700m laptop from Dell this January. Oddly, the computer booted up with warnings that the hard drive was going to fail after I had it for less than a month. After some brief discussion with the online chat tech support (which is nice because you can surf the internet while you wait in line) they decided to ship me a replacement hard drive. The replacement arrived the next day! After installing the replacement I realized they hadn't formatted the drive and installed it with the usual software like they said they would. But that wasn't a big problem because I backed up all my files when the computer started warning about hard drive failure, and I know how to format a hard drive and install an OS (operating system). If I didn't know how to do that and the laptop was my only computer I might have been in trouble.

While their tech support people don't strike me as the smartest in the world, I'll continue to be a customer of Dell because of their reliable bang-for-buck products. If you don't know how to format a hard drive or reinstall an OS and you don't know anyone who does, you might want to consider a company with higher tech support ratings. Consumer Reports does a pretty good job of keeping track of each company's quality of tech support.

By the way, if you have a laptop, you must EXPECT the hard drive to fail within a couple years. Laptop hard drives get knocked around a lot more than desktop hard drives so they don't last very long, although all hard drives fail eventually. Backup your files regularly! I can't tell you how many people I know who have had problems because of their laptop hard drives failing. One friend of mine lost a 20-page thesis she was writing because she hadn't backed up her stuff in a couple weeks, and she was usually pretty good about it. The easiest way to backup your files is to get a USB external hard drive. Those fail too, eventually, but at least they won't fail the same time as your primary hard drive.

john Nicholas from Inverness, United Kingdom
Entry added: Tuesday, June 13, 2006 at 15:08:01 (EDT)

I was just about to order a Dell Laptop for my wifes birthday on the 25 June when a came accross this site and other peoples experiences with Dell and their reputed after sales service

Do I now need a Dell - Do I hell!!

Now looking at a Tosh

John Nicholas

Entry added: Thursday, June 08, 2006 at 21:58:03 (EDT)










Dave from Brighton, United Kingdom
Entry added: Thursday, June 08, 2006 at 11:33:15 (EDT)

Just spent £1000 on a Dell 5150C very unimpressed with the performance constantly dosen't start up properly , with bits of programs and Windows XP dissappearing and not loading properly.
Support can't seem to handle the fact that it is always a different problem each time it is started. Guess what, it must be a software problem.Not Dells fault.

T. A. Nelson from USA
Entry added: Thursday, June 08, 2006 at 05:04:46 (EDT)

The people at Dell are crooks. They practice "bait-and-switch" tactics to rob their customers.

Here's what happened to us. We made a purchased by phone and spoke with the salesman named Scott Torgeson, who told us erroneous information about the configuration we actually received. On top of that, the machine arrived without out proper drivers. A tech support at Dell told us to download and burn-in a firmware that was meant for 64-bit machine (our machine was 32-bit) and consequently rendered the machine inoperational!

Meanwhile Dell's local contracted tech support people called us to set up an appointment to replace the component that had been messed up by the wrong firmware. This happened a few days AFTER Dell had UPS picked up the bad machine.

The replacement Dell box seemed to function OK but did not perform as well as our old Sony PC of slower processor. But the boss decided keep it for the secretary. Then came a month later, we discovered that Dell switched the paperwork and terms of agreement: they made the sale to be a "lease" instead of a rightout purchase. This means those sleazy scum at Dell sold us the machine but later changed it to a "lease", allowing themselves to charge us monthly payment at an outrageous interest rate and claim the machine belongs to them. They gave us two options: either buy the machine or return the machine at the end of the lease! In other words, Dell gets to charge a high "rent" of a piece of junk and lure us into buying it back from ourselves!

It was a big mistake for our company to go with Dell. They think they are big and so given themselves the right to manipulate customers' belief that big company would not pull this kind of sleazy tactics.

There have been class action law suits against Dell on this and other sleazy business practices. Any one who feels being wronged by Dell is encouraged to seek out legal action and join in with other victims of Dell's scams.

For those of you who are pondering on a Dell purchase, don't even think of it! Dell will find ways to steal your money or making your purchase to be one of worst experiences.

R.Krzyzewski from United Kingdom
Entry added: Tuesday, June 06, 2006 at 07:00:47 (EDT)

I have bought seven Dell's in the last seven years (not all for me) and regularly used about four more in this period. Two months ago I bought my last one. It has taken this long and I still am waiting for them to sort out a very simple matter of delivering an item missing from the original order. It's not the missing item which matters so much as the frustration at being ignored despite numerous phone calls and emails constantly during this period. I believe they sell good machines but I cannot believe customer service of so horrendous a nature deserve any kind of recognition. I am thankful it is not an essential component. I shudder to think where I would be if it were. Other manufacturers produce good reliable laptops for less money and they will from now on be given the opportunity to prove more responsive than Dell. I am very disappointed to be writing this. They don't even have a complaints section on their website!

Craig from Cedar Rapids, IA USA
Entry added: Thursday, June 01, 2006 at 17:47:33 (EDT)

I first bought my Inspiron 5100 in June of 2003 (so I've had it for 3 years now). It came with a Hitachi 40GB hard drive. This burned out after the first 3 months. Dell sent a refurbished replacement which I installed myself. Luckily for myself, I am a Network Administrator and have experience with hardware. But if I hadn't been, I wouldn't have known where to begin.

I put the new drive in and that one lasted about a year and burned out as well. I called Dell and when I finally got to talk to someone (I was on hold for 2 hours), I couldnt understand them. I told them that the drive they sent gave me problems. I demanded to send the laptop back for a refund. They refused and told me they wouldnt even send me a replacement drive because "my warranty had expired". I got the 2 year warranty. After arguing with them for another 20 minutes or so, I got a third drive - this one, also a refurbished Hitachi. For those who aren't keeping track, thats the third drive.

This one lasted 2 weeks. I called them back and got the runaround for 2 more hours. I decided to cut my losses and go to I purchased a Seagate 40GB drive for 50$ that came with a 5 year warranty. This drive took a dump in about a year. That was the 4th drive. I am currently on my 5th drive in 3 years. Thats pathetic.

I realize, looking back, that I should have contacted the BBB, but being a poor college student, I hadnt the time or the money to sink into something like that. The other day I noticed after right-clicking on My Computer and clicking on Properties, my system only sees 256 MB of RAM rather than the 512 that came with it. So I switched the two sticks around (on the bottom of the laptop there is a small plastic door, the RAM is right behind it) and it still only sees 256, which tells me the RAM slot is done for. I will NEVER EVER EVER buy another Dell again. At least desktops are modifyible. This piece is likely going to end up with Linux on it if all else fails.

Entry added: Tuesday, May 30, 2006 at 23:24:16 (EDT)

I Hate Dell so much! This is not at all the same Dell from the late 90's where it was number 1# in PC I paid a lot of money for my Desk top and my note book from Dell and there is stuff wrong with two of them and I get the run round or they just hang up on me from the dot heads in the 3rd world about a fix for the 2 pc's I have.


Scott J. Lloyd from Kinngston, RI USA
Entry added: Tuesday, May 23, 2006 at 03:53:03 (EDT)

Starting at bad and going downhill to horrendious. I bought an expensive XPS before Christmas, it has been nothing but a nightmare. The BIOS versions have gone from A02 to A09 in 5 months, that says a lot right there. (BTW A08 was worse than earlier versions, it wasn't stable, Dell had a new BIOS A09 in 2 weeks.) There customer support is worthless, I know more than they do (This may not be that fair a criticism as I am a professor of Information Systems, so I should know a bit about computers) and several times I have caught them in lies. When troubleshooting the initial software load, the machine wouldn't start up and when I got it started I was instantly in an infinite loop with windows updates, download, install, install fail, reboot, update, download, etc. I was told this was normal because Microsoft releases 100s of patches a day and only those you need actually get posted the rest fail. Like that one? They refuse to support the operating system they install and MS won't have anything to do with an OEM installation. Other problems include not rebooting and having to unplug the machine to restart. Replaced: power supply, hard drive, DVD burned x 2 and a few other parts. I've been told to disable the dual-core processor, accept the problem because "it is a complex machine", don't burn double layer DVDs, and much much more. This with their top of their line XPS and "specialized support staff". I could go on but you get the point. The components they are using are not reliable and their support is useless and frustrating.

The worst part of all of this is that Dell doesn't care. This is my last Dell, never never again!!

Savoia LaRocca from San Francisco, CA USA
Entry added: Monday, May 22, 2006 at 22:29:29 (EDT)

Back in 2002, it was love and the air smelled of lillies and roses. We always had good customer service in the BEGINNING. However, I should have known shortly after we bought the brand new computer that something was amiss. We only had the thing a couple months and already problems occurred. Blame it on ...their programming, partitioned hard drive, Windows XP....whatever, there were problems early on. We sat through hours upon hours of sitting on the phone....we had dial up at the time and a cordless you know we disconnected several times. Anyways, eventually our warranty expired. Ok, so it's 2006 and we need tech support. We seemed to have crashed our PC. Can't re-start, turn on, nothing. Call DELL support. They say they can't do anything unless we buy a new support contract. So, we pay for a year $250 or something $$$ expensive! We think, we will sure need it! So, on the phone with Tech support. We explain to the lady with very heavy accent "we don't want to lose ANY data! We need our Data! She says, WOW you have a very old computer! That should have been my first hint that she was going to make things worse....go through some steps...then some more with her. Then come to find out she wiped out our entire system. No nothing, no drivers, no nadda! You would think she wouldn't have taken us through the steps to REFORMAT THE HARD DRIVE, but yeah, she did. I trusted she knew what she was doing otherwise I would not paid for her TECH SUPPORT! Well, needless to say, we got our money back and I no longer pay for Dell to screw up my system because they don't know how to listen to their customers. They are lucky we did not sue them for losing all our data. But heck, they have loads of money. I'm sure it would not have hurt them any. I let it go.
So now I am contending with this Dell All in One photo printer 962. Half the time the new ink cartridges I buy from them don't work and I have to call...yes, you guessed it! TECH SUPPORT! I have not had to buy new ink for about 6 months now because eventually the cartridges aren't recognized by the printer. So, I call and they send me new ones and then I send them the faulty cartridges. So, I guess they are going to give everyone free ink since they are too stubborn to RE-CALL the darn PRINTER or improve the ink cartridges. I've been reading others reviews and see that this is a VERY common problem. Today I was happy though. She didn't give me a hard time. I didn't have to beg or plea because my warranty expired on the printer. And that is the only thing I was pleased with. Nuf said.

Syl Hand from USA
Entry added: Sunday, May 21, 2006 at 01:25:06 (EDT)

persistent intermittent blue screen-

Crash Analysis Tool Scan Results
Category: Application Drivers
Driver Manufacturer
tfsnifs.sys Sonic Solutions

Dell says Mcafee is responsible, Mcafee says its Dell!

Zach from USA
Entry added: Wednesday, May 17, 2006 at 09:54:31 (EDT)

As far as customer service goes, Dell is the worst company I have ever dealt with. They kept me on the phone for hours, were extremely rude, and in the end, they never replaced the broken laptop I purchased from them. Instead, they sent me computer parts and told me to fix it myself. After getting help from the computer staff at NYU where I work, I was still unable to fix it and Dell would still not replace it. I contacted the Better Business Bureau and Dell would still not replace the computer or refund my purchase. BBB recommended I take them to small claims court. Since then I've dealt with Mac and couldn't be happier with the product or the custormer service.

victor gonzalez from escondido, CA USA
Entry added: Tuesday, May 16, 2006 at 11:27:46 (EDT)

This was the worst experience. My Philips dvd 8631 RW burner ended up with open tray the first time I tried to burn pictures of no less than a graduation ceremony.

I called Dell support, we spent 3 hours on the phone with someone from India, then she "restored" my system as a last ditch effort. And at the end she said you have a bad drive. And now they are not moving to replace it trying to get out of this one and giving me the poorest customer service. I end up the second day with someone from Manila and they agreed that it was probably a defective drive. And they still do not want to replace.

This is a $39 unit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And the "restore" I lost all the graduation pictures and a lot of irreplaceable material I had on the harddrive.

I am exploring my legal options....

Dell.....are you there? Hear your customers!!!!!!!!!!!111

One with bottom line from USA
Entry added: Friday, May 12, 2006 at 18:27:14 (EDT)

To GroovyDave, below, who said:

"I think its very funny that the people praising Dell on this site only have a first name and are always from the USA. e.g "Jeremy - USA etc" and I would ask "one with the bottom line" how did YOU find this site. Many Dell propagandists doing paid work on these pages i think!"

How I found this site? The same guy owns several sites, and I saw it mentioned. Was curious since I wouldn't have expected him to have a site about computers.

As to your comment that it's suspicious how pro-Dell posters only have first names and are from USA... Yes, well, your name "GroovyDave" indeed does show that the truth of what you say could never be questioned, and your anonymous hotmail address conclusively proves it. News flash: it's not a good idea to post one's real name on the Internet. But apparently you think pro-Dell posters should "have" to? Ok, here you go, "OneWithTheBottomLine Johnson." If I go snag a free hotmail address to go with that I will have proven my credibility, yes? Indeed you are a wise man with great powers of deduction; no one here should question your assessment of Dell.

Maybe you and some of the others here, if you have ever been disappointed with Dell customer support, are using Steve Geist's (below) method of seeking it.

Janine from USA
Entry added: Sunday, May 07, 2006 at 21:37:11 (EDT)

After reading all the posts on this page, I guess I should just be thankful I had the experience I had, but I want to let everyone know what DELL Computers is like.
Like many of you, I have always thought DELL was top of the line, so I ordered a laptop on April 27, 2006. Within a few days I had two RECORDED messages on my phone that I needed to call DELL credit department or my order COULD be cancelled?! (When I finally spoke to DELL about the messages, he assured me that the calls were NOT recordings. PUHLEEZ -- how stupid does he think I am????) Before calling DELL, I called my credit card, and found that the order amount HAD been approved. So, I called DELL and spoke to someone who told me that me order was being handled by someone else, and I would need to leave a message for him. So, I did. TWICE. I then realized that perhaps this person was gone for the day, so I called DELL AGAIN. I asked that the person that answered my call NOT transfer me as that person who was "handling my account" had obviously gone home for the day, etc., etc. This person IGNORED my plea and transferred me yet AGAIN!!! So, I called DELL AGAIN, and asked to speak to a supervisor, and after several moments of silence, I was informed that there was NOT a supervisor and he was the only person there!!! So, I hung up and called my credit card company. My credit card company got through to DELL and someone named "Natasha" (??) answered my call, got on her computer, fixed the HOLD that had been placed on my account and because of all my trouble, UPGRADED my account to free overnight shipping. Being mollified, I thanked her profusely and hung up. My computer was due to be delivered Thursday, May 4, 2006 or Friday, May 5, 2006. It didn't arrive EITHER day. Tonite, May 7, 2006, I called DELL about the non-delivery of the computer, and of course, there is NO ONE THERE TO TAKE MY CALL, but when I put in my customer service number, I was informed that that order had been CANCELLED!!!!!
After being totally livid for several minutes, I called my credit card and am having the number changed so that DELL cannot sneak any charges on there, claiming that I ordered a computer and the order was "cancelled in error".


Joey Coleman from USA
Entry added: Thursday, May 04, 2006 at 07:00:37 (EDT)

I purchased a new Precision M65 Notebook on April 26th and it arrived on May 1st. The first time I turned on the system I began to get Dr Watson errors. I spent 6 hours in one day on the phone with numerous individuals who were mostly non english speaking and very difficult to understand. As of today the computer still does not work. One person told me it was a software issue and I needed to call the software companies directly. Dell loaded the software at the factory why does it become my issue....its not like I loaded new software and messed things up. After days and days of frustration I called American Express opened a dispute and am letting them deal with Dell directly on my behalf (thank goodness for American Express....they are like pit bulls when you get messed with) It was not until I put American Express on their case did I even begin to get email responses....I will NEVER do business with Dell again. So..who has a better product?

Ron F from USA
Entry added: Saturday, April 29, 2006 at 20:43:12 (EDT)

Dell has horrible customer support. I ordered a brand new dell and when it came in the computer display was side ways and the hour glass came on for an extended time after booting system. I called dell support and spoke to some one that sounded like they were in freakin Pakastain or something, 4 hours, yes , 4 hours later the computer screen was upright but I was still having problems with booting the system. Yes, this is a brand new computer. Shortly after that I had problems with the paper feed in my printer. Called dell again, and guess what , 4 hours later after speaking to someone from another country I still had the same problem. Take my advice. DO NOT BUY A DELL!!!

Steve Geist from USA
Entry added: Wednesday, April 26, 2006 at 10:57:55 (EDT)

We received in our order a 5 pack of tape media, TR40,20/40G
One of the tapes is defective, please replace. I will be waiting for confirmation of this. Thank You.

Timmy from USA
Entry added: Tuesday, April 25, 2006 at 13:51:08 (EDT)

I run the IT infrastructure of a 150 employee company. I have used Dell, HP, and IBM PCs and servers - and Dell has been the most reliable and the best value of the major makers.

You might think Dell sucks, but I'll tell you that other companies suck harder.

GroovyDave from Dunfermline, United Kingdom
Entry added: Friday, April 21, 2006 at 10:42:59 (EDT)

I think its very funny that the people praising Dell on this site only have a first name and are always from the USA. e.g "Jeremy - USA etc" and I would ask "one with the bottom line" how did YOU find this site. Many Dell propagandists doing paid work on these pages i think! If you want a PC go to a local PC shop and get one made to your own spec, Dell are the Ford Escorts of computers..... everyone who has one does not understand why anyone would want a ferrari!

RubyCo from FL USA
Entry added: Friday, April 21, 2006 at 01:43:21 (EDT)

I bought a Dell laptop,four months later I was shipping it off for repair of the motherboard.

When I asked how long it would take to repair I was told about a week. Six weeks later I received the computer, after numerous calls trying to find out what the status was, and never getting in touch with anyone that knew anything about it. I was hung up on, put on hold and left there until I hung up, and treated rudely many times.

A month later had to buy a new adapter, and four months after that the motherboard went again, just when the guarantee had run out. I think it had a couple of weeks left before the year was up, but I went out and bought a Compaq. I was so sick of Dell that I did not want to deal with them again. I would never buy another computer or anything from them.

I was on e-bay looking for an old Dell to try and replace the motherboard so I could experiment, and there were numerous Dell computers of the same type all with motherboards that had gone out.

I do not think I was alone in my ordeal with Dell, and that my experience with them was just a single incidence.

James Mano from Amboy, WA USA
Entry added: Sunday, April 16, 2006 at 03:38:11 (EDT)

I HATE DELL PC's SOOOO MUCH! They are so frustrating to me and there is so much extra CRAP that Dell puts on them that is so unneccesary. I am an avid gamer as well as a computer tech and part of an online gaming community. My husband is the same and works for Intel. We both custom built our PCs for about half the price of a dell the same specs and they run absolutely perfect all the time! My brothers both own dells and have multiple problems with them daily. DONT BUY DELL!

Ray Delray from Ft Lauderdale, FL USA
Entry added: Sunday, April 09, 2006 at 23:13:36 (EDT)

I had a situation where my dimension 4400 wouldn'nt stay on after powering it up. I called Dell support and got someone overseas that only knew what was on the script in front of him. I guess every problem requires you to hold the power button in for ten seconds because he kept making me do this. After about an hour he finally came to the conclusion that my modem,power supply,hard drive and motherboard were all bad. This was after just 6 months of ownership and with mild use,but it was still under warranty with in home repair. When they came to fix my machine I was unable to be there but had my girlfreind there to let him in. When he was done it worked fine until I started to leave it on for a long time it would shut down. To see what was wrong I had opened it up and discovered that the repairman never put the fan back in leaving the processor uncooled. Now by the time I had dicovered this the 1 year warranty had expired and they told me they would not do anything to satisfy me. I had to put one in myself. I guess they don't want return business.
Also,does anyone know how big of a hard drive I could upgrade to with a Dimension 4400 with a pent 4,1.6 ghz with a 18 gig hard presently in it. I would like to get a 500 gig but someone had told me I may not be able to go that large. Can someone answer this or tell me how I would find out other than trial and error?


One with the Bottom Line from USA
Entry added: Wednesday, April 05, 2006 at 06:43:24 (EDT)

To be fair, this post should permanently stay at the top of the page. Here is something I doubt even the really really mad people here couldn't argue with, even as a mob together in a room.

What do you think the answer would be almost all the time if you had to answer this before posting here:

"How did you find this site?"

Would it be.... "I was sooo happy with my purchase and experience that I couldn't stand to skip even a totally podunk, amateur little site like this to proclaim my joy at; so I searched out all of them."

OR, would it more likely be... "I had a crappy experience and am PISSED, so I searched out evidence of other pissed people with crappy experiences."

But the only thing that matters IS one's own experience. It's understandable that for the unfortunate minority, their own bad experience DOES determine conclusively the worth of the manufacturer as far as they're concerned. I'd probably cave to that too if it happened to me (my experience has been great). But that still doesn't make it objective or in proportion with reality.

As far as BBB complaints, no kidding, any manufacturer that sells millions and millions of products (especially things like electronics) is bound to have lots of complaints on file. But you need to look at overall sales figures in relation to that. It's still a vast MINority of total sales.

kenton fisher from hemet, CA USA
Entry added: Wednesday, April 05, 2006 at 01:12:33 (EDT)

I read some of your reviews. I dunno I'm happy with mine, never had to call customer service the year I've had the computer. Works great. Real Powerhorse.

Jonathan Waines from United Kingdom
Entry added: Monday, March 27, 2006 at 07:50:51 (EST)

I am the IT guy in a small electronics company. We have around 25 Dell PCs and have never had major problems with them. On one, the DVD drive gave up the ghost, but after speaking to the customer support (quite lengthy call to foreign call center), the replacement part was shipped next day delivery. Same story for a faulty stick of RAM.

If you know exactly what your problem is, and how to remedy it, then I can say that Dell have expert customer service. However, I can see how the language barrier would be an issue if you tried to explain an unknown problem to them.

All in all, I'm very satisfied with Dell and the support they've provided over the last couple of years.

Kimberly H. from USA
Entry added: Sunday, March 26, 2006 at 07:55:57 (EST)

I'd highly suggest to report all of your problems to the BBB -
I have recieved no other help from Dell and am now going thru the BBB -you'd be amazed at how many complaints there are listed!!

hilary jonews from United Kingdom
Entry added: Saturday, March 25, 2006 at 15:53:46 (EST)

keyboard cant rgister the letter a within circle ....... would love to print this problem but ..... THIS PROBLEM DENIES ACCESS TO EVERY PART OF INTERNET ................. EVEN DELLS PISSPOOR HELP

edward from USA
Entry added: Friday, March 24, 2006 at 17:44:07 (EST)

wow i just read a couple of ads but here goes mine hope you enjoy it..first i order a 1400 dollar laptop from dell wait 3 and a half weeks to recive it. now after 2 weeks it is freezing up and no working properly.. wifi works when it wants to ,my cdrom drive works when it wants to basically just like dell workers they work when they want i have wasted 6 hrs today and heres what i got: i can only return before 21 days im like ok but its 21 days from invoice and that time limit was up before i got it. next im eligible for a replacement but nobody wants to file the proper paperwork..not to mention not one person over there can understand english.for instance lets troubleshoot but the computer is frozen so good luck with that.. i have a warranty to cover everything because i have 2 or 3 different service plans but god knows they really dont cover shit.anyways 2 weeks and 1400 down the drain and i got some agrravation for free. oh and god forbid you get someone here who speaks english they dont even let you finish the sentence they just transfer you overseas.this is the worst customer service ive ever seen and probably the best designed way to screw good honest hard working people.

Kelley Freeman from Burlington, VT USA
Entry added: Thursday, March 23, 2006 at 20:15:44 (EST)

Oh boy, where to start....
I purchased this dell at the beginning of February 2006. It is not almost the end of march and there is still no resolve to my issue.

I bought a 1600.00 XPS 400 with a 20 inch widescreen monitor. The sound card is a sigmatel which is embedded into the motherboard.
upon opening and setting up the computer immediately I realized there were problems. The sound was all choppy, distorted and once that started happening the mouse would slow to a crawl and the system would slowly freeze to a standstill. Now normally I would wipe the system clean at this point but guess what? They didn't include the XP CD that I had ordered separately , big shock. So I call dell hell. total wait time the first time i called, 2 hours. then i get someone I can hardly understand. He runs me through installing some PUSHDMA file and says that should solve the problem. It did...for about ten minutes. When it started happening again I freaked out. I mean I am a college student, mother of 1 and by no means have the money or time to get this computer working properly. so of course I try and call back, wait time 2 hours again. I can't get the guy I just spoke to, spoke to another person who doesn't speak english well...he tells me I will need a new system entirely and to call customer service on Monday (its saturday) and set up an exchange. ok, great. what the hell am I supposed to do without a computer for a few weeks (i'm an online student!) so I call monday, customer service says that tech support needs to fill that exchange form out, not customer service, i explain to this csr that the tech support guy told me he could only replace my new system with a refurb which is why he told me to call her. She said sorry in you are SOL in so many words. So i call tech support guy back, can't get him on the phone, get someone else who looks up my case number and says the issue has been WHAT? Like hell it has. So he says , well wait we just need to get youa new hard drive and an xp cd. OMG i'm about ready to freak out at this point. So he says he will get that shipped out to me and should arrive within three days. 2 weeks later. I call dell, where the hell are my parts...they have no record of that call under my case number. You've got to be kidding me. So I demand to speak to a supervisor. There are apparantly no supervisors that work in the middle of the afternoon. I hang up frustrated and get on the web and find a link on dells site to file a outstanding issue claim. I get an email in two days back from george a dell supervisor who asks me to email him if I am still havnig problems as my case number is stating resolved. OH MY F"ING GOD. So I email him back, ranting and raving and tell him that I want to return this piece of garbage and buy a mac or something. He sends me an email back sayign Jurio will be calling me . Jurio calls and says that all we need to do is reintall windows and he promises me that that will definitely resolve the issue. He sends me the xp cd. three days later. I get the cd but its certainly not an xp cd its a dell recovery cd. No product key. I find a tool online that will find my existing xp number and get that written down and try and reinstall windows, except this cd is so convuluted i have to call jurio to get him to help me (and i used to be in tech support for gods sake!) we wipe out the system and reinstall, this takes about 4 hours if you can believe that. I call him back to help with reinstalling the drivers. 6 hours later in the evening I have internet explorer up, just reading the cnn website and listening to my music on itunes and what happens? the sound becomes all distorted again, the computer freezes and I am locked out. I have to manually reboot and when I do a blue screen of death appears aying win32k.sys error non default page blah blah blah. i reboot again, sound all scratchy on the windows start up music and slow as a mother f'er. So I call dell back, leave messages with jurio, email the supervisor and that was two days ago. I have heard nothing. I have read many things online saying that even if you send back your pc to dell it could be months before you see your money, if it all. that freaks me out. I don't know what to do except find a good friend or someone who knows how to tweak a computer really well. I have finals coming up and need to create an animation in Maya and can't be without a computer. granted this pc doesn't do this all the time but its enough to drive me crazy. I am considering filing a claim with the better business bureau. I doubt there will be any resolve to this.

Kelley Freeman

Jeremy from USA
Entry added: Wednesday, March 22, 2006 at 19:14:51 (EST)

I bought a Dell 4700 over a year ago. The machine has run exceptionally well. I've called Dell service twice and they've been very helpful. I should point out that I'm not a bigot like others who have commented here and I don't mind an accent, people in other countries need jobs too. If you are an educated user the dell is great machine. If you shop around you can find one for an exceptional price. If you are not an educated user the computer is not the problem, you are.

Roger C. from Coralville, IA USA
Entry added: Wednesday, March 22, 2006 at 11:26:13 (EST)

Get an Apple Macintosh. I've used various Macs for many years, both at work and at home and have NEVER experienced a hardware failure.

Lucille Magyar from Zanesville, OH USA
Entry added: Wednesday, March 22, 2006 at 10:39:20 (EST)

I ordered Dell ink cartridges early March and never received them from Dell. I waiting their 3-5 days delivery and nothing. So I called Customer Service so many times checking on this order that I decided to tell them to cancel the order. They said it would take 7-10 days to cancel. Well, you guess it no response from Dell. The month is ending and still no courtsey respond from Dell.....Now, I am out of $65 and no ink cartridges. I am looking at HP all in one printer. Since I have an order printer from HP and it is great.........

Prince Soji Oshinowo from Lagos, Africa
Entry added: Wednesday, March 22, 2006 at 02:18:29 (EST)

I bought a Dell Inspiron 800m in one of their offers as a gift for my brother. Got it shipped to a friends place and tested it before giving it to him. Found out that the computer was over heating from malfunctioning battery.
So I asked for replacement and they sent me a box to send the computer back. I sent it back from my company and waited. In the mean time I had to move to Europe and called and asked Dell about the computer. The answer was "Its been fixed and will be shipped in 3 - 4 days!". So I kept cool and just waited.

After 6 months of the same answer, I demanded my money back and I did not get anything. They said they could give me a replacement system but not the money back. I agreed just to find out that the new system would have the same start date for the warranty as the other laptop. I denied and asked for my money.

Now comes the great part: All of a sudden I was told that the laptop was never recieved and they have to check with DHL before they refund me. Well another 4 months have gone by and no returns, no replacement nothing. (Time wasted: 10 months)

I am still waiting for a refund or a replacement or dell credit. But nothing. If there is a legal action going on against Dell, I would not mind signing up.

This company has turned from good to bad to WORST! I think HP can do better......

Robin from Other
Entry added: Tuesday, March 21, 2006 at 22:02:06 (EST)

Purchased a Dell Inspiron 5150 Notebook two years ago. I was working fine until the 14th month. The CD drive failed on me and warranty expired (drats). Oh well, I soildered on by purchasing an external CD drve as Dell's replacement parts are too expensive.

Just last week however, my computer failed to start. The hard drive died!

I lost all my digiphotos from trips to China and across the Nullabour. I guess it's my fault for not backing up -- but who does. 2 years of life for a laptop just isn't good enough! Even the tax office says that computers have a shelf life of 3 years!!!

Objective 2 from USA
Entry added: Tuesday, March 21, 2006 at 08:59:13 (EST)

"$239," the figure mentioned several times below as what unsuspecting people were slapped with as an "additional" fee to procure a "software support package" that would address the problem they called in with. I was quoted that figure myself yesterday... But what it actually is is just the cost of a three-year extended general warranty, with next business day at-home service in this case anyway. One year ($109) and two year ($179) packages are also available. And they don't just cover either hardware or software exclusively. I wanted to mention this since the $239 figure sounds pretty coincidental here, and only half the story of what it really is (and of the other lower-cost available options) may have been told in the posts about it here.

Jason from USA
Entry added: Monday, March 20, 2006 at 13:51:02 (EST)

Dell computers...Everyone here seems to be complaining about how poor of a product they sell, bad technical support, etc. Well, from a professional IS person's point of view, frankly I LOVE DELL! The equipment comes ready to go, the hardware is top of the line and they have products to suit everyone. We recently made the decision to only purchase Dell pc's for our company computers. The reason, a solid product backed by industry leading customer service. If you don't like the fact that your warranty runs out in a year, but an extended one. Heck, but the completecare and never worry again. While Dell has many shortcomings, they are frankly better than the rest at what they do. I have worked with PC's from HP, Compaq(now HP), Acer, Fujitsu, Dell and many that we built ourselves and dollar for dollar, Dell has been the best. I will only buy Dell laptops and prefer Dell workstations. So, if you have a beef with your pc and decide the grass is greener on the other side, check out how intense a magnifying glass you are using to look at the grass before deciding its not for you.

Objective1 from USA
Entry added: Sunday, March 19, 2006 at 10:18:40 (EST)

I think it's clear that this site has gone the way of completely slanted reporting, caused by the classic issue of mostly those who are UNhappy/UNsatisfied being the ones who search out and take the time to post on such sites. People who received a product of any kind and were happy with it just don't often go looking for places to contribute the story of their satisfaction.

I am never a blind loyalist or cheerleader for anything or anyone; in fact being objective is one of the biggest parts of my profession and so is advising clients on potential ripoffs and dishonesty. And it probably is true that Dell isn't what it used to be in various ways. I am not specifically here to defend them or to comment on that, even though my experiences with them happen to have been good... And Consumer Reports still has more positive findings about them than most other companies and that does count for something... And what is written here simply does NOT reflect the general publics' experiences with or opinion of Dell.

Rather, I am here to say it is glaringly obvious that the "info" here is extremely skewed by the factor mentioned above, that by far it's the angry and unhappy that find, flock to and bother to post on such sites. And this is a completely unknown and poorly formatted one that satisified customers would never find even if they were inclined to post their praise somewhere. This site has no business even calling itself a "guide" in its name, there is no info, advice or links of any such kind here. I would expect much more from the founder, a leading Internet psychologist whose own profession would presumably require him to be very aware of the phenomenon that has happened here and the unfairness of it. (I found this silly excuse for an "information resource" only while looking for links to Dr. Grohol's psychology sites.)

Newcomers be warned: Reading what you see here will shed zero light on whether it is currently advisable to buy a Dell. There are a certain number of nightmarish experiences with any product or service out there and you have stumbled into a completely unorganized and inherently biased repository of only those experiences, out of millions. Dr. Grohol if you care about your reputation or the various services you provide on the Internet, you should get rid of this embarrassment.

Sam Friedman from Flushing, NY USA
Entry added: Friday, March 17, 2006 at 23:22:30 (EST)

I purchased a Dell Inspiron 500m about 1 year ago brand new and have had headaches and problems a few months after Using it. First the Hard drive had a major failure, So I purchased a new one, and transfered over all my information and Operating system to the new installed hard drive. Everything thing was fine till the screen went blank while using it ... I think its a heating iss , since it only happens if its been on a while. The battery is new and this even happens on AC POWER. Wondering if anyone else had problems with this laptop?

Kimberly H. from Arvada, CO USA
Entry added: Friday, March 17, 2006 at 21:21:33 (EST)

I sat and read several of the BAD experiences that have been posted and boy do I ever know how you all feel!
I am the lucky (haha) owner of an Inspiron 1100 that we paid over a grand for less than 2 years ago.
As Im typing this I keep getting a nice little pop up that my USB device isnt working, I cant tell you how many times I have hit the "reset button" to try and fix this, amongst numerous other things (running diagnostics, reading through a bizillion Dell support issues/boards...etc).
This after having paid well over $400.00 out of pocket to have my motherboard replaced 2x and heat sync replaced, sent it to a NON DELL computer expert only to be told that the motherboard is ONCE AGAIN messed up. Not only are my USB ports nonfunctional, this time I have lost my sound. Preferably to have lost my hearing as I am SO NOT ready to call Dells "lil helpers" again.
Is it correct that there is a lawsuit pending against Dell? I sure would like to jump aboard too!

PO'd in CO

R Bhosale from USA
Entry added: Thursday, March 16, 2006 at 02:01:42 (EST)

I bought a Dell Inspiron 600m in one of their offers as a gift for my sister. Got it shipped to a friends place and tested it before giving it to her. Found out that the computer was over heating from malfunctioning battery.
So I asked for replacement and they sent me a box to send the computer back. I sent it back from my company and waited. In the mean time I had to move to Europe and called and asked Dell about the computer. The answer was "Its been fixed and will be shipped in 3 - 4 days!". So I kept cool and just waited.

After 6 months of the same answer, I demanded my money back and I did not get anything. They said they could give me a replacement system but not the money back. I agreed just to find out that the new system would have the same start date for the warranty as the other laptop. I denied and asked for my money.

Now comes the great part: All of a sudden I was told that the laptop was never recieved and they have to check with DHL before they refund me. Well another 4 months have gone by and no returns, no replacement nothing. (Time wasted: 10 months)

I am still waiting for a refund or a replacement or dell credit. But nothing. If there is a legal action going on against Dell, I would not mind signing up.

This company has turned from good to bad to WORST! I think HP can do better......

Alice Buderer from Beaver Dam, WI USA
Entry added: Wednesday, March 15, 2006 at 08:21:15 (EST)

I agree with RUN, DON'T WALK away from Dell. I ordered a desktop E510. Had problems with it out of the box. Called supprt 7 times, online chat twice. Each contact with them I requested at home service and was refused. 3 or 4 of the calls were disconnected with no return phone call even though they tell you they will call back if disconnected. Was treated rudely, laughed at when I asked one lady to speak slower becauase I couldn't understand her because of her accent.
I asked for a return request but by this time the 21 days had past so it was refused. Had I known if the first week I would get this run around it would have gone back then. I figured a big company like Dell would honor their products--WRONG!!!
Ater a 3 hour call to them they finally decided I had two bad hard drives(YES, BOTH DRIVES WERE BAD OUT OF THE BOX. A technician came and installed the new hard drives. Windows had to be reloaded but I didn't get the disk with my system so he installed an older version.
Was all excited that after over a month of problems I was finally going to have a good working computer-WRONG AGAIN.
Most of the original software needed to run the internet is gone. Can't connect to the internet. I'm missing other software that came with the system after 30 days of having it!!! It's sitting in the corner, unusable.
I have reported the problems to the Better Business Bureau, Consumer Protection Agency and I am having the charge on my credit card disputed with the credit card company.
Does anyone have any other suggestions? I'm no going to sit back and let them do this!!

Javed from USA
Entry added: Saturday, March 11, 2006 at 01:47:04 (EST)

I got the wsxga inspiron a week ago. No where they mentioned that to increase the size, you need to bump up DPI to 120%. 120% DPI has problem with some applications and most of the websites. Internet Explorer does not support it and other browsers will not show the site correctly if increased the fonts and kept the DPI at 96% (try in Firefox, increase the fonts and watch the left menus).

I am going to return it with a slap of 15% restocking and shipping fees.

I would love to join against this Fraud company with the owner sitting at 25 billion dollars.


allison from USA
Entry added: Sunday, March 05, 2006 at 02:09:31 (EST)

Horrific. Had a bad all-in-one printer 962 out of the box -- was refused on-site fix or replacement. Technical support helped me bandaid some fixes, and denied it was hardware related. For one year, and several calls, I limped along. Now that my warranty is up I am told YES, it IS a hardware problem (no surprise here) and they cannot help me, and will not pay to fix or replace the printer. Lesson learned - the up-front savings pack a hefty back-end wallop. No more Dell for me. Run, don't walk.

naga from USA
Entry added: Thursday, March 02, 2006 at 21:23:36 (EST)

I purchased the dell inspiron 8600 laptop in June 2004 (for about $1700), within 4 months the display was failed, and sent to dell and got it fixed, Dell didn't care to find out the root cause, their attitude is anyway, they will take care of any cases only which are under warranty, or within extended warranty, so anyways, let me continue.. continued to work for few more moths.. and completed my 1 year warranty, didn't have the extended warranty, rather didn't want to buy one, as i had already spent more money on the laptop. So, unfortunately, one fine day the motherboard i'm out of warranty....

after going thru several websites, finally found out a good forum, where they had posted several complaints...





J.M. Burnham from USA
Entry added: Thursday, March 02, 2006 at 19:57:18 (EST)

I went round and round with Dell.When I filled out The BBB online complaint is when it begin to change the whole picture.I will never fuss with them again,your wasting your breath.

Sonya from Douglasville, GA USA
Entry added: Wednesday, March 01, 2006 at 14:25:10 (EST)

They are ripping people off they want until the warranty is expired I didnt have a choice if I wanted more than 90 day warranty and this is the 3rd hard drive I have put in this computer in less than 2 years I have a COMPAQ also and in the 8 years I have had it I have NEVER had a problem with it, and DELL expects me to buy another one DELL SUCKS

Cheri Bailey from Aurora, CO USA
Entry added: Tuesday, February 28, 2006 at 12:45:31 (EST)

I am appaled at Dell and their customer service!!! I purchased a XPS M140 Dell notebook over the phone. I found the computer I wanted with the package information offered from a catalog and gave the customer service rep the E value code that was listed. I specifically mentioned that I was purchasing this package because it included the Microsoft Office Small Business Edition 2003. I also purchased a printer and a router. All in all, the total cost was a little under $2000. Yesterday, I received my computer and I was excited. However, after loaded the Microsoft Office software last night, I realized they sent me the Basic edition instead. I contacted them this morning and was told that since the software was opened, it couldn't be returned. They said they'd offer me $100 for my trouble. However, if I were to purchase again what I purchased through the package, I'd have to pay the difference of the $100, which would be around $160. I told them that was unacceptable and asked for a supervisor. Another person came on the line and said the same thing. Then she said the package I ordered wasn't offered. I told her again that it was listed in a Dell catalog and asked her if it was Dell's practice to falsely advertise, she said I could return the computer. After several minutes of arguing with her, I found out she wasn't even the supervisor. I told her I expected a call back from a supervisor. She said someone would call within the hour. This was an hour and a half ago. This is clearly bate and switch. I'm so angry! I will never purchase a Dell computer again. If they can't honor and fix what they clearly did wrong, how can I believe that they'll handle warranty issues, much less proclaim their great customer service? What a rip off! I spoke to my office IT person about this and she said whenever she had issues with another computer company, they would exchange and resolve the issue immediately. Dell apparantly care and I think they should change their customer service policy and mission statement because they clearly aren't following it!

Entry added: Tuesday, February 28, 2006 at 10:55:57 (EST)

I made the mistake of buying my daughter a Dell Inspiron last year. It was a mess. Broke down twice and they tried to send me a refurb which also was broken when it arrived. I sent everything back and demanded a refund. Hours and hours on the phone with these idiots and nothing. After 6 months of this crap, I filed a complaint with the BBB and guess what? Got my refund and a nice letter from their customer service. I am telling all of you. Complain in writing (on line) to the Better Business Bureau. That is the only thing Dell responds to. I have now purchased an Compaq laptop and it is the best thing ever. I had a question, called, got an american on the phone in 1 minute. IF YOU BUY A DELL YOU ARE MAKING A MISTAKE.

MaryLe from San Jose , CA USA
Entry added: Friday, February 24, 2006 at 19:03:32 (EST)

DELL INC is the worst company to get any service or satisfaction from.

I originally ordered an Axim 520MHz WiFi equipped PDA in August 2005. by Dec. 2005 the Operating System died and I had to go through hell to get it replace. This time they set me a product that is of lower cost and a cheaper version. I was sent an Axim 416 MHz without WiFi.

The Unit price for my original Axim was $497.00
The Unit price for Axim 416Mhz was $299.00. A far cheaper version.


I called Dell on 2/24/06 at 7:20AM Customer Service Department. I was tranferred 2x and Bechen answered only to blind transferr me again and hang up the line at 7:45. (35 min total wasted time)

I call back at 9:32 and spoke to Unchen who later transferred me to James at ext. 7266966 to transferred me to Andrew, who transferred me to Ann at ext. 5378296, who transferred me to Carla, who transferred me to Edwardo at ext. 5085346, who transferred me to Luis at 5085136. Luis and Edwardo claimed that they were the Managers at one point and since I was still unsatisfied, I requested to talked to Ricardo who Luis said was the boss over him but he refused to transferr me to him or give me his extension. Worst yet, I requested he give Ricardo his boss my number and have him call me back today. He said "he wasn't going to do such thing". Nothing solve by 11:22AM and I had to hang up finally on this ASS-HO. (total time wasted: 2hr 50 min.)

Tried again at 2:12 and was left on hold till 3:15. Robin last words was, "Please hold, I'll get you connected to the Manager". This was over and hour ago. Hang up! Call back and got a person call Kathy who said she work in Customer service in India. She transferred me to Jenny in India. Who knows what department she was in. I was again in the queue and spoke to Jason who claims I'm in the wrong department and can't help me with my issue. Transferred out again to *26805 Q. This time I got Edgar, it is now 3:38pm. The last call of the day ended at 3:59. (total time wated: 1:47)

I need not get the $499. version of Axim X51v even through I paid $497 dollar. I got the Axim X51 the cheaper version which is now $329. Some how this Consumer always loosing out with this company. They are a waste of my time for sure. I'VE BEEN LOOKING TO BUY TWO NEW COMPUTERS FOR OUR FAMLIY. I WILL NOT CONSIDER DOING BUSINESS WITH DELL AND YOU SHOULD NOT EITHER. DELL NEEDS TO BE OUT OF BUSINESS. THEY ARE THE NEXT ENRON COMPANY FOR AMERICANS.

OhioUser from USA
Entry added: Tuesday, February 21, 2006 at 16:32:39 (EST)

I write to add my story. I own a Inspiron 9100.

My problems started with an intermittent POST problem. When I tried to start the computer, the lock lights would flash once and nothing more would happen. I called technical support, attempted to explain the intermittent nature of the problem, and explained my belief that the motherboard temperature sensor was failing. Thankfully, the unit was still under warranty, so Dell authorized a return. I sent it to them, they claimed to fix it, then sent it back. However, the unit continued to fail intermittently. So, I called again.

I learned that the depot hadn’t done anything to the computer even though I had taken the time to include a written summary of the failure mode and my speculation as to the cause. So, off to the depot again. This time, Dell replaced the video card. The unit still didn’t work. On my third call to tech support, I was instructed to flash update the BIOS with a download from Dell’s FTP site. This seemed to resolve the problem. (I now wonder if this was some sort of work around.)

Shortly thereafter, the AC adapter seemed to fail. I called Dell to order a replacement. I was told that Dell did not carry the AC adapter in stock anymore and that a request to order the part would need to be initiated. Eventually, Dell shipped me a refurbished AC adapter at no cost and with no warranty.

Three weeks ago, the computer started telling me that it was unable to identify the AC adapter.

Then, last week, the computer ceased to POST even with the AC adapter plugged in. When the adapter was initially plugged into the computer, the light on the adapter would show green. Shortly after plugging the adapter in, the light would begin to dim and eventually go out.

Assuming that the problem lay with the adapter and/or the batteries, I decided to order replacements. I first attempted to purchase the replacements on line. However, when I searched for the parts, Dell’s online catalog instructed me to call sales (a bad sign). I called and asked to buy the battery and adapter. The sales person gladly accepted my $230 order and assured me that the correct parts were identified in his system and would soon be on the way.

Today, the parts arrived. Unfortunately, I was sold a battery for a 9200 and an adapter for an 8500. I immediately called Dell and, after pressing four buttons, was connected to India.
I explained my problems to the tech support person. He told me that I had been sold the wrong parts (no kidding) and that I would have to call sales to get the correct parts. I told him that I had called sales. I also expressed concern that the problem really resides in the motherboard. Of course, we can’t troubleshoot the computer without powering it up and he can’t authorize a repair call until we first go through the telephone diagnostics. Yes, I had purchased the two years on site service when it was offered near the expiration of my initial one year warranty. Eventually, he looked up the part numbers and initiated a call record. After looking up the parts, he told me that he had to connect me to customer service to place the order for the right parts.

After a lengthy wait, I was transferred to the Philippines. The customer service rep wanted to immediately arrange for the recovery of the incorrectly shipped parts. I asked him if he would be able to place the order for the correct parts. “No,” came the response. I would have to speak to yet a third person to place the order for the correct parts. Unwilling to arrange for a return until I could confirm my access to the correct parts, I insisted to speak to sales.

Another wait. Now I was transferred to Texas. I again asked to purchase the battery and adapter for the 9100. This time, the sales rep told me that he could sell me the battery, but that he could not order the adapter. Getting somewhat frustrated, I asked if there was one person at Dell that I could talk to who could resolve my issues. “No,” came the response. I would have to talk to sales to order the battery, customer support arrange the return of the parts that Dell had incorrectly sold to me, and to tech (again!) about the adapter which he suggested could only be obtained from reworked returned adapters.


Two calls and three different Dell representatives later....this is the best that Dell could do.

A refurbished adapter is being sent to me. I don’t know when it will be sent. There is no guaranty that it is the right adapter or that it will work (or for how long it will work).


Dell, if this is what you do for your customers with on site warranty coverage.....well, I can’t even finish the thought.

I am convinced that this computer's inablity to dissipate heat is causing the failures. I think the computer is shorting the power supply causing the adapter to shut down. I suspect that Dell knows of the overheating problem given how quickly the 9100 design was replaced in the marketplace.

Sadly, I note that Dell recently reported favorable financial results. So, I guess cheap products (and I don’t mean price) and non-existent customer service yields profits in the short term. Beware that your name becomes mud in the marketplace. Your short term strategy will not work for long!

kelvin from chicago, IL USA
Entry added: Tuesday, February 14, 2006 at 13:07:08 (EST)

I have read several of these comments. I too purchased several computers from dell, including 2 desktops & 2 pda. I have had problems, just like any other man made machine. However, it's all about who you know and when you call. I have a brother that works at Dell. You better believe, I get my way.

I paid top dollars for these machines, and expect to get my money's worth, warranty or no warranty. Never, ever, deal with a regular customer service when there is a serious problem. Go straight to the top, and keep going til you get there.

c. phelps from lakeland, FL USA
Entry added: Wednesday, February 08, 2006 at 08:33:01 (EST)

I have NEVER purchased a Dell product and now never Will.
I have received at least one call a day and sometimes two a day including the week-end from these two numbers 1-800-443-1638 and 1-800-443-1592, asking for my son-in-law. He used our phone number as a contact number after they were displaced by Hurricane Katrina from New Orleans, LA. I have told these people I would pass along the numbers to my son-in-law and nothing else. Like everyone else they became hostile toward me and demanded my name etc... I asked to speak to a supervisor, on a Sunday, and was given William who tried to tell me I was responsible and had to give him my name and all contact numbers for my son-in-law. Then he threatened me with legal action telling me my conversation was taped. I reminded him that in America it was against the law to tape a conversation unless I was told about it in advance and agreed to the taping, William went crazy on me. I asked for the legal department number and he gave me a wrong number. I have now had to buy caller id to stop answering the phone when they call. It also appears that these people are outsourced from another counrty. " Thank you very much". So much for good customer service from a company that wants your business.

Karen Hammer from Sedona, AZ USA
Entry added: Saturday, February 04, 2006 at 11:38:37 (EST)

I purchased a DELL laptop and printer. Even though I am very computer literate I was stupid and purchased their support plan for a year because I had never had a laptop. I tried out their support number once and I hung on the line to see how long it would take before someone answered. After fourty minutes a non-English person answered and their English was so poor that they could not understand my question which was actually a very simple one. No matter how I worded my question it was not understood so I hung up. Then I deleted all information and all links with regards to the support plan I had purchased and considered it a total rip-off. one told me when I purchased the printer that I would be forced into buying DELL printer cartridges only. When I complained after I received the printer and found the icon on my desktop so that I could order the DELL cartridges a Resolution Specialist at DELL told me that Lexmark cartridges would work. When I called Lexmark they told me that they would not work and when I called DELL and wrote to DELL they told me every time that I had to buy DELL products. I resent not being told when I bought the printer that I would be forced into buying DELL printer cartridges for the rest of the printer's life. I am considering throwing the printer out as the cartridge is getting low and I really do not like being manipulated in this way. If DELL thinks they can continue to manipulate and trick people into buying their products they are solely mistaken because all they are doing is alienating people. I WILL NEVER, EVER PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM DELL AGAIN!!!!!

Ronnie from USA
Entry added: Monday, January 30, 2006 at 11:17:49 (EST)

by scammedbydell, Jan 30 '06

Don't buy Dell gift cards. My fiance bought me a $300 gift card for christmas. I tried to purchase a computer this weekend from the Dell employee purchase program site. When completing my order I tried to enter the gift card and the system said the card was invalid. So I called the phone number on the back of the card.

This connected me to Dell Home. Dell Home told not to purchase the computer from the website and that they would assist me. During our conversation they said that I could not use a gift card while using a Dell preferred account. (Dell Financing) I spent 30 minutes on the phone with them before they said they could not match the deal I was getting through the employee purchase program and would have to transfer me to that department.

The Dell employee purchase program informed me that I could not use the gift card on the purchase since the gift card was purchased from Dell Home("a seperate division").
They also were refering to the Gift Card as a coupon. I was furious, and told them that it is not a coupon. It is money that I have sitting at Dell that I cannot use.

How was my fiance to know that there was a Dell Employee Purchase Program site and that I was going to use this site to purchase my new PC?

I spent a couple of hours in total talking with supervisors to no avail. So now I have a $300 giftcard that I cannot use without losing $400+ in discount money. DON'T BUY DELL GIFTCARDS, they are a ripoff.

stu Carr from Other
Entry added: Monday, January 30, 2006 at 00:28:27 (EST)

I was going to buy a Dell but my friend who works as a computer technician was going to slap me if I did, But dude I did'nt get a Dell and I am very happy. I propose a great solution to the problem in which all dell owners get together and burn all the dell comps in a big bondfire and celabrate, wiping all dell products off the face of the earth. My sympathies go out to all the inocent victims who suffered as a result of the Dell corporation.
P.S. Tell all people not to buy Dell!

Arnold Diamond from Woodbury, NY USA
Entry added: Thursday, January 26, 2006 at 20:30:48 (EST)

Loyal customer- Bought a Dimension desktop and 2 Inspiron 600s in past two years. I use one Inspiron in my den as a stationary computer to use while I watch TV. Never move it.

Turned it on one day and there was a triangle blotch in lower right of screen. Called them and was told it sounded like a cracked LCD. They sent me a box to return it in and free postage since I paid for an extended warranty.

It was returned 2 weeks later with a note saying that since I have not paid to have it fixed, they are returning the unit. I was never contacted during the 2-week period asking me for money.

I called them and was told that cracked LCDs are NOT covered by their warrant that I paid a couple of hundred dollars for.

I read and re-read the warranty limitations and did not see any wording about cracked LCDs not being covered.

I wrote letters that were not returned.

I spoke to them online and they said the wording I needed to look at was that "accidential damage" is not covered. Well, I ddn't have any "accidental damage." I just turned on the computer and the blotch was there.

Bottom line. Dell does not honor its warranty. I used to have a mantra, "BUY DELL."

My new mantra is "DON'T BUY DELL" Buyer Beware-You've been warned.

Randolph from USA
Entry added: Tuesday, January 24, 2006 at 12:41:09 (EST)

My system died and Dell told me to buy a new motherboard. I did and it arrived yesterday. Third motherboard in 18 months. Today I reveived FOUR MORE of the same motherboard. Who sent them to me? What do I do now?

michael shirley from USA
Entry added: Monday, January 23, 2006 at 18:55:43 (EST)

They need to hire good english speaking people. that sitting on hold for 40 minutes at a time when you call with a question is crap. I did not sit on hold when i ordered my desk top what happened to the service after the sell.

Elizabeth Gonzales from Glen Burnie, MD USA
Entry added: Friday, January 20, 2006 at 17:25:52 (EST)

This is my 2nd bad experience from DELL. I should have learned my lesson from the 1st, but of course I still went ahead and got my 2nd notebook from them. 1st of all I have Inspiron 6000 notebook and it's only 3 weeks old purchase by my mother as a gift under her dell acct. I called tech support and asked for help b/c my browsing web wouldn't work. It keeps saying "end program". And it was running soooo slow. Initially I thought it was from ISP problem, but it wasn't. I was on the phone with dell tech support for 3 hrs and not able to fixed the problem. I was given a case # by tech support and told to call the customer service b/c it was closed at that time and the fact that he said that I should be given a new unit b/c he tried everything he could to fixed the problem and put that it his report. I was assured by him that I wouldn't get any problem. Sure enough, when I called the customner service, I got run around transferred from dept. to another dept. and one tech support was rude. I was so frustrated and pissed with everything b/c I had to withdraw from my online class and pay penalty for dropping the class. I got excalated more when the tech support told me that dell don't make the same model anymore and per their policy they don't give exchange unit. I had asked for the manager b/c the tech or customer service I was talking to was rude. Refused to give his last name and didn't call his superior. I had to end the conversation b/c the fact I was late for my appt. When I came back I called again and went through the same ordeal, but this time I said that I rather get a "full refund", of course I was told that I wouldn't get a full refund. Again, I was furious. I was put on hold again and when the person came back he told me that it's in the system that replacement unit has been set up for shipment. I was given an order # and butI still asked for the manager. I will wait for the replacement unit and hoping that it will not give me any problem. I hope for those people who are thinking of buying a dell computer, pls DON'T. Don't make your life miserable.

Cliff Dunaway from USA
Entry added: Thursday, January 19, 2006 at 10:27:29 (EST)

This is an account of all the problems encountered trying to get a Dell computer before Christmas.

Dec 8 - Place a Web order for a computer for my daughter. Base price $499, final price approx $630. Estimated delivery Dec 14.

Dec 11 - My daughter sees an ad in the newspaper offering upgraded computer for the same price (after $130 mail-in rebate).

Dec 12 - I contact Dell, and am told the order has already shipped. Dell customer service tells me they can cancel the first computer, contact the carrier to return it to Dell, and I can order the new one. Also told that I will receive a credit on my MasterCard in 5 - 10 business days. So I order the new computer. Approx $760 before rebate.

Dec 17 - Still have not received 2nd computer. Checked Dell website, and carrier says delivery was refused on Dec 15, which is not true. Carrier never attempted delivery. Maybe Dell told the carrier to return the wrong computer? I contact Dell customer support via chat session. Agent Manisha Sharma says that she will initiate a rerouting of the computer, and we should have it in 3-5 days.

Dec 19 or 20 - Speak with another Dell customer support person. I explain the situation to him. After awhile, he states that he has arranged for it to be returned to us, he will follow-up on this, and that he will personally call me when it has re-shipped. (As of today, I still have not heard from him).

Dec 22 - Still have not received computer. Checked Dell website, says the computer has returned to Dell in Texas. I contact Dell customer support again, and am told to order a 3rd computer! I still had not received credit for the first two! I am told my card will not be charged until one of the others is credited. I also tell Dell I need it before Christmas, and am promised it will be shipped with next day delivery. So customer service reorders the computer.

Dec 23 - Checked website, computer is built and being delivered to carrier. Price is approx $580.

Dec. 24 - Check website for delivery time, and see that computer was shipped ground instead of next day, and won’t be delivered until Dec 27 at the earliest.

Dec 27 - Daughter’s husband drives to carrier and waits 1 hour to pick up computer.

Jan 3 - Speak to Dell employee Samantha. Explain that in light of all of the hassle and broken promises, I would like to have the 1-year warranty extended to 3 years at no additional charge. She refuses. She also informs me that we will be charged approx $760, and will have to file a rebate that we don’t have. I explain that Dell already has approx $1400 of my money, I have not received a credit even though it has been almost a month, and I do not want to wait 2 - 3 months to get a rebate back. I recommend that Dell handle the rebate at their end, and charge me the amount shown on the order, approx $580. She refuses. Incredulously, she offers to give me a coupon to be used for a future Dell purchase. I ask her if she really expects us to buy another Dell computer if this cannot be resolved to my satisfaction? No reply, of course. I ask to speak to her supervisor. She refuses. I ask again to speak to her supervisor. Again she refuses. I ask to speak to someone that can remedy this. She refuses. There is no point in continuing, so I terminate the call.

As of today, 1/19/2006, still have not received credit refund. Unless Dell resolves this to my satisfaction, I will NEVER buy Dell again.

Marissa from USA
Entry added: Wednesday, January 18, 2006 at 22:49:22 (EST)

I paid top dollar for a computer that stopped working after a month. I spent many hours on the phone trying to get help, trying to pay them actually. I have a desktop and never had a problem with it, the laptop I have is horrible. The customer service is horrible, I spoke to people all over the globe and no one knew who I was supposed to talk to. I kept getting sent back to the people who had transfered me to the person I was talking to. I talked in circles for hours. I would highly suggest NOT buying a dell laptop. From my friends who work with computers often I've heard that about half of all dells that come in don't work or have problems with them. I suggest looking else where for your computer needs.

Gary from Clarksville, TN USA
Entry added: Wednesday, January 18, 2006 at 16:39:23 (EST)

I, like many that have commented here, thought it was a safe bet to buy a Dell. So I got a top of the line model and seven months later the hard drive fails. Dell sends someone out to install a new hard drive but that's all they did. So I have to install the operating system and everything else. No problem I thought. But when I went to install WIN HP the computer stopped responding at a certain point in the process. So I call Dell, and like everbody else I get someone that doesn't have a good grasp of the english language. Where am I calling, a foreign country??? I was on the phone for hours with no fix or solution. I repeated this drill countless times. I thought I was always getting the same Dell tech everytime because his english was so poor I couldn't hardly understand him. But I wasn't!! None of them can speak english!!! In the meantime my warranty expired. They had no idea how to fix the problem. Everytime I called back we would go through the same drill because I never talked to the same person twice. You know, after being on the phone for 3-4 hours it wears you down and all you want to do is get off and try again in a couple of days when you can block out the time that you know Dell will take from you. Well my computer is still broken and my warranty is expired. I'll never buy from Dell again and if you don't want to go through the headaches I've been through, don't buy from them either.

Karen Katz from USA
Entry added: Sunday, January 15, 2006 at 17:09:45 (EST)

December 23rd, 2005, I Ordered a $2,000 gift card from Dell-a present for my daughter-in-law.Had to order via phone,("live chat's" "canned" dialogue couldn't understand my request).The order was taken by a helpful, curteous American male Dell employee who hadn't "ever sold a gift card"; all though the call took forever, the employees humor,good nature diffused a frustrated customer's ire.Present received, daughter used Dell on-line to 'build' her notebook...then at 'check-out'she recorded gift card number....a delay, screen goes if the order is in the works...then these words...NUMBER NOT VALID...thinking she had input incorrectly, she reorder...SAME MESSAGE...DOESN'T you know if you've dealt w/Dell, NOTHING is saved in the ordering process...EVERYTHING MUST BE INPUT AGAIN.I'll not regale you with the hours she waited on the phone while Dell transfered her....BOTTOM LINE?.....SHE STILL DOESN'T HAVE A CHRISTMAS GIFT AND DELL HAS MY $2,000.......Dell blames this on American Express,generator of the gift cards....saying their cards aren't being "read" by out equipment....WHO CARES....ENOUGH ALL READY.What happened to the 'old Dell?' Is anyone working for Dell who speaks English as a 3rd Language even?

jess from USA
Entry added: Thursday, January 12, 2006 at 14:12:34 (EST)

I had a problem with my internet on my inspiron 1100..cable company said it was an issue with internet explorer and to contact Dell. I was on the phone for a total of 3-4 hours. I too, was conected with a girl of whom I could not understand a word. when I spelled my last name for her...wells, she repeated back the letters W..I..O...O...S. Wioos? am I now a character from Dr. Sues? oh sorry Dr. Sioos. I had to keep asking her to repeat herself...she may have been forming sentence fragments in poor english but the accent was so thick,...I also was getting the impression she could not fully understand me as well. so she had me restart the computer (the old turn it off/on mentatlity...really Dell, you must think your customers have the IQ equivallant of a baked potatto.) Ok, so she said i have a problem with windows..its a software issue...she has me write down a # to call, then as if reading from a sheet of paper stated that the charge to my account for the software support on my dell preferred acct. will be $350, then I'm on hold. OH MY GOD SHE IS NOT PROCESSING $350 TO MY ACCOUNT FOR A PHONE NUMBER TO CALL THAT MAY OR MAY NOT FIX THE ISSUE???? she gets back on the line to tell me it is being processed. I am LIVID. I tell her I know the call is recorded and I do NOT give any sort of consent to process the charge. I dont WANT the #!...I do not trust that it will even fix my issue! I am severly offended that because she can't understand the english language and I can't understand her...I waisted 4 hours of my time and might be charged for something I do not want!...cancel it now..cancel it now...cancel it now...cancel it now. yes, I just kept repeating this over and over like a freaking 4 yr old throwing a fit untill she claimed that it was canceled. I told her I would be checking and if it wasn't, Dell would hear from my lawyer. Then I had an issue with the finance dept...seems the same checking acct that I ALWAYS use to send in payments was not accepted when I made a payment by check over the phone. funny, I received a confirmation#, funny I was not told that the payment was not accepted untill now I am recieving calls from an 866 # starting from 8am -10 pm at 1st I didn't answer, then I realized it was DELL! leaving me messages all day that they cannot put through my request for the $350 software support # because my acct is over due! AAARARRRRRGH! so after about 10 more phone calls, depts, languages that barely resemble english, I am told that the acct # was not accepted for my payment(same one that its always been) and now I am charged an additional $30 late fine. so I was promised that no software support would be charged to my account, but WEll SEE. I was promised I would stop being harassed with phone calls...which have ceased. and please, do NOT finance with DELL...they promise easy financing but I have encountered large jumps in interest rates, hidden fees and charges! I am paying my account of over the next 6 months and NEVER buying a single item from DELL again in my LIFE!!! By the way...I figured that software # would have just given me some advice that I could find on my own anyway so I reread my operation manual. came across the system resore...I am not computer savy but figured It wouldn't hurt to try. after preforming system restore back to the last time I had internet connection in october, restart computer, click on explorer...problem fixed. Come on Dell? why you gotta rip good people off? Jess

Philip Donald from Birmingham, United Kingdom
Entry added: Sunday, January 08, 2006 at 22:03:47 (EST)

All in all dell are really good, I sell a lot of spares for them, but I cant buy them direct or from an authorised service centre as they dont have any in the uk.

One of the posters here was saying that his service tag didnt come up on their support site.

They dont seem to initalise them on their drivers site for a couple of months I have bought a few systems for clients, and as their standard software setup didnt suit them I reinstalled just what they needed from scratch and not one of the express of full service codes worked.

Not a problem to me, but as they dont actually supply drivers cd's anymore could be a problem to soemone without a lot of experience.

Philip Mc Donald

John Lopez from Oxford, MI USA
Entry added: Wednesday, January 04, 2006 at 20:59:32 (EST)

I bought a Dell 1100 about 1 year ago. I had previously bought two Dell C600's in the past and was completely satisfied with them. They have really lived a long time.

Thinking that Dell was still a good buy, I bought a Dell 1100 Inspirion laptop about 1 year ago for a little over $1,000. As soon as I took one look at the machine, I was completely disappointed with how little I got for my money. There were no ports for keyboards, mice, etc. - only 2 USB ports. The laptop was also big and heavy.

After having the laptop for 6 months, it started shutting down randomly, and would not reboot. I would just get a black screen with the cursor - no Windows! I unscrewed the bottom and made sure all the components had a good connection. This seemed to bring it back to life. The same problem happened again, and I repeated the process. I sort of knew this was the beginning of the end.

Today, I came home from work and notice that my laptop with the closed lid (hasn't been used in a few days), had the power light and hard disk light flashing together quickly. The laptop was dead. I wasn't even using it!!! I also noticed the little green light in the power cord was flashing with the lights on the laptop. I figured something fried, goodbye laptop. What a waste of $1,000 ;(

Anyway, what a disappointment. After reading other reviews about Dell, and witnessing my neighbors Dell's hard drive failure, I figure Dell is nothing more than a name now - great machines a thing of the past. Don't bother with these machines.

At work, we have HP's and Compaq's. I've seen people abuse these machines, and they keep on going. That's what I'm going for now.

Take care,

POd in Portland from Portland, OR USA
Entry added: Tuesday, December 27, 2005 at 00:22:42 (EST)

I've been on the phone with Dell Customer Abuse for over 4 hours today trying to make a purchase. I was hung up on six times, transfered to the wrong departments three times and sent back to the voicemail greeting once.
I was trying to purchase a Dell Color Laser Printer 3100cn which is currently advertised with a "New Low Price" starting at $349. Apparently the price is new because it went up $100 to add in the (mandatory) 1 year onsite service contract. I also obtained a 30% off any Dell Color Laster printer coupon code from the Dell Holiday "End of re-gifting" promotion site. When the 30% off coupon is added to the shopping cart, the instant $150 savings disappears and the price of the printer jumps up to $499. WIth the 30% off coupon, the printer actually costs 30 cents MORE than without it! Is that a worthwhile promotion, or what?
While trying to work with Customer Care, I mean Abuse, my coupon code was deactivated by Dell. Luckily, I had obtained two of these codes and was able to provide it. The Customer Abuse specialist finally quoted me a price reflecting the instant savings discount and the 30% off and the free shipping. I was put on hold so she could prepare to process my credit card. Upon her return she said, "sir..." and I was disconnected.
I immediately called back and was put in contact with yet another Indian Customer Abuse specialist who had the nerve to tell me--after 45 minutes--that he found notes from the previous conversation indicating the first rep intentionally hung up on my according to company policy!!!
Dell has a company policy to hang up on customers to avoid making low-profit sales. They should respect the offers they provide to customers. Their instant savings discount says it is combinable with other offers and discounts. Their 30% off promotion has NO exclusions!
At one point, the third Indian abuse specialist quoted the terms and conditions of one of the offers...And I asked, "WHere does it say these cannot be combined?" I was simply told they cannot interpret the rules, they just can't help me.
I was even transfered to the "Order Modification Department." Can you believe this? They have a department where the abuse specialists admit, they "have no authority to modify an order!"
I was pin-ponged back and forth from that department to the customer abuse department when I was supposed to be transfered to an order modification supervisor.
The last straw was the order modification person told me I had to place an order before they could help me. SO I came up with my plan. I printed EVERYTHING. I created a Citibank virtual account number limited to $350. I applied my coupon to the order, which RAISED the final selling price by 30 cents and completed the order. I couldn't keep her online long enough to receive my order confirmation number, so I called back. Now I have an order. Worst case I'm going to dispute $150 of the charge with Citibank. So I get ahold of the order modification department and I find out it is the business version...Transfer....Home order modification..."Sorry, you have to RECEIVE! the order before it can be fixed, and then you will have to talk to CUSTOMER CARE(ABUSE)"
So I'm really hoping the printer is as good as the couple of reviews I've seen for it. I hope it holds up. I hope it breaks while under warranty if it does break. And since I bought it on my Mastercard, the on-site warranty is doubled!
I'm actually waiting to hear back from a district manager. I called a local Dell Direct store and explained my situation to a friendly US citizen who sounds like he is being helpful.
By the one point, I was given an extension number to call to place the order (early in the process by the Dell Direct Store). It was 1-800-626-4396, 1 for extension, and then 7240621. This guy answered the phone and after I identified my self he hung up without saying another word. I called back twice and got his voicemail. Apparently his name is Steven (from Voicemail). I knew he was being rude, so I called from my cell phone with a different area code and he answered RIGHT AWAY. I pleaded for him to not hang up and received the same treatment from then on. This guy is just plain rude and everyone should call him with their complaints against Dell.
Well...I guess we'll see what happens. My printer supposedly ships tomorrow.
PO'd in Portland

Chris from USA
Entry added: Monday, December 26, 2005 at 00:38:15 (EST)

Had to relocate within a week to Utah under contracted employment from Cincinnati. I order my Dell laptop while at a Hotel in Sandy UT. The sales rep spoke very poor english and was hard to understand. I placed my order and my debit card was charged. I recieved my laptop and took it to my room anxious to get online to manage my personal accounts. The screen had a green line running up the middle of it that would not go away. I was desperate for a laptop but could not live with this malfunction after what I had just paid. I called Dell they gave me a return adress and return number. they explained they would send me a new computer, I said thats no good, because I dont plan to be at this same address,and quite frankly unsure of what address I will be at. Out of frustration "I said please refund my money and I will purchase a computer from a company that does not shit in a box!"
I take the computer to the post office during the busy holliday season, and spoke with others in the long line who have have terrible experiences with this company called Dell. I have to eat a 17$ shipping charge to send this piece of junk back to Dell in Austin Texas. The postal lady gave me a tracking number to follow the delivery back to Dell computers.
Dell recieved their broken computer back on December 17th.. It is Christmass today, and my account still has yet to be credited for some 800 dollars.
What a joke, 8 days later and I am still in the hole for doing buisiness with Dell... 800$ plus another 20 to return their broken product. I desperately needed a computer fast and wound up having to buy one from Staples. Im sure I paid to much but then again.. This Gateway system is 4 times faster and only 200$ more than what Dell was charging me for a budget Athlon processor at an ancient 1.3MHZ..
One thing is for sure.. Dell is taking their sweet time giving me my refund.I cant picture doing buisiness with them in the future.

Entry added: Friday, December 23, 2005 at 13:05:57 (EST)


Travis from Boston, MA USA
Entry added: Thursday, December 22, 2005 at 19:57:56 (EST)

Ahh Dell. Sorry to say that at one point in time I suggested to people to buy Dell. No more. My mothers laptop had its motherboard, cpu, and AC adaptor replaced 4 months in. 5 months later, the system would not power up, just like the first time. However, my mother, sick of the Inspirion 5150, placed the computer aside and I didn't find out about the problem until after the warranty expired. 2 Days after it expired.

Dell was unsympathetic. Their manager was apathetic to my situation, and said that if there really was a problem with their motherboards there would have been a recall. And I could not get his warranty until the system was fixed.

No way. So I found some websites such as this one, I even told the manager about the following websites. The manager responded that his Laptop worked fine and dandy. I told him I could care less about his computer in more or less unkind words.

Lawsuit in Progress against Dell

P.... C...... from USA
Entry added: Thursday, December 22, 2005 at 18:49:29 (EST)

Hello, if you have a pc that is in working condition and is willing to donate us the computer please contact us at



Rina from USA
Entry added: Tuesday, December 20, 2005 at 21:18:31 (EST)

I bought a dell xps 400 computer. It wasn't working right he minute I started working with it. I had spent 6 hours on the phone with customer service and technical support trying to get them to understand that I would like to return the deffective computer for a full refund. It was a horrible experience!

I will NEVER buy dell. NEVER!!!

Mike Burks from USA
Entry added: Sunday, December 18, 2005 at 22:28:38 (EST)

I Bought a Dell Dimension 4700 for Christmas of 2004. Since I got it I have had to replace the hard drive once and have had three LCD monitors fail. The last one lasted three weeks. It was refurbished. It came with a slip of paper that said “Quick Test” under which was checked “No Fault Found”. I don’t think they looked very hard.
The Dell support tech said a new one would be here in 2 to 3 business days. I will believe it when I see it. The last one took closer to ten.

Steve Swanberg from Memphis, TN USA
Entry added: Tuesday, December 13, 2005 at 19:43:34 (EST)

I had to go to the mat with Dell Computers over their attempt to charge me for software that they neglected to send me the media for in the first place. Here's the short warning:

Always check to be sure you have Every Product Installed on CD Media as soon as you unpack the box!

I had problems with the Norton Antivirus product shipped with my computer (Outlook issues). Tech support said to uninstall and reinstall. Guess what? No Norton Media! After several days of misrouted and clueless support departments, finally they shipped me a replacement copy, but had to charge my credit card but issued me an RMA to get it refunded.

Six months later, several dunning letters from DFC (Dell Finance Corporation later) and numerous registered letters (with threats to involve BBB, FTC and two State Attorneys General) they finally 'credited' what they never should have charged me for in the first place. Caveat Emptor.

John Duggan from USA
Entry added: Monday, December 12, 2005 at 16:52:13 (EST)

I didn't even get far enough to buy a Dell. I went online to order an XPS with specific upgrades. Applied for Dell Preferred finance and was given a $3K credit. Placed my order and then received an email stating that my credit was approved but was $0.0!!! I have been scouring their website for any way to contact them to CANCEL; I go to MY ORDER and can see it but there is no way to cancel the order. I've tried the online chat and telephone approach to no avail. I am toying with spending the money to have an attorney send a time stamped order CANCELLING the order. I will post far and wide to let people know this is a terrible company ot do business with.
Also, for those that need it, here is the URL of the law firm bringing the class action suit against Dell.

Brian from Glen Allen, VA USA
Entry added: Saturday, December 10, 2005 at 11:21:10 (EST)

I called Dell after seeing one of their ads on television and ordered a Dimension 3000 system and a printer in early September, 2005. The order processor (in Nashville) screwed up the order and about 5 days later I received TWO systems and TWO printers. Working with a Dell "customer service" rep in India who was going to take "ownership" of my problem and see its resolution through til the end, I returned the extra system and extra printer to Dell. It was Dell's foulup and not mine. They made arrangements to have the extra equipment picked up. This resulted in my having to take off work and be home for two days. The rep had told me that the arrangements for pickup had been made and the driver "would surely come by" on Friday; if not, he would "surely" come by on Monday. we're communicating in the same language but we definitely differ in the understanding of the meanings of words in the English language. The Dell rep followed up with the "ownership' e-mail and then I heard no more from him and have been unable to contact him. The extra equipment was picked up and then - nothing - no communication - no credit for the returned items.

I have made a succession of contacts with Dell by both telephone and "Dell Chat" over the past three months and have finally received credit for the printer and partial credit for the system. They still owe me about 40% of the refund. Please bear in mind that the extra system was returned in the original unopened shipping box and completely intact. One rep told me that the full refund was not given because of "depreciation". I went ballistic - depreciation on an item returned within 5 days in the original unopened box. That rep left the phone for a few minutes then came back to say that the balance of the refund would be credited in a few days. That one was some time in October. It is now December 10th and after many more calls and chats the remaining balance has still not been credited. These people at the Dell's outsourced service center in India are quite courteous and try to tell you what you want to hear and then nothing is done to resolve the problem. There are many vague excuses related to "other departments", "process", "verification" etc., etc. An incredible sidelight to to this tortuous experience is that these people want you to connect to and complete a survey which they expect to serve as a documentation of how well they helped you resolve the issue/problem. They expect a glowing report before ever resolving the problem - and the problem, in my experience, will remain unresolved.

I will not buy another Dell system or accessory. I won't even order something over the telephone again from anyone. I will buy products only from stores where I can return items and deal with someone face to face when I have a problem with their service, equipment or policies. The one exception is an ironic one. I will need to order ink cartridges online for my Dell printer to document all of the frustrating encounters I have had and, doubtless, will continue to have with Dell "customer support."

Alex from Canada
Entry added: Wednesday, December 07, 2005 at 21:51:01 (EST)

I baught a Dell Inspiron Laptop 6000received it two days ago, December 5, 2005.

I am not satisfied with the product because of the monitor is not as clear as I wanted it to me.
So I called Dell, I was first transferred to a technical support person. I wanted to know how to make my monitor sharper, she was unable to answer my question. While on hold I found my own answer, I realized that I needed to upgrade the monitor when I baught it.

I told the technical support person to transfer me to Customer Service for a refund.
I waited on the line for 45 minutes, I finally spoke to the representative. I asked her if I can return my laptop, and receive a new laptop with the upgrade on the monitor and I will pay the difference.

She told me that if I wanted an return I will need to receive the same laptop. I do not understand this logic, if I want the exact same laptop why can't I pay the difference. She told me that it is policy, and they will make me the exact same laptop and ship it to me. If they are making a new laptop why can't they make me upgrade and make me pay the difference.

To return and get your money back you will need to pay shipping $50-$75

I argued for a refund and we finally came to an agreement that she will give me a $200 credit.

When I receive the exact same laptop I will return this laptop and buy a Toshiba.

If you want to deal with unprofessional staff, do not take my advice.

Buy your computer from a Future Shop buy the extra money and you are able to return the item in 30 days without a headache.

I will never buy from dell again. I baught many products and this will be my last.

Mike from USA
Entry added: Wednesday, December 07, 2005 at 14:20:14 (EST)

This all started on 11/30/05. I ordered a refurbed Inspiron 6000. I received the Order Acceptance Notification but no Order Confirmation. I called Dell, they said the only order they had from me was a USB Mouse. I cancelled but then got suspicious so I called again and sent emails. Finally after hours on the phone, disconnects, emails and chat and also, being sent to and referred to different departments that don't know what the other is doing and supposedly no way to find out either, I got an email telling me the wrong warranty had been checked and that was all that was holding up the order. On the page of options there was the 90day free warranty and also listed a 1 yr free warranyt, apparrantly the 1 year was for the XPS systems only. How was I supposed to know that? If there was achoice for 90 days or 1 year which would you choose. Everytime I got some one that "knew" what the trouble was and was close to fixing I would mysteriously get eiter disconnected completely or all of a sudden the menu would play agin. All of a sudden last night an email came from Dell, they gave me a reference number and told me to call sales and that they could get me a fixed up and ready to go. I followed the directions they gave to me and they couldn't help again, acted like they didn't know what I was talking about so, I went on a wild goose chase on the phone for the umpteenth time. I have spent well over 24 hours on the phone now, no exaggeration, emailed them numerous times, and spent loads of time on their chat system. All because I checked the "wrong" warranty checkbox.

I packed up all the emails I got from Dell and sent them along with a three page letter of my experience to Dell in Texas. I don't want a Dell anymore, if they do make it right I think I'll just put it on eBay and get a laptop from a company that wants my business and backs up their products. Shame on Dell, for shame indeed!

Sandra Custodio from mount vernon, NY USA
Entry added: Saturday, December 03, 2005 at 10:01:41 (EST)

Horrible customer service!!! I bought a computer about 2 years ago and paid over $2,000.00 for it. It only lasted about year and a half before the motherboard broke. The wosrt part, I am a college student and all my final papers were saved on my labtop. I am struggling with bills and I tried to get Dell to help me but it was pointless. I even called to order a motherboard but they told me they don't sell them. Never ever again will I buy any Dell products. Also, two students in my psych class also had the same problem. If anyone knows how I can join the lawsuit against dell for the 5150 email me at

Bob Anderson from USA
Entry added: Friday, December 02, 2005 at 12:55:04 (EST)

In October of 2004, I purchased direct from Dell, a new Dimension 8400 PC. My 8400 was good for about 8 months but I suddenly started experiencing random boot problems (as of June 2005). Sometimes the machine would not boot at all (blinking amber light) and other times it would boot and start Windows only to shut itself down and not be bootable again for hours.

Dealing with Dell Support is a frustrating experience and requires
unlimited patience. Even though "my case" is on file, every time I call I have to re-explain the situation and answer the same questions over again.

Every time I call, I am promised that the problem will be fixed. Well, it's been numerous calls to tech support and three visits by a Dell technician. I have had the motherboard replaced twice, the power supply replaced twice and the heat sink replaced once. The problem is not resolved.

On the Dell Community Forum, I have found numerous discussion threads
that describe my exact problem:

It is obvious to me that the issue is a faulty power supply. However, every time the power supply has been replaced in my system it is with the same model and revision number (as per the discussion threads, I need a HIGHER revision than A00). Now, Tech Support wants to send me a refurbished PC as a replacement. I don't want someone else's 8400 that has the same problem. I just need a different power supply. However, I cannot convince Dell Tech Support that the power supply is the problem and that I need a different revision number.

On the morning of Dec 1, 2005 I received a call from Dell Tech Support) regarding my Dimension 8400 problem. This Tech told me that he would help me to get an upgraded power supply that was NOT
labeled "Revision A00". I told him that I've been waiting since June
2005 for such a power supply. The Tech said that he would make the
necessary arrangements and would call me back later the same day.

The Tech did call again much later in the day but he told me that he was unsuccessful. He wasn't sure how to guarantee that any power supply sent to me would NOT be "Revision A00". The Tech indicated that maybe he could have the power supply first sent to him so that he could check it out before it was sent to me. (How long will this take?) However, The Tech also said that he was out of the office on Friday, Dec 2 and that it would be Monday morning (Dec 5) before he could contact me again.

This entire situation is unbelievable to me. This is not "rocket
science". Once again, I am forced to wait and wait for a "possible" resolution and promises are made to me that aren't kept. How much longer do I have to wait to get a GOOD POWER SUPPLY? What is wrong with Dell and their Tech Support? All I need is a power supply THAT IS NOT REVISION A00!!! I'm not asking for a brand new PC or for a refund for my lemon 8400. December 5 is the next time that the Tech is scheduled to call me. Who knows how long it will be before the CORRECT power supply is sent to me (if ever).

Himakar from London, United Kingdom
Entry added: Wednesday, November 30, 2005 at 17:57:11 (EST)

I had the wonderful experience of ordering a new Dell home PC on the phone. All went well, my order was confirmed and payment debited directly from my bank. But surprise, suprise, 8 days later, I still was unable to track my order status online. Calling the toll free Dell sales line revealed that the exact configuration for my pc was not available and a new order would have to be placed for an ' upgraded ' version at the same cost. I was told that my new order would be confirmed in a day and my pc shipped within the week. 3 days after the verbal discussion I was yet to receive any new order no. Further enquiries with Customer Care revealed that my order had been canceled and I had to get in touch with my sales agent. In this entire drama, my sales agent was the one person who would'nt return my calls or update me by e mail!
When I was finally able to speak to my sales agent on a call transferred via Customer Care to his Line manager and then to him, he coolly told me that my order was now being processed and I would get my computer in the next 7-8 working days. All in all, my payment was debited up front before my order was confirmed and I would have to wait for 20 days to get a computer !
I took the only honourable way out and canceled my order. I too work with an organization that faces millions of customers each day, but the callousness of Dell ( or its outsourced call centres )shocked me when I realized that my order cancelation had no effect on the sales agent! So much for customer services!
Seeing the number of people who have faced grief with Dell products, as i found out in this forum, I feel lucky that I got away without a Dell product.

ewhite from GA USA
Entry added: Tuesday, November 29, 2005 at 12:52:36 (EST)

poor customer service and they just plain suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Steve from Massachusetts from USA
Entry added: Saturday, November 19, 2005 at 17:30:53 (EST)

Made the mistake of buying a Dell SmartStep laptop that repeatedly shut-off from overheating. Returned twice to Dell and problem still exists with no fix available from Dell - even going as far as denying the prblem (even though there are countless posts online about the problem). Shame on me for not doing my homework rather than trusting the name. Credit for new computer is miniscule. Laptop is now sitting in a closet, as I cannot count on it running long enough without shutting off in the middle of an application. Will never buy a Dell again, as the product and sevice has been nothing but a headache. Recently purchased a Gateway desktop and laptop for the office - so far so good after 6 months. Am looking to pick up another laptop before the end of the year.

Randal Long from Dallas, TX USA
Entry added: Thursday, November 17, 2005 at 02:54:58 (EST)

Thank you for providing a forum since anything I've been able to gleam regarding my Dell 5160 is shrouded in secrecy. I purchased within just a week or two of it coming on the market and once it arrived I immediately noticed major problems. The two main problems were quite simple: The fan ran nearly 24 hours around the clock and the keyboard would grow so hot I couldn’t even touch it.

I could simply just have it turned on without any programs running and the fan would spool up like an ear-piercing jet engine before it just shut down completely. I called Dell and of course provided the professional services of some young girl who was reading from a script.

She didn’t have a clue what I was talking about and suggested that I format my hard drive again which I suggested wouldn’t have anything more to do with the problem than if I spent time cleaning between the keys with Kleenex. As usual, she didn’t have the first clue as to what I was talking about and we spent over an hour and a half rebuilding the machine again.

Two days later, I was right back where I started, with the added problem that now that I could go through the same aimless process of reloading software, Dell, in it’s wisdom, can’t get their hands out of the software side of the industry, causing me to have to go through another process to prove that I wasn’t trying to cheat them by load the software on another computer.

In the process I was talking to a gentleman, going through the same process, telling him I don’t know what this is going to do and why you guys won’t listen to me, when suddenly my 5160 kicked into afterburners loud enough that he could hear it clear in the Philippines.

Suddenly he said, “You’ve got some problems with your hardware, your fan shouldn’t be doing that.” You don’t say.

He requested I package everything up neatly and send it back to them for repair. I said I won’t a new one that you’ve engineered correctly and if you haven’t, then forget about every seeing a dime.

A couple of weeks later I received a box at my door. Inside was my computer just thrown in inside flopping around in the box. This whole process took me probably a month and I went out to the site shortly afterwards and to my surprise there wasn’t any more new 5160s. There also wasn’t any explanation.

Today, it’s an entity all it’s own that none of us in my home can understand. We have 3 other lap tops and a desktop. The Dell just comes on unexpectedly, the engine runs for awhile and now with or without the engine running it just shuts down. Worse, you can’t get it back up and running again without booting the whole process. It’s junk, nothing but expensive junk.

Dwight Schoffer from Mose Jaw, GU Canada
Entry added: Thursday, November 17, 2005 at 01:06:30 (EST)

I am know on my "TENTH DELL COMUTER", & find that they ar, BY FAR, "THE BEST PC IN THE WORLD.

Julie from USA
Entry added: Wednesday, November 16, 2005 at 20:45:14 (EST)

I have a Dell that I was certain needed to have the OS replaced after I had trouble booting it up. A dll file was corrupt and wouldn't boot. Fast forward to my call to the "help" desk. The man didn't speak English and after an hour on the phone, he said that my motherboard was fried and I needed a new one. Total cost: $699. I opted against it and was able to copy the defective dll file from a friends computer and got this one to boot up.

I am typing this on the Dell that supposidly needed the new motherboard.

My point being...don't waste time with Dell customer support. Search the forums or better yet, try to stay away from the Dell. My friend bought a laptop last year and the thing is worthless now.

Paul from Fresno, CA USA
Entry added: Wednesday, November 16, 2005 at 01:04:42 (EST)

I work in IT for a hospital in Fresno. We have over 2500 Work stations in service. The last few shipments we recived from dell (about 300-400 computers) over have of them (at least 250) have failed. Mostly due to cap's on the motherboards going out or the Power supplys going out. I strongly recomend that everyone stays away from these computers. The worst part about this is that even the ones that they "repair" break again. Yes I have had the same pc break on me 4 times!! Sure their covered under our waranty but what happens when that runs out!? THIS THINGS ARE A POS!!!

June from USA
Entry added: Sunday, November 13, 2005 at 19:43:48 (EST)

I have been reading all of these other comments and find something to relate to in almost every one! I expected a great experience when I purchased a Dell 4600 nearly one year ago. So far, they have shipped me 2 computers, both defective, the second one was used and incomplete (missing software and a drive), and have never been able to get any use out of my "in-home" warranty, which they now tell me expired on the date of purchase! No one has been able to explain this! And while talking to the "Customer Care" department, who said the warranty issue should be corrected now, I asked them to stay on the line while they connected me to "Technical Support" (for about the 25th time, I might add)-- No such luck-- the polite young man from India advised me in broken English that his job required him to either transfer or disconnect all customers within a short period of time. Having experienced several unexplained disconnects while trying to get my provlems resolved, this came as no surprise! Needless to say, the "Technical Support" group, upon transfer, informed me that, no, my warranty issue had not been resolved, and so they would transfer me again back to Customer Care. This time I hung up, and proceeded to contact the Minnesota Atty General's office. No significant progress to report. My nearly 1 year old computer is still not working, and is sitting disassembled waiting for the replacement part that they can never ship me because they can't get the warranty issue corrected in their computerized records. Like, I figured they would no how to do that stuff... (NOT). No one could PAY ME to buy another Dell computer!

joyce from USA
Entry added: Sunday, November 13, 2005 at 13:25:15 (EST)

was very unexperienced with pc ,but a friend gave me a hp i loved it . we had moved and a semi ran my husband off the rd he was in a u-haul truck that was the end of my pc ,keep seeing dell on tv so my crazy self orderd one they say 399 JOke)i payed 625 and its nothing dont call and dont buy

Jim Henderson from Brentwood, CA USA
Entry added: Friday, November 11, 2005 at 13:09:34 (EST)

At-Home* service is done by a third party technician. This could mean some local schmuck who comes out and may have less experience than you. Many times these are the guys I follow around and fix their mistake.

NO GUARANTEE anyone will come out as AT-HOME* carries an asterisk.

After an exhaustive (could be hours) testing and the IF they deem you need a part, YOU will get to INSTALL it YOURSELF first. If you cannot do it, then a few days to weeks later you get your "tech". Actually FED-EX used to be the authorized part replacer - NO KIDDING.

I am a computer technician and buy the low end $299 desktop and $449 notebooks systems for resale. I do not buy a warranty unless forced or free. If the system dies I replace the parts with quality ones (when they will fit)otherwise pitch it and replace the unit keeping the hard drive and other non failed components.

IF YOU NEED A WARRANTY with your new computer purchase - go elsewhere.
Go to a local computer shop (they must have references you can call) and get a custom computer with onsite support.

your new computer purchase

Bill Markey from London, United Kingdom
Computer repairs for London & Greater London
Entry added: Saturday, November 05, 2005 at 22:06:00 (EST)

Had respect for Dell computers and Corporation. Now on a major global market share drive that compromises quality and service. With particular regard to thie Inspiron 5150 model, that has a manufacturing flaw...they are making a mint from this fault that they are charging their customers a fortune to repair out of warranty. Yes, they would like you to pay for an extended warranty because they have lost focus on quality and service due to the temptation of the finacial insurance business being more lucrative. However, sdaying this, the 5150 and similar models may be backfiring on this lucrative prospect due to their lack of focus and comittment to quality & service. You can call Dell customer service and reach a call centre based in India, with a consultant that has been trained to follow a proceedure on a computer screen that you may have to pay for nthe priveledge of making the the call, waiting time and being led down the garden path with no satisfactory result.

Having power shutdown problems with your Dell Inspiron 5150, particularly when you give a slight bit of palm rest pressure or a slight jostle?, then call Bill at or visit for a cost effective solution. Tel +44 07950412207. has no preference for any particular supplier, but reserves the right to comment on suppliers that do not provide good quality products backed by a responsible guarantee with good quality and sustained post sale service.

Walter Brown from Vancouver, Canada
Entry added: Saturday, November 05, 2005 at 15:16:36 (EST)

Well, Dell finance is on the phone and sending nasty letters as soon as a payment is a day late; but try to get support!

I bought three systems from them - two desktops and a laptop. I was somewhat disappoint to find that the desktops did not have an AGP port (these are HOME systems, not business - I just assumed that in this day and age no-one would build a home system with a motherboard lacking an AGP). In fairness that's my own fault for not investigating what exactly I was buying more carefully.

The laptop was very first. @ $3K it should be! Then I started having problems with the USB ports. This is where I first encountered Dell support and it's been a nightmare ever since.

I should point out that I'm not a technical neophite by any means. I have over 20 yrs experience as a Network Administrator and Software Developer.

Dell support - first woman I reached I couldn't understand a word she said. I'm sure she thought she was speaking english; but...

Dell, proudly Canadian - not any more - support outsourced to the third world (I was told it's now in Pakistan; but I'm not really sure).

I then got someone who could speak english - they referred my problem to 2nd level support - their brilliant fix was - wiggle it a bit - well, yes that works temporarily - not exactly a fix though.

As time went on the built in "Human Interface Device" (mousepad thingy) began to fail intermittently - then altogether. Great - no USB, No mousepad, no serial port - that means NO MOUSE - erm, ever try using windows without a mouse. It's not impossible; but it's not a very productive experience by and large. Some tasks are plain impossible.

This went on through numerous calls. I also had problems with the power supply to the Dell (lexmark) all-in-one printer, scanner, copier, fax I bought.

Actually, now that I look back THAT was the first encounter I had with Dell support. See, one of the metal contacts inside the printer where the detachable power supply plugs in broke. I was trying to find out where I could obtain a replacment. Numerous calls got a varying degree of non-comprende responses. People offering to send me new power supplies, oh wait, you're in Canada - this is US support - call this number. This statement came three emails in after I had specifically stated twice the THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THE POWER SUPPLY ITSELF - I just needed a metal contact to put in the printer.

Eventually I gave up and I took the two internal wires and soldered them to the power supply. Oh well, it works at least...

I continued trying to contact support by phone and email and web-site form submissions about my laptop.

Finally I asked a guy from the IT department of the place I was working as a consultant to take a look. He had tons of experience and I figured he might get a more favourable response as he represented a very major client (a Federal Government Department).

He did actually manage to get a guy on the phone right away. This was on a Thursday afternoon. We discovered at this point that the computer was 12 days past the warranty date. He asked if possibly they could make an exception and extend the warranty as this had been an ongoing problem. Clearly the motherboard needed to be replaced. (this is his opinion and it makes sense to me - I'm an software guy; but I understand the basics - he has 15 years of experience in hardware support so I take his word for it). The fellow on the phone said he would have to escalate it for that; but as it was already the weekend someone would call him back next week. Already the weekend? Thursday afternoon *sighs*

Bottom line - no one ever called back.

I started trying to submit this whole story via the support form on the dell website. I got to the point I was resubmitting it every day for a week - adding a line on the top saying "please respond - even if it's only to tell me to drop dead" Nope, not a word. No reply at all.

I then resubmitted the form (back refresh) about 100 times - still nothing.

I give up

Anyone wanna buy a laptop?

Dell - Just say NO!

Betty Joe Williamson from Opelika, AL USA
Entry added: Wednesday, November 02, 2005 at 08:01:01 (EST)

Monday, 10/31--called customer support. Had to pay $239.00 to receive software plan support. Tech tried to assit me, only wasted my time. Another tech came on,K. told me that she knew how to helpme, got permission to go into my computer, loaded the software. She made an agreement with me that since I needed to go to a meeting that she would call me back at 2:30 her time. I was home earlier than that and waited for her call. She called 54 minutes late when I was on the phone and told me that I needed to stay at home for her to help me. She said that she couldn't call at 2:30 because she went out to lunch!!!!! Tried to contact other techs for help, very ugly to me, and could not understand some of the words they were saying because they were all over the world. I spent 8, yes, 8 hours with Dell Monday, and, I still haven't got help. K. called yesterday while I was at work. Again, she stated that I would have to be at home if I wanted help. And, she went out to lunch, and called me late, 54 minuts late. I still have all of her phone messages and Dell's e-mails. And, Dell advertises 24/7 full support!!! The rich just keeps on getting richer!!!! I will say that they refunded my $239.00 after I demanded it. STAY AWAY FROM DELL.

Frances Cordell from USA
Entry added: Tuesday, November 01, 2005 at 12:39:47 (EST)

I found an advertisment on Dell's Website for a DIM 3000 with a FREE upgrade to a 17" flat screen monitor. I called and asked how long the sale would last. Told till the following day l0/19/05. I purchased the computer on the phone at that time because of the 17" monitor upgrade. I received the computer a few days later along with a printer that I also ordered. A 15" monitor was sent with the order. I spent so far a total of 7 hrs. on the phone being disconnected and put on hold, having to repeat my story countless times. Only to be told that a free upgrade is not a free upgrade. If I wanted the 17" I would have to pay an extra $170. They insisted that they did not offer a free upgrade to a 17". I am not crazy I saw it and discussed it with the salesperson -Josh Ryan - after telling some of my friends about it they also saw on line. At one point after several hours on the phone talking over and over to persons with an accent that was difficult to understand I was told to calm down or they would disconnect me. Which they did prior on a regular basis.
I know now that this was a "bait and switch" sale.

After the fact, I read all the complaints on line. And now I am scared to death something will go wrong with the computer and I will be stuck. I also opted for the 6 month no interest payment plan, which I read later others had opted for only to find out that although they had excellent credit they were charged 25% and more interest after being told they did not qualify. When Dell checked my credit the salesman told me I was the best he had seen in a week. But when I receive the statement I intend to pay it off afraid that they will pull on me what they have to others.

I also read on line that ink for the computer can only be bought thru Dell. I really don't ever want to deal with them again.

I understand there is a class-action suit against Dell. If any one knows how I could become a part of that please e-mail me.

mary from Houston, TX USA
Entry added: Sunday, October 23, 2005 at 19:13:17 (EDT)

I bought a dell laptop computer for $850 about 13 months ago. The power plug is broken. I called Dell and they told me that it would cost me $498 to repair it. The same labtop computer is being sold for $499 on their website today.

Chuck from Quebec, N/A Canada
Entry added: Saturday, October 08, 2005 at 00:16:52 (EDT)

First, i just want to tell you that i'm working as an IT consultant.

At the end of March 2005, i've bought a Dell Precision 670. It was the fastest Workstation (when it work). The first time i receive the computer, Dell made a mistake on my name. My name is Charles and the computer was shipped to Richard... try to get a box at Purolator with the wrong name... Good Luck!

So, a week past before they made the modification. When i receive the computer, i start working with and it was slow. I knew it was slow because the previous computer i had was a Compaq W8000 and this one was faster than the Dell 670. So i called Dell to mention this information and they said it was the hard drive. So they told me to send back the computer. 2 weeks after i received a brand new one, WOW!

Few months later, the hard drive failed ...again. So i called Dell again so they send me a new drive.

This week, i stop the computer and try to restart it but nothing happen. I can just heard a little click and the computer doesn't boot up. The only thing i can see is the power light flashing Yellow. So i called Dell ...again to tell the problem i have. They said it was the power supply. So right now i am waiting to receive a new power supply. But i don't think the problem it's the power supply, i think it's the Motherboard. But Dell Super tech. said it was the power supply.

Before buying Dell computer i had some bad experience with Dell, but i was saying to me, this is the past, Dell today is better than ever... bullshit!

Dell, don't sell computers if you cannot promess quality. It was the first time i bought from and it was the last time. And i will discourage all my client to buy from you.


Dani from USA
Entry added: Friday, October 07, 2005 at 20:35:24 (EDT)

I ordered a Inspiron1200 that was advertised on their website as "orde today, ships today". I placed this order on Sunday October 2, 2005. When I got my order confirmation it listed an estimated ship date of Friday October 7 but had not told me that there was a backorder or any problem when I placed the order. 4 emails and 5 phone calls later to find out what the problem was I was finally told the processor was backordered. When I explained that I ordered the computer because I needed it right away I simply got canned responses. The person I spoke to assured my it was an estimated ship date and was on or before so it could ship earlier. He also told me that what it said on the website was just promotions and advertising and basically it didn't mean anything. On Friday the 7th I got an email that my order now had an estimated ship date of the 12th. I again called and basically they have quotes they tell you about how thier ordering system works but do not try to do anything to help you. DO NOT ORDER A DELL. Thank god I ran into trouble early on so I knew to cancel my order and not deal with them. They basically admitted to me their advertising was a lie. I understand something being backordered but good companies tell you that whenordering and try to compensate you when they do something wrong. They knew all along the computers advertising as shipping right away were not available (and yes it was still listed that way ays after I placed my order) so it was just plain old false advertising.

Bing Yu from weston, FL USA
Entry added: Monday, October 03, 2005 at 08:44:16 (EDT)

It was a very, very, very... bad experience for this dimension 3000.

Whenever I turn it on, the FAN starts making huge noise after 2 min.

I have called countless times and India technicians were suck, not even knowing CPU and processor are same thing.

I am still suck with this monster mchine. They refuse to do anything on it. Dell is the worst.

jimmy james from toronto, Canada
Entry added: Tuesday, September 27, 2005 at 12:50:40 (EDT)

dell service sucks the biggest balls

C. J. Phillips-Young from Germantown, TN USA
Entry added: Thursday, September 22, 2005 at 13:10:25 (EDT)

Our Dell 3000 Dimension arrived with a defective motherboard. A $50 per hour computer tech discoved this after a couple of frustrating hours trying to load our small business information onto the the Dell 3000. I then spent 72 minutes speaking with a Dell tech in India so that he could ascertain that the problem was indeed the motherboard. At this point, the $50 an hour tech had to reinstate the old computer until Dell could send a tech out to install a new motherboard. The Dell tech arrived approximately a week later and installed the motherboard. It was then time to call the $50 an hour tech to transfer our buisiness information onto the supposedly new Dell. This was done and we began our ordeal of trying to do our business on the SLOWEST computer we have ever had. I told my husband to look on the side of the Dell to see if there was a hand crank that had run down. I called Dell India again and spent 72 minutes with a Dell tech who had to get off the phone before telling me what to check [I don't know if she was consulting a book or another tech]. Her take on the problem was that it was a software issue and she needed to send me to a software tech and I would need to have a credit card ready for his charges. I had to leave to have outpatient surgery which was less painful than my dealing with Dell. I contacted yet another computer tech (30 years experience) and he spent three hours trying to access the problem and could not figure it out. The second Dell tech called while he was here to see if I had called the Dell software tech and I told her that we had a tech working on the computer at the time of her call. I asked if she would speak with him to try to solve our ever-increasing problems, but she refused. I told her I would call the software tech but had no intention of paying. I have been out enough. When I threatened to get together with the other 16,000+ people who have logged complaints on the Internet about the Dell Dimension 3000, he decided to help me. We spent 90 minutes on the phone with this tech having me check this and that. The computer did gain a bit of speed but nowhere near the old computer this new Dell replaced. I called yet another $75 an hour tech last night who was here from 7 PM til 11:30 PM and tweaked the computer as much as possible. He says it is the slowest computer he has seen in years. We are heading for the local computer store now to buy a Jazz Drive, sweep all of our computer information onto it and then load it to our new computer (not a Dell, God help us). We will never buy another Dell or even accept a free one. When I return from the computer store, I am calling American Express and let them help us with this piece of junk called Dell Dimension 3000. I hope this keeps others from duplicating our expensive, time-consuming mistake. We lost time, paid mega bucks to computer techs, and it cost us thousands of dollars due to the down time in which the computer was inoperable.

John Gileeny from USA

Entry added: Tuesday, September 20, 2005 at 00:23:07 (EDT)

30% Interest Rate for College Students on Dell from Hell Computers, after con-jobbing our kids, our future !
Michael Dell forgot his roots and now he robs from the poor to pay the rich !

Everett Johnson from Lady Lake, FL USA
Entry added: Thursday, September 15, 2005 at 17:16:43 (EDT)

I recently purchased a 920 all-in-one printer through Dell's website. Dell offers a recycling service for old equipment and I thought I would dispose of my old printer through this service. I followed the directions to send in my old printer (Epson) for recycling per Dell's terms and conditions - below.

Unfortunately there was no way to obtain a way bill for this equipment after several tries. I then tried unsuccessfully to initiate a chat with Dell's online staff to get a way bill. I then sent an e-mail to customer service explaining my frustration and asked for help. My e-mail was apparently processed by an AI program that deduced I was seeking to recycle some old equipment and directed me to the same address to get a way bill online.

I then telephoned customer service and after a while spoke with a person who told me the old printer must be a Dell product and that was why I couldn’t get a way bill to recycle the old printer.

I threw the old printer in the garbage and suggest that Dell either change its terms and conditions or provide a way to make them work.

I can only hope that if I ever have a problem with my brand new Dell printer, I will not run into help like this.

Everett Johnson
Order #579550247

Terms & Conditions

* * * * * * * * * * * *
Service Overview
The Computer Hardware Recycling Service provides a way for consumers to recycle certain Dell and non-Dell CPUs, monitors, printers, and peripherals as well as Dell-branded ink and toner cartridges (collectively, "Computer Hardware").
* * * * * * * * * * * *

Jane from USA
Entry added: Wednesday, September 14, 2005 at 17:16:23 (EDT)

I have had a nightmare getting the computer I ordered from Dell delivered --like others, I call customer care, ask to speak to a manager and either get hung up on, transferred to a phone that doesn't work, or am put on hold forever. Thank heavens I have not paid for the computer and I have told UPS to return it. Their customer service is the absolute worst of any I have run into and they make no effort to help

John Rylander from Rochester, MN USA
Entry added: Wednesday, September 14, 2005 at 14:26:51 (EDT)

I just bought a top-pf-the-line Inspiron 9300 ntebook computer. (Price before coupon discount was about $3400 as I recall.)

Biggest mistake I've maqde in a long time.

First, the unit has NO BUILT-IN, INTERNAL MICROPHONE, making it unsuitable for voice work (e.g., Google Talk, Skype, etc.). There was no warning about this, Dell has just recently decided to strip microphones out of all its notebooks, with no notice to consumers, to save money.

"Customer Care" gave all sorts of runaround, with my spending many hours of my time so that Dell would get to spend virtually none of its time. Never any hint of resolution, though many, many, many pious words about hor they were going to take ownership, make sure I was happy, etc. etc. etc. etc. Those are indeed reassuring words, until you realize that absolutely nothing backs them up.

I tried talking with a supervisor, but was put on hold forever.

The worst thing: I though that Dell had a 30-day return policy, but it's only 21-days now. I also thoguht there it was a money-back return policy, but it's only a portion of the money back (minus restocking fees, shipping, and perhaps other fees).

So now I just paid a huge chunk of change for a long-term commitment to a computer I'd never have purchased had Dell been honest with me.

I was thrilled when I got my wonderful IBM ThinkPad A21p over 4 years ago, and was looking forward to similar satisfaction over the next 4 years. Instead, it's a disappointing disaster, and Dell couldn't care less (if one measures deeds and not words, that is).

I'm considering legal action.

For others who were absolutely stunned by Dell's decision to remove microphones from their machines, PLEASE file a report at

danny t from Pacific Ocean, CA USA
Entry added: Thursday, September 08, 2005 at 01:29:38 (EDT)

new Dimension 3000 (hehehe, Dementia) sketchy OS out of box. Won't reliably reboot/shutdown/standby/logoff. Chat (Turing?) sessions say I should use Help Desk, and they want me to buy software support. Have spent hours on hold, got through today but wouldn't you know it, the system was down, could I call back later? Clearly, my call was only answered because wait times were down, because call times were down (all they could do was say "piss off, bye"). Tried later, gave up after an hour on hold (system must have been up).

It looks like I will dodge a bullet and skate in under the 3 week period for return. Will update.

Deanna Rostock from boise, ID USA
Entry added: Tuesday, September 06, 2005 at 16:35:06 (EDT)

I have spent the last 4 days and over 20 hours on the phone with Dell. I have a business and I am loosing thousands of dollars all because my mother board crashed and Dell does not have one. My system is only 4 months old and they do not have an ETA on the part. They will not send another system, they will not find a part, and they do not care. My computer tech will service over 300 customers in the next 6 months. He will recommend something else to his customer. Mr Dell, what happened to your customer service??? If you are having the same problem please contact me at I am looking into a class action lawsuit against Dell for failing to live up to their warranty. It only take 3 people to start a class action lawsuit and I cannot be the only person with this problem.

Corporate Dell User from Canada
Entry added: Friday, September 02, 2005 at 10:05:47 (EDT)

*** 3000cn Color Laser Information ***

In response to :
J-M Vella from Lacey (Olympia), WA USA
Entry added: Wednesday, March 02, 2005 at 15:13:28 (EST)

My 3000cn emptied its cyan after 53 pages (8x10, full page) in high quality photo mode.
However, that was innacurate ink usage.
I shook the cartridge, no longer printed photo HQ mode (just normal default settings) and the printer worked for the next EIGHT MONTHS.

It showed 10% left the whole time, "CYAN replace soon" has been blinking for EIGHT MONTHS.
I'm currently at 1700 pages, was forced to replace the cartridge now, blotchy areas.

Our other 3000cn's have reached 5900 pages before running out, 95% color, office environment, 3 month time-frame.
Currently one printer is at 13,000 pages after having all the toners replaced ONCE.
Current cost is US$ 5.5c / page (color & bw), but that will drop even more as i'm estimating we'll be able to hit 14,000 before having to replace all the cartridges again (imaging drum just went into "replace soon" mode)

Because I was quoted CAN$593 for 4 toners and imaging drum, it is CHEAPER to purchase a whole NEW 3000cn for CAN$513 (new price, taxed and shipped).
I think getting a whole new 1yr on-site warranty, all new parts, is better, especially if heavy office usage yields 5900 pages at almost 2000 pages a month.

If you cannot, grab another cartridge from another 3000cn, then switch back to the old cartridge.
It will confuse the printer, and lock the ink status to 10%, then you will be able to print until literally running out.
I just did this with the magenta and black cartridges on two 3000s.
Won't get 8 months but I'm sure a few weeks depending on usage.

And finally, i love the 3000cn.
Bought one for home back in January.
Mine also says "replace cyan soon" at 170 pages but knowing how the printers are at work, 5900 pages or even 1700 will get me a few YEARS @ home.

calico from USA
Entry added: Wednesday, August 31, 2005 at 17:00:57 (EDT)

I appreciate the time you've all taken in preventing this from happening to someone else. In support as well as self-preservation, the comp I made the mistake of ordering prior to stumbling on this site, will be returned promptly, unopened. But I have to say, based on what I've read, maybe the problem with their record keeping, both at the factory as well as the bank, is that they're using their own defectice/faulty equipment? Food for thought.

Thanks again for the head's up.

Komal from plano, TX USA
Entry added: Sunday, August 28, 2005 at 16:25:50 (EDT)


Kevin Reid from Baltimore, MD USA
Entry added: Tuesday, August 23, 2005 at 15:42:30 (EDT)

My inspiron 1100 has been broken for two weeks, I have next day service.
I have been on hold with Dell in India for well over 20 hours on some 40 calls.

No one is capable of making anything happen to help me. I WILL NEVER BUY A DELL AGAIN, they are liars and cheaters.

I need to find a way to contact Dell in the USA, any suggestions.

the man from USA
Entry added: Wednesday, August 17, 2005 at 01:05:06 (EDT)

not to step on any ones toes but i love my dell xps ive hade no problems with getting it here or the perfomance i think you all are just to picky get over it. dell in my mind are a great computer!

nghia from hcm, NV Other
Entry added: Monday, August 15, 2005 at 08:04:40 (EDT)

Dell™ Inspiron™ 8600 model pp02x

frank b hill from homosassa, FL USA
Entry added: Thursday, August 11, 2005 at 06:12:12 (EDT)


Dennis Fox from San Francisco, CA USA
Entry added: Thursday, August 04, 2005 at 17:47:02 (EDT)

Never have I tried tio deal with a company that has no idea about how to process apre-paid account with a certified bank check. The children who work for the company have their heads up their butts with any money but electronic. They don't even know what bank checks are. I can't do business with a company who has no idea how to work in a timely fashion with any money but electronic(credit cards).

John from United Kingdom
Entry added: Thursday, August 04, 2005 at 04:11:33 (EDT)


The computers were generally exactly as described.

All I want to say is a word of warning to anybody buying a base unit with with either the Celeron D or P4 processor who might have ideas about installing linux on them.

You will not get the intel video chip from the on board graphics to work.

Despite being the same chip as used in earlier models it now has no memory allocated to it (except a pitiful amount that will hardly run 640x480 in 16 bits). It relies on a windows driver to devote system memory to the video card I beleive.

Anyway I was not able to get the on board graphics to work in any version of Linux. I had to install PCI video cards (Why PCI? Because there is no AGP slot on the motherboards!).

I am surrently using an ancient Matrox Millenium II and an old TNT card :-(

I am concerned about this shift toward hardware that won't run under Linux.


System Admin @ Sonduska from Amityville, NY USA
Sonduska Industries
Entry added: Monday, August 01, 2005 at 14:34:54 (EDT)

Dell Dual 3.0 Xeon 1850 Server ordered with Windows 2003 Server and a tape backup drive + Veritas software, - Stupid fuckers sent software ONLY for Windows SBS...Shit won't load because of bad serial #'s. This happened and I have been on the phone for 5 hours trying to solve this issue. Not a soul at that company has any spine to make a solid decision and do the right thing, this is completely retarted. I'm still on the phone with these idiots...Buy Apple! I'm gonna dump this piece of shit and order an Xserve in its place- Apple knows how to treat their customers..

Suyxung from Los angeles , CA USA
Entry added: Monday, August 01, 2005 at 12:36:01 (EDT)

I have no experience with them. but I have a question about them. I wanna know where do I write to for an attempt on getting a wireless notebook for a donation. what web site to go to and where do I look?

Robin Osteen from USA
Entry added: Saturday, July 30, 2005 at 10:56:44 (EDT)

On 9/20/04 I called Dell and purchased a computer on my credit card for my son who is in the Air Force stationed at Mildenhall England, to be paid back to me in monthly installments. I was honored to help one of our nations finest and we could stay in closer contact as well. He received the computer on a Thursday and a duplicate computer on Friday. Sure enough, I had been charged for the duplicate computer ($1558). I contacted Dell and they said they would discount the second computer if my son could sell it for them. He tried for a couple of weeks but was unsuccessful so we were instructed to just send it back. He put the specific return address on the box, took it to the base postal facility, filled out the required customs declaration tag, and left it in their care. From that day forward the computer has not been seen. Dell claims to this day (7/30/05) they have not received the computer and will not refund until they have trackable proof it was sent. Unfortunately, we now know it was not sent back by a trackable method and he was not given a receipt of any kind to prove he left the computer at the postal facility. I have made overseas contacts and he has had a base investigation initiated for some time now. After numerous calls to Dell, a letter to their president, and the BBB, I'm simply out of options short of small claims court. If anyone has had a similar disturbing experience and could help please contact me at Thanks, Rob

Dan Chute from Brunswick, ME USA
Entry added: Tuesday, July 26, 2005 at 19:16:40 (EDT)

I haven't even had my new system for one month yet and I am having serious problems with it,defective processor- but guess what? I'm over the 21 day return policy.I can't understand the techies on the other end of the phone and when I politely ask them to repeat something they get offended as though I am insulting thier nationality. Today I asked nicely if I could speak with someone else with a less heavy accent, I was put on hold for a long time only to end up being disconnected. I purchased an extended warranty but what good is it if I can't get assistance from Dell support in order to get this resolved-all it is is a piece of paper.Although a very expensive piece of paper. I am from Maine and we have an implied warranty act for consumer's protection on defective products. I am going to call my A.G. tomorrow but in the meantime I wondered if anyone is familiar with it and had any luck getting a refund from Dell based on thier own states 'implied warranties' ? Thanks. Dan

H. Ali from Sweden
Entry added: Tuesday, July 26, 2005 at 03:40:43 (EDT)

it is good

Christopher from USA
Entry added: Monday, July 25, 2005 at 01:16:57 (EDT)

I ordered a Dell pc + monitor. Everything arrived several days earlier than Dell said it would and worked properly. After installing Microsoft Word, I rebooted the system only to find an error message displayed on the monitor and the CPU "frozen." I called Dell Technical Support and after a wait of more than one hour, I learned that there was no record of my purchase. My call was then transferred to Customer Care, but Customer Care was closed. I tried real-time online chat with a Dell Technician, but I could not access a technician because there was no record of my purchase. I then emailed Technical Support, and 18 or so hours later I did receive a possible fix to attempt. The fix did not work, so I emailed a second time. While waiting for that response, I scrounged around the Dell website (they do offer many technical articles) and I was able to find a description of my problem and a suggested fix for it. I tried the fix and it worked great, and everything has worked great since.

I am happy with my computer and monitor--they are just what I expected them to be with no surprises. I received what I paid for. But I found the Customer Service to be frustrating.

James Dunnington from Ottawa, IL USA
Entry added: Sunday, July 24, 2005 at 19:24:59 (EDT)

I am a viusally disabled person on a very limited income meaning I cannot buy a new computer, leaving me to purchase a refurbished laptop. The Inspiron 6000 works fine except the LCD display washes out in high ambient light. I bought a laptop to use outdoors and in a vehicle, which I found out I cannot. Buying a refurbished computer from Dell is a high risk as they only allow exchanges and/or returns within 14 days of invoice, not when the computer was received. Of course it was after 14 days when I first tried using it outdooors. I called Dell the first time July 8, and was bounced between tech support and customer care, with no one wanting to work out something with me. Tech support said there are 3 resolution displays available for that computer and I could send the computer back for credit and apply the credit towards anothr with the higher resolution screen. Tech support also emailed an URL for getting information on LCD displays usable outdoors.When making my choice, no where did it state the screen resolution that came with my choice was unsuitable for high ambient light. I emailed customer care and was actually called back by a manager, as claimed by the person on the other end. she said she could authorize a screen exchange, not a computer exchange and pay the differnce in price between the existing display and the upgraded display. She gave me her name and Id which turned out to be bogus. She told me to call tech support to set up the procedure for sending in the laptop. Tech support couldnt find the lising for that manager to confirm so they could not upgrade the screen. I contacted customer care and was told too bad, your 14 dyas is up. They put me in contact with sales where I was told they could ship me a new display for $421.00 and tech support would send an onsite tech to swap it out for a $150 service fee. I wanted to talk to an American but could not, I was told to fax Dell to complain, but havent received any response. That was a week ago. There is no one in this country who a customer can contact. I emailed the CEO using a business friendly address and it has not bounced, so it was received. I emailed the board of directors to pass on my complaint. The last person I talked to was an Asian who didnt care I am disabled.

Nick Nariani from Wheeling, IL USA
Entry added: Tuesday, July 19, 2005 at 14:38:59 (EDT)

This is the worst experience I ever had with any company.the Dell Computer which I purchased was not working correctly,so I returned it ,it took them 20 days to give me my money back.after that ,the salesperson from dell who had my credit card numbers from the previous transaction purchases a $2600 comuter on my charge card,dell has not helped me resolve this case.their customer service is very poor.Please beware of the people who work at dell. I hope someone would help me with this .can someone give me number of Dell CEO so I can complain about this matter???
Thank You-Nick

rajiv soyee from India
Entry added: Tuesday, July 19, 2005 at 01:21:30 (EDT)

i have no exp

jake jacob from mtn home, AR USA
Entry added: Friday, July 15, 2005 at 12:39:06 (EDT)

My dell supposedly came with dvd capability. When I finally tried to play a dvd no go. Spent at least 4 hours with different personnel (some I could understand, most I couldn't). 3 different supervisors stated they would have the program sent to me. Today got notice,ORDER CANCELLED. This outfit doesn't care about their customers and they lie.
They want me to purchase an item I paid for but never received. This mess started back in March. I will not be buying a dell product ever again and would recommend others to stay away from them.

Toni Mitchell from W Bloomfield, MI USA
Entry added: Friday, July 15, 2005 at 06:42:58 (EDT)

I bought a Dell Demension 3000 Computer in April of 2005. A few days ago, I turned it on and got a black screen. Because I could not get the computer to boot on, I called technical support. I spoke with a foreigner whom I could not understaand. He informed me the wires were probably loose. He instructed me to turn the computer over on its side and open it up. I explained to him that I did not want to attempt to open the omputer beause I did not feel comfortable doing so. After observing the computer, I told him I would not attempt to open it. He then said he would send a technician out and asked me to hold the line while he did the order. A few minutes later, he came back to the phone and said I that I had ordered the computer on April 6. It was now July 9; my warranty had run out so there was nothing they ould do. I asked for a supervisor. He said the same thing. Both of these persons English was so bad I could not hardly understand them. Each, however, claim to have American names. Who are they kidding. My next step is to write a letter to the CEO and to contact the media about my experience. I would never buy a Dell Computer again.

Emile Hong from Overland Park, KS USA
Entry added: Thursday, July 14, 2005 at 17:29:16 (EDT)

Bought a Dell 1150 laptop in December 2004. The left-alt key broke in June 2005. The motherboard/cpu went out in July 2005. Didn't know the laptop only comes with a 90-days limitted warranty. I assume like everyone else it should have a 1 year limitted warranty.

Dell Out-of-warranty department said it will cost $500 to fix it. That is almost a new laptop.

I was on hold with Dell support for 90+ minutes before I finally got to the tech guy.

I purchased many products from Dell before, guess that will be my last.

A. Y. from State College, PA USA
Entry added: Monday, July 11, 2005 at 20:52:34 (EDT)

In short, don't buy anything from Dell! I bought a new Inspiron 6000 ($1300) to find that it had problems with the hard drive and the optical drive (a CD/DVD burner). It took me two weeks and more than 5 hours of telephone calls to explain to the idiots at Dell that the computer has problems and I want my money back. I was persistent enough that I got the return approved today.
Both the customer support and the technical support at this company are a bunch of idiots. One thing I noticed was that the people I spoke to used made up English names instead of their own. I could guess from their accent that I was speaking to an Indian/foreigner who barely understands the English language and he tells me his name was Kavin. I found out from one of them that Dell tells them to give out made up names, not their real names.
In any case, don't be fooled by all the commercials on TV and the promotional offers you see on ads. Do your business elsewhere. You'll be glad you didn't have to go through what I had been through.

E Steffany from VA USA
Entry added: Monday, July 11, 2005 at 20:23:26 (EDT)

I purchased a laptop and invoice date was 12 Jun, I didn't receive the laptop until 21 Jun. Unfortunately, I went out of town and did not get to play with my laptop until 28 Jul when I noticed it freezing up on me. I waited a couple of days and it continued to freeze up. I contacted Dell on 4 Jul, to inform them that I did had problems with my laptop and got passed to different departments - I spent 30 minutes on the phone and did not get anywhere. I called back and said that I wanted to return my laptop, not satisfied with the service and or the product. I was told that I was past the 14 day period. I explained that I didn't receive the laptop until 21 June and I contacted them within 14 days. They told me the clock starts ticking the date of invoice.

I've spent a lot of time sending emails and chat sessions trying to resolve my problem - it is now 12 Jul and I'm spinning my wheels trying to send this laptop back. I've asked numerous times to speak to a manager, that didn't happen. I have yet to deal with an american who can understand that I have a laptop that had problems before it was mailed out. I've contacted my credit card company and disputed the charge, I've sent Dell an email informing them of my intent - still nobody has contacted me. This is like a nightmare, at this point, I'm tired of sending these emails and calling Dell.

Can anyone help?

p thomas from USA
Entry added: Monday, July 11, 2005 at 00:02:31 (EDT)

this is the worst god damn company i have ever dealt with, you call they have foreigners that do not speak good english nor do they understand what you are saying to them and in short your question goes unanswered, if i ever have to get another computer it will never be a dell, they could be offering one for two bucks and i would not purchase it.

Cyle Plumer from Iowa City, IA USA
Entry added: Wednesday, July 06, 2005 at 13:51:59 (EDT)

Hi my name is Cyle Plumer, alot of people have been recently coming up to my friend Brandt Kinzle in his computer programming classes and asking him if he was that kid from the "Dell" commercials. I just wanted to clear up that he isn't the kid on the "Dell" commercials. Anyways, now that we have that cleared up, He owns a Gateway, he modified the hyper drive to handle as many GHZ as he can push through that baby when he's gaming(which is alot). Thanks to the guys at gateway he told me he's yet to lose a game of capture the flag on Dungeons and Dragons...A truly great system.
Thanks Gateway!!!!!!!!

N. Sankhya from Vienna, VA USA
Entry added: Wednesday, July 06, 2005 at 07:49:16 (EDT)

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From: sankhya
Sent: Monday, July 04, 2005 6:22 PM
Subject: Dell Is Hell !!

----- Original Message -----
From: sankhya
Sent: Monday, July 04, 2005 5:30 PM
Subject: Fw: My Recent Purchase from DELL: Inspiron 8600.

Dear Mr. George,

The way DELL is treating me is atrocious !

Can you kindly help settle this issue without going to court?


----- Original Message -----
From: sankhya
To: ;
Sent: Monday, June 27, 2005 5:35 PM
Subject: Re: My Recent Purchase from DELL: Inspiron 8600.

Dear Ms. Kogutz,

I just received the financial statement from DELL.

You have deducted $880.99 out of the original purchase price of $$2759.30.

In one of your previous e-mails, you mentioned that you will depreciate the cost by 15 %. If you apply that 15% to $2759.30, the amount comes to only $413.90.

Please note that the $2759.30 includes sales tax, the price of the 4 year warranty, the price of the software, etc., which are all non-depreciable.

Even more, DELL refused to honor the warranty anyway. If you had honored the warranty in the first place, it would not have been necessary for me to return the computer back to you in the first place.

In one respect, I am really astonished that DELL would treat a repeat customer in this callous manner. This is the sixth or the seventh system I am buying from DELL. People don't buy these high-end computers to return them.

I can understand you deducting $100 or even $200. It looks like you concocted out of mere spite to deduct an amount close to $1000, almost half the price of the computer.

I hope you will reconsider the amount you deducted.

Otherwise, I do not have any other option other than to file a legal action in a court of law.

After all, when I wanted to buy a computer, I immediately thought of coming to DELL. I did not go bottom fishing for the lowest price. The very fact that I even bought a four year warranty should tell you something ! And when I called your people refused to honor the warranty !

I hope you do reconsider the large amount you deducted.

With the best regards,

----- Original Message -----
To: ;
Cc: ; ;
Sent: Wednesday, May 25, 2005 10:55 AM
Subject: RE: My Recent Purchase from DELL: Inspiron 8600.

As per our conversation yesterday, I tried to explain the notes mentioned by my colleague Angie Kogutz in her absence. You asked me to stop and just go over the technical issues with the computer, which you then stopped me again and told me you just want to return the computer.

I politely informed you that return of the computer would be depreciated by 15% due to the age of the computer. You began to get angry and deny this. I told you that this was the resolution mentioned by Angie and I was informing you this is what would be in place when you return the computer, as well as your paying for the return frieght.

When I reiterated the 15% you became angry and told me you didnt want to talk to me anymore then hung up on me. Throughout my conversation with you I was very professional and honest with you. Instead, your response is to write back and indicate I was rude to you. You also mentioned how Dell employees do not record in our records the correct information, indicating we lie. I told you this was not the case, however you disputed this.

So, you are indicating you wish to return the computer which is your decision to do. I have set up a Credit Return Authorization at a 15% depreciation as Angie mentioned in a previous email. I would recommend you send the computer to the following address if you wish to recieve any credit to the purchase.

Dell Recieving Braker K
11550 Stonehollow, Doors 13-15
Austin, TX 78600 (for DHL) or 78578 ( for Fedex and UPS)

I am sorry that we did not have a more productive and positive conversation; I wanted you to know the decisions we arrived at are within Dell policy and your warranty.

The credit to your original form of payment should take place within 30 days after you send the computer back to Dell at the provided address.


Robert Quick
Dell Executive Support
Technical Escalation Specialist
Dell Axim S.M.E.

From: sankhya []
Sent: Wednesday, May 25, 2005 7:54 AM
To: Kogutz, Ange
Cc: Quiles, Sharon;;; Quick, Robert
Subject: Fw: My Recent Purchase from DELL: Inspiron 8600.

Dear Ms. Kogutz,

This is to memorialize my telephone conversation with a gentleman from DELL who called me late yesterday (May 24, 2005) afternoon.

His rudeness particularly impressed me. I probably deserve it, having chosen to do business with your company.

Be that as it may, it was mutually agreed that I will proceed to return the computer, as it does not work.

The gentleman told me that the amount DELL will refund will not be in full, but will be depreciated by 15%, notwithstanding the fact that the computer did not work even out of the box.

Please note that this depreciation does NOT, and should NOT apply to the cost of the software, the money I paid for the four year on-site service warranty--- which DELL did not honor, and the speakers I bought from DELL along with the computer.

The reasons being:

1. Software does not deteriorate with time, and hence does not depreciate. Also, your company still continues to sell the very same software, Windows XP Professional, to this date to everyone. The CD containing the software is being returned unopened, as all other software that came with the system.
2. DELL did NOT honor the warranty. Hence, the cost of the warranty should NOT be subjected to depreciation.
3. I am NOT returning the speakers I bought with the system. The box in which they came remain unopened, because there was no point in connecting the speakers to a computer that does not work. Hence, the depreciation should not apply to the cost of the speakers.
4. There may be other items that may not be subjected to depreciation. I leave that to your illustrious company (DELL, Inc.) to determine, which I believe, is embarked on propounding novel legal theories to justify mugging the consumers, after taking them hostage.

In all these things, one is always surprised that a basic fact has been conveniently forgotten, which is, people do not buy these systems to return.

The computer is on its way. I agreed with the gentleman that I will pay for the shipping.


With the best regards,

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From: sankhya
Cc: ; ; ;
Sent: Monday, May 23, 2005 6:25 PM
Subject: Re: My Recent Purchase from DELL: Inspiron 8600.

Mr. Kogutz,

It is very kind of you to have responded to my e-mail.

Yes, I indeed called several times as soon as the system arrived. The calls got handed over to (got transferred to) "other" people-- for a variety of reasons. In that process, the telephone lines got disconnected. Every time I call, there is a hold that lasts hours-- and even after that, the line gets disconnected. I hope, DELL does not do this on purpose.

The system may have been ordered in January. It did NOT arrive at my door step until some time late in February.

I have separately mailed copies of those documents.

Regarding my calls to report the problems on May 21, 2005: Your people may have recorded it as a software problem-- probably to collect more money. I told them--- at least I tried to tell them much more than that. The screen suddenly becomes blank in the middle of my work. The system does not boot properly.

I bought a 4 year warranty for this system.

Your tech support people did not spend even two minutes to listen to me. They were rude and obnoxious. They kept handing the call to one after another, talking about me in derogatory terms, probably thinking that I was not listening. In hind sight, they probably wanted me to hear those derogatory words !

I could have bought a better system from a local store such as Circuit City or Comp USA for far less money. Why did I choose DELL to buy this one--- an inferior product? Because, I thought, if I run into a problem you will be there--- for my peace of mind !

I have two Masters degrees in Electrical Engineering. I did not start working with computers yesterday. Even more, I don't enjoy calling tech support.

I have had a heart attack My wife came back home after a major surgery. I don't need the aggravation of dealing with a company that has, it seems to me, developed a bad attitude due to some recent successes.

As for your statement, "If you do this, please know you do so at your own great risk, as the system then becomes the property of Dell. Our published policy states Dell is not obligated to return or provide refund for the unauthorized returned merchandise. ...You probably are aware that this advanced level of support is fee-based"--- I have paid all the fees when I bought the system.

Your published DELL policy says lot more things such as "Honesty, Integrity....." as given below:

Trust - Our word is good. We keep our commitments to each other and to our stakeholders.
Integrity - We do the right thing without compromise. We avoid even the appearance of impropriety.
Honesty - What we say is true and forthcoming - not just technically correct. We are open and transparent in our communications with each other and about business performance.
Judgment - We think before we act and consider the consequences of our actions.
Respect -We treat people with dignity and value their contributions. We maintain fairness in all relationships.
Courage - We speak up for what is right. We report wrongdoing when we see it.
Responsibility - We accept the consequences of our actions. We admit our mistakes and quickly correct them. We do not retaliate against those who report violations of law or policy.

Looks like DELL lost its way along the way !

When the system does NOT work out of the box, does it matter whether it is hardware or software? Really? Don't you owe your customer, even if you think the customer is stupid, a courtesy? Even according to your e-mail, you claim that this is my first call. I called the very next day I received the system. DELL people did NOT record it and assign a case number to my calls.

To tell you the truth, I frankly don't mind losing my money !

When you place your trust where you ought not to, that's what happens--- you learn a lesson at a price.

It also appears that it may not even be a new system. Looks like it is some kind of refurbished system returned by someone else. It is flaky... it even has problem booting--- sort of temperamental.

But you see, I do understand these things happen ! I am an Electrical Engineer. The real issue is, "What do you do after this problem happens?"

This is the fourth system I have bought from DELL. Prior to this purchase, I did not have ANY problems dealing with your tech support people.

Probably, a little bit of success has contributed to this arrogance. It happens.

There is an implied threat in your e-mail response, namely, I may lose my money.

Ms. Kogutz, let me tell you politely: I am perfectly willing to lose my money.

I don't like to be threatened. I don't need this aggravation. I don't need to deal with deceit. I am sorry.

The time your people spent on the phone could have probably resolved the problem. Looks like it is a hardware problem after all. Otherwise, why would the display go blank (dark) at random intervals? Looks like the video card is failing.

It is funny. I was the one who recommended to your company that you should charge more for the warranty, DELL used to charge only $99 for 3 year warranty. I told your people that the $99 does not cover even one service call.

By the way, I called Microsoft. They told me that it does not look like a software problem.

I would really like to return the system. I don't really care whether you refund the money or not. Keep it.

Please tell me where to return it. Take a look.

Once again, It is very kind of you to have responded to my e-mail. You did not have to, but you did. I am grateful.

With the best regards,

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Cc: ; ; ;
Sent: Monday, May 23, 2005 12:00 PM
Subject: RE: My Recent Purchase from DELL: Inspiron 8600.

Dear Nick:

Thanks for taking a moment to write me with your concerns. I certainly apologize that you have been so disappointed in your dealings with Dell.
I understand you wrote these emails at the height of an emotional and frustrating experience. However, I would like to caution you against returning the system unauthorized, as you stated you would do in a subsequent email. If you do this, please know you do so at your own great risk, as the system then becomes the property of Dell. Our published policy states Dell is not obligated to return or provide refund for the unauthorized returned merchandise.

So let's discuss the remaining options.

Our records show this system was actually ordered by you in January of this year, so your system is going on 4 months old according to our records. You state you have been having problems since out of box, however our records show only the several phone calls of May 21, 2005.

If I have interpreted our call logs correctly, you reported a software issue with your system encountered only when you log in under your user account on MSN (blurry video). When you click on any hyperlinks on the page, the new page opens properly and is clearly visible. When you log in under a different user name, the video is also clear. All other web sites visited are clear and visible.

Have you only spoken with hardware technicians? The software support desk is the entity best suited to assist you with a problem of this type. You probably are aware that this advanced level of support is fee-based.

I have a technician here in the corporate office who is willing to take the time to discuss your technical issue and your resolution options in greater detail. If you would like him to call you, please respond to this email with the best number to reach you at today.

I will not be available after noon Central Standard Time, so please reply to all on this email string at your earliest experience.

Best regards,
Ange Kogutz
Executive Support

From: sankhya []
Sent: Saturday, May 21, 2005 3:42 PM
To: Kogutz, Ange
Cc: US DHS SP Sales;; Quiles, Sharon;;
Subject: My Recent Purchase from DELL: Inspiron 8600.

Dear Ms. Kogutz,

I recently bought (3 weeks ago) a DELL lap top: Inspiron 8600,

Service Tag: B5CGR61
Express Service Code: 242 678 3673.

I also bought a four year at-home service warranty, plus accidental service warranty.

From the day it arrive, it has not worked properly.

I called your technical support. After spending two hours on hold, the people I spoke to were extremely rude. They wanted $49.99 to take my service call.

This is NOT the DELL I know.

I have bought several systems from DELL. I am also in a position to influence others.

I am ready to return my lap top.

Every time I look at this lap top, I get angry. This is NOT intended as a toy.


Since you have charged sales tax on this purchase, I intend to sue you in the court.

I could have bought a better machine for a lower price at a local store here.

You have a choice:

1. Either provide the required support to get the machine working, or
2. Take back the machine and refund the money.

This aggravation is NOT worth it.

The two hours your people spent on the phone could have been spent in solving my problem in five minutes.

If you remember, It was I who suggested to your company to raise the price DELL charges for your warranty.

Case # 101 95 7966

With the best regards,

Stephany Faulkner from USA
Entry added: Thursday, June 30, 2005 at 21:26:00 (EDT)

In response to Keth Kinsey comments:

First I have had both excellent and bad experiences with Dell, but like most people, the bad expereiences tend to out weight the good. Mr. Kinsey's comments made the following response swirl in my head.

I will add this about the Indian tech support. I am sure they are quite gifted, but the problem is that people that generally call tech support are not. With this, the more important thing is communicating foreign ideas (meaning computer terms and ideas) to people who are computer illiterate. So basically, this means good communication skills.

If the tech support person does not speak my language, or even my dialect, then he/she will not communicate with me as well as the company down the street that does. Even if someone speaks the words, that does not mean they understand the custom, idioms, etc.

So just LISTENING is not enough for the poor person who just opened their first computer and needs tech support. These things need to be considered.

From a gal in redneck country.

Ron manperelli from USA
Entry added: Monday, June 27, 2005 at 11:58:30 (EDT)

Bought a Dell 4600 in September of 2004....hard drive died in November...Dell sent tech out to replace hard problems...early december DVD drive died...same problem...last week (June 2005) hard drive died again! called Dell many, many, times, finally reached person who told me we should try to rebuild from scratch...informed tech I tried (I'm a network engineer) numerous times, but the drive is dead, format won't even work says to much physical damage...

After numerous other calls..finally threaten Dell with call to attorney general here in NY...they agree to send tech to reinstall (2nd time) new hard drive...he shows up and says he's not gonna do the software install, just put in the hard to Dell says I have to pay $50 for "software support."...well, I say system is under warranty...they say they can't help...

sooo, I reinstall XP, all software, drivers, etc., etc., machine still acts flakey: hanging up, slow, etc....

Also, I don't agree with the person who said the dell techs overseas have a command of the king's english...while they may be technically savvy (and a majority of those I encountered are NOT) I have had plenty of problems communicating with them...some, because of accents, I just can't understand...others repeat (obvious) scripts, and when you ask questions out of synch with their scripted responses they get flustered....

I don't want to go through this again...


Dee Richards from Seattle, WA USA
Entry added: Sunday, June 26, 2005 at 20:33:30 (EDT)

Our DELL equipment arrived on time but nothing has gone right since. Parts were missing and we were charged for incompatible software which the salesman assured us would help with the transition from our old system. The old DELL system was an absolute gem and we only had to make one service call in seven years. So we're surprised to see such a decline in DELL's quality and customer service.

The hard drive, which has only half the capacity as advertised, is loaded up with software we'll never use ... plus free trials for all sorts of other junk thats pops-up, interrupting work flow. The XP2003 O/S is unstable and Outlook Explorer hangs up on a daily basis. Although DELL claims to handle the troubleshooting for factory-installed Microsoft products, that's not what the tech told me when I placed a service call.

The new DELL multi-function printer will not print duplex without spitting the paper all over the office, so collating is imossible. The modem is as slow as molasses in January and the scanner, which does a good job, only works when it has a mind to.

The online training we were promised is inaccessible, despite claims from Customer Care personnel. They've sent our password several times but could offer no other suggestions. It still doesn't work. Customer care could not produce an invoice, either.

We sent two letters to DELL in Round Rock, Texas. A salesman responded to the first one, but now we can't access our account at all and we still haven't received an invoice!!!

Apparently some foreigners don't know what an invoice is. They keep sending us something called a RECEIPT which clearly states: "This is your receipt. No payment is due with this receipt." (Isn't that nice?)

Instead of using a credit card the DELL salesman told me he would prefer our company "cut a check within 60 days" and there would be "no interest charge."

While a couple of small issues have been resolved, the software and printer problems still persist and other annoyances have surfaced as well. So, sixty days has come and gone, we're still putting up with dozens of glitches, and we still don't have an invoice!!!

I don't know how the rest of the world operataes, but we've been in business for 25 years and our company never pays anything without an invoice. Some things never change.

Lauey lamb from Chatsworth, CA USA
Entry added: Thursday, June 23, 2005 at 18:25:30 (EDT)

Dell is the most incompetent company out there. i bought a laptop from them last week and then received the package a few days later. when i opened the box, there it was, this shinny, black DIMENSION DESKTOP!!! their warehouse packing people can't even tell a desktop from laptop. how sad. i had them replace the order, but i cancelled it soon after i found out it'll take another 2-3 weeks to receive my laptop.

Keth Kinsey from London, United Kingdom
Entry added: Saturday, June 18, 2005 at 21:19:56 (EDT)

Of course, I am writing from a different country, so my experiences with Dell were probably a little different from yours. However, I would just like to say a couple of things in Dell's defence.

Firstly, their customer support is excellent. There seems to be a general consensus amongst those negative posts that these Indian call-centres that Dell customers get through are manned by people who cannot speak nor understand English. There is also the fact that a few ex-Dell customers even consider these workers to be stupid or mentally deficient in some way, perhaps because they are Indian. WHAT A LOAD OF NONSENSE.

These people are just as intelligent as you or I and, perhaps, even better qualified than the average man on the street (the reason for this being that a sizeable proportion of those who do man Indian call centres are generally graduates of either computing or science-based degrees). Then there is the issue of their pronunciation. All I will say is, you just have to LISTEN to them to realise that they are speaking extremely articulate and measured English. Think about that next time you head down redneck territory!

In conclusion: BUY DELL.

Denise from Sydney, Nova Scotia, N/A Canada
Entry added: Friday, June 17, 2005 at 12:54:24 (EDT)

My experience with Dell has been mostly a great one. My computer was as ordered, and it works great. I have not had any problems with its performance since the day I bought it. My first experience with the customer service staff went really well and they did help me out a lot. However, my last few contacts with the customer service staff was absolutely horrible. Each time I was left completely frustrated and still at a loss for what to do next. On my last call I even hung up on them, which is not like me at all, but I was so angry with them that I couldn't even speak to the person anymore without being mean, so I had to hang up.
I would buy from Dell again, but I hesitate to contact the support services. I now take my computer to a local company for service rather than deal with Dell support.

Greg Davis from USA
Entry added: Tuesday, June 14, 2005 at 11:20:12 (EDT)

In reponse to:
>I would never buy anything from Dell again. I purchased a computer
>from them and received the incorrect product and spent a month
>trying to get the correct product, only to be told it was pass the
>exchange window and tough luck. Even though it was their fault for
>not addressing the problem in the first place. I spent weeks
>emailing and being on hold for hours to resolve this matter. So now
>I am stuck with a product I can't use and according to them..who
>cares! Some company core values! Look them up...they don't mean a
>word of it.

Contact the Federal Trade can get the number from thier website (I don't know what it is at the moment). Basically the same thing happened to me with another company. I found out my rights by filing a complaint with the FTC. The case worker was very nice. She told me that if I ordered one thing and they sent the other then it is the companies responisbility to pick up the item on thier dime and either exchange the item or give me my money back. I was to contact my credit card company and dispute the charges (easy done with my FTC case number), then give the company 30 days to pick up the item. If they don't pick it up, I get to keep it for free.

Once the company received my notice and the disputed credit card bill (I hope that is how you paid for it), they got on the ball and the rude customer service people suddenly became nice! So there you go.


Carrie Milburn from Lumby, N/A Canada
Entry added: Monday, June 13, 2005 at 15:41:49 (EDT)

I have no experince with them, but I would like to get a new computer because mine is too old the one I'm using is a friends,but I want my own computer, but I can only pay monthly payments. Please can you help me out?

P. Miriani from Grosse Pointe , MI USA
Entry added: Sunday, June 12, 2005 at 16:36:08 (EDT)

I wish I had seen the reviews found on this site before I bought a Dell 8400 desktop on line. My experience with the "NEW" computer has been memorable if not a pleasant one, nothing worked. Two days on the phone resulted in a technician replacing everything but the hard drive from the inside of the case, of course with refurbished(Didn't I buy a NEW computer???) parts!!! The sympathetic technician did a final check of the pc and, you guessed it, it still didn't work!!! The "NEW" software (Windows XP Media Center) had corrupted files! He called the help desk where they said I must have corrupted the files...DUH? He supported me by saying the pc was fresh out of the box and not working so it came that way, he told them to send new OS software. He assured me the disks would be overnight delivered but all I got the next day was a phone call telling me the software would not be sent until the following Monday, four days away. Although all I wanted was to have my computer up and running, Friday I correctly decided to return this defective nightmare. I dread tomorrow. UPS is to pick up the "Beast" under an assurance I would not be charged for the return...we'll see eh??
FYI: 1. The technician returned the defective parts to Dell...might they get installed in another pc? (Oh yes, refurbished???) 2.Not one employee I asked knew the location of the Dell Corp.Home Offices or who the director of customer care was so I might write to them. Hum?
How very sad to see what was considered a good, honest, reliable computer ruined by a "missing" company.

Brian from cleveland, OH USA
Entry added: Saturday, June 11, 2005 at 19:34:03 (EDT)

Just a warning, Dell is attempting to circumvent older 24/7 lifetime support on all older Dell computers. Yesterday, I was promptly told by a rep that if I wanted any help with my older DELL XPS T600, I had purchase a software support agreement. According to her, DELL tech support only handles hardware related issues. I called customer care and complained and was told that my system was covered. So if you have purchased a software support warranty and your system came with 24/7 lifetime support I would immediately file a complaint with the TEXAS Attorney Generals office and your states. BTW, Dell is in Williamson county.

William Alexander from Bay Springs, MS USA
Entry added: Friday, June 10, 2005 at 21:58:13 (EDT)

I have purchased approx 20 thousand dollars of dell equipment in the last 3 or 4 months. I have had 2 service needs with this equipment and have had a horrible, miserable, time consuming, frustrating experience with both issues. I had a p/c (8400) with RAID 1. It took 8 days, dell service tech on site for approx 12 hours over 2 day period, very knowledgeable computer technician on my payroll at my expense spent approx 20 hours with approx 25 different dell dummies to finally get the raid to operate correctly on the new hard drive. It would have been much cheaper, not to mention the lost time, frustration, and anger caused by dells poor poor poor service to have purchased a new computer and thrown the 10 month old dell at some dell employee. The next pcs we purchase will NOT be dell. I will not subject our people to such frustration again. It is so sad that dell is not held accountable for such irresponsible behavior. If the dell dummies were trained to understand computers as they are trained to tolerate the (deservedly so irate customer)then maybe dell service would not cause so much anger. I can only imagine how dangerous it would be to work at a dell site where the consumer could actually meet face to face with representatives of dell after being served as poorly as dell seems to serve.

Laura HArgitt from USA
Entry added: Friday, June 10, 2005 at 18:52:05 (EDT)

I would never buy anything from Dell again. I purchased a computer from them and received the incorrect product and spent a month trying to get the correct product, only to be told it was pass the exchange window and tough luck. Even though it was their fault for not addressing the problem in the first place. I spent weeks emailing and being on hold for hours to resolve this matter. So now I am stuck with a product I can't use and according to them..who cares! Some company core values! Look them up...they don't mean a word of it.

Kadimilbhai Darji from USA
Entry added: Friday, June 10, 2005 at 16:51:35 (EDT)

Mine really is a horrible experice!!!

If you are buying a Dell laptop/desktop online, we
aware that the working of it is left to your luck, I
mean it!

I bought Dell Inspiron 700m laptop just before 10 days
on a 50% off deal, received it on 2nd June. It was
defective. The display was very bad, and nothing was
visible properly. Immediately on 2nd June, I called
Dell Tech support team. After spending for about 5
hours with them in 2 days, they told me that the
motherboard was not compatible with the LCD!!! (If any
of you has tracked Dell laptop, Dell website shows the
tracking details of what phase the laptop is going
through. And Testing is one of them!!!) Any one of you
guys can easily know that if these 2 things are not
compatible, the display will very bad, and you will
not be able to see anything properly.

Now guess, what is done in the Testing phase Dell
says!!!! Nothing at all!!!

I told them to replace the laptop itself with brand
new laptop. They said they would send brand new parts (motherboard and LCD) instead. I agreed it as I wanted immediate resolution. After a lot of misguide, and cheating me on phone, they finally shipped parts on 8th June(They wanted that anyhow they manage to pass 21 days after the Invoice date. The reason is, you can return the laptop to get full refund within 21 days of Invoice date. If you return after that, they charge 25% as depreciation cost!!!! And that too on original price, and not on the 50% discounted price!!!). The parts were REFURBISHED!!!! I called Dell customer care and tech team and was on phone for about 3 hours continuously. I told them to give me compensation if they want me to keep refurbished parts, and they were ready for just 60$ and my laptop was of 760$!!!! Dell itself gives 40% off on refurbished laptops online!!!! I told them to give me exchange of the piece with a brand new laptop. They told that the laptop I would be sent would again be REFURBISHED!!! I told them that I have paid for a BRAND NEW laptop, and hence I should be given a brand new laptop, and not a refurbished one. They didn’t agree to it. Finally when I called the Returns department, and talked to the manager, I told them that this has happened. They talked very rudely, and told me that I have refused for refurbished parts, and hence if I want return the laptop itself(and not the exchange), then I would have to pay for the shipping cost, and I have to take insurance on the shipment too !!!! I told them that this is FRAUD!!! It was Dell mistake to send me such defective laptop with incompatible parts and I haven’t used it!! They really really didn't care a damn for that!!!

Till today, in about 7 business days, I have talked to
Dell Customer care, Tech team, and Return management
team for about more than 15 hours (lost my sleeping
hours, and office hours many times) with about 35
calls to them. All the times they misguided me except
my last call in which I told them that I am returning
the laptop when they gave me the Return Authorization
code!!!!! I will have to pay around 30-40$ in shipping and
insurance of the same!!!!

I agree that such cases may happen 1 in 100 times, but
why to take chance?!!! And, its also a truth that
everybody suffers because of Dell’s bad customer care
and tech support.

Rest if up to you to decide if you friends want to
take chance!!

I do recommend you to go personally to some Best Buy
or Fries or some other store and buy it from there.

It really was a horrible experice!!!

Adam L from LA USA
Entry added: Wednesday, June 08, 2005 at 00:29:30 (EDT)

I have not had any problems with my computer and I've had it for about 3 years. I have Dell Demension 4550. But I recieved some of the most horrible customer service I have ever had the other day. All I want to do is restore my computer to the factory settings. I know there is a CD that is suppossed to come with the computer but it seems as if I have misplaced it or I never got it. All I wanted to do is order this CD. The idiots at Dell switched me from tech support to sales depts. about 6 times. I spent a good hour on the phone untill finally someone told me I could download the program on the internet......which I have yet to find. I will not buy another Dell computer.

Gayle S. from IL USA
Entry added: Friday, June 03, 2005 at 06:55:08 (EDT)

It's like a nightmare that won't END. How do you speak to someone that understands english??? I returned $ in Jan. 05 that I still don't have credit for. They now say the box was empty, UPS says no it wasn't. Plus, I ended up paying 407. in shipping and handling. Yes you seen that right. 407.00 and they were advertising free s&h for the holidays. Oh, sorry I forgot to mention I ordered this on Dec 1, 2004, and didn't even see the first box until Dec 24, 04, then didn't get the last of the order until Jan 15, 05. I finally told them I have all the forms filled out to send to the Attorney Generals Office.

Catherine Sweeney from Kildare, Ireland
Entry added: Thursday, June 02, 2005 at 10:27:25 (EDT)

I bought a DELL computer Dec 2003 and since I bought it I have not had a full week's satisfaction. The after sales service is rubbish. When I ring DELL in Bray I automatically get through to Japan. Eventually 18 month later I have got a replacement but with no monitor. I would never advise anyone to buy a DELL computer. My friend is setting up a new business which she will need approx 10 computers to start with until I spoke to her she was going for DELL but now has changed her mind after what I have told her. I can only tell people what I found to get any justification fro myself. I have children doing exams and every time they tried to get into the net no use.

DELL useless.

Brian Kellen from burlington, IA USA
Entry added: Monday, May 23, 2005 at 11:10:03 (EDT)

I ordered my desktop over the phone. When i was talking to the rep. i could hardly understand what they were saying. They didnt speek very good english. Now im tryin gto get ahold of someone because of me intrest rate an dit has not been very easy!

Jamie Still from Bellevue, NE USA
Entry added: Saturday, May 21, 2005 at 18:00:17 (EDT)

This is a list of the Dell people I sent this letter to. If anyone knows an attorney that would like to take on the theft of my hardrive, my personal passowrds, and nonreplaceable information let me know. I got removed from the Dell posting board and spent 14 hours on the phone with Dell. I am done. I will probably pay more in court for this then what the computer is worth, but this company is awful.
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To top off the report of theft, this morning I received a call regarding my laptop. At 9:41 a.m. the person calling wanted to know if I was still having problems this morning. I responded "you have to be kidding me. I don't have a laptop, I have a screen and a keyboard." He then said "Oh, you haven't received it yet?" I said "No I have received it. It is a shell. A keyboard and a screen. I received the shell of a computer on Tuesday. There was no hard drive, no power cord, and no dvd-rw. I have been on the phone now more then 14 hours explaining this to you people and I am getting nowhere. You offered a new computer, you recanted and offered refurbished. Why exactly are you calling?" He then said "Go get the disk's and I will explain how you turn a computer on and how to install the programs." We had a very quick conversation at this point. I said he wasn't listening I explained it quickly and he wanted to call back.

Dell, This is ridiculous. I explained the theft issue again. This person then said "We will call you back within 1 hour." It has now been two. Dell has topped off the theft of my computer, the recanting of offers, the failure to provide a service, the failure to perform their duties, the making of promises they never intended to keep, the incompetence, the rudeness, with now, as of today, your were condescending. The issue follows. Please fix this situation and I will leave you all alone. We can each go about our lives and I can get what I was promised by DELL. (I have witnesses for every phone call, every e-mail, every live chat. If you recorded the calls, I welcome you to listen to this insanity. OTherwise, I will be happy to provide you with everyones names and id numbers.)

Message from Friday, May 20th:

At 5p.m. this evening I got through to Dell. I spoke with Rohan aka
Richard. After 121 minutes of explaining the situtation and frequently
being placed on hold, he promised that either he, or his supervisor
Benjamin( 325302) would call back within 1-2 hours. He further promised
that it would be within two hours. (He should have called back at 9:01p.m.)
We received a call from Benjamin at 10:01 p.m. (One hour late.) From
10:01-10:53 we spoke with Benjamin.

Our conversation with Benjamin went very much like the previous 10-15 phone
conversations. We have spent 14 hours on the phone with Dell Customer Care
and Dell Technical Support. We told Benjamin that we are tired of dealing
with this situation.

We sent our laptop to Dell to fix a wireless card and a fan. We have had
numerous problems with the Inspiron 9100 Laptop, althtough I take
exceptional care of it. When we finally received the box to send that
laptop to Dell, we received a call from someone to help us ship it. We were
told how to package it and what to do. Included in those instructions was
"You may want to go ahead and remove the hard drive." We explained we know
little to nothing about computers. We asked for explanation. We were told
"Don't worry about it. The hard drive will be fine if you just leave it in.
We'll ship it all back to you." And we relied on that promise.

We received a call on Monday stating the laptop had left the depot and was
completely fixed. On tuesday that laptop arrived empty. When I say empty,
I mean no DVD-RW, no power cord, and no hard drive. We got on the phone
right away. Tuesdays conversation included one with a Moesha or Monesha.
She offered two things "We can send you a new hard drive, new power cord
and new dvd-rw. Or we can send you a brand new computer, just the way you
ordered." We decided to figure out what was best. We actually just wanted
our items back. (We have been informed the hard drive is everything from
lost to destroyed, yet no record exists.) You see we leased Microsoft Office
Professional and Symantec Corporate from the Law School. We only get these
once and therefore must repurchase these items at their original cost.

Moesha's manager got on the phone and offered the same thing. We told him,
we would call it even if he sent a brand new computer, just the way we
ordered, Symantec and Microsoft Office PRofessional. He said he would not
do the Microsoft Office Professional. He also said he would include a $100
gift certificate to Dell. We said we would pursue other avenues as there was
a lot lost with that hard drive, and we in no way have the money to replace

Well, tonight, Benjamin (325302) called after Rohan would only offer to send
a refurbished hard drive, refurbished power cord and a refurbished DVD-RW.
He said there was nothing else he would offer or help us with. (He finally
agreed to Symantec.) Tell me why I should accept a refurbished part when I
took very good care of my parts? I get the leftover "Junk" because someone
in Dell made a mistake. They made a mistake at the depot, at every call in
line, and apparently every statement. Benjamin told us "You should have
accepted the previous offer."

We really need that computer. We have tried to get through to someone. We
spend hours on hold and being transferred. Everyone gives a different offer
and apparently if you don't take the first offer, you get worse deals down
the road. The Dell is sitting on the countertop, in its box, waiting for
something. We have faxed every number we can find. We did go ahead with a
Better Business Bureau Complaint, Consumer Affairs Complaint, Dell Global
Security Report of Theft, Rip Off Report, and the like. No one at Dell
would do anythign other then send us on a Merry Go Round of transferrs and

We would really just like one of a few things. First, you could send us our
money back. Second, you could send a brand new computer just as I ordered
(not refurbished, not a return, not a rebuild) with the programs loaded.
Third, you could send me back my exact parts (my serial numbers) inlcuding
my hard drive, my DVD-RW and My power cord. (I took excellant care and
since this is what I wanted, this is preferrable to me.)

We are in school living off of one income. That computer is extremely
important to us. We are so frustrated and angry. It may not mean much to
you, one little sale, but it means a lot to us. This was a big purchase and
we have never been treated in this fashion. Did you realize that everyone
just likes to transfer and tell you what they won't do? Please let us know
how to pursue this matter. If you feel I will not get assistance through
you or anyone else at Dell, just let us know. I have faxed copies of my
complaint to all of the corporate fax numbers I could find. I also e-mailed
one to Michael Dell. It is the same one I used to file all my complaints.
Please let me know if you would like the names, dates, id#'s and times of
all the phone calls we have made.

We really would appreciate you fixing this matter. We do not receive return
phone calls (We are still waiting for the promised return call for Tuesday,
we at over 4 days now.), we don't receive return e-mails, we don't receive
anything other then people who don't want to help. I would think a company
like yours would be able to find my harddrive and my parts.

Jamie Still

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